The Fountain Ch. 1

Double Penetration

I was walking down the sidewalk towards the fountain when I saw them. There, in the garden of flowers, on the south side of Buckingham Fountain, was a couple in the throes of passion, or so I thought. Without trying to be obvious I tried to meander their way, to catch a glimpse of what very few would have the audacity to do in public, even if this is the great city of Chicago, where whores roam the streets of every neighborhood.

I saw him standing, something in his hand. What was it? I couldn’t quite make it out, so I ventured to get a little closer. Then I realized it was a leash. I must have been mistaken, it wasn’t a couple passionately making love, it was a guy walking his dog & he had just bent over to scoop the poop. Right? But wait! Isn’t that human hair? Two pigtails, high up on the sides of a head, a human head? What in god’s green earth was I seeing?

As I got even closer, not caring now if they saw me or not, I could not believe my eyes. There was a WOMAN at the end of the leash. She was sitting on her legs with her knees tucked under her & her hands up by her sides as if they were paws. She was naked except for a dog collar, knee pads, and a pair of translucent French cut bikini panties with a “tail” threaded through a hole right at her ass. This dog-woman was staring up at the guy with a pathetic pleading look on her face. Her breasts hung down & I noticed her nipples were hard, long & red.

The guy yanked on the collar & told her to “stop begging” & then pulled on it as he started walking towards the fountain. Here breasts hung awfully close to the ground when she was on all fours & I wondered if they grazed the ground when she was by the fountain, since it is loose gravel over there & not smooth like the pavement. That must hurt, I thought. The guy jerked at the leash & told the girl to hurry up if she wanted a doggie treat when they got home. I could see that she was, surprisingly, not completely horrified by this, but almost seemed proud, in a way, to be paraded around like this. It was then that the guy caught me staring. “What are you looking at?” he asked in a gruff voice.

I stammered a bit, & before I got a chance to answer him the dog-woman’s nose was sniffing my crotch. I hate to admit it, but I was getting just a little bit horny seeing this blatant display of, well, domination, I guess you would call it. I think she could smell it because she started to nudge her nose into & lick at my crotch. I could barely feel the pressure but merely knowing what she was doing got me hornier than hell.

“You like it, I can tell” the guy says to me.

I deny it, saying “how could I enjoy this vulgar treatment of another woman?!” ashamed that I WAS enjoying it.

“She likes it, don’t you my slut-slave” he says to me & her. She nods her head & “woof”‘s her reply. I can’t believe that this woman would let someone treat her this way willingly, but it was clearly love that I saw in her eyes as she gazed up at him. I tell the guy that this just isn’t my cup of tea & walk over to the benches by the fountain near Lake Shore Drive. I try real hard to focus on the fountain, but find myself looking for this odd couple, wondering what he is making his dog-woman do now.

I spot them by the railing of the fountain, straight ahead of me, as if he is displaying her to me & all that she will do. Another man has joined them & I see her nudge at the bulge in his pants. I can faintly hear the “master” say to the dog-woman “suck his cock.” I watch her as she gets the 2nd guy’s pants unbuttoned & his fly unzipped with her mouth, pulling his pants down a bit with her teeth. Fishing out his dick with her mouth & moving it into position with her chin she takes all of him into her mouth at once, seemingly swallowing him whole. Where are the horse-riding cops when you think they should put a stop to something? But did I really want anyone to put a stop to this lewd show?

The honest answer was no. I watched in awe as the woman continued to tend to this stranger’s cock, licking it up & down, sucking on it feverishly until the man could hardly support himself on his wobbly legs. He moaned & cried out as his jism filled her mouth & she stuck out her tongue to get every last drop that pulsed out of the tip. After swallowing, the “master” ordered her to clean off the guy’s dick & replace it where she had found it. With a whine she obeyed, but was unable to button his jeans. For this she was swatted on the ass with the leash 5 times, and not lightly.

I could here the leash making contact with her delicate flesh where I was, which had to be 25 feet away or more. He then told her “You will be punished more once we get back to our hotel room, whore. Are you prepared to accept whatever punishment I deem necessary?” She looked up at him with tears in her eyes & nodded her head yes. He pulled on her leash & they headed towards State Street, to one of the hotels there, presumably. He was making her crawl on all fours, with only knee pads for protection, nothing for her hands. gaziantep escort As they descended down the slight hill I could see that the crotch of her panties was soaking wet, yet there was no scent of urine in the air. No, it was the smell of raw sexual excitement.

