Mending Fences


Lysa sighed and walked out to sit on the back patio. The night air was crisp and the leaves were just starting to turn colorful shades of orange and red. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the broken slat in the fence. It wasn’t broken when she bought the house 3 weeks ago. She had attempted to contact the neighbors on the other side of the fence, but they were either avoiding her or they were on totally different schedules.

Stretching out on the rattan sofa, she put her feet up and wiggled her toes. The air felt so good on her feet after a long day in pumps and stockings. Again, the missing slats in the fence beckoned and she decided she would go over in the morning, before she left for work and try to see if she could speak with them about whatever happened. Lysa resigned to the fact there was really nothing to be done tonight.

Out of habit, she reached over without looking, to the little side table for her cigarettes. Her hands came into contact with air. Looking over, she realized that her cigarette pack was not there.

‘Great!’, she thought, and hoisted herself up to go back inside and look for them. While she was inside she decided to change into a comfy t-shirt and shorts.

Gerald had been working 12 hour days, many days sleeping at the hotel where he managed and Fernando had been away tending his sick mother. Both finally home, they wanted and needed, to get in a little quality time. After some quick hugging and welcome home kisses, Fernando suggested that they get some fresh air. On their side of the fence, things were starting to heat up. Wanting to take advantage of the crisp autumn night air they decided to take a dip in the pool. Stripping down to nothing they both walked to the edge of the pool and toe tested it. Fernando pushed Gerald in and Gerald managed to grab him as he fell forward into the water.

They laughed and splashed and horsed around reveling in the freedom they could enjoy at home ever since the last homeowners agreed to split the cost for the 7 foot high custom privacy fence. They ducked each other under the water, threw each other around and ended up a mass of wet, taut limbs as they came together in a heated kiss.

“I love your lips Nando.” Gerald said affectionately “Why don’t you put them on me here.” pressing Fernando’s hand on his stiff member.

Fernando smiled and disappeared beneath the blue surface. Putting his warm mouth on Gerald’s long ebony meat was one of Fernando’s favorite activities. Gerald gasped in pleasure and strained forward to offer more of himself into the warm haven Fernando provided. It had been a while since they had been intimate and his sack was heavy and in need of proper release. Fernando’s mouth was heaven.

Gerald held onto the side of the pool and his head fell back as Fernando’s tongue stroked the underside of his cock and finished with a swirl of his tongue on his swollen head. Fernando came up for air, snuggling up close to Gerald.

“You like that daddy?” He asked in his most submissive voice, while planting kisses on Gerald’s neck.

Eyes closed, Gerald managed a deep sexy “Yes.”

Fernando was still stroking Gerald under the water making sure Gerald’s huge erection did not go slack.

“Let’s sit you down on the steps daddy, so I can get a better angle on that monster of yours.”

Gerald followed Fernando to the little side steps. His ass and nuts still being lapped by the cool pool water as he sat on the top step of the pool. Fernando didn’t waste any time. As soon as he determined Gerald was comfortable, he began suckling on Gerald’s long cock once again.

Gerald groaned loudly as his toes involuntarily started curling. “Nando, slow down baby, slow down.”

Fernando was in the zone.Fernando’s head was bobbing up and down furiously as he took more and more of Gerald into his mouth and throat. He was suctioning him into the back of his mouth and teasing his head with his tongue, squeezing and stroking the long shaft intermittently, bringing Gerald ruthlessly towards climax. Fernando watched as Gerald’s sack rose and tightened. Smiling inwardly, his own cock stiffened. Gerald was so hot when he was about to come. His broad muscular shoulders and arms were long and powerful. His pectoral muscles were flexing. His six pack and tapered waist were just perfection. But his cock, it was a thing of absolute beauty, thick with a beautiful full mushroom shaped head just begged to be licked and swallowed.

Taking one last hard suck on Gerald, Fernando released his cock with a loud pop. Gerald groaned as he almost spilled his load and tightly grasped the base to try to bring his excitement down. He wanted to last a little longer so he could enjoy himself inside of Fernando.

