Sally’s Sr. Sex – Neal


The mature, Sr. citizen Sally continues her adventures. Related to Sally’s Sr. Sex – Jose’.


Sex and the retired senior citizen, what a conundrum. In my story about my adventure with Jose’, I gave some of my background. I am a married woman in my mid-60 and I have always loved sex. I differentiate between sex and love and was totally loyal to my husband for nearly 30 years. His ability for physical lovemaking has been missing since his operation for prostate cancer and after 10 years of no sex, he suggested that I was still too passionate and desirable to give up on sex. He is not into watching, but our understanding is that I can have sex with others, but there are no secrets between us and he will either watch or I will tell him all about my experiences.

When tgg gave me the green light, I knew that in order to be desirable to other men, I would have to lose the weight I had put on while married and loved for myself and not my body. I joined a gym; I walked on a treadmill, swam, started eating healthy, and practiced yoga. Neal has been my 40 year-old physical trainer at the gym for the past year. He saw me at my heaviest and has helped me lose 80 pounds in the past year. Because the elasticity of my skin is not what it once was, I have folds of loose skin, wrinkles on my face, arms, legs, and butt. Underneath I am toned, although 50 years of going bra-less as often as possible has also forced my full, heavy, sensitive breasts to hang lower on my chest.

Neal has touched me regularly from the beginning, correcting positioning or indicating where I should feel the burn, and I never thought anything of it until last week when I was wearing a new leotard and tights. He commented on the progress I had made and made a lewd comment about what he would like to do with me. He said it to boost my self confidence and while he did that, he also got me thinking about what it would be like to have sex with him. He would be safe – he knew about my loose skin and seemed to like me for me and wasn’t put off by my wrinkles.

Neal had invited me to join him at the juice bar on numerous occasions, but I had always given an excuse. This time I accepted and we spent his entire lunch break talking and getting to know each other. I told him about tgg and he told me how he had broken up with his very shallow girlfriend 6 months earlier and while he was looking for safe sexual relief, he was not interested in an emotional relationship.

When we parted, he kissed me on the cheek and said erzincan escort he would see me tomorrow.

Over dinner, I told tgg about Neal and that I thought he might be a potential sexual partner. Tgg suggested that I invite Neal to have dinner with us on his next day off from the gym or any evening if his work day ended early enough.

I invited him for Thursday; Friday was his day off so we could talk late if we wanted to.

I cooked a really healthy dinner and the three of us retired to the Family Room to continue the conversation we had begun over dinner. Tgg was very blunt as he discussed his sexual limitations and our understanding. At 10:00, he announce that he was going to take the dog for a walk and would be back about midnight. This was his sign that he approved of Neal and whatever happened would be up to us.

Neal looked at me and said, “What do you think?”

“I think we need to get to know each other more intimately.” I took him by the hand and led him to the guest bedroom.

When we got there, I was tongue tied and unsure of myself. I blurted out, “Would you like to spend the night?”

Neal took me in his arms and said, “That’s a possibility.” He gently kissed all over and around my face and when he finally got to my lips, I opened my mouth and kissed him back with passion. As we kissed, he caressed my back, sliding his hands farther and farther down until he cupped each cheek and pulled my groin to his. I could feel something hard down there, but had no idea of shape or size.

I was bra-less, as usual, and Neal began exploring my left breast with his right hand while he still held me close with his left. Because of my vanity over my wrinkles and loose skin, I did not want to be naked first. I gripped Neal’s shirt and lifted it over his head. He had to let go of my breast to raise his arms, but went right back to it, this time under my shirt. He nuzzled my neck and went back to my mouth. He teased me with his tongue and I tongued back.

I pulled away to work on his belt and took a moment to really look at Neal’s fit upper body. He had to be one of the nicest looking men I had ever been with. His chocolate brown skin was smooth with just a sprinkling of tight kinky hair on his chest. As I lowered his pants and long legged briefs, I noticed a scattering of that same kinky black hair from his navel to his beautiful uncircumcised cock. He was nearly fully engorged with a few drops of love dew seeping out of the tip. When I wrapped my erzurum escort hand about half way around it to guide it to my mouth, about 4 inches were left uncovered. I dropped to my knees and took the head in my mouth after I felt the silky smoothness of the bullet shaped tip with my tongue.

