She knelt over the bath, took a bar of soap and rubbed a generous amount of lather onto Marcos chest; taking a Bic razor she then proceeded to shave an inch and a half wide bare patch all the way from his neck to his navel and to the base of his flaccid penis. “What did you do that for?” He whinged. “I’m gonna have to shave it all now” He tutted… She said nothing.

Maggie stood up and left the bathroom with all his clothes and his underwear while He set about shaving his chest, Ten minutes later she came back. Taking a bar of soap from the soapdish she quickly removed the bathplug and set about lathering up His legs, taking the bic razor, a new one this time she shaved another inch and a half wide stripe down both legs and replaced the plug.

“What are you playing at?” he squawked, she ignored him. And he set about shaving his legs so as not to be uneven when the hairs grew back, she left. Marco heard her singing from the kitchen whilst loading the washing machine, he tested the water from the tap and found it to have run cold, I’m gonna have to get out now, he frowned “Where’s my underwear, bitch!?” he called from the cool bathroom. “It’s in the wash, you’re gonna have to wear some of mine”

“Oooh kinky” Marco thought, and was that a syrupy tone in her voice? he wondered. “Ok, Get me some then” he called… “And where’s the bathrobe?” She walked in holding a pair of frilly white tennis knickers, and said “Would you like to wear these?” Marco was aghast, “Yes” he said without even considering it, “Well you can’t wear these without putting These on” She held up some white lace topped stockings and a suspender belt. Marco was suddenly overwhelmed by the urge to feel stockings against his freshly shaved legs. After some quickly applied talcum powder he felt smooth and sensuous as he carefully pulled the stockings on. She returned with the flimsiest of frilly white knickers, “like the icing on a wedding cake” Marco thought, “Where’s the tennis knickers?” He inquired “Slip into these”; she intoned with an air of dominance that He just could not resist. “Ill get those shortly” She left and returned with a lacey white playsuit and said “Now put this on, Your not wearing the tennis knickers without it”, In no time at all Marco was standing in the cold bathroom waiting for Margaret to return with his frilly tennis knickers, surrounded by mirrors he began to blush quietly to himself, He’d never considered that Maggie, His Maggie, could be quite so Sexy and was amazed at the craftiness with which she’d got him shaved and dressed in this fashion, all talcum powdered and scented.

She returned with a belt and a dog collar “Lets try this” she said with a glint in her eye fastening the dog collar around Marcos neck from behind, Marco would agree to anything for Kartal Esmer Escort those frilly tennis knickers and held his hands out behind him while she fastened them together using the belt, pulling it tightly He felt the tough cotton army shoulderstrap clasp his wrists together and then she pulled them up high and tight and clipped them to the dog collar.

He felt the strain of the collar around his neck and held his arms at tension to keep the slack away from his neck, Bringing the dog lead from the other room and a belt to tie around his knees she said “I wonder if you know how much trouble your in” Marco winced as she pulled the frilly tennis knickers around his ankles, sliding them up to his knees, Marco just couldn’t help having the greatest erection he’d ever experienced as she guided him to the bedroom and tied the dog lead and Him to the loop at the back of the bedroom door.

She opened the wardrobe and began slipping out of her baggy old t-shirt and jeans, pulling out some black stockings from the drawer and sexily fastening them to the suspender belt around her waist, she pulled out some black leather knickers that Marco had forgotten about and pulled them quickly on, she was ignoring him so he chose not to speak, as he was scared speechless anyway. She then took a black, what looked like leatherette mini dress from the wardrobe it was tight and short and showed off to full effect her slim curvaceous figure.

“Where did she get those boots?” Marco wondered as his mind swirled with panic and delight as the stiletto heeled boots made her slightly taller than him and ultimately, Marco thought; in charge, Marco cast his mind back. Surely she isn’t gonna do anything awful, I haven’t done anything to upset her recently, Then Marco remembered the bottle of whisky Hed emptied down the toilet and the bottle of cider he’d run away with as she’d had a drink problem for several years before they met. Marco hoped she wouldn’t remember these things as that would be a punishment for sure! She sat back on the bedroom chair, took a long deep slow drag on her cigarette and eyed him up and down, Marco could see her plotting.

She stood up sharply, with purpose and walked over to her vanity case, looking into it, fingering odd items and casting glances at him standing there fastened to the back of the bedroom door helpless, she began to amass a few items, a lipstick, some mascara, eye shadow and blusher, “Are you going out?” Marco asked nervously, “Yes We are!” she spoke. As she moved towards him he felt helplessly turned on and in so much love that he couldn’t bear it. “Stay still” she commanded as she began to apply foundation cream rubbing it into his forehead and cheeks, making sure it wasn’t streaked or uneven, after some eye shadow Kartal Eve Gelen Escort that Marco could not see the colour of she then applied eyeliner to his eyelids and mascara thickly to his eyelashes by just waiting for him to blink while she held it motionless as she blew gently into his eyes.

