The New Building


Jeff turned into the parking lot of the vacant building he was about to see for his new offices and show room. He saw a beautiful woman, leaning into the driver’s side window of a silver sedan, talking with the man behind the wheel. As Jeff parked his truck, he nearly took out a landscaped island. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from the woman’s amazing legs. She was wearing a blue knee length pleated skirt, a tan long sleeve clingy sweater that hugged her beautiful round breasts, three inch high heeled sandals, but what really caught his eye was the shiny, ultra sheer pantyhose. The hose had such a luster and were so sheer, that it looked like her legs were coated in water. She kissed the driver of the sedan and he drove off. She picked up her black leather brief case and made her way over to Jeff’s truck.

Holly was thirty nine but could easily pass as ten years younger. Her body was firm and toned and she always had compliments from men and some women about her physique. At 5′-11″, her long sculpted legs were her best feature and she knew how to draw attention to them, at least from men. The outfit she was wearing was no accident either. She wanted to make the deal on this building and when she heard it was a man coming to see it, she pulled out all the stops. When she saw him practically crash through the hedge because he couldn’t look away from her sexy hose clad legs, she knew it wouldn’t take much to seal a deal.

Jeff quickly adjusted the uncomfortable bulge in his jeans before opening the door and stepping out. He had no more closed the door when Holly approached. He was frozen by her lovely form. Her shoulder length blond hair fluttered in the light breeze, as did her skirt. His eyes once again drawn to her luscious legs, he could feel his cock harden even more.

“Hi, you must be Jeff. I’m Holly, nice to finally meet you,” She held out her hand.

“Yes…Nice to meet you too,” Jeff finally said, shaking her hand and trying not to drool.

“I thought your realtor was coming too…Steve was it?”

“He’s running late…He should be here…any minute,” Jeff said fighting to get the words out. He couldn’t help staring at the gorgeous woman before him.

“Is there something wrong?” Holly asked, knowing full well what the problem was.

“No…I mean…it’s just I didn’t expect you to look like this.”

“I’m sorry if I disappointed you…”

“No…No you didn’t disappoint me…I…it’s that…Well your outfit seems…”

“Oh…I don’t usually dress this casual when meeting a buyer, but my husband and I were on our way to a friend’s party when I got the call you were in town and wanted to see the building. They said you only had time to see it today so…here I am.”

“You look…amazing!” Jeff was still staring.

“Thank you, that’s very sweet,” Holly said, giving him a quick hug.

Jeff could feel Holly’s firm breast’s pressing against his chest and she could feel his hard cock pressing against her thigh. Jeff was blushing a bit as she stepped back, embarrassed at what just happened.

Steve’s Corvette turned into the parking lot just then. He parked next to Jeff’s truck and quickly hopped out to join the two already talking.

“Sorry I’m late. What did I miss?”

Steve was shaking Jeff’s hand when he got his first good look at Holly. Like Jeff, he was awe struck. His eyes traveled up and down her sexy form before coming to rest on her hose covered legs. Jeff elbowed him in the ribs as his mouth hung open.

“Ugh…Ah…You must be Holly. I had you pictured as much…older,” Steve struggled with the words.

Holly cocked her head and raised an eye brow. “Is that so?”

“No…That didn’t come out right mersin escort I meant you aren’t what I expected,” he tried to recover his cool.

“Quit while you’re behind,” Jeff said, opening the rear door of his truck. He removed a clip board, a tape measure and his digital camera.

Holly smiled as she turned, heading toward the front of the building. She had both these guys right where she wanted them.

“Let’s have a look at this place, shall we?”

She led them to the front door and unlocked it. Jeff stayed back to get a picture of the front of the building. He made sure to take a couple, including a close up of Holly bending at the waist to unlock the door.

“I wanted to show you the lobby or in your case the show room area first,” Holly said leading them in.

She pointed out the advantages of this space and how the offices were located above on the second floor. She walked them through the small warehouse space that backed up to the lobby and the shipping/receiving area. Jeff continued to snap pictures, some actually of the building. Most were of Holly’s sexy legs. They took on a unique glow in the fluorescent light of the receiving bay. Jeff would sometimes kneel down to make a note or check a measurement on the floor but he was really getting a better look up Holly’s skirt.

