Christmas with Clara

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Big Dicks

Edited by oldnakeddad. With Thanks.


Clara was looking forward to spending Christmas with Kyle and his family after she’d readily accepted an invitation from her sister-in-law.

Matthew was a wonderful lover but Clara had been slowly terminating her relationship with him because she decided, for his own benefit, he should start seeing girls his own age. The sex was too good, though, and she’d given in to it a few times before she’d found out he’d asked another girl out.

Then she ended it, as gently as she could, by telling him he had to think about his future and give full-time commitment to relationships in order for them to work. He’d protested, of course, but she’d been firm, telling him their relationship was only supposed to be temporary…a fling, an education for him and it was time for him to move on and grow.

Her business was doing well but dealing with officials from foreign governments was stressful, at times. Also, several work colleagues and contacts were, obviously, trying to use the approaching Christmas season to initiate a romantic relationship with her. She found herself trying, tactfully, to fend off no less than three men.

There was a very cute, twenty-something guy who worked for her as a part-time researcher while he worked himself through school. She literally ached, at times, to fuck him but had resisted, being careful not to mix business with pleasure. She knew she’d have to be careful, after having a few drinks at their office Christmas party, not to attack him in the photocopier room or get him alone in her office.

Her heart jumped when Kyle texted her, ‘Mom said you’re coming for the holidays. Are things the same with us?’ She immediately texted back, ‘I hope so!’ She grinned when she read his reply, ‘I can’t wait to be with you, again!’

Before she left for her in-laws, Clara had to endure the office Christmas party in the building she’d leased space in. In addition to her small company, there were several others and they all had a Christmas party, in the front lobby, after regular business hours during one evening of the week before Christmas.

Clara was packed and ready to hit the road early the next day. She’d make the trip in about five hours, during which time, she’d spend some alone time cruising and listening to music.


She dressed professionally, yet sexy, for the party. There was the possibility Jason, the part time student, may prove too difficult to refuse and she may, temporally, give in to her desires, and her self-imposed rules, to have sex with him…maybe on top of the polished boardroom table, upstairs, or her comfy, black leather chair? That’d be fun!

So, she had her hair and nails done and wore a festive, green and red dress, tight above the waist but loose and knee length below it, white but sheer stockings and a shameless, white thong with a gift-wrapped package over the crotch. She misted perfume on and finished with an expensive gold watch, gold bangles and small, gold, loop earrings.

As she got ready, she grew hornier and knew, if the opportunity presented itself, Jason would be opening the little present between her legs. She stepped into a shiny pair of white pumps and pulled on a light overcoat before leaving.

The party was in full swing by the time she’d arrived and she went up to her office, first, to leave her coat and keys before returning. The large lobby had one-way glass and marble flooring. Simple, metallic cones…mimicking Christmas trees…were scattered throughout and instrumental carols played on the intercom.

She got a glass of white wine and began circulating. The first man, she had to ditch, was the vice president of the shipping firm she did regular business with. He was handsome enough, almost fifty, well built and trim with silver throughout his short, well-trimmed hair. He was recently divorced and, clearly, sexually interested in her.

“I think you may have had a little too much to drink, Tom!” she laughed as she untangled from his clutches and escaped.

She gave Christmas greetings to various employees who were very gracious, to her, for their very generous Christmas bonuses. That’s when she, finally, saw Jason and was pleased to see he was looking at her, too.

“Merry Christmas, Jason!”

She gave him a full body hug, causing her full, round breasts to press against him and her expensive perfume to tickle his nose. Jason was tall and slender, had short brown hair, wore a dress shirt, a Christmas themed tie and blue jeans. ‘Yeah, he’s mine!’ she thought as the hug lingered longer than what was probably appropriate.

“You look so cute!”

She grabbed his tie, to look at it, and ran her hand down his chest before letting go of it.

“Thanks, Ms. MacDonald. You look, ah, really festive,” he grinned.

“Festive good or festive tacky?”

As a waiter went by, they deposited their empty drink glasses on his tray and removed fresh ones.

“Come on! You never look tacky!”

“You’re poker oyna sweet,” she said and flashed a brilliant white smile at him.

“Are you having fun?”

“Free food and drinks for a college student? Yeah, I’m having fun and thank you, so much, for the bonus. All of the office loves you, you know that, don’t you?”

“Well paid and happy employees make the most productive employees!”

