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My parents told me on the phone before I got home from college that summer that my stepsister Molly was depressed. She was 18 and had just graduated from high school, and was depressed because she was a bit overweight, she didn’t have a boyfriend, and our parents were so religious that–just like with me–they hadn’t even let her take Sex Ed at school.

My parents had adopted me as their first child, thinking that they couldn’t have kids, and then–surprise–Molly was born the next year.

“We’re really glad you’re here,” my attractive brunette step-Mom said, looking worried, as she picked me up from the airport.

“How bad is it?” I asked, feeling worried myself.

Once my sister had been hospitalized for a couple of days because of her depression, and so I knew it could get bad.

My Mom said, “It’s starting to get iffy. We’re really hoping that you can cheer her up. Maybe you can get her out of the house, take her on some hikes, or something. Anything.”

“Sure,” I said, “I’ll do anything I can,” although actually I was a bit depressed myself since my girlfriend had just broken up with me.

When I got home Dad greeted me warmly, but as always somewhat formally, with a handshake. He was kind, but somewhat distant. Mom was more of the boss in our house.

Mom said, “Molly’s upstairs in her room. She’s been there all day. Why don’t you go right up?”

I dropped off my suitcases in my bedroom, which was right next to Molly’s room, and then knocked on her door.

“Mol? Can I come in,” I said somewhat quietly, in case she was sleeping.

“Sure, come on in,” she said in voice that was loud enough, but somewhat listless. The big D of Depression was clear in her voice even from those first words.

I came into her room and found her in bed. The lights weren’t on, and since it was getting dark outside I switched them on.

“What are you doing in the dark, sis?” I said, trying to sound cheerful.

“Oh, it had just started getting dark,” she said in her resigned way, adding “And my eyes were used to it. And I was just resting. It’s good to see you James.”

She was in a flannel nightie with pillows behind her and the covers pulled up to just below her generous breasts. She has long dark hair, and although she calls herself overweight, I’d just call her voluptuous. She has a curvy figure, and she told me she weighs about 150. That’s only a little overweight from my point of view, but since her girlfriends probably weigh around 120 or less, there is a difference between Molly’s weight and society’s false “ideal.”

Anyway, I gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek, which she returned, and then I pulled up a chair close to her bed and said, “So, how are things going?”

“So-so,” she said, and attempted a smile.

“Give me the details.”

“Oh, you know it all already,” she replied. “I’m overweight. I don’t have a boyfriend. And because of the pandemic I can’t even date. And because our parents are religious I don’t even know very much about sex. My planned great escape of going off to college has been cancelled and will now be online. My girlfriends make fun of me because I’ve never even kissed a boy, and now who knows when I ever will–“

“I just kissed you!” I protested.

“Not on the lips,” she said.

“Well, I’m your brother, and so that would be a little weird.”

“Step-brother. But yeah, it would be weird. And desperate. But….” Her words trailed off, and she suddenly looked down and blushed a little.

“But what?” I said, adding, “You can tell me.”

She sighed, and then said, “Well, if you’d kiss me on the lips then at least I could say that it had happened. My girlfriends might even think it was both twisted and hot, especially since a couple of them already have a crush on you.”

“They do? Which ones?” I said, amazed, since somehow that had passed me by.

“Jenny and Sarah,” Molly replied, her brown eyes looking sad as she saw that this information was making me happy.

Jenny was a hot brunette, and Sarah was a hot blond. I’d be happy to date either one of them, especially since, as I’ve already mentioned, my college girlfriend had just broken up with me before summer, saying she didn’t do long-distance relationships. But as I saw how my sudden eager smile was making my sister look sad, I decided not to ask for their phone numbers.

“Sorry again, by the way,” Molly said, “About Lucy breaking up with you.”

“Yeah,” I said, and then sighed, adding, “She called it a pause, but the truth is–anyway, I’m really going to miss her.”

I was actually thinking that what I was going to really miss most was Lucy’s pussy–fucking her and eating out her out, because otherwise Lucy was a bit of a high-maintenance brat. But I didn’t say any of that.

Seeing Molly’s sad eyes studying me, I suddenly said, “Well, maybe you were just kidding, but if you really want me to kiss you on the lips, sis, I’d be happy to.”

“You would?” She said, looking surprised. A sudden shy smile brightened her face, and made it look bursa escort like her mood had already lifted a few degrees.

“Sure. Why not?” I said, smiling myself, and figuring that it was an easy way to distract her from her gloom.