Fernando climbed out of the pool. Water fell from his brown, toned body. His cock hard and standing erect. He grabbed it and stroked it while he watched Gerald get up and follow him over to the patio. He was not as muscular as Gerald but he was osmaniye escort very fit and had a trim build. He watched as Gerald’s eyes followed him admiringly. As he was settling into the lounger, he noticed the broken board in the fence. He remembered that it needed to be fixed. The previous owners had moved out about a month ago and one night while they were having a get together one of their clumsy, drunk, friends tried to run through it. It was funny at the time, but now it was a bit of an eye sore. They would definitely have to mend it this weekend, especially if they wanted to keep their privacy for moments like this. They knew someone had moved in but, had not yet had the opportunity to meet them.

Gerald had finally made it over to Fernando. Straddling the lounger he took Fernando into his mouth. The tip of his dick lightly pressing against Fernando’s ass.

“Yes daddy…damn …”Fernando exclaimed, ending in a shudder.

He was not expecting that. Gerald must have really missed him. He rarely gave Fernando head. All of Fernando’s nerve endings were on fire culminating in a throbbing maelstrom at the base of his cock. He did not want to let go but Gerald was sucking him so good all he could do was close his eyes and hold on as wave after wave of beautiful bliss washed over him.

“You can’t come until I say so Nando. Do you hear me?” Gerald said suddenly, his voice an octave lower and commanding.

Fernando shook his head yes and through gritted teeth said

“Yes daddy.”

The head of his cock rested on Gerald’s lips now as he teased him with soft kisses and sly little licks. Fernando’s hips strained upward toward the warmth of Gerald’s mouth. Gerald gave him a toothy smile, devilishly denying him. Gripping Fernando’s swollen member hard at the base with one hand and stroking his own manhood while he watched his boyfriend squirm in impatience.

“Daddy put it back in.” Fernando whined.

Gerald gave just the tip a hearty suck and licked the length of his shaft. Fernando wailed in tormented pleasure.

After changing her clothes, Lysa found her cigarette pack on the counter. It was near where she had put her briefcase when she came home. A quick check revealed that her lighter was in there as well. Clicking her tongue at her forgetfulness, she made her way back out to the porch. Sinking into the chair she pulled a cigarette from the pack and lit it, inhaling deeply and releasing a long puff of smoke.

‘I really need to quit smoking.’ She thought.

It was a newly acquired habit more out of spite than a true love of smoking. After her breakup with Marlon and Phoenix, she mindlessly started smoking. It was something they both hated. Yes, it was childish, but they could have eased her into the break up better than they had. Instead of cutting her off cold turkey like they did and relocating almost over night. They moved to San Diego where they could legally get married, and live in a more acceptable community since they were a Hispanic male and hermaphrodite male couple, as it was not legal yet in Massachusetts. Weren’t they surprised when the supreme court ruling came down just a few months later.

‘Hmmph…Their loss,’ she thought bitterly.

God she had had some amazing times with them and not just in bed. They were lovely human beings and so much fun to be around. They were together for nearly three years. She was not looking forward to a new hunt for another couple. Being in a one on one relationship did not appeal to her at all.

She sighed. As Lysa took another long drag from her cigarette she thought she heard a noise. Looking over to the broken board in the fence she sat forward and listened more intently. Then she thought she caught some movement.

Getting up quietly, she put out her cigarette and walked silently over to the gap in the fence.

What she saw was two very sexy males in the middle of some heavy fellatio. Moisture immediately happened between her thighs. She could not believe her luck. The darker skinned guy had a monster size cock and the male on his back was not lacking either. She knelt down on the grass so she could see through the wider opening. Her fingers knew their way to her sweet spot and she wasted no time shoving her hand inside of her panties and fingering herself. The darker one seemed to tease the lighter one’s cock mercilessly, sucking him and stopping. The one on his back, pleading and hoisting his hips in the air to get more of what he was being denied.

“Mmmm.” she moaned, closing her eyes as one called the other daddy. “That was so hot.”

Unfortunately, she moaned out loud, capturing the attention of Gerald and Fernando who froze like two stags in headlights. Their dicks rock hard and naked as the day they came into the earth. Fernando moved first, grabbing his cell phone and shining the flashlight app directly at the broken board in the fence. Lysa opened her eyes to the spotlight and tried to move away but it was too late. They had seen her. They both approached the gap in the fence and stared down at her. Her fingers were still in her panties. She was frozen as they were just a second ago.