She took a sip of wine and batted her icy blue eyes at him.

“So, do you have a wife or girlfriend here, tonight?”

“No. I’m single.”

“Then I’ll be your date for the night! A few guys, obviously, have romantic notions I don’t share,” she playfully told him.

“I’ll stick close so you won’t have to be alone with any of them. Not that I blame them.”

She rose a questioning eyebrow at him.

“Oh, God! Now, it sounds like I’m flirting with you. I’m sorry, Ms. MacDonald.”

“Save the Ms. MacDonald for the office, Jason, dear. Call me, Clara.”

She reached out, squeezed his forearm and looked around with an amused little smirk.

“Out of the office, you can flirt with me all you want!”

He grinned as he finished his wine and grabbed another.

“I’ll be discrete.”

“I like discrete. I need to mingle more, though. Will you keep an eye on me?”

“That’s an easy thing to do.”

She circulated to make sure she talked to everyone from her company and some people from other companies, in the building, they did business with. Jason was true to his word and, the few times when a would-be suitor tried to corner her, he interjected and she was able to escape.

“Wow. You have to beat the men off like flies, don’t you?”

“I guess unattached guys, my age, start to get desperate. The dating pool is shallower than at your age.”

“Plus, you’re intelligent, successful, and beautiful.”

Tom approached, again.

“Hey, kid, why don’t you run and get some fresh drinks for the lady and me?” he smirked at Jason.

“I don’t think so!” Jason icily replied.

“Please excuse us, Tom! Jason was telling me something quite interesting,” Clara gave him a frosty glance.

She took Jason’s arm and led him away.

“Now, what were you saying about beautiful?”

“You truly are. You make all of the other women here, look plain.”

“What a sweet thing to say but Jason, honey, as fun as flirting at a Christmas party is, when we go back to work after the New Year, everything has to go back to normal between us.”

“Of course, Ms. MacDonald!” he immediately replied.

“Business is business, you know, and I can’t get involved with one of my employees, especially one twenty-five years younger than me.”

“Yes, of course! I wasn’t, ah, hitting on you, Ms. MacDonald. I was, you know, a few glasses of wine…”

“I know, honey. I’m only setting some ground rules so it doesn’t get awkward. You’re an excellent researcher and you’ll have a job with me as long as you need it.”

“Thank you, Ms. MacDonald.”

“Meanwhile, what happens at the Christmas party, stays at the Christmas party!” she whispered with a twinkle in her eyes.

He grinned back at her.

“I love a handsome young man flirting with me but let’s be discrete about it, OK?”

“Of course.”

The waiter came around and they took fresh glasses of wine.

“I’m concerned about Tom as he seems particularly predatory, tonight. After I mingle some more, would you walk me to my office and then to my car?” she asked him.

“Of course!”

She did another circuit of the room, made eye contact with Jason and ducked down a side corridor which had another set of elevators in addition to the main ones.

“Don’t want unnecessary gossip!” she said as he joined her.

“Discretion!” he grinned.

The elevator dinged, the door opened, they embarked and she pressed the button for her floor.

“So, I won’t see you until after New Year’s,” she told him after the doors had shut.

“I’ve wished you Merry Christmas so here’s Happy New Year.”

She stepped in close to him and, sliding her arms around his back, gave him a long kiss on the mouth.

“Oh, wow!” he said and held her as she tried to step back.

“Happy New Year to you, too!” and.

He kissed her before the elevator dinged, they stepped apart as she seductively grinned at him and he looked back with wide open, and shocked, eyes.

“Oh, wow!”

“What happens at the Christmas party, stays at the Christmas party!” she whispered.

“Come with me.”

She took his hand and pulled him out of the elevator.

“I have a little Christmas present especially for you!”

“Yes, ma’am!” he grinned.

She entered the door lock code of the boardroom, they slipped inside and she turned on some perimeter lights so the lighting was subdued in the room. She looked at him with a sultry smile as she pushed aside a couple of chairs and backed up until her bum was against the rich, shiny, mahogany table. She slightly spread her legs open and, looking at him while biting her canlı poker oyna lower lip, slowly pulled her dress up, revealing her shapely legs in white stockings and, of course, her sexy Christmas thong.

“Oh, sweet Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus!” he muttered with his eyes locked on her crotch.

“Come over and open it,” she giggled.

He walked over and knelt down in front of her.

“Oh, my god,” he whispered as he lightly touched the present and she gently gasped.

