Electrician Does a Girl a Favor

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I started my day on the wrong foot. Not only was I running late but for probably what felt like the 100th time in the last week I blew a fuse while using my hair dryer. It has become such an annoyance. I always end up running out to the freezing cold garage in a towel to flip the breaker back. I have decided that I need to do something about this problem once and for all.

I do not exactly have the cash to hire a contractor to come out and fix it up but I do have a few connections in the construction industry. Working for a construction manager of course has its benefits when it comes to fixing things up around the house. Luckily I know exactly the guy for the job. In fact I am rather excited at the idea of having him at my house. Over the last few months I have become a rather familiar acquaintance of my favorite electrician. We have worked together in the past on a few projects together. I am only in my early 30s and still learning the ropes. It sometimes also works against me that I am a woman, and an attractive woman at that. I have a rather petite frame and although I’m not a skinny girl I’m fit and rather curvy. My best physical attribute I would say are my 36D breasts, for a small lady they fill in quite nicely. I also just happen to be a blonde with a very cute face and amazing smile.

James and I have had a rather sultry history. James owns his own electrical contracting business and is not only the best electrician, but also happens to be the very best at pleasing his favorite construction manager; myself. James is significantly older than I am by close to 14 years and he is also married with a couple of kids. He is incredibly witty. Although James is not the easiest man to deal with, I mean, everything has to be on his watch and his way. But when I do get the opportunity to work with him it typically pays for itself tenfold. I still cannot put my finger on it but there is just something about him that I find incredibly sexy. I had coaxed James into fucking me on the top of his desk a few months ago and I have not stopped thinking about it since. The natural order of things would lead a person to believe I would be making him work for it but in this case it is exactly the opposite.

I have made attempts to lure him into hanging out with me but he always has an excuse. I think James has trouble wrapping his mind around the fact that I find him completely irresistible. The amount of time I have logged with my hand down my panties imagining all of the different ways I would be dying for him to poker oyna pound me mercilessly is astonishing. He has become my go to in the mental rolodex. You can imagine my delight on the decision to address some of the electrical issues in my house and I would not imagine asking anyone else to help a girl out. Although James does play hard to get, something tells me that it is his own game of will power that holds him back from continually trying to blow a load all over my big titties. Come to think of it, I will add that to the mental rolodex.

I had not worked with James much since our last encounter so I am definitely up for the challenge of convincing him of how much of a great idea it is for him to let me ride his cock. I put a call into his office and to my delight he gets back to me very quickly, as the wetness between my legs reappears. I can only hope he’s just as eager as I am to work together on something again. He has planned to come by and take a look at everything in 2 days on a Saturday. Apparently James is completely booked up with real work all week. I am not that surprised, I mean, after all he truly is by far the best electrician around. But He must be aware of how turned on I can get from his technical speak, and his asshole way of getting his point across to anyone who will listen; The point being that he is always right.

Saturday comes and I’m practically about to jump out of my skin in anticipation of seeing James. I have pleasured myself an inordinate number of times just as an attempt to take the edge off.

Just earlier that morning before I got out of bed I couldn’t stop myself from gently caressing my breasts, which slowly turned into pinching my very hard nipples. My legs soon seemed to find themselves rising and bending at the knees and ever so slightly falling to the sides as I relaxed and spread my legs and slid my hand along my stomach and down into my panties. Continuing to squeeze my tits I slowly began to rub my wet clit and get myself worked up.

I began to fantasize that James is unable to control himself when he arrives at my house; immediately pushing me up against the wall, pinning my arms above my head and grinding his hard dick between my legs. Oh god, what I would give for him to desire me so desperately. By now I have slid two aggressive fingers into my pussy in an attempt to simulate his penetration.

I just love imagining him hastily undoing his pants, pulling out his cock and sliding it inside of me as he tells me how amazing my pussy feels. You canlı poker oyna know James is always right and never has a weak moment so naturally he is telling me it is my fault he has to fuck me, my fault for desiring him and he has to do something to teach me a lesson. Climaxing very shortly thereafter, this was one of the hotter personal sessions I have had in a long time. So help me I was preparing myself for what I was hoping to be an even better tryst than the last time.

