Halloween with Movie Stars Ch. 07


Chapter 7

The femme fatale club…

Pete, now Mila, turned from the mirror, sashayed over to Tim in her short black sequence dress. Her hand glided to his crotch, gently squeezed that growing bulge. Tim looked down; saw the ruby red fingernails that matched the lips. He looked up just in time for her lips to meet his as she rolled those painted fingernails lower to cup his balls.

“Someone’s happy to see me…” she purred in her practiced female voice.

“Wow…you look amazing,” Tim gushed unable to take his eyes off of her. He was very impressed. The girls tried and tried to make him up too, it just didn’t work. His body was wrong, his features just too male.

Mila bathed in Tim’s lust-filled stare. She liked this new power she exerted over him so effortlessly. “So…do I pass?” she asked.

“Oh yeah…you pass,” he smiled. “Man, do you pass!”

Angelina came up to her side, “I told you. It’s time for you to earn your panties girl.”

“This will be fun,” Marilyn teased from the other side.

“So here’s the deal. You find a guy, catch his eye, let him make his move. Once you have captured his heart, mind and dick…then you make your move. You suck that cock of his, own it like no other, take his load in your mouth…kiss it back to him. Got it?”

“Oh yeah…I got it.” She remembered all too well.

Marilyn pulled out four shot glasses. “Once you make that poor unsuspecting boy swallow his own cum…you’ll have earned your panties,”

Angelina filled them up with tequila. “And then you can take your rightful place in the femme fatale club…where no cock is beyond your control,” she smiled bumping fists with Marilyn.

The four of them clinked their glasses, threw them down.

“Now…let’s go get some cock.”

Tim escorted the three lovely ladies over to the sorority house where the Christmas party was being thrown. It was the same sorority that threw the infamous Halloween party.

“So they know about us?” Mila asked. That sound she heard was her heels clicking on the sidewalk.

“Oh yeah, they know,” Angelina grinned. “Don’t kid yourself; chicks are just as kinky as we are…”

“Believe me…they get off to the idea of you hooking up with some stuck up frat boy or jock,” Marilyn confirmed.

“That’s why they let us come to their parties,” Angelina smiled.

Mila took a deep breathe as Tim opened the door. Angelina walked in first followed by Marilyn and then Mila.

“Oooh…there’s my kinky boyfriend,” a blonde said walking over to them. “I dig that dress. Hot, very hot!” She leaned in for a kiss. To everyone else it appeared to be two chicks sharing a lip lock.

Angelina turned to Mila, “Mila, this is Lisa…my girlfriend.”

Holy shit! Lisa was a stone cold fox. And she knew all about Angelina…and it didn’t bother her at all! Hell, from the looks of things she got off to it. Fucking unbelievable.

“Hi Lisa,” Pete said never feeling more awkward in his life. Did they make love dressed as chicks or did they…

“Aren’t you cute!” Lisa said checking him out. “Love your nails. That dress is wicked. You’ll get plenty of boys with that one.”

“Thanks,” Mila said surprised. It never occurred to her that real chicks would respond this way. It caught her off balance.

“Hey Beverly…come check this out,” Lisa said. A brunette walked over. “You remember Dana, excuse me…Angelina. Meet his roommate…ah, well…Mila, right?”

“Hi Beverly,” Mila said staring at Beverly. She was wearing a tuxedo coat…as a dress! Mila suddenly wished they had met as Pete.

Lisa walked around Mila appreciating the perfection she had achieved. She grabbed the hem of her short dress, pulled it up just a smidge to see her garter straps holding her stockings. “Just as I thought…garter belt and the whole nine. These girls really know how to play it…don’t they?”

Beverly walked over, took a peek. “Are those panties from Victoria Secrets? They look just like mine.”

Sally noticed the new arrivals. Were these the girls she had heard about? They must be. Beverly and Lisa were looking under her dress! “You ladies are going to have plenty to pick from tonight. Full house.” She was amazed by how good they looked. “You’re cute!” She peeked down at Mila’s hiked dress, “Where’s your dick?”

Beverly ran her hand along Mila’s silk covered bottom, “Here it is. Feel.”

Sally followed Beverly’s hand; “Oh!” she giggled. She couldn’t resist giving it a playful squeeze. “Cool.”

Mila wished Beverly had done that.

“There’s going to be some guys from the football team coming. They are so full of themselves,” Sally rolled her eyes. “They think they are god’s gift…if you know what I mean.” She looked at Mila. “Well…they’ll certainly have the gift you are looking for,” she said raising her eyebrows.