She knew she was very wet.

“Oh, my god,” he whispered, again.

He gently pulled the thong aside to reveal her freshly shaved cunt. She trapped her dress behind her bum, leaned back with her hands pushing against the smooth surface of the table and audibly sucked in her breath as his tongue first touched her. He was obviously much more experienced than Kyle, and especially Matthew, and she laughed in delight into the dimly lit room as his tongue explored her.

“Oh, wow! Yes, Jason! That’s so nice!”

“You taste exquisite,” he murmured.

His tongue flicked over her clit, causing her to yelp in pleasure. She lifted a leg to drape it over a nearby chair to open herself more for him.

“Oh, god!” she gasped as he slowly inserted a finger into her and wiggled it in the right place.

She found herself laying on the table with her hands on the back of his head and her legs over his shoulders. He wiggled his finger, again, as he sucked her clit and she virtually exploded in orgasm, gasping and squealing with delight.

“God, Jason!” she panted as her climax subsided.

He’d removed his finger and was happily lapping her juices and kissing her wet, white thighs.

“OK! OK!”

She sat up and he stood.

“Are you good, ah, Ms. MacDonald?”

He was obviously unsure as to what to do next as he was intimated about being with her.

“No, silly,” she laughed.

She looked at his face, which was glistening with her juices, locked her legs around him and pushed his face into her cunt. She reached out, took him by the waistband and pulled him closer.

“We have to make sure you’re good, too, don’t we?”

She kissed him, tasting herself, and it excited her. She unfastened his belt as they French kissed and he forgot about decorum as he grabbed a tit and squeezed it with vigour. She murmured her appreciation around his tongue, which was deep inside of her mouth, unfastened his belt, unbuttoned and pulled his jeans open.

“Oh, yeah!” he laughed as she pulled his stiff cock out.

“I’m afraid I’m going to wake up from a dream any minute!” he said as he pulled her to the edge of the table and moved closer as she pulled his cock into her wet cunt.

“I’m a dream?” she whispered, remembering that was Kyle’s name for her.

“Yeah, god!” he grunted as she put his cock up against her.

With his hands on her hips, he pushed and pulled her at the same time and his cock slid in easily, causing them both to gasp as they looked at each other with smoldering, lust-filled eyes. She draped her arms over his shoulders, he held her down by her lower back and, as his jeans fell past his knees, he began thrusting into her.



They’d whispered each other’s names as he fucked her with a smooth, measured pace and looked into her blue eyes in disbelief as he did so. She came first, sank her face into his neck and wrapped her lags around him. It was too much for him to stand and he grunted as he erupted inside of her. He gently pushed into her, as much as he was able, before stepping back. She had her hands on his shoulders.

“That was nice,” she whispered.

“Wow, was it ever! I can’t believe it.”

He reached down to pull his jeans up and she slid off of the table, after pulling her thong back into position.

“Are you ready to walk me to my car, now?”

“Of course.”

They went to the door.

“My best Christmas ever!” he whispered to her.

She looked back over her shoulder and smiled, warmly. She got her things, they went down to the parking garage and he walked her to her car.

“Don’t drink too much, Jason,” she smiled as she got in.

“Merry Christmas, Ms. MacDonald.”


She left early the next morning and arrived at her in-law’s home by mid-afternoon. They all greeted her with hugs at the door, including a short, pretty girl who stood back somewhat.

“Aunt Clara, this is my girlfriend, Tracy,” Kyle introduced.

Tracy had straight, brown hair to her mid-back, brown eyes, dimples, full round breasts and a thick, athletic body.

“Hi, honey! Kyle told me all about you the last time I was here.”

Clara gave her a hug. Tracy was a few inches shorter than her so their boobs sort of fit together, being of a similar size, with Clara’s resting on Tracy’s. She smelled good and as fresh as the fragrance of green apples as Clara inhaled, deeply.

Clara hadn’t considered herself bisexual but, sometimes, she appreciated another woman’s looks and presence and she felt that way internet casino about Tracy. Reluctantly, she had to let her go but she could’ve hugged her for an hour. Kyle helped Clara take her bag to the guestroom.

“So, you have a girlfriend!” she said, mischievously.

“Yeah but it’s an open relationship. We’re good friends who both love sex. Tracy spends so much time here, and I at her place, we thought it better to tell people we’re going out.”

“She’s really cute.”

