Staying With Friends


I recently traveled to London for a conference. Rather than paying the normal ridiculous prices charged for hotels in London I made contact with some old school friends and asked if I could stay with them. They readily agreed; always keen to meet up with friends from “home”.

Geoff and Linda were the ideal couple; they had been going out since early in High School. They were both very good at every sport they tried, both very good academically and both very good looking. Geoff is 6ft 2in, with blonde hair and a good build while Linda is blonde with a beautiful milky complexion and a stunning body.

I arrived at Heathrow on the Sunday afternoon and both Geoff and Linda were waiting to meet me at the arrivals terminal. I had not seen them for about 10 years and was very keen to see if age had treated them both well. I walked out into the public area and immediately spotted them standing in the crowded terminal. Geoff looked a little older with wisps of grey hair starting to show, while Linda looked as beautiful as ever. Geoff had omitted to tell me that she was pregnant. I would guess that she was about 6 months pregnant at the time. I have always found pregnant women hugely sexy and Linda was no exception. She was literally glowing. I walked over and we greeted excitedly. I gave Linda a huge hug and could feel her firm tummy pushing into me as she held me tight.

“It’s great to see someone from home” she said.

“It’s really great to be here” I answered.

We walked out of the airport and made our way to the car and on to their home in Guildford. Linda showed me to my room, while Geoff poured us drinks. They had a beautiful big house with a large garden. Geoff business was obviously doing very well.

We sat in the lounge and caught up on all the happenings of the past few years and the whereabouts of our mutual school friends. The long flight started to catch up with me and I needed to get some sleep. Geoff told me that they were going out for a scan in the morning to check everything was OK with the baby and he would then need to travel to Paris for business as soon as they were finished at the Gynecologist, he told me that he was expecting to return the following day. He was very apologetic but had no option as the meeting had been scheduled before my arrival in the UK.

My eyes were closed and I was fast asleep before my head even hit the pillow. I slept soundly and it was about 9am before I finally woke up the next morning with the sun streaming in my window. I pulled on a T-shirt and wondered downstairs to find my hosts. The house was silent and as I walked into the kitchen I saw a note on the kitchen table from Linda telling me that they had gone for the scan and she would be back around lunchtime. She said to make myself at home until she returned.

Being a serious panty lover this was the opportunity I was hoping for. I walked quickly back up the stairs and down the long passage to the main bedroom. I opened the door carefully to be sure that Linda had not returned early but found it empty. The bed was unmade and I saw a pile of clothes strewn across the armchair in the corner of the room. I walked over and looked through the clothes lying on the chair, until I saw a sexy, white lace bra and a match G-string lying over the arm of the chair. I lifted the panties and could immediately see that they were very obviously worn. I wondered whether Linda had slept in them as I could feel the gusset was still damp. I lifted them to my nose and could smell her womanly scent fill my nose.

During our last year in school we had all gone on a camping trip and while at the beach swimming I had found Linda’s rucksack on the back seat of the car, she had just changed into her bikini. I had managed to get my hands on a pair of Linda’s panties then and had enjoyed sniffing immensely them while I jerked off later that evening. I had always wondered if she had any idea where her panties had disappeared to. The pair in my hands seemed even better. Her pussy smell was musky and warm and I could only wonder what her pussy would smell like. I had a very good idea that she was probably shaved as there was very little urine smell on her panties.

I walked across the room to the closet and opened the doors. Geoff’s clothes were hanging neatly. Not what I was looking for. I opened the next set of doors and saw Linda’s clothes in front of me. To the left was a stack of drawers and I figured that this would probably be where her treasures were hidden. I opened the first drawer to find it filled with her Bra’s. Not my cup of tea, I love a sexy bra when it is filled by a sexy pair of breasts but they do nothing for me in a drawer. The next drawer was just what I was looking for. It was filled with all colours of sexy panties. Linda was obviously a woman after my own heart. Not a pair of full panties in sight, just g-strings and thongs. I ran my hands through her sexy panties and felt something bulky covered by the silky undergarments; obviously more sexy treasures underneath. I lifted the panties away and saw that she had a little box tucked sex hikayeleri away at the back. I took the box out and opened the lid; a sexual “Pandora’s box”! The box had a medium sized “gel” vibrator, a pair of Benwa Balls and a small pile of photos. I lifted the photos from the bottom of the box and looked at them. They were all of Linda in various poses. Some wearing the sexy knickers I recognized from her panty drawer while other were of Linda wearing only a smile. My earlier hunch had been right; her pussy was completely clean shaven. Her pussy lips were firm and tight and her skin smooth as silk. The last picture in the pile showed her pussy swollen and pink, with cum oozing from between her pussy lips.