“Okay,” she said, suddenly eager and smiling, “but you’d better give me a full French kiss, and not a short little kiss!”

“Really? Okay, sure, Mol,” I said, laughing a little, and without even waiting I slowly moved in to kiss her.

“Wow! This is really going to happen,” she said, looking a little awe-struck as our faces got closer.

I was now only about a foot from her face, and I laughed, said, “Well, it’s only going to happen if you stop talking!”

Suddenly she went both serious and sensual, and moved a bit toward me with her somewhat pale lips suddenly ready for a kiss.

I moved in slowly and kissed my sister on the lips. It was surprisingly slow and lingering. At first we didn’t use tongues, but then slowly and delicately each of us touched tongues, and it was sweet and sensitive.

It was much better and much less weird than I thought it would be. As I slowly pulled away, we both looked at each other a bit shyly, feeling electricity in the air.

“Thanks, James,” Molly whispered.

“Thank you, Mol. That was nice,” I whispered back.

“Why are we whispering?” Molly then said, with an almost silent laugh.

“Because what we’re doing is probably not such a good idea,” I whispered back, laughing a little too.

Molly sat back against her pillows with a happy look, but then to my surprise before my eyes her smile already started fading a little.

“What’s wrong?” I said.

“Well, I just–I don’t know if I can say what I want to say, or ask what I want to ask,” Molly said, looking down again.

“You can ask me Molly. You know I’d do anything to cheer you up.”

“Would you really do anything for me, James?” She looked up at me, with an expression that was a little too eager, and even a little desperate.

“I’ll do anything you ask, Molly. I swear.”

“I’m going to hold you to that promise, James,” Molly said, and she sounded suddenly serious.

At that moment Mom called up from downstairs, yelling, “Dinner’s ready!”


Molly came down for dinner in her robe, which made Mom raise her eyebrows a little. Mom had already told me she didn’t like it when Molly spent all day in her pajamas. But during dinner Molly was actually rather happy and chatty, and the relief in the eyes of my parents was good to see.

After dinner we watched a little TV as a family, and then went up for bed. I took a shower, got in my pajamas, brushed my teeth, and went in to say goodnight to Molly.

Her door was wide open and her light was on. She was in bed, but smiled at me, clearly waiting for me to come in.

“Well, sis, you’ve certainly cheered up a little,” I said, sitting again on the chair right next to her bed.

“It’s because of you, James, and what you promised,” Molly said, again looking kind of serious.

“I meant it, Molly, really.”

“Really?” she asked, seemingly almost like she had some sort of trick up her sleeve.

“Really!” I said laughing, adding, “How many times do I need to promise? I’ll do anything for my Sis.”

Molly smiled a little, but still looked a bit serious, and said, “Would you go close my door and lock it?”

With a smile I rolled my eyes a little at the drama, but I went and did what she said. And then I came back and sat back down with her.

“So,” I whispered, “what’s the big secret? Do you want to kiss again?”

“More than that,” Molly said, also whispering.

“What?” I said, a bit puzzled.

“Come closer so that I can whisper it in your ear.”

“Okay,” I said, laughing.

Molly tickled me a little as she brushed my medium-length blond hair away from my ear, and while pressing one of her breasts against me through her nightie whispered right into my ear in a way that tickled.

She said, “I want to see your cock.”

“What?” I said, pulling away and laughing, almost in a normal voice.

Molly went “shhhh!” and put her index finger in front of her mouth.

I whispered again, and said, “Are you joking?”

“No! I’m not joking,” Molly was still whispering but sounded annoyed, and added, “You promised! And anyway, you’ve already seen me naked. Remember?”

I did remember. I was home for Molly’s 18th birthday, and one morning right after her birthday when Mom and Dad weren’t home she came out of the bath just as I was coming out of my room. She had a towel around her, but the moment she saw me she looked slightly startled–and then dropped her towel to the floor. And then for a few seconds we both seemed paralyzed.

I just stared–first at Molly’s breasts, which were even bigger than I had imagined, although because of her youth amazingly the were still pretty perky. Her breasts have large areolas and cute pinkish-brown nipples.

And then I looked down between my sister’s leg’s at the dark triangle of her hairy bursa escort bayan pussy. I could see her mound, and even a little bit of her inner pussy lips.

She finally said with a smile, “Are you going to hand me my towel, James, or are you just going stand there staring?”