Taking the lipstick, she then pulled back the top half of the playsuit and applied a generous amount to his nipples, making them very sensitive and then blowing on them, making them tingle, she then applied lipstick to his mouth “Hold still!” she commanded as he struggled with his bonds uneventfully and had lipstick applied thickly to his now quivering lips, “Let me out of this now!” he commanded, “In a while sweetie” she said, “Im only playing with you” after slipping him into some girlie Pink pumps she took the lipstick and applied a circle to one of his cheeks, standing back she said “Ooh yes! I like that” and did the other one, “Nearly ready now” she said. “For what?” Marco asked with a slight panic in his voice. “You’ll see” she had that look in her eye, that mischievous look that had struck fear into previous husbands, “Im going to prove how much I love you today” she said as she took some pink ribbon from the box on the sideboard and a long curly wig from the chest beneath the window. She pulled the wig haphazardly over his head, half blinding him in the process, he struggled to remove it but only succeeded in tidying it up as she had deftly pinned it in with hairclips, and then she tied some pink bows evenly to each elbow and each knee.

Looking down at the frilly tennis knickers still around his knees, She said “Did you forget about those?”

“No miss” He said, as it was one of those things that he most feared and yet desired greatly he couldn’t possibly forget about anything to do with what was happening to him This morning, she bent down and pulled them up around his thighs, Marco was desperate to feel them around his waist but she stopped them tantalisingly short then tied his knees together with another army belt, infuriated by now, but helpless he said “Will you pull those fucking things up?” she replied “Not yet; Soon”

“when?” He was anxious to begin a rapport with his captor but she ignored him as she walked to the other room and picked up her mobile phone, walking back in with it held to her ear she spoke to someone on it “Yes, I’ve got him! Lets do it now, Bring Sami and the others, he won’t be any trouble”.

Marco panicked and began to struggle against his bonds; he’d been treated with the utmost respect by Sami and to be exposed to her like this would be embarrassment in the extreme, and yet the very thought seemed to make him yearn even more for it to happen, he was caught up too tight in the belt behind Kartal Evi Olan Escort his back and daren’t pull too hard as it was fastened to the collar around his neck. The doorbell rang and as was the norm with Sami, she walked straight in and up the stairs. Maggie looked at Marco and said “You’re for it now” as the sound of multiple footsteps running up the stairs made Marco visibly wince and simper towards the door.

Sami and Katie waltzed in followed by an entourage of female friends. “Well,” Sami said, looking Marco up and down and giggling “you have done a right job on him”. Marco looked away highly embarrassed as Sami picked the handle of the dog lead up and dragged Him into the front room to show him to the other girls that had assembled for this spectacle. All this time, Marco was concerned about the tennis knickers tightly yet playfully around his thighs and yet His manhood was straining behind the flimsy knickers beneath the playsuit, Semi transparent, he watched the girls intentionally avoiding looking at it, His pleading eyes turned to Maggie as he tried to intone psychically “Pull those fucking knickers up”.

Maggie went into the bedroom and brought out a dressing gown, she wrapped Marco in it and tied it tightly around the waist, Marco could feel the stockings against his shaven legs and the playsuit against his shaven chest and he could see that his nipples were bright red and knew that his face was made up garish and overly girly and he became scared when She took the lead from Sami and said “C’mon girls, we’re taking him to the Pub.!”

Marco wept, as he was dragged down the stairs Maggie said. “Don’t worry, remember the night you had me tied over that chair and left me open to be spanked by anyone who should wander in, and remember the night when you stole my whisky and poured it away, and remember the night when you confiscated a bottle of wine. The list goes on, and to top it all off, you’ve been pinching my underwear! So now it’s Your turn!” The girls all tutted and agreed that He should be punished like this. As He was dragged up the garden path, his bathrobe became loose and Sami grabbed it from behind Exposing him in the street, she folded it over her arm and continued to walk with them towards the main road, beyond which was the busy pub, Maggie turned to her and said “we’ve no need for that now, throw it away!” Sami did as she was asked and threw it in the field, with no means of escape Marco began to wonder if he should just brazen it out, of course he had no choice as the more he struggled the tighter the grip on the dog lead became.

She dragged him past the pub and towards a busy shopping centre, past a row of shops, and continued on through the busy car park towards Sainsburys whilst the girls followed on laughing and jeering and passers-by stood agape at the spectacle; She tied him to a dog hitch outside the busy main entrance and turned to leave “Oh, and one more thing” she said, turning back and pulling the frilly tennis knickers up tightly around his waist; “Don’t forget I love you, as girlie as you are…”