I took the photos and walked through to the en-suite bathroom. I arranged the photos on the vanity and slipped my pants down to my ankles. My cock was hard and ready, my juices oozing from the tip. I brought the panties to my nose and started to stroke my hard cock. Enjoying the scent of her pussy while looking at pictures, the only way it could get better would be to be between her thighs tonguing her smooth, silky pussy. It was a matter of minutes before I could feel the familiar tightness seconds before my cum started to spurt all over the sink in front of me. I found it hard to stay on my feet. My orgasm was so intense that my legs felt like rubber. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the aroma from her panties as my body recovered.

I quickly packed the box away where I had found it and put her panties back on the chair. I hoped that she didn’t notice that they were a lot wetter than when she had left them!

Chapter 2

I went back to my room and stepped into the shower before Linda returned. By the time I got out of the shower I could hear movement downstairs. Linda was obviously back. Its always incredible how time flies when one is on a sexual mission.

I quickly dressed and walked downstairs. Linda was sitting in the kitchen drinking tea when I entered. She looked beautiful. The warm day had meant that she was wearing a loose white sun dress; her underwear clearly visible through the thin fabric. I kissed her lightly as I walked in.

“I thought you would never wake up” she said smiling.

“I’ve been up a while” I answered, “I was just mooching around until you got home”

“What would you like to do today?” she asked.

“I’m happy to stay around here and recover from that damn flight; maybe I can buy you dinner tonight?” I asked hopefully.

“That sounds fantastic, I know a beautiful French restaurant with an excellent menu and a great wine cellar” she said.

Linda and I spent the afternoon relaxing until our agreed dinner date in the evening. I went upstairs to change and was quite sorry I would not be able to get my hands on the sexy panties she had been wearing all day.

I was sitting in the lounge waiting for Linda when she came walking down the stairs. She was wearing a pair of white cotton trousers and a loose, pale blue blouse. Her pregnant stomach clearly defined. She looked stunning! We got into the car and she drove us to the restaurant. It was a beautiful restaurant, romantic lighting and music, the perfect atmosphere for a radiant beautiful woman, just a pity she wasn’t mine.

We sat down and ordered drinks. Linda was not drinking due to her pregnancy but I ordered a Scotch and Soda. We chatted quietly as we sipped our drinks and during this time I noticed that Linda was starting touch my arm as she talked. I wasn’t sure whether to read anything into this or whether she was just being friendly. We chatted a lot about Geoff and I started to get the distinct feeling that this was not a topic she was keen to discuss.

“Forgive me for being forward, but is everything OK between you and Geoff?” I asked quietly.

“To be truthful? No! It’s not going very well right now. In fact since my pregnancy began to show things have been really bad.”

Her eyes welled up and I could see she was close to tears. As she spoke, her emotions gathered momentum and I could see that she was desperate to share her feelings with someone.

“Ever since my pregnancy started to show, Geoff won’t come near me. It’s as though he finds my body repulsive. He has even been talking about moving into the spare room to give me more room in the bed. I don’t want “room”. I want us to be like we were before. He hasn’t come near me for at least 4 months. I feel ugly enough as it is without him making it worse.” She poured her heart out to me. Her eyes welling with tears and her voice quivering as she spoke. She seemed almost relieved to be able to share her feeling with someone. I could only guess she saw me as a neutral party.

“Firstly,” I said “Get the word ugly out of your mind. You were always the most beautiful girl in the class and your pregnancy makes you look even better. If Geoff finds that a turn-off then he is a bigger fool than I thought! I think that when a woman is pregnant, she looks her most beautiful!”

Linda reached over and took my hand in hers.

“You don’t porno hikayeleri know how much that means to me.” She said.

We continued our dinner without broaching the topic of Geoff or her pregnancy. By the time the bill arrived we were both quite keen to get home.