While I loved his beautiful black cock, he lifted my top over my head and caressed each breast with his hands and fingers. My nipples were erect and he was twisting them gently and sensuously. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation.

Neal lifted me up and slid my skirt and panties off. He laid me on the bed and kissed his way down from my neck to my neatly groomed pubes. (I still used the adjustable razor comb that I found when I was in college) As he began licking and exploring my vagina with his lips and tongue, I realized that I didn’t have any lube and I knew that I didn’t produce my own love juice like I did when I was younger.

Neal moved back up to my mouth and his cock was brushing my love entrance. I said, “Neal, I need more lube. I want you in me, but give me just a minute to get ready. Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back.” I ran naked and bouncing to the kitchen, grabbed my coconut oil, scooped up 2 fingers full, put it in my vagina as far as I could reach, and ran back to Neal.

He was lying on his back with his cock sticking straight up, so I climbed on him, placed my love tunnel over his cock and lowered myself carefully onto him. He pushed up as I lowered myself and he was soon fully inserted.

We just froze in that position as my body adjusted to his love tool and then, very slowly, I began to lift up until only the tip remained inside me and then slowly lowered myself back down. I must have done that five times before I began twisting on my way down and moving in little circles as I skewered myself on his cock. I loved the sensations running through my body. Neal must have been feeling something too, because he began humping up to meet my downward slide.

He wrapped his arms around me, clasp me to his chest and within a very few strokes we were moving together in the time honored rhythm of love. He began moving faster and thrusting harder until suddenly he rolled us over, without losing our connection, and with me on the bottom, began to slam into me with a purpose. We could hear the slap – slap as our bodies came together and the occasional love fart as air trapped in my vagina escaped around his cock as he pumped into me. I could feel an orgasm bursa escort building and when his cock swelled and began to spurt, I began to tremble and shake as my body took over. He continued stroking through my orgasm and then just gently milked his cock in my vagina as we both came down.

I wrapped my legs around him to hold him close and shuddered as a post-coital orgasm coursed through me. We just lay there as his cock slowly wilted and his love juice began to seep out of my vagina and down my butt crack around his flaccid cock.

After about 10 minutes of kissing and his hands exploring my breasts while we were still locked together, Neal began to gently move his hips, allowing his flaccid rod to minutely move inside my vagina. As he moved, I could feel him begin to get hard again. The feeling of a cock growing inside you is indescribable. I wanted him fully erect right now! It was so hard to be patient. My body started responding to his movement and there I was, thrusting up to meet him and to urge him along.

There was no question that I was well lubricated and we meshed like a well built human love machine.

I relaxed my leg lock on his waist and he raised my legs over my head, supported himself on his arms, and began moving with full strokes in and out of me. We broke apart for a moment when we repositioned into a doggie position where he stood on the floor and my head and shoulders were on the pillow with my open vagina up in the air. He slid home again, sticks a finger or thumb in my ass hole, and began pumping into me again. One or two gentle, full thrusts, and then he was fucking full throttle.

His finger in my butt, his cock in my pussy, and then a finger stimulating my clit. I thought I was going to die with pleasure. When he came, I came. He lay on me as his cock continued flexing and spurting cum into me, coating the inside of my vagina and hitting my cervix.

We rolled onto our sides, still attached and he cupped my breast and nibbled on my neck and ear with little love bites. Slowly his cock shriveled to the point where it just slid out of me. We continued lying together, cuddling.

Out of the blue, he said, “Would you be interested in having a party with Jeff?”

Jeff is the 20 year old lifeguard at the pool where I do my laps. “What makes you think that Jeff would have any interest in me?”

“He has watched you emerge over the last year also and just last week told me that he would love to sink his meat into a MILF like you. He named you specifically.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Jeff and both have next Friday off. We could come over together and fuck you silly.”

“I think I’m getting wet. If you come over about 10, I’ll have time to get in my treadmill work and take a shower.”