I sat there on the bench pondering what I had just seen as the sun set over the lake & the sky dimmed. The Fountain was especially beautiful at night when the light show started, the main burst of water growing higher & higher in the sky. I had envisioned myself getting married in front of this Fountain at dusk in the middle of the summer at one point in my life, but realized now that this wish had been tainted, whether it be in a good way or bad, by this evening’s incident. The more I played the course of events in my mind, the more aroused I became.

I couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel to tell Paul all about this when he returned from the convention’s activities for the day. I thought to myself that tonight was going to be a very late night for us, if we ever got to sleep. I was ready to pounce him the second he walked in the door, the way I was feeling right now. The question was, did I go back to the hotel & take care of myself so that I would last when he got in, or did I torture myself & go sit in the bar in the lobby & think about the passionate night ahead. As I walked down to our hotel room I weighed the pros & cons of each & by the time I got there I decided that it was only fair that Paul share in all the fun that was to cum. I ordered a long island ice tea at the bar & just sat & people-watched as I nursed my drink.

At least I though I was nursing my drink, but before I realized it the glass was empty. The bar tender pointed to my glass, silently asking if I wanted another & I nodded my head yes. While working on this second drink what I saw earlier in the day kept playing over & over in my mind. I knew I was getting tipsy & HOT! I looked at my watch & noticed that it was almost time for Paul to get back, so I quickly finished my drink & asked for a refill to bring upstairs to our room. I wanted Paul to have no doubt in his mind what the evening was going to bring the moment he walked through the door.

Once I got in our room I lit the candles I had bought in the gift shop on the way up. I put one on the nightstand near the bed & one on the dresser by the TV. I flipped through the movie guide & picked an adult channel that had some hot looking lesbian action on for the rest of the night. I called & ordered it for the next 8 hours. I really didn’t care that Paul’s work was picking up the tab & they might see it on the bill. I’m sure he’d find a way to explain it. I called down & ordered room service: pasta, bread w/seasoned olive oil, salad & 2 bottles of wine.

I told them to bring it up in an hour and a half, I figured that would be enough time for Paul to get here & for me to start teasing him. I took a quick shower, but took time to trim my pubes & shave my legs & underarms. I dried my hair upside-down so it would look a little wild. I put on fresh make-up using my lavender lipstick & purple mascara. I had brought a brand new piece of lingerie with me that Paul hadn’t seen yet. It is a 2 piece outfit, consisting of a jacket-like top that has short sleeves in a see through gauze-like material that only has one button at the top. The bottoms are a pair of bikini panties in the same material. It is a deep lavender color. It has that feather-like fluffy trim on the jacket sleeves & bottom.

I bought a pair of heeled slippers, too, with a white feather pom-pom. I have I wrapped myself in the big thick terry robe the hotel provides so that Paul would not see it when he first came in, especially if he brought one of his associates in with him. Talk about embarrassing!! I would be mortified if I was that woman I saw earlier today. Knowing that every eye would be on you, not just glancing at you but staring at you…I just could never do that. I sipped on my third long island tea, watching the channel I had ordered. The room was starting to smell good from the vanilla candles I had lit & I was getting very relaxed & very aroused.

I heard the key in the door & quickly turned the TV off and started the CD I had brought. Paul didn’t know that I had planned an erotic get-away for the nights that he was here on business. All work & no play makes Paul a frustrated boy!! Now we couldn’t have that, could we? Paul tosses his key on the dresser & says “Now what do we have here? Have you just taken a bath? Hurry up & get out of that robe & get dressed! I made 8:00 dinner reservations for us at the seafood restaurant looking over the lake.” I decide to make him think I am playing along, & ask him what he would like me to wear. He goes over to the closet to pick something out & I follow him. But when I get behind him I let the robe fall to the floor. “Should I wear something like this?” I ask.