We drove home in silence. My mind filled with the sights I had enjoyed from the photos earlier in the day. Geoff had to be a fool I thought to myself!

We arrived home and Linda let us into the house.

“Make yourself comfortable in the lounge while I use the bathroom.” She said.

I walked through to the lounge and made myself comfortable on the huge leather couch. I closed my eyes and pondered why Geoff was behaving like such an asshole. I sat like that until I heard movement in the room, Linda was obviously back. I opened my eyes and was greeted by a beautiful sight. Linda had changed into a beautiful silk gown and her hair was hanging loosely over her shoulders, framing her beautiful face.

“What can I get you to drink?” she asked.

“A cognac would be great” I answered.

I watched her standing at the liquor cabinet and marveled at her beauty. She walked back over and handed me the cognac. She crossed the room and dimmed the main lounge lights until the room was bathed in a yellow glow. She returned to the couch and flopped down onto the couch next to me. I was still wondering why she had chosen to sit next to me on the couch when she sat up and put her hand on my leg.

“I know this is a terrible thing to ask, but I want you to make me feel sexy again. Please kiss me!”

On hindsight I should have walked away, Geoff was one of my oldest buddies, where I come from buddies don’t do that to each other! I took her into my arms and we kissed deeply. Her mouth was soft and warm. As she leant forward her robe slipped open exposing her beautiful breasts to my gaze. She had always been fairly small with a 32b but her pregnancy had caused her breasts to become slightly fuller. Her nipples were pink and erect, framed on the milky white skin of her breasts. I cupped her breasts and started to gently massage them. I felt her body start to respond and her tongue slipped into my mouth. I sucked it into my mouth. We broke our kiss and I started to kiss down her neck and into her cleavage until I reached her hard nipples. I sucked them into my mouth and swirled my tongue around them. Her hands pressed against the back of my head pulling me harder into her. I slipped my hands into her robe and around her waist and held her tightly as I worked steadily on her nipples. I was very pleased to feel that although she had taken her bra off, she was still wearing her panties. I wondered which pair she had put on. My fingers slipped under the waistband and I massaged her ass cheeks as I alternated between her hard nipples.

I could feel that she was getting very aroused; her hips were moving in a gentle rhythm and the heady aroma of her pussy was filling the air around us. She pulled slowly away and I felt her nipples slip from between my lips.

“Lets go upstairs where we can be more comfortable.” She whispered.

Taking me by the hand she led me up the stairs to her bedroom.

When we entered the room I could see that she had switched on the bedside lights and the covers were already turned down. At the foot of the bed she turned and pulled me into her arms. I could feel the firm bulge of her stomach pressing against me as we kissed. I slipped my hands down and pulled the knot of her robe. The sides slipped open exposing her beautiful body to me, she slipped the robe off her shoulders and it fell to the floor. I just stared at the beauty in front of me. She was wearing a burgundy satin pair of panties with a lace panel in front. They were pulled up tightly against her and I could see the shape of her pussy lips clearly against the fabric. A small wet spot had started to develop between her legs. I couldn’t resist and knelt down in front of her, my face pressing against her stomach. I started to kiss her swollen belly while my hands slipped between her thighs and started to trace a path upwards until I could feel the damp fabric of her panties. As my fingers came into contact with her panty clad pussy I felt her become a little unsteady on her feet. She stepped back and sat down on the bed.

As she sat down her thighs parted giving me an unobstructed view of her pussy. I didn’t waste any time, I immediately buried my head between her legs and started to nuzzle her juicy, panty-clad pussy. Her hands slipped around my head for the second time that evening and she pulled me firmly into her pussy. I could feel her legs pressing hard against the side of my head holding me firmly into her pussy. I could feel her hips start to trust against my face until with a quiet squeal of pleasure I could feel her orgasm wash over her body and she held me tightly until the pleasure started to subside. Her body went limp and she laid back on the bed, breathing heavily, her eyes closed.

