More than Cowboys in Cheyenne

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It was my first time going to Cheyenne Frontier Days. I wanted to write this as soon as I got home because it was and still so vivid in my mind. We were walking along some vendor booths and enjoying all of the nice people and the weather when all of a sudden an older man riding a road bike pulls up close to the walkway and stopped and got off his bike and started walking his bike through the crowd.

Now it might not seem like any big deal so far but I was standing there waiting for my wife to buy something at the shop we were at when the man rode up. So I was people watching as I waited. The man looked to be about 60 slender build and he was wearing one of those tight bike tops and shorts. He was very tan and was in great shape probably from many miles of riding his bike.

As I watched him get off him bike and push it up through the crowd, I noticed his shorts had a nice bulge in them. I can’t possible tell you here how good his cock looked pressed in his bike shorts. I think he had a plan for people to notice this because his cock was pulled to one side and pulled so it laid down his leg so perfectly and tight and very noticeable.

I could not take my eyes off of him as he moved through the crowd. I couldn’t believe how the site of him made me feel. I had to somehow get closer and the more I looked and thought about this man turned me on so much that I considered just trying to get closer and maybe talk to him if I could. My cock was so stiff in my shorts as I watched this all happen in front of me. I could feel my big hard cock pressing against Ankara escort my pants because of the way this man was presenting his cock for all to notice it.

He continued through the crowd and I moved so I could at least get a better and closer look at his cock straining against the fabric. I was intrigued by this man that I had to move in closer. All of a sudden his eyes locked on mine as I moved closer to him. He noticed how tall I was and he commented on my height. I am 6’9″ tall and we started some small talk about his bike and that it looked like a great workout. He said he enjoyed riding and that it made him feel very good. I told him that I though he looked like he enjoyed it.

We continued walking together and soon we got to the end of the sidewalk and he was getting ready to mount his bike and ride off, I just had to tell him how he made me feel. The end of the walkway was in some heavy pine trees and nobody around so I looked at him and I looked down at his hard cock in his shorts and told him the site of him made me so hot that I wanted to explore more and that’s why I had approached him.

He said, he knew that, and that he caught me looking at his crotch long before he noticed how tall I was. As I stood there he reached out and felt my hard cock through my pants and I reached for his tight shorts. He rubbed me as I rubbed him and I kept telling him how good he looked and not that he was feeling my hard cock I was getting very bold and told him I wanted to suck his cock so bad. He felt so good through the fabric that I had Ankara escort bayan to have more of him.

My wife called my cell phone to ask where I was. I told her that I would catch up with here soon. I told my new found friend that my large pickup truck was close by in the parking lot if he wanted to go there with me for a bit. He said he would like that and we continued our walk towards the parking lot.

We entered the parking lot and it was full, and they had a security guard watching the lot so I knew we would have some time alone. He parked his bike close to my pickup and we got in and closed the door and cracked the windows a bit. My windows are tinted and nobody could see in.

I again reached over to feel his cock so hard and we continued to talk. He pulled his shorts down and off and was stoking his cock in front of me while I too off my pants and was naked sitting there watching him and his fabulous looking cock.

I told him how much I wanted to lean over and take him into my mouth and suck his cock so good. He said he likes the cock of a tall man and he wanted to suck my big hard cock. He said he was very hard and he liked sex after a long bike ride and he put his hand behind my neck and pulled me down to his lap. I gobbled up his hard long cock so fast and his hips met my ever move. I could tell he was on fire and ready to fuck my face all day.

My cock felt so good in his hands and he jacked my cock while I sucked him. That just makes me hotter and more nasty. I started really sucking his cock deep in my mouth. He Escort Ankara never missed a move as his hips met my lips. All of a sudden I felt his cock head swell and he arched his back and hips and he let out a slow moan that almost made me come. I felt he cock start to twitch and slowly began to pump hot cum into my wanting mouth. He grabbed the back of my head and held me still while I could feel every pulse of his sweet cock. I swallowed every bit of his cum and it was so good. His cock slowly slipped from my mouth and he said he wanted my hard cock in his mouth now.

He leaned over much like I did and he took my cock like a madman. It felt so good to have this man sucking my cock and I knew I would not last very long. He stopped and said he wanted all of it. He went back to sucking my hardness and he sucked me so good and I could feel my hot juices preparing for their journey from deep within me to flood his mouth. All of a sudden my legs and thighs got very stiff and I could feel my cum boiling up and he just kept sucking me like it would be last time he ever would. I felt my cum release and flow up my cock shaft and feel so good I kept telling him how good it was as he sucked and sucked me. He enjoy sucking every drop I had pumped from deep within me. What a fabulous moment.

We sat up as I caught my breath and we both looked at each other and said that was so good. He said if I ever came back to Cheyenne, we needed get together again at his house with some other bike friends he has that enjoy men as well.

This was the last thing I expected to happen at Cheyenne Frontier Days. We exchanged email addresses and I think I have another trip planned soon. Sorry this was so long and hope not to many mistakes but it was great to write this down less than 24 hours after it happened.

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