“Yeah, that Bobby Johnson is a real asshole,” Beverly said. She looked at Mila, “You won’t have any problem catching his attention Kartal Öğrenci Escort dressed like this. That boy will be all over you. I’ll personally invite you to every party we have for the rest of the year…if you use him to earn your panties…” She leaned in to whisper, “Stick your finger up his ass…he’ll cum like a fire hose.” Mila smiled. She grabbed Mila’s arm, “Let’s get you a drink honey.”

Mila stole several peeks down Beverly’s tux coat on the way to the kitchen. She was wearing a lace half bra that pushed her boobs together spilling out the front. They were luscious.

“We’ll take two punches,” she said as they arrived at the make shift bar in the kitchen.

“Who’s your friend?” the girl asked filling the glasses.

“This is Mila,” Beverly said with a grin.

“Hi Mila. Cathy,” she said handing her a glass of punch.

Mila took the punch relieved to be introduced that way. Cathy showed no signs of knowing her secret. “Hi Cathy,” Mila said taking a sip and immediately coughing half of it up. That punch was pure rocket fuel.

Beverly took her arm and headed back to the big room, “Only the people in the drama club know about you and the girls. Loose lips sink ships.” She glanced at Mila’s lips, “You have such sexy lips…” Mila felt her heart skip a beat. “I don’t remember seeing you in the drama club.”

“I’m not in the club…yet,” Mila said, but she sure was thinking about joining. Lisa and now Beverly. Holy shit! And the things they must do over there…

“I can see you are a natural, no problem playing roles.” Beverly looked at her, squeezed her arm, “I know you would enjoy it.” That look said it all.

They headed into the big room where the music was playing. People started trickling in. A few made it to the dance floor. Beverly introduced Mila to several people as they milled around with their drinks. Mila was no longer worried about being discovered. She was sure after several conversations with people they didn’t have a clue.

She noticed Angelina and Lisa across the room. That relationship intrigued her and she wanted to know more. They did a good job of maintaining appearances. A casual observer would think they were just two girls, friends, hanging together at a party.

“And this is John. John, say hello to Mila,” Beverly said. She kept her eyes on John’s face, particularly his eyes.

“Hello Mila,” he said doing the once over. He perked up with a slight grin.

“Hi John…” Mila said with her shy, innocent look. Beverly was fascinated. John had to be the fourth or fifth guy she had introduced and not one of them had the slightest clue.

John was talking about something, but Mila was not paying much attention. He wasn’t bad looking, but she was holding out for something better. She wanted a real stud to earn her panties. Her eyes strayed back over to Angelina and Lisa. Angelina was not at all bashful flirting with boys that stopped by. It seemed to Mila that Lisa enjoyed watching her do so. And Lisa was no slouch. She could give as good as Angelina.

“Well…maybe I’ll bump into you later,” John said bringing Mila’s attention back to him.

“OK sure… nice to meet you.” She saw Marilyn and Tim out on the dance floor. Was Marilyn playing with his cock? From the look on his face she would guess yes.

Suddenly Beverly’s eyes lit up. She grabbed Mila’s arm and steered her to a group of people. They were talking, sharing a laugh. Beverly squeezed herself and Mila between two people injecting their presence.

Mila found herself standing in front of a boy with short dark hair, broad shoulders, big arms, carried himself with a certain swagger. Her eyes went down to his crotch, noticed a sizable lump. Definitely a boxer man from the way that lump hung to one side, went down his leg. Yes, this was the one. She was going to suck that cock.

He was telling a story to the group, all eyes were on him. She knew his type, life of the party, always something to say, get any chick he wanted. He was mid sentence when he turned her way. She did that innocent thing with her tongue, running it gently across her ruby red lips making them glisten.

He did the cutest little double take, missing his place in the story. She pretended not to notice. She ran her finger absently along her lapel, watched as his eyes trailed down to her breasts. He was so easy to manipulate.

He finished the story and everyone laughed, but her. He noticed. She turned to walk away, but he reached out for her arm.

“I don’t believe we’ve met,” he asked flashing his big white teeth.

“This is Mila. Mila, say hi to Bobby Johnson,” Beverly said.

So this was Bobby Johnson. Yeah, she definitely wanted that cock now. She gave him a seductive grin, laced with sexual overtones, “Hello…Bobby Johnson.”

This chick was hot. Check out those eyes, those lips. For the first time in his life he was tongue tied. “Hey…Mila,” He stuttered. “Have I seen you at one of my games?”