I stammered, “Oh! Sorry!” and then I stepped forward, bent down, got her towel, and as I handed it to her I got for another half second an even closer look at Molly’s cunt.

“Thanks!” Molly said, smiling. She took the towel, walking in her room, closed the door behind her, and then she said through the door, “Just pretend you didn’t see that!”

“See what?” I said, blushing and laughing nervously.

Now, six months later, Molly was seemingly calling in what she thought of as almost a debt.

“Yeah, I remember,” I whispered, and suddenly blushed. I had waited a few seconds too long looking at my sister’s pussy.

“You never told me what you thought of what you saw,” Molly said, studying me shyly.

“I’m not sure what to say–since you’re my sister,” I said, still whispering.

“Well, pretend I wasn’t your sister. And anyway, I’m your step-sister. What would you say then?”

“I’d guess I’d say something like, ‘Wow, Molly, you’re really beautiful.'”

Molly blushed, and said, “Do you really think so? Did you ever think about me naked, after you saw me?”

“Yeah,” I said, still whispering, and realizing this was a chance to cheer her up, especially since she had body image issues.

I went on, “Molly, you are very beautiful, even if you sometimes don’t know it. Your breasts are lovely, and bigger than I imagined. And your–“

I realized I was suddenly on thin ice–or maybe I’d already crashed through.

“And the rest of me?” Molly offered with a smile, “Are you going to tell me what you thought about your sister’s pussy?”

I laughed, and whispered, “I know I shouldn’t say this, but your pussy is really pretty. In fact, your pussy is the prettiest I’ve ever seen, even though I’ve only seen one other one.”

“Really?” Molly said, blushing and looking happy.

“Really!” I said, and then added, “Um, maybe I should go now.”

“What?” Molly said, still keeping in a low voice, although not quite a whisper, “you still haven’t shown it to me.”

I whispered, “You mean my…cock?”

“Yes, you promised,” she said, and then added, “I think seeing a man’s cock for the first time ever, even if it is way after all of my girlfriends, will cheer me up for at least a day–and maybe more.”

I smiled, and said, “Really?

She nodded and smiled back, and we both knew I was weakening.

“Okay,” I whispered, laughing a little, “but only for as long as I got to see you naked, which was about ten seconds.”

Molly smiled in triumph, but added, “It was about half a minute–and let me do the counting so you don’t cheat.”

“So you really want to see it like, right now?” I said, making one last stall for time.

I knew, of course, that it was wrong to show my sister my penis. But I also knew at that moment that if she asked again I was going to do it anyway.

“You promised you’d do anything for me,” Molly said, quietly but seriously.

“Okay. A promise is a promise,” I whispered back.

I got up, untied my pajamas and lowered them, revealing my black Calvin Klein underwear. Molly leaned forward to the edge of the bed toward my crotch as I did this–staring at me there as if trying to see it already. I wanted to say that this wasn’t quite fair, that I wasn’t just inches away from her pussy. And I could also feel that from all of our talk that I was already halfway hard. But I decided to fulfill my promise.

“Well, here goes nothing,” I whispered, and slowly lowered my underwear right in front of my sister’s face, revealing my semi-erect circumcised cock, which bounced out and almost touched Molly’s mouth.

“Wow, bro,” Molly whispered, starring at my cock, “Are you already getting hard?”

“Yeah,” I admitted in a whisper, and then added, “and so go ahead start your countdown!”

My erect cock is about six and a half inches long, but at that moment it was about three and a half inches.

“One one-thousand,” Molly whispered, and then added, “Wow, it’s really interesting seeing your dick, bro. I’ve been wondering for a while what it looks like.”

“Glad you’re interested–I liked seeing your pussy too,” I whispered and then laughed a little, kind of amazed that I was seeing my half-hard cock just a few inches from my sister’s face.

“And by the way, you can see my pussy again any time you want,” Molly said.

“Really?” I said, sounding very eager, and my cock started getting bigger at the thought.

“Yes,” she said with a laugh, and then added in a flirty voice, “It sounds like you really want to see my pussy again.”

I could feel her breath on my manhood as she said this, and that plus thinking of her pussy was starting to make me more aroused, which was visible to both of us. Plus she wasn’t counting, and so I whispered escort bursa with another laugh, “Molly, please count faster!”

“Two one-thousand,” Molly whispered, and then reached out with her left hand, and then without asking took ahold of my growing penis.

“What are you doing, Mol?” I whispered.