He turns around to see what I am talking about. konya escort I really have never seen Paul so flabbergasted in the time we have been together. He just looks at me with his mouth open while I turn around for him. “Do you like my new little outfit? Do you think I should wear IT out to dinner?” Paul whistles then clears his throat a bit & says “I don’t think you will be wearing it very long!” He pulls me to him & kisses me long & hard. I take one hand & run my fingers through his hair, pushing his head closer to mine. Our lips seem to part simultaneously as out tongues search each others out. I can feel a bulge growing in his pants & stroke it a bit with my free hand. After breaking free to come up for air I ask him if we can change the reservations to tomorrow night and stay in tonight. He agrees & calls to change the reservations & I nuzzle up behind him. I start to kiss his neck, licking & sucking it. Then I kiss my way up to his ear, nibble on his earlobe & whisper in his ear “I love you, Paul.”

After hanging up the phone he says, “You mean it? Are you sure? Don’t say something you don’t mean…” his voice trails off, softer, as he realizes that I have said “IT” to him. The one thing we had promised we would not say to each other until we were absolutely sure. No saying it in the throes of passion, no saying it just to say it. We agreed that we had to mean it with all our heart before saying those 3 little words. We had both been burned before in past relationships where we had given our heart too freely, too soon, to someone who trampled all over it. I knew I was taking a HUGE leap, telling him how I felt, but while by the fountain I realized that that woman must really LOVE that man, to be willing to do something so extreme for him. It was then that I thought I would do anything for Paul, all he had to do is ask. I replied “yes, Paul, I am sure. More sure than anything else in the world. I LOVE YOU.”

Of course, it was just then that there was a knock at the door. “Room service,” the guy called out. “Did you order room service?” Paul asked. “Yes, would you like me to get it?” Without thinking, I think, Paul said “sure.” So I go to the door in my little see through outfit & open the door. After seeing that woman earlier I figured this was nothing, right? People expose themselves all the time. The bellhop guy wheeled in the cart. As Paul went to give him a tip he said, “Mister, just seeing your wife like this is the best tip I’ve gotten all year.” “She’s not my wife,” he starts to say, & then stops. Let the man think what he wants.

I set the table & make our plates & ask Paul to open & pour the wine. We sit across from each other at the small table. He doesn’t seem to be too interested in eating right now, but I am hungry & want to tease him a bit more. We begin eating & I slip off one of the slippers. I let my foot wander to Paul’s side under the table & start to caress his ankle & calf with my toes. As the meal goes on, my foot wanders upwards to his knee & thigh. We continue to eat & drink & my foot is now resting on his chair, caressing the ever-growing bulge between his legs. I can tell where his balls are & which way his shaft is positioned. I concentrate on the head, rubbing in circles & back & forth. “You are driving me wild! If you don’t stop I am going to throw you on the bed & have my way with you whether you want it or not!! Now stop it!” Paul tells me. I rest my foot where it is, and stop moving it around.

“Ok, dear,” I reply. But I have to keep teasing him, so I start to exaggerate eating my pasta. I open my mouth & lick my lips, my tongue out a little & bring the fork up slowly, putting it in my mouth while curling my tongue back in. I close my mouth over the fork & slowly pull it out of my mouth. I am looking at Paul with all the lust I can muster in my eyes, trying to see just how much he can take. I shift in my chair & the one side of the jacket gets caught on the table, exposing my left breast to him. My nipple is hard & very pink, flushed with excitement. Paul can hardly take his eyes off it. I pick up my glass of wine & bring it to my mouth “accidentally” brushing my nipple in the process. A small moan escapes, and Paul knows I am just as aroused as he is. I subconsciously start to move my foot again, rubbing with more pressure than I had been before. The sexual tension is building & we quickly try to finish dinner.

Paul stands & comes over to me, pulling my chair away from the table, taking my hands in his & brings me to him. Our lips lock as we step backwards. Without even bothering to turn back the sheets we tumble onto the bed, bodies intertwined, passionately kissing. My hands are moving over his chest, unbuttoning his shirt slowly. I untuck it from his pants & pull it off his shoulders. Paul is the one who lets a moan escape this time, as I start to caress him, my hands moving down his chest to his stomach & sides & back up. I run my fingers over his nipples, making wide circles around them with kayseri escort the tips of my fingers, then bringing the circles in closer until I am concentrating on just the nipple. Paul’s nipples respond to my gentle touch & become marble hard. I pinch the left one & then the right.