Mila Kartal Çıtır Escort smiled inwardly. One of his games? So…nobody else on that team Bob-o? Gees, this guy was full of himself.

“Bobby is on the football team,” Beverly said.

“Hmm…great,” she said completely uninterested.

“Looks like you are a little low on that drink. Can I get you a fresh one?” he said buying time.

“Sure…why not,” she said with a brief smile. Bobby took her cup and headed for the kitchen.

“You got a hook in him girl,” Beverly said kept pleased.

Mila made sure Bobby was gone, “That’s the one you were talking about, right?”

“Yeah, that’s him,” Beverly said with a devilish grin. Mila wanted to kiss her so bad.

“Well… I’m getting ready to rock that boy’s world,” she grinned.

Beverly was elated, “Perfect!”

Yeah there was some history there, but she didn’t care about that. It was time to earn her panties.

He came back with fresh drinks. “I was just talking to …” Bobby said pointing across the crowd, but she interrupted him, “Do you dance?”

He was caught off guard, “Excuse me?” He never danced, never.

She reached up and fiddled with her earring as her eyes floated down to his crotch, lingered a moment on that lump, came back up, “Do…you…dance?”

“Absolutely,” he said taking a huge gulp of punch. She grabbed his arm and led him to the dance floor.

Lisa turned to Angelina. “That’s Bobby Johnson,” she said under her breath. Her eyes got big, “And Mila got him to dance…” Angelina smiled proudly.

It was weird dancing in heels. It was something she should have practiced, but Bobby was worse, way worse. He looked like a complete idiot.

She realized that several of her moves revealed her stocking tops and garter straps. So she focused on them. So did Bobby.

A quick glance to that lump confirmed it was getting bigger. She was going to suck the hell out of that cock.

Finally the music turned slow. She moved in before he could leave. She eased her hands around his neck, pulled his body against hers. His arms found their way around her waist, felt her corset.

She could feel his erection pushed against her. She had no idea it would be so obvious, but there it was bigger than life. She thought about all the times she had pulled that little move.

She moved her hips in, and around, focusing on that nice, hard bulge finding it very erotic. She liked feeling his hardness, liked teasing it, liked making it the focus of her movements.

Beverly watched with glee. Bobby Johnson was dancing with a guy! She could see how horny he was from across the room. They had gone out; she had sucked that cock of his. He never called again…asshole.

Mila looked up into Bobby’s eyes, purred a sexy little groan as she pushed down on that fucking hard cock of his. Bobby thrust into her, moaned his satisfaction.

“Mmm…baby,” she purred, “so hard…so very hard. Can I touch it…hmm baby…please…” she panted easing one hand down between them. She grabbed the tip between her fingers, squeezed. “How does that feel baby…it’s so big…”

Angelina saw Mila’s hand go down between them and smiled. It was so subtle. No one caught it except maybe Beverly. She was paying particularly close attention to them.

Bobby looked at her and grunted. This chick was so freaking hot! He glanced around, no one knew. He looked down as she looked up. He pushed his lips against hers, felt her tongue slide into his mouth. He thrust into her hand. She rubbed it real hard knowing exactly how good that would feel.

Beverly could barely contain her smile. They were practically fucking each other on the dance floor. A guy walked up, said something to her. “Not now,” she said harshly. He walked away wondering what he had done.

Mila couldn’t wait to get this guy between her lips. She was going to bring him to his knees. She loved playing this guy’s dream girl. She eased her fingers a little lower, grabbed the girth of his shaft, squeezed hard. He jerked and pulsed against her fingers. “Uoooh baby…I want your cock so bad…” she purred moving her hand lower cupping his balls.

He stiffened. “Do that again,” he hissed.

“Do you like that baby…” she purred innocently. She got a better grip on his balls, rolled them a little before giving them a better squeeze.

“Oh fuck…” he groaned as his eyes floated back.

She had him now. She knew his weak spot.

He bent down and kissed her, kissed her hard. He couldn’t wait for the stupid song to end. This bitch was hot, wanted his cock bad!

She eased her other hand down, wrapped her fingers around his cock while massaging his balls with her other. She was pretty much jacking him off right there on the dance floor. His big arms going around her waste pretty much hid what she was doing.

But they weren’t fooling Beverly. Or Lisa. Or Sally. Bobby Johnson was enjoying the hell out of kissing that Kartal Elit Escort guy playing with his cock!