“Sarah said they’re warm when they get hard, and I wanted to feel for myself–and your dick is warm bro!”

“Yes sis. When dicks get hard they are very warm. But don’t forget your countdown,” I whispered.

In spite of myself I was enjoying the feeling of her slightly cool fingers holding my warm and now growing cock.

“Three one-thousand,” Molly whispered, as she gently squeezed my cock in her hand, and then she added, “Oh my god, James, I can feel your dick pulsing. It’s growing in my hand!”

“Well,” I laughed quietly, “you holding and squeezing me there is making me get hard. If you don’t want it to get hard then let it go.”

“Four one-thousand,” Molly whispered as she kept holding my dick, and then she added, “I want you to get all the way hard for me bro. Please?”

“Okay, sis, I’ll get hard for you,” I whispered, bowing to the inevitable that was already happening anyway.

Her eyes got a little wider as she felt my now rapidly pulsing, growing, and erecting manhood. Both of us seemed to have forgotten the countdown for several seconds as we could both see and feel my erection reaching full size.

“Thanks, bro,” Molly whispered, as my cock was now fully hard and pointing up, saluting her.

“Wow. Look at it! Am I at Seven one-thousand?” Molly whispered.

“I think you skipped a few,” I whispered, “but given how slow you’ve been counting that’s good enough.”

“Eight one-thousand,” Molly whispered, and then said, “Wow, bro, you’re completely hard for me. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” I whispered, as my sister held my hard on.

The countdown that was supposedly going to be ten seconds had already been about a minute.

“Nine one-thousand,” Molly whispered.

At this point I finally got my voice back and, remembering to still whisper, said, “Molly, we really shouldn’t be doing this. Please let go of my–“

“My brother’s erection?” Molly whispered, still holding firmly on to my now six and half inch manhood with its swollen reddish-pink head, which was just starting to get slick on the top.

But she kept holding it and squeezing it a little, clearly happy, and added, “But it’s so hard and warm. And right now your dick is pulsing for me. I don’t think that’s ever happened before.”

I laughed, and then said, “I bet some guys have gotten hard for you before. I know I have,” I whispered, adding, “Anyway, I’m glad I could cheer you up. But I think you should let go of it. This is beyond sex ed and more like incest.”

Finally she let go of my hard cock, but she was still staring at it, and whispered, “Thanks again. This means a lot to me.”

As she was saying that I pulled up my undies, which barely covered my hard on, and then pulled up my pajamas and tied them.

Molly was still smiling and staring at my pajamas where my erection was now hidden.

I was now feeling ashamed, and yet somehow also proud of myself at the same time.

Molly whispered, “What are you going to do with your hard-on when you get back into your room?”.

I whispered back with a smile, “Well, I guess what most guys would do when they get touched and teased by a pretty woman.”

Then I said, “Goodnight Mol!” and quickly left her room, closing the door behind me.

“Jeeze, what have I done?” I whispered to myself when I was back in my room.

I locked my door, and then I got into my bed.

I then pulled down my pajamas and underwear again, revealing to myself my still fully erect cock.

“Fuck,” I whispered, staring at my cock. “I’ve got a hard on for my sister.”

I got some lotion and put it on my cock, and then I got some tissues to catch my cum. Tonight I didn’t think I’d even need porn, which was pretty difficult anyway because of the internet controls that my parents had. But just as I was thinking that my phone pinged, and I saw that I had a text from Molly. It said, “Thanks for cheering me up. Now it’s your turn. In your own words, here is the prettiest one you’ve ever seen.”

There was another ping, and I saw a picture of the dark triangle of my sister’s pussy.

With a touch on my phone I enlarged the picture. It was a close-up that I could tell she’d just taken in bed by pulling up her nightie. Her white legs were just slightly spread, and so her black-haired pussy wasn’t quite open, but I could see her slit, and I could see that Molly had somewhat big pussy lips, and I could almost see her clit.

I started stroking my cock while looking at Molly’s cunt. “Oh my god, Mol! Yes!,” I whispered to myself, “You’re showing me your pussy. I want you to open it for me.”

After a few minutes I was orgasming, “Oh Mol! uh! uhhhhh! uhh!”

My cum shot out of my cock with powerful bursts into my waiting tissues. It was so much cum it was overflowing and I had to get more tissues. After a few minutes, after I’d cleaned up, I texted back a two heart emojis to Molly.

She quickly texted back: “Does that mean what I think it means?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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