Holly pointed to the stairs leading to the second floor but wanted to show them something in the back parking lot area before going to the offices. They went out the man door next to the large roller door. On the loading dock she described the capabilities of the building and its location then proceeded down the stairs to the asphalt. She walked to the modern security fence in the rear and showed how easy it operated. Neither Jeff nor Steve was paying any attention to the fence. They were watching Holly’s skirt getting blown up by the wind as she walked around the fenced in yard. They even got a glimpse of her firm nylon encased ass. Jeff couldn’t be sure but she didn’t appear to have on any panties. Holly’s phone rang.

“Hello, this is Holly. Hi Mr. Johnson…I’m with another client at the moment. Yes I will be there shortly, just be ready for me when I get there. Ok…I’ll see you shortly…bye.” She smiled at the two men waiting for her. “Sorry…another client who wants to see me,” she said and climbed the stairs to the back door once more.

“I can’t blame him,” Jeff whispered to Steve before entering the building. Both men chuckled.

The trio went back inside and up the stairs. There was a large open area overlooking the shipping/receiving bay. Along one wall were two old couches and some empty vending machines. Holly explained the previous occupants used this space as a break room. Two of the offices had windows facing the break room with a hall way between them to the other two offices whose windows overlooked the lobby. Jeff went to the first office near the break room and looked in. It was nothing special; 20’x20′ with a closet on the wall that it shared with the office facing the lobby and blinds on the window. As Jeff stepped toward the second break room office Holly stopped him.

“It’s locked. The previous people still have some files and computers in there. They will be picking them up next week.”

He looked at the front to offices. They were basically the same as the back two, just a bit larger. He returned to the break area were he found Holly sitting on one of the couches with her legs crossed. She was bouncing her leg slightly while watching him return. She could see his eyes were glued to her glistening legs.

“Well, what do you think?” She gave a mischievous grin at her open ended kocaeli escort question.

“Give me a minute here with Steve and I will let you know,” Jeff said motioning his friend over.

“Take your time,” she replied bouncing her leg more.

She watched as the two men talked. Jeff was motioning this way and that but never taking his eyes off her lovely pantyhose covered legs. She pretended not to notice his stares even when she uncrossed then re-crossed her legs slowly, making him stop in mid sentence. She could see the bulge in his jeans and the wet spot forming as well. Holly knew the effect her teasing was having on both men and it turned her on too. It was a good thing she was sitting because the cotton panel of her hose was drenched with her juices. They would be running down her thighs if she wasn’t.

“So…do we have a deal?” She uncrossed her legs and sat forward, resting her forearms on her knees.

Jeff and Steve stood in front of her. Jeff swallowed hard trying to regain his composure.

“I don’t know…they are asking a lot for the square footage,” Jeff said looking to Steve.

“And you will have to put some money into renovating the offices and show room,” Steve added.

Holly reached up and began rubbing both men’s cocks through their pants, squeezing and stroking.

“I’m sure we can come to some kind of arrangement,” she said, lowering their zippers and extracting their throbbing dicks.

Holly stood and stepped out of her heels. She released Jeff’s cock and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the ground at her feet. She maneuvered Steve to the side of the couch, stepped onto the cushions and sat on the back of it. Placing her left leg on the padded arm in front of Steve and spreading her right wide, she told Jeff to sit. He did as ordered and Holly moved her feet into his lap. Her soft nyloned souls encircled his cock and she slowly stroked up and down the full length of his shaft.

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” Jeff moaned in pleasure, laying his head against the back of the couch.

The intoxicating aroma of Holly’s pussy made him drunk with lust. His hands slid over the velvety hose on her legs as she pumped his cock in her silky grasp. Holly never stopped stroking Steve’s cock with her left hand. He had managed to pull up her tight fitting sweater and was fondling her boobs through her sheer lacy bra. He was making her nipples hard as cherry pits and causing even more nectar to leak from her sopping hole. She reached up and released the strapless bra and threw it aside. This gave Steve better access to her beautiful round breasts. Holly stuck two fingers into her steamy pussy and started masturbating herself while watching her feet glide up and down Jeff’s pre-cum soaked cock. The souls of her feet were now slick with his juices and she moved them faster. She would remove her fingers from her pussy and offer them to the two men, who hungrily licked her honey from them. This went on for several minutes until Holly was consumed by her first orgasm.