At first, no one spoke. They all just took each other in. Fernando tilted his head and slowly stroked the length of his cock. Lysa’s eyes followed in somewhat of a trance, licking her lips. He smiled and nudged Gerald looking to him for the final decision. Gerald nodded slightly. Fernando pressed his dick down so it was at mouth level but still effectively on his side of the fence. Lysa’s eyes followed and her lips parted slightly, her hand working inside her panties again. This caused swelling in both cocks.

“I’m Lysa. I…I…” she started, looking up from one face to another, not really sure what to say.

“Fernando” pausing slightly as he watched her hand”…and this is Gerald” Fernando finished for her with a bit of amusement in his voice.

“Would you like to continue watching or would you like to play with us?” He finally asked bluntly

“Definitely play!” She eagerly said with a huge smile.

“Stay right there” Fernando said

Leaving the fence temporarily, Fernando and Gerald moved a table and the lounger closer to the gap in the fence. Removing her hand from her panties, Lysa stood and continued rubbing herself through the thin cotton material.

“Take your clothes off so we can see you.” Gerald said upon returning to the fence.”You already know what we look like.”

She stripped quickly and did a slow turn so they could take all of her in. She was very pretty with great tits to ass proportion, noted Gerald. He still preferred his ‘Nando over anyone else, but he would do this for Fernando.

Gerald was selfish, this he knew. Fernando was submissive and accommodating to his needs. They were perfect together. Fernando lived and breathed to please him and he loved to be pleased. They’d both been with women before, but it had been a very long time ago, at least ten years or more. Gerald kept Fernando in a constant state of wanting, denying him the pleasure of release for days sometimes. When he was finally allowed sweet release it was so explosive and all consuming that it pushed his climax to the max as well. Yes, he would do this for his love. His ‘Nando.

“Come closer to the fence,” Fernando said “let me have your hand.” He grabbed her wrist and he immediately sucked the fingers that were in her hot little pussy just moments before.

Turning to Gerald “Here daddy take a taste”

Gerald gathered Fernando into his arms and kissed him deeply. Exploring the new taste of Lysa in his boyfriend’s mouth made his cock jerk in excitement. Lysa put her face up to the fence and one at a time they both kissed her exploring softly at first, then more urgently. Her pussy clenched as Fernando touched her breasts through the fence, running his hands up and down her side.

Gerald slowly eased his hands down her side, moving to her behind. He grabbed a handful of her ass. Gerald brought his hand back to the front of Lysa and cupped her between her legs. He let his fingers rub the outside of her lips and then slipped a finger inside her. Lysa moaned loudly, her pussy clenched around his finger and produced more wetness. Gerald fingered her a bit longer, wringing out a few more moans. His cock thickening as he watched her body quiver and contract as he worked his fingers in and out of her.

Gerald was getting very turned on by this unexpected turn of events. His cock throbbed. But he still wanted Fernando badly. He ended the kiss and removed his finger from Lysa.

Fernando came over to kiss her again. Gerald stopped him with his hand on his chest. Fernando looked at Gerald, waiting.

“Open your mouth for me ‘Nando,” Gerald said.

Fernando obliged him and Gerald placed his finger on his tongue.

“Close and suck” Gregory ordered.

Fernando greedily sucked off the juices he had just acquired from Lysa’s moist cunt, moving his tongue all around his finger to make sure he did not miss any. Satisfied, Gregory removed his finger from Fernando’s mouth and kissed him briefly.

Fernando turned back to Lysa’s waiting lips and kissed her open mouth, sharing her sweetness with her, letting her taste herself on his tongue. As Fernando was kissing Lysa, Gerald positioned himself behind him and rubbed his hard cock between Fernando’s ass cheeks. He loved Fernando’s tight firm body.

“Lysa, I’m going to fuck ‘Nando now. You can watch and touch yourself but don’t come. Then when I get close I want you to suck him off. Can you do that for me?” Gerald asked steering Fernando back towards the lounger.

Lysa noted a huskiness in his voice, deep and commanding. She could definitely listen to that voice while she played with them. She would probably do anything he asked her.

“Sure…um…. do you need some lubrication on that monster of yours?” she asked, hopefulness heavy in her voice, opening her mouth wide in offering.