“So are you. Fuck, you look good!”

Clara was wearing only snug jeans and a sweater but, with her round, full breasts, she looked good in a sweater. She had to admit, though, Kyle did look at her with a hunger.

“You know I don’t like language like that, Kyle.”

“Oh, yeah. Sorry!”

They went downstairs and she went with his parents to have a glass of wine and a chat by the Christmas tree while Kyle went out with Tracy. Clara and Kyle’s parents went out to dinner and, when they returned, Kyle still wasn’t home.

“They must be breaking Tracy’s parents’ furniture, tonight,” Clara’s brother-in-law told her.

She raised an eyebrow in question while he grinned and his wife answered for him.

“They were in the rec room, a few weeks ago, and we’d heard a bang and a squeal and, um, a leg on the couch had broken. Kyle said he’d jumped up when the basketball game was on except they were both quite out of breath, and blushing, when we ran downstairs. Besides, Kyle doesn’t follow basketball.”

“Ah, I see,” Clara said.

“Maybe they’re carrying on, John!” his wife blushed.

“You’re probably reading too much into it,” he said as he winked at Clara.

“Yeah, honey, you’re probably right.”

Clara woke the next morning, refreshed but somewhat disappointed because she didn’t have a late night visitor. She’d dressed in workout clothes and quietly padded down to the gym. She was using light weights when Kyle came in, yawning, and dressed in his usual sleep pants and tee.

“Morning, sexy!”

“Hey, stud! Late night, last night?”

“Yeah. Sorry about that, Aunt Clara. I know you were probably expecting me but Tracy wouldn’t let me go and, when she did, no woman could’ve coaxed anymore life from it. Not even you.”

“Aw. Poor, baby. I’m not mad, Kyle. You’re in a healthy relationship with a beautiful, young woman and she’s, obviously, taking care of you very well!”

“She calls you my ‘sexy Aunt’, by the way. God, I love watching women work out!”

Clara was dressed in black yoga pants and a short, baby-blue top. When she finished with the dumbbell set, he walked over and took her into his arms.

“Mm, nice and sweaty!” he whispered before kissing her.

“Ah, maybe brush, first, sweetie?”

She turned her head.

“Oh, ah, yeah. How embarrassing. I’ll be right back.”

She continued her workout and he soon returned.

“OK, try this.”

He grinned as he grabbed her, again, when she’d dropped the weights.


She gave into him as he crushed her body into his and deeply kissed her. She gave a little murmur of contentment as she draped her arms over his neck.

“God, I’ve missed you! Ah, maybe over the bench?” he suggested.

“You’re not wasting any time this morning, are you, my scamp!” she said.

She immediately took his suggestion as she ached to have him inside of her. She laid, belly down, on the weight bench and presented her shapely backside to him.

“I’m one, lucky guy.”

He knelt down and gently pulled her yoga pants down to her thighs, gently ran his hands over her backside and gave it a playful slap.

“Kyle!” she hissed.

“Sorry! I couldn’t resist!”

He grabbed his cock and rubbed the head up and down her wet lips.

“You seem somewhat aroused, Aunt Clara,” he grinned as he noticed how sloppy wet she actually was.

“Stop teasing me, Kyle!”

“Is this better?” he asked as he pushed and slowly slid into her.

“Yeah!” she yelped and he softly laughed.

“I do love you, Aunt Clara!”

With one hand on her back and the other on a hip, he slowly began to, methodically, fuck her. She came fast, after waiting for him since the previous day, gripping onto the sides of the bench and squishing her face into it. The pleasure coursed through her, making her oblivious to everything except her tingling body. Kyle pushed his cock deep inside of her and held it there until she came back to reality, then started fucking her, again.

“Turn over?” he asked after pulling out.

She did, though it was hard to move with the yoga pants around her knees. She laid on her back and he lifted her legs to put her ankles over his shoulders before putting his cock against her and smoothly entered her, again. She reached behind her head to hold the bench and he held her on the outside of her legs, slightly below the knees, as he rapidly thrust into her.

“Oh, god, Kyle! Oh, god! I’m going to cum, again!”

She closed her eyes, tight, and clamped her mouth shut to keep from yelling out. She heard him grunt and stop ramming her as hard, gripping her legs hard and reducing to slow deep thrusts and she knew he’d cum, as well.

“Wow! You’re not in Kanas anymore, Clara,” she murmured.

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