“Oh GOD…Yes…yes…yes…,” she cried as her body bucked on the back of the couch.

She managed to continue to stimulate both men throughout her throws of pleasure. When she was coming down from her erotic high, she released Jeff’s cock and told him to stand. Once Jeff had move she knelt on the cushion and took Steve’s rigid cock into her mouth. Her right hand never left her pussy.

Jeff stroked his hard cock while watching his friend getting a magnificent blow job from this incredibly sexy woman. Steve was steadying himself by leaning against the side of the couch. Jeff finally moved forward and knelt behind her, admiring the firm samsun escort globes of her shimmering hose covered ass. He could see Holly’s fingers frantically plunging in and out of her flooded sex inside her drenched pantyhose. Long strings of translucent liquid dripped down onto the cushion. He reached under her and pulled on the wet cotton panel, then forced his thumbs through the thin material, making an opening large enough for his cock. Jeff pushed his manhood into the hole until the shaft rested against the back of Holly’s flexing hand. She removed her fingers from her pussy and took Jeff’s cock in her dripping hand, stroking it slowly. Holly released Steve’s cock from her lips but continued to stroke it with her left hand.

“When you two are ready, I want you to cum on my legs, Ok?”

“Whatever you want!” and “Sure thing!” were the answers from her two partners. She engulfed Steve’s cock once more and guided Jeff’s to the entrance of her slippery pussy. His large hands rested on her hips as he pushed his cock all the way inside her wet clenching hole.

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” She moaned around Steve’s cock as Jeff buried himself to the hilt.

Jeff’s thrusts were long, slow and steady, he didn’t want to over do it and cum to quick. Her tight talented pussy was making that very difficult though. Steve had his head back trying to stay on his feet as Holly tried to suck the life right out of him.

Holly could feel both men getting close as she herself was about to cum again. She pulled Jeff’s twitching member from her pussy and released Steve’s cock as well. She quickly sat on the couch and offered a glistening hosed leg to each man. Both men took an ankle in one hand and stroked their cocks with the other. She pinched her nipples and fondled her breasts with her left hand as her right returned to work on her tingling womanhood. Within seconds she came, convulsing violently as the waves of pleasure crashed over her. Both men watched as Holly continued to feverishly finger her pussy as she rode up and down the peaks and valleys of her orgasm. She had just barely regained some semblance of control when Steve groaned and shot his hot cum on her knee and down her shin. The pearly white semen covered her left leg and dripped to the floor as Steve wiped the last remnants on the arch of her foot.

“Mmmmmm…it’s so warm…thank you baby,” she purred.

“Aaaahhhhhh,” was all Jeff said before spraying his load on her.

Several long white ropes of sticky cum landed on her inner thigh, over her knee and onto the side of her calf. Jeff pressed the head of his belching cock against the underside of her pantyhose covered toes and fired the last spurt through the transparent material and between them. She wiggled her toes, spreading the cum around. Both men stood panting before her for a moment then wrestled their softening members back into their pants.

“Fax me a copy of your offer to my office in the morning and I will get all the paper work in order for you to sign…It was a pleasure doing business with you both,” Holly said with a big smile. Jeff and Steve shook her hand, collected their things and left.

Holly’s husband emerged from the locked office. He was holding his hard cock in his hand and smiling as he walked toward her. He had drove down the street about half a block and parked. When he saw his wife lead the men into the building he waited about ten minutes then called her. When she told Mr. Johnson “she would be there shortly,” he knew it was clear to go and hide in one of the offices and lock the door. He waited until they were done looking at the offices and talking in the break room before moving the blind aside just enough to see threw. He watched the whole steamy scene unfold before his eyes. Seeing his sexy pantyhose wearing wife seduce two strangers, have sex with them and have them cum all over her was a dream come true.

As he approached, Holly smiled and said, “I guess you are ready for round two?” She couldn’t wait to see what he had in store for her next.