I break our kiss to his collar bone then finally to his nipple. I circle it with my tongue like I had with my finger before taking it in my mouth & sucking on it. “This is what I am going to do to your cock,” I say to Paul. I continue to lick & suck on his nipple as I let my hands roam lower & lower, finally reaching his pants. I feel his hard member through the material & notice a small wet spot.

“What’s this?” I teasingly ask him, as I rub the spot with more pressure knowing the tip of his head is right there.

“Are you enjoying this?” Paul tells me that he has been thinking about me all day long & was hoping that I would be in the mood tonight. I ask him if he has gotten his answer. He says, “Yes, without a doubt.” I kiss a trail down his chest & stomach, where I linger, kissing & licking at the top of his pants. I get my tongue under the waistband a little, feeling his pubes. I let my hand snake it’s way under there, and bring it back up, finger-combing his pubes upwards so that they peek out over his pants. I love seeing him this way, it is so sexy when I am in the mood for some lovin’. I continue to kiss & lick him, unbuttoning his pants at the same time, letting my hands wander towards his sex. I unzip him, tugging his pants down over his hips, but leaving his boxers up. Paul is very excited, precum staining his boxers, his member straining to leap out at me.

I let my hands stroke him as I ask him how his day was. Paul is not in the mood to talk, but knows that I will not continue what I am doing if he does not tell me everything that happened today. As Paul starts to tell me all about his meetings and the boring lunch presentation he had to sit through I slowly push his boxers down, an inch at a time, licking & kissing my way lower. As I get his shorts to his hips & Paul lifts up so I can get them off he stops talking. So, in turn, I stop kissing.

“Oh, please, don’t do this to me today! Let me enjoy this tonight.” I give his bulbous head a kiss & then move away from his shaft. I kiss all around it, licking circles in his pubes, kissing down to his balls, but obviously avoiding them. Paul knows that I will not give in when I get like this, so he begins relaying the rest of his day to me. I take him into my mouth, just the head though & begin to suck softly. His dick is already hard, but this makes him grow thicker, & I love a thick cock. I take a little more into my mouth & start to roll my tongue around the head, darting into his hole & out again. Paul lets a ragged breath out & I know he is enjoying this. “Shhhhh, quiet now, enough talk,” I tell him. I go back to giving his rod a serious munch & take all of him into my mouth at once.

I love the feel of a big head at the back of my throat, as I suck on it. I start to slowly move my mouth up & down on him, going all the way down, then all the way up to the tip, letting him come almost all the way out of my mouth. I do this for a few minutes, then take him out of my mouth & lick him all up & down the sides until I get down to his sac. I take one nut into my mouth, licking & sucking on it as if it is a precious jewel. Then I let it out & take the other one in. I continue to do this for at least 5 minutes, back & forth until I finally take both into my mouth at once. I nuzzle my nose into his pubes, taking in his musky masculine smell. Gawd, I love this man!! I never realized how much until today. He is the man of my dreams, the one I thought I would never meet in my lifetime.

My soulmate, my knight in shining armor, my prince. I lovingly move back to the tip, licking up the precum that has oozed out. I go down on him, sucking & releasing, moving up & down, getting into a rhythm. I gently play with his balls as I suck. My other hand is reaching up to his nipple to pinch it & roll it between my fingers. Paul’s breathing gets a little ragged, & I know that he will be cumming soon. I take my hand from his sac & grasp the base of his shaft, circling it with my thumb & index finger. I close my fingers on it to make a ring, tightening so that I have some control on when he has his release. My other hand moves down & I start to caress that area between his balls & his arse, the perianal area. This is such an erotically sensitive area on my Paul. He loves it when I lick it, too, so I do, just briefly to tease his growing erection. In the process of licking his perianal area I get my finger nice & wet, too. I take him back in my mouth & start to suck in earnest, craving his jism as much as he wants to cum.

I can feel his balls tightening & know that he is right on the edge, so I move my wet finger to his ass & start to play with it. This brings him over the edge & as he starts to cum I insert my finger into his ass, intensifying his orgasm. His eyes close & he shoots stream after stream of hot fuck juice into my mouth & down my throat. I swallow it as quick as it cums, not wanting to lose one precious drop. Paul’s breathing slowly calms down, and I let his wilted member slide out of my mouth, licking it clean. After he recovers a bit Paul sits up.