It’s Her Day

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This was the day. It had always been “the day” for the two of us. Valentine’s Day had never been just a cliché holiday for us. We had met on this day, so many years ago, though a twist of fate. It was on this day we had first said the words “I love you” to each other, the day I had asked her to marry me, and the day we had said “I do.” I was special, and always would be.

Throughout this entire week though, things had just gone wrong for her, both at work and just life in general. The phrase “if it could go wrong it would” was only too appropriate. Even today, when she had called me this morning, I could tell that she was both physically and emotionally drained, both by what she had said, and what she had forgotten to say. I was pretty sure that she had forgotten what day it was. I didn’t blame her, but knew she would hate herself for it. I had, however, set plans in motion to remind her.

Now she was on her way home, and I was ready for her. Tonight I would make special, just for her, all about her. I had planned and plotted to make it perfect. Hopefully my surprise would make her forget her aches and troubles and remind her of the day. I had all her favorite things and other experiences waiting.

Hearing her car pull up, I walked to the door and stepped out to await her. As she closed the car up, I saw her stop and sigh deeply before turning toward the house and me. Her tired eyes lit up when she noticed me waiting there. I knew she had busted her ass today and was tired. Her body language hinted more at exhausted. I briefly sent up a prayer that my plans for her would not fizzle because she was too tired to enjoy.

She walked right up to me, slipped her arms around my neck and leaned into me, laying her head on my shoulder. I began stroking her back, feeling the tension there. “Welcome home, my Kitten. Love you,” I said.

“Love you too, Tiger.” She began purring as I continued petting her, every once in a while using my nails for a light scratch. “I’m tired, straight to bed for me tonight. And, wait, what are you doing out here in your pajama pants?”

“Do you think you can stay up with me for just a bit?” I asked as I took her hand and drew her through the door. Hearing her surprised gasp made my efforts worth it. She was glancing around, taking in, and committing to memory, every detail. All the lights were turned out. The room was lit only by a multitude of candles and the fire crackling in the hearth. In the center of the room was a queen futon bed covered in a royal blue silk sheet.

“What…what…when…why?” she stammered.

“For you Kitten, Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Anniversary! Tonight, nothing but pure sensation and enjoyment, you won’t lift a finger.”

“Valentine’s? Oh shit! I forgot! How could I…”

I could see the panic and shame in her eyes as she realized what she’d forgotten. I place a finger over her lips. “It’s all right. No worries. Now hush and lets get you out of those nasty clothes.” I closed and locked the door behind us, then drew her over near the fire. She reached for the buttons of her blouse, but I stopped her. “Nope, I said you would not lift a finger.”

“I can certainly undress myself!”

“Not ankara escort tonight,” I said. “Tonight, I will do everything for you, including disrobe you.” I reached out and snagged her shirt drawing her close and proceeded to unbutton her, slowly, one button at a time, taking great care that my fingers grazed every bit of her skin possible with each movement. After the last button was loosened, I set my hands on her shoulders and pushed her top open and down her arms, caressing as my hands slid to her wrists.

Next I began on her jeans, running my hands around the inside of the waistband on their way to the front button. I slipped it open and unzipped her then pushed the pants gently over her hips till they puddled at her feet. I took her hand to help her balance as she slipped out of her sandals and kicked the offending clothing away. She stood before me in her bra and panties. It took a lot of will power not to rip them from her and pounce. I wanted her as badly as ever. “Slow,” I silently reminded myself.

I pulled her body close to mine and ran my hands around her body to her bra clasp. As I was opening it, I felt her lips on my chest gently kissing and licking. I felt my cock, which I had been keeping under strict lockdown so far, stir to life. I moved away letting her bra fall to the ground between us. She looked down at the bulge in my pants with a saucy, pleased, look. Determined to wipe the look from her face, I hooked my thumbs in the sides of her bikini panties and pulled. They split at the seams easily, falling away in shreds, leaving her naked with a shocked look on her face.

“Hungry?” I asked her.

“A little,” she answered.

“Lay down,” I told her as I walked toward a side table. She climbed onto the futon, lying on her side, propped on her arm, watching me carefully. Glad to have her a little on edge and unsure for once, I returned to her with a plate of chocolate covered strawberries. I smiled as her eyes lit up. They were a delicacy she had just recently discovered and would eat whenever she got the chance. I lay on my side facing her with the plate between us. She reached for one of the juicy treats.

“Nope,” I said, shooing her hand away. She flopped her head back onto the pillow with a groan. I took one of the fruits and held it to her lips, tracing them with it. She opened her sweet lips and bit into the treat, eyes closed in bliss. I continued feeding her the remaining strawberries. As the last one passed her lips, I slid the plate aside, pinned her arms to the mattress above her head and gave it to my rising passion, just a little. I attacked her with my mouth, tasting and licking every remaining bit of chocolate and juice from her. As her tongue danced back with mine, I pulled back; regaining what remained of my self-control.

“Not yet Kitty.”

“But I want you so badly!” she whined.

“Trust me,” I answered. “I won’t let you down.” I told her getting up from the bed to return the plate to the table. I returned to the bed with two small bottles and a towel. “Now, to take care of those sore muscles.”