Surprised by her bold request, Gerald stopped and turned back to her. He had not been thinking along those lines but a dick suck was a dick suck. He approached the fence holding onto Fernando by the waist. Lysa’s hot mouth enveloped a good portion of his dick. Swirling her tongue and sucking him with out touching his cock. With her hands free, she motioned for Fernando to come closer and took his cock in her hands and jerked him while she continued lubing up Gerald’s enormous, hard cock with her mouth.

“Oh daddy, this was such a good call,” Fernando said happily as Lysa’s hands made long tight strokes. Fernando allowed a moan of pleasure to escape.

Gerald nuzzled Fernando’s neck and whispered “She’s good, but not as good as you babe. You know exactly what daddy likes.”

Fernando’s ego was thoroughly stroked, and he grinned like a Cheshire cat and kissed Gerald hotly on the mouth. Gerald rubbed Lysa’s jaw through the fence and backed up slightly indicating that was enough. He was close to his peak and he wanted to save his load for Fernando. Fernando was primed for the fucking he was about to get.

Pulling Fernando down to the lounger on his knees, he pushed his head down so his ass was up in the air. Gerald gripped Fernando’s hips and entered him hard and fast pushing his full length inside of him, causing them both to cry out. Gerald’s knees weakening slightly at the delicious tightness of Fernando’s ass. Fernando loved the exquisite fullness. His cock twitched and leaked onto the lounger.

Lysa was sitting up on her knees at the fence, eyes wide, mouth open, thumb and forefinger swirling fast and furious over her swollen clit with three fingers inside her sopping pussy. She still did not quite believe her incredible luck. She watched as Gerald pounded furiously into Fernando with long hard strokes. His legs and glutes were taut. Fernando was mewling and groaning his pleasure into the lounger.

“Oh yes daddy, right there, Fuck me daddy, Fuck me, Yes!”

Gerald swelled inside of Fernando, the friction, heavenly from tip to base. He continued to plunder Fernando’s hole trying to get every inch of himself inside that sweet little place his dick loved so much. Fernando was pushing back against him now, matching him stroke for stroke. His muscles were tightening, his fingers digging harshly into Fernando’s hips, balls slapping his ass with every thrust. He drove into that sweet ass over and over again, God how he had missed Fernando these past few weeks. He was consumed by the friction. On his toes now, pounding furiously taking more and more of ‘Nando’s sweet offering. He fucked him with hard deep strokes. Fernando arched his back deep. The slight change in position magnified the sensation they were both experiencing. Gerald and Fernando cried out simultaneously.

Fernando’s ass clenched hard, milking Gerald’s cock and causing everything from his waist down to lock up as his body clenched, ready to release explosively. He stopped moving in and out of Fernando.

“Be still!” he said harshly to Fernando. “Do not move an inch”

He slowly removed his cock, holding his breath as he did. Straining to hold at bay, the mountain of pleasure waiting to be released, his body was fighting him to reach that pentacle.

“Get up ‘Nando now and go to the fence,” he commanded through gritted teeth.

Lysa was teetering on the cusp of a powerful orgasm. She was trying to hold out until they came back to the fence. She thought seriously about crossing the fence and joining Fernando on the lounger, it was big enough for all three of them. But no, Gerald said she could watch, and what a show they were giving her. Still on her knees, her head thrown back she bit her lip in an effort to keep from coming. She fondled and squeezed her breasts and removed her fingers from her pussy to keep from going over the edge. Her insides quivered and immediately missed the presence of her fingers. She sucked her fingers slurping loudly. Fernando turned his head at the noise and rewarded her with a smile that quickly diminished into cries of “Oh Gawwwd!”

Watching him being fucked so thoroughly, she softly pet her bald pussy, just barely touching it, teasing herself. The motion caused her nipples to become even more rigid, keeping her on the fine razor’s edge of pre orgasm. She moaned a little in frustration, the sweet fire barely being contained in her lower abdomen. She hoped they would come back to the fence soon. She watched Gerald freeze, all of his muscles tight. He withdrew himself from Fernando’s ass. They were now coming back to the fence and not a moment too soon.

Gerald and Fernando approached the fence together.

“Now Lysa” Gerald almost barked at her.

He got behind Fernando. He kicked Fernando’s legs roughly apart and grabbed him around the neck, forcing him to bend back making his cock protrude right into the direction of Lysa’s waiting mouth.

“I want to see you swallow as much of him as you can.” Gerald said in his deep commanding voice, close to Fernando’s ear.