I couldn’t resist, I had to have her panties, and I slipped seks hikayeleri my fingers into the waistband and pulled them from between her folds and down her legs. I gave her a kiss on her swollen, red pussy lips and crawled up onto the bed next to her. I knelt over and kissed her lips once again. The taste of her pussy on my lips seemed to spur her on and she started to lick her juices from my lips. She lifted herself up from the bed and pushed me back until I was lying back on the bed. She rubbed my chest before starting to unbutton my shirt. Her hands caressed my chest while she worked her way down to my belt. She slipped my shoes off and pulled my pants and underpants down over my legs leaving my hard cock pointing upwards. I felt her breath on my exposed cock, until the warmth of her mouth engulfed my cock. She was obviously an expert at this. Her tongue swirled around my sensitive head, gently sucking my juices which by now were oozing from the tip of my cock. As she lowered her mouth down my cock she cupped my balls in her warm little hands. I couldn’t resist and ran my hands up her thighs and started to play with her pussy. The feeling on my cock was like no other, the warmth of her mouth along with the gentle caress of her hands had me thrusting back to meet her mouth. I was amazed at how deep she was able to take my cock into her mouth.

It didn’t take much more of our combined efforts for me to feel the familiar warmth of my orgasm approaching. My balls started to tighten and I could feel a tingling sensation as my cum started rushing up my shaft and into her hot mouth. I could feel a gentle sucking as she swallowed my warm cum as fast as it squirted from my cock. I could feel my cock slowly soften and slip from between her lips. A tiny trickle of cum left on her chin. She extracted herself from the attention of my fingers against her pussy and came and lay down next to me. We kissed deeply, and enjoyed the closeness and pleasure we had just enjoyed.

Our hands rubbed and caressed each other gently. I was particularly enjoying running my hands over her stomach and up to her beautiful breasts. She was running her hands over my chest and tweaking my nipples. It wasn’t long before I could feel a familiar stirring. My cock was starting to recover from its earlier pleasures and I knew it wouldn’t be long before it was ready to take the next step in our sensual journey.

Linda must have felt the movement and ran her hands down until I felt her fingers brush against my shaft.

“What have we here?” she whispered as she took my cock in her hands. The gentle caress of her finger soon had me hard once again.

“Now I want you to put that where it belongs!” she said. “Let me turn over so that my tummy doesn’t get in the way.”

She rolled over onto her hands and knees, her head resting against a pillow while her beautiful ass was raised high in the air, ready for my advance. I Knelt behind her; a beautiful sight. Her pussy was swollen and wet.

I wasted no time and took my hard cock and guided it between her pussy lips. I just allowed the head of my cock to slip into her warm pussy, making sure that I didn’t go any deeper. I slipped my cock in and out, no more that an inch either way, stretching her pussy lips gently. The warmth enveloping my cock was too much to keep this up for long, and eventually without warning thrust myself all the way into her. Her pussy was beautifully tight and stroked my foreskin backwards and forwards as I slipped in and out. My hands slipped around her waist and rubbed down her pregnant stomach until it reached her smooth pussy. My fingers wormed between her folds until I found her erect clit and I started to gently strum it as I fucked her from behind. This took her pleasure to the next level and she was soon thrusting back to meet my cock as it pushed into her again and again.

Her flow of juices started to increase and her clit hardened, her orgasm close. I started to push myself as deep as I could go; I really wanted us to reach our sexual peaks together. It wasn’t long before I felt her body tense and shudder as her orgasm overcame her. I just let go and allowed my orgasm to release deep into her waiting pussy. I kept my cock pressed deep into her until our bodies normalized from the pleasure we had just experienced.

Without a word I slipped my dripping cock from her, my cum oozing out and down her milky thighs. We lad down on the bed once more and lay in each others arms. Our exertion finally caught up with us and we both fell into a contented sleep.

Chapter 3

I awoke in the morning feeling a little disorientated, it didn’t take me long to realize where I was when I looked over and saw that Linda was lying with her back to me, our bodies still pressed tightly together. I lay there and enjoyed the musky scent of her naked body. Her face looked so peaceful as she slept. I started planting little kisses on her shoulder as she slept, her skin soft and smooth and warm against my lips. She started to stir, and she rolled over onto her back, the covers falling away from her body. I sat up in the bed and just stared at her beautiful, pregnant body. I looked up at her face and saw that she was looking intently at me; a sleepy smile on her lips. She pulled me down towards her and brought her lips to mine and kissed me deeply.