I knelt up next to her on the futon and, taking one of the bottles, poured some liquid into the palm of my hand then escort ankara rubbed my hands together to warm it up. Beginning at her shoulders, I massaged each arm with the strawberry scented oil till she was groaning in delight. I next moved to her breasts, keeping my movements very intent and asexual. Her breasts didn’t know my intent however and they puckered and shriveled under my attentions. Seeing their reaction caused my hard on to become very evident through my loose pants.

I continued moving down the front of her body, massaging every inch of skin. When I reach her sweet honey pot, I stroked her upper thighs and her love mound but despite how wonderfully wet her slit, and how musky she smelled at that moment, I restrained myself from slipping digits inside.

When I reached her toes, I looked up at her and with a grin told her, “Roll over.”

“No!” she ordered. “I want you to fuck me, now!”

“Roll over,” I said again in my stubborn voice. “I’m not done yet.”

With a tortured groan, she rolled to her stomach. She didn’t realize how much more I was torturing myself! With some more massage oil, I repeated the process from the back of her neck to her heels, again refraining from slipping into her sex box.

“Oh my God! I want your cock in me Babe!” She said.

“Soon, one more surprise,” I said. I had managed not to let her see or feel how painfully ram rod hard I was by now or she’d have found a way to weaken my resolve. I got up from the bed and finally removed my loose pants, freeing my erection. I wiped the massage oil from my hands with the towel, and took up the other smaller bottle.

With her still lying on her stomach, I approached the foot of the bed. I took hold of her ankles and, pulling her legs wide, climbed up between them. I poured a tiny amount of gel like liquid from the bottle onto my fingertips and, setting the bottle aside, reached underneath her and began rubbing it into her clit. At the first touch of the gel she began to moan and writhe. I continued rubbing it into her and it began heating up as it was supposed to do. I slip my fingers into her love tunnel and back out to fondle her nub. When my finger slid back inside her again, I felt her muscles clamp down on them and she screamed as the first orgasm rocked her. I felt her juices flow over my hand, soaking it.

I removed my hand and, grasping her hips, pulled her up and backward until her wetness was position above my hardness. I pulled her legs a little wider and lowered her onto me, impaling her with my cock. I groaned as her warm, wet, velvety sheath engulfed me. I could feel her muscles contracting around me, squeezing me. God did she feel good. I began moving inside her, the warmth of her and the gel causing my cock to ache deliciously. She began panting and throwing her head from side to side. I knew she was ready to come again when I heard her begin mewling like a kitten. Her muscles clamped down on me and a scream ripped from her throat as her juices bathed me deep inside her. I was not ready to let myself go though, this was not over.

I pulled out of her and gently rolled her onto her back. “That was two. Let’s go for three.”

“Oh God,” she murmured.

I ankara escort bayan was kneeling between her legs and gave her a hungry grin. Lowering my face to her pussy I swiped her clit with my tongue. “Mmmm, minty, that gel tastes good, and so do you my Kitten,” I paused to say. I reached my tongue back to her and licked, nibbled, and sucked her. I gloried in her. I loved her taste, her scent, her cute little kitten sounds she was making, everything about her. My tongue delved, darted, and licked into her. From the sounds she was making she was ready to come again. My cock tightened almost painfully at the thought. As she screamed again, my tongue and face was bathed in her deliciousness. I growled as I lapped up her essence. She was breathlessly moaning now as I licked the last of her juices.

“Three,” I said, reluctantly removing my face from her pussy. I moved up her body licking her skin as I went. I stopped to worship each nipple, licking and sucking them reverently. Finally, I was positioned above her, my cock tip pressed to her, as I found her mouth with mine. I kissed her deeply, with all the feelings I felt for her. Our tongues found each other and danced in harmony. At that moment, I plunged inside her. This was not her favorite position, but I was indulging myself just a little. Her legs wrapped around me and she hooked her feet behind my ass. She rocked to my rhythm, using her legs to pull me tighter to her, urging me to plunge harder. Our bodies were slipping against each other from the oils I had used on her, driving me insane. My cock felt ready to burst.

Without breaking our connection, I held us together and rolled her to the top, her favorite place. She immediately sat up on me. I felt my cock slide even deeper into her as she rubbed herself against me like the finest of felines. Her hands, braced on my chest, flicked at my nipples. “No more playing,” I groaned at her. “I can’t hold off. I don’t want to go without you.”

At my admission, she leaned forward, placing her hands on the pillow to either side of my head. She began sliding up and down my cock, setting the rhythm. I grabbed her hips and arched into her. Her breasts bounced on my chest with every movement of our bodies as we slipped against each other. Her breath was coming in shallow pants and she was mewling again. I felt my cock swell. As her screams started and her warm juices bathed my cock once again, I exploded into her. I held her tightly to me as I came deep inside her, my cock shooting its hot stream. I pumped into her as my cum kept spurting. She was over the edge, screaming out her ecstasy. I don’t think either of us had ever come quite so hard.

We finally began coming down from the clouds we had soared to. She collapsed onto my chest, snuggling her head under my chin. Her eyes drifted closed. I wanted to pull out of her and eat her again, I wanted to taste us, and I wanted her to come again and again, all night. It had been all about her tonight, and we had both enjoy ourselves immensely but I was already ready for more. As her breathing deepened, however, I knew she was drifting to sleep. There was always tomorrow. I grinned at the thought and reached up to stoke her hair.

“Sleep well, my Kitten. I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day,” I whispered, kissing the top of her head. Wrapping my arms around her, and feeling myself still seated deep inside her, I slowly drifted off to join with her again in our dreams.

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