Marilyn spun Tim around so he could see. Yeah, she definitely had him. That Bobby Johnson was getting ready to get the blowjob of his life.

Finally the song came to an end. He looked into her eyes, “Let’s go somewhere.”

She squeezed his cock hard, “Yes.”

He grabbed her hand, led her off the dance floor. Beverly looked at Lisa, who looked at Sally. They shared a conspiratorial smile.

Bobby checked the first bedroom, but someone is in there. He quickly closed the door and tried the next one. Bingo. He pushed Mila inside and closed the door behind them.

Then in a move from dream girl 101, she dropped to her knees, ran her hands up his thighs. He was no longer hanging down his leg. No, no…now he was pointing straight up and throbbing. That bulge dominated the front of his pants.

“Ooooh baby…you are so big…so hard…I want to feel you between my lips…I want to taste you sooo bad,” she panted reaching for his zipper.

“Yes…yes…” he huffed watching her hand disappear inside his zipper. Her hand felt so good wrapping around his shaft. “Yeeessss….”

“I want you so bad,” she hissed struggling to get that bruiser through his zipper. Finally she got it free, immediately ran her tongue over the head several times. “Ooooh yeah…” she purred curling her tongue up his slit. “It’s beautiful…”

“Oh fuck!” he whimpered as his head rolled back on his shoulders. This bitch was good.

She pushed down his shaft several times quickly driving his heart rate over the moon. She pulled off, stroked him hard, licked the head again, “I love your cock…” She looked up at him, pulled it to her lips, kissed it right on the tip.

He looked down, “Holy shit!”

She knew the way inside his head. She plunged right down is shaft, almost all the way to his root, waited a beat, then pulled back slowly. Down she went, nice and slow…wait, wait…then back up dragging her lips along his length.

“Ooooh man,” he hissed.

She rubbed that cock across her lips twice slow and easy. He couldn’t believe it. He oozed all across those ruby red lips. Most chicks would freak. Not this one! She loved it.

She grabbed his belt, unbuckled it. He saw what she was trying to do, pushed her hands out of the way, ripped the button off his pants, opening his fly as much as possible.

She looked him in the eye, grabbed his pants with both hands, yanked them down to his ankles. His cock stood straight out of his boxers, glistening with her saliva, jerking like crazy. She could see the stain he made earlier while they were dancing.

Oh yeah…she definitely owned this guy, owned this cock.

“You know what I want baby…you know I won’t stop until I get it…” she grinned seductively yanking his boxers down to his ankles with his pants. She rubbed her face against his erection moaning in complete submission.

“Ooooh yeah,” he grinned.

She eased her hand up his inner leg, teased his balls with her fingertips before taking them in her palm. “Mmmm….” she moaned squeezing them gently. She pulled back, admired them like precious jewels.

She squeezed them just enough to make them tight out the other end of her hand. She moved in close, waited a beat, ran her tongue over the first one slowly.

“Oh fuck!” he said going up on his tiptoes. She smiled. For just an instant, the image of her driving her cock into his ass popped into her head. She ran her tongue slowly over the other one. “Oh man, oh man, oh man….” he purred shifting from one foot to the other.

She smiled again. She licked them again once, then twice, then a third.

His eyes were closed, praying he wouldn’t explode. Never had any chick done those things to him. Of all the chicks he had been with…this was the one! He was in love.

There was no question in her mind that she could suck dick whenever she wanted. Doing the girls, and Tim, that was easy. They knew…there was no challenge there. But this…this was totally different. She had completely seduced this boy, top to bottom. And now there was no question in her mind that she owned his cock. He would never forget this blowjob for as long as he lived.

It was time for the grand finale. Seal the deal. Earn her panties. She was going to change his life…forever.

“Do you like that baby…” she purred. He couldn’t even talk. She moved up, twirled her tongue slowly around the head of his cock, flipped up his slit and pushed down his length. Down, down, down she went, slowly, her wet warm mouth capturing every inch of him.

He felt her lips reach the bottom of his shaft. She was deep throating him! He shook his head from side to side in total disbelief. Fuck! Fuck! He felt her hand, working its way up the inside of his legs. What was she doing? She wasn’t going to…

She pushed her finger right up his ass!

He felt it down deep. It roared through his groan, strangled his balls and shot forcefully up his cock, more forcibly than ever before.

“Aaaarrrrggghhhh!” he screamed as his body was convulsed in complete rapture.

She wiggled that finger wildly, clamped her lips down hard on his cock, unwilling to let go.