James texted, he was running late. He coaches a high school football team and got caught up with some preparations for Sunday’s game. He wouldn’t be by until closer to 6. Earlier that day I had a Brazilian bikini wax and picked up some new very sexy lacy black bra and panties just for the occasion; something tells me he’s into that sort of thing. I never can tell exactly what he is into but I sure try to make an effort at figuring it out. He is always so coy about his exchanges with me regarding any of his preferences.

At about ten minutes past 6 James has arrived and is very intently going through the ins and outs of the electrical wiring of my house. His fantastic technical speak is off the charts. He has picked up on the fact that it gets me hot and he seems to be having way too much fun rambling on in great detail, could James actually be flirting? After formulating his plan of attack to help me out I offer him a beer as the beginning of the many thanks I’m hoping to deliver his way. He sits on the couch and I serve him a beer by purposely leaning extremely closely across his lap.

He playfully remarks to me “Thanks for the personalized service.”

I turn to him and slyly reply “I can do even better if you would allow me to.”

In his typical skeptical manner he replies back “Honey what makes you think I would be looking for better?”

I reply “Oh, I don’t know, just a hunch really, but I suppose I could be wrong.”

It is as if a switch has just been flipped and he appears to grow interested.

“So what does better mean exactly,” he asks me.

At this point I am willing to make the move hoping he is game and begin removing my top and then leggings to reveal my newly purchased garments. I very playfully sit myself in his lap and continue to make chit chat as if nothing is amiss. I wonder how much he will let me get away with at this point. I decide to push the envelope and take my chances.

I then ask him “May I have your permission to straddle your lap?”

He replies “Well internet casino I can be a team player, sure.”

As I slowly straddle his lap I am starting to get very turned on and am on cloud nine that he chosen to play along.

I then say to him “James may I have your permission to put my hand down my panties, you know I wouldn’t be looking for you to do any heavy lifting after the long day you’ve had.”

He replies “How considerate of you, surely I would allow it.”

My hand slowly finds its way down the front of my panties and I gently begin to rub my clit just a little bit. I’m hoping to be able to get him in the mood and by the growing erection in his pants I can tell he is ready to participate. After a few minutes I ask James if he would allow me to undo his pants. He is ok with that as I begin to undo his belt and pants and pull out his very hard cock and begin stroking it. Before either of us is even able to realize it I am pushing my panties to the side and inserting James inside of me. He begins to run his mouth up and down my neck as I run my fingers through the hair on the back of his head and wrap my other arm around his back tightly.

I cannot help but tear his shirt off of him, he feels utterly amazing against my body. He begins to pull down the front cups of my bra and aggressively suck on my tits. I myself can barely handle it at this point and uncontrollably whisper in his ear “please let me cum James, you feel so amazing inside of me.” No opposition there as I continue to ride his dick while he undoes my bra and tosses it aside. Soon enough I find myself on the verge of a complete climax while letting out the most satisfactory moans. His mouth feels decadent anywhere on my body, forcefully kissing me, sucking on my tits and biting at my neck.

Just as I reach completion he is lifting me off his cock and forcefully laying me down onto my back on the couch. Very quickly as if in the same motion he completely rips off my panties and forces himself on top of me completely pushing his amazing dick deeply inside of me. He then pins my arms above my head and just simply begins to pound into me. My tits are completely bouncing freely to the rhythm of his thrusts and to my surprise I begin to climax yet once more. “Oh fuck me James, oh fuck me so hard” is uttered before I even realize it. Just at that point I am feeling my body tense with the orgasmic feeling I thought I could only give myself. James himself is also following suit and successfully blows his load inside of me. I can’t even fathom how amazing this encounter has been. I never knew James could truly satisfy me that deeply. I never know what I’m going to get with him. This mother fucker always makes me work for it and it’s worth it every time!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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