David to Dee Ch. 03


Dee slept for nearly twelve hours following her adventure at the adult book store.

While she slept, Gina contacted the nurse that she’d spoken to in the chatrooms by phone, speaking quietly so as not to rouse her exhausted lover. Dee, however, was awake, listening in on Gina’s surreptitious plans. She pretended to remain asleep, staying absolutely still while she took in what she could from the conversation.

“Hello, Connie? It’s Gina, from the chatroom?…Yeah. Well, she had a great time at the bookstore, just like we thought she would….Oh yeah! You should have seen her go! I never thought I’d see anything like that in my life….She must have sucked off eight or ten guys, and she got fucked twelve times in her hot little ass!…Yeah, really. Anyway, when are we gonna do this?…Okay, I have my laptop, here, just e-mail me directions. Two o’clock, right?…You bet! We’ll be there….Okay, sweetie. Thanks a bunch for this. Bye, now”

Gina hung up the phone, and walked off to the bathroom.

Dee stretched her legs, and groaned at a leg cramp. She pounded the pain away, and discovered that she was famished. Rising from the bed, she tip-toed to the bath, where Gina had the room so full of steam that she could barely see the toilet. She sat and listened to the water running in the shower. When she finished with the toilet, she yanked open the shower curtain, frightening Gina into a loud yelp.

Dee giggled, and stepped into the shower with her lover. Together, they washed and rinsed each other. As they dried off, Dee complained about her hunger, and Gina called down for room service.

Soon enough, a huge breakfast arrived for the two of them, and Gina made Dee answer the door in her babydoll nightgown, with those huge DDD breast forms tucked into it. The bellboy’s eyes bugged out as he took in her sexy attire, and left with an erection tenting his pants that left them both breathless from laughing.

As Dee finished her food, Gina plugged in her laptop, and got the info she needed.

“So what are you planning for me with that woman from the chatroom?”

Gina froze. She looked at Dee, and grinned.

“So you’ve been eavesdropping on me, have you? Well, Dee, it’s a surprize, and I’m not telling you. You’ll find out soon enough.”

“When, around two o’clock?”

“You little nosey bitch,” Gina teased. “I can’t believe that you’d listen in on my private conversations like that!”

“Gee, love, should I be spanked?”

“Oh yes! You should definitely be spanked, and more! But we haven’t time for that right now. We have to get ready to go.”

Gina wrote down some notes from the e-mail she’d looked up, and began to get dressed.

“What should I wear today, Gina?”

“All black, I think. From your undies to your shoes, love. Can you find everything yourself?”

“I think so.”

The black bra she had was a tiny little lacy thing that wouldn’t even hold in her breast forms without the adhesive. As Dee donned it, she wondered what Gina had planned for her. The black panties that she had were actually more of a man’s thong type underwear that would pull her package forward in an obvious manner. Dee shivered, putting it on. She knew better than to question Gina’s decision. So far she’d seemed very loving and accepting of Dee’s questions, and the eavesdropping thing, but Dee didn’t want to push her luck. The stay-up stockings, the shoes, the short tight skirt, and the pullover low cut top all made her look very feminine and dressy, but the bulge that showed at her crotch was embarassing.

Gina had dressed almost exactly like Dee, with the exception of the bulge at the crotch. She grabbed Dee’s package and gave it a squeeze.

“You look beautiful, love,” she whispered. “Ready?”

“I don’t know, Gina. Isn’t this a bit…showy? Eveyone will know I’m not a woman.”

“That’s true, but I don’t think they’ll be looking there. Not with those big tits of your’s, Dee.”

At that, Gina took Dee’s hand, and led her out the door. They rode the elevator to the garage, and no one seemed to notice Dee’s little “accessory.”


Dee fiddled with the radio as Gina drove. She seemed distracted, unable to find anything that she wanted to hear. Finally, Gina stopped her nervous changing of the stations by turning it off.

“Relax, Dee. We’re almost there. Just do everything you’re told, okay? I promise that you’re going to love this.”

“Okay, Gina.”


They pulled into a driveway in a suburban neighborhood. The house was a cape cod, set well back from the road, yet still visible from the street.



“I’m still pretty sore from yesterday, and…”

Gina smiled at her.

“No one’s going to be fucking you today, Dee. Just relax, okay?”

Dee nodded.

They exited the car, and before they could ring the bell, the door opened.

A tall red haired woman stood at the door, smiling bursa escort at them.

“You didn’t have any trouble finding me, did you?”

As Gina answered her, Dee looked her over. Long legs, tight jeans, busty in a cranberry top (just six months ago she’d have thought it was “maroon”) with open-toed sandals. She was very attractive, yet commanding in her stature.

“And this is Dee. So nice to meet you! We’ve had some great conversations about you, girl. She’s as lovely as her pictures, Gina.”

Dee blushed. She hadn’t known that Gina had been sharing thier private pictures with people on line.

“Nice to meet you, Connie.”

“Well, come in, come in! I’ll go get us some drinks.”

She led them to a comfortable living room, and they sat on the love seat together. Connie left and returned moments later with a tall pitcher of martinis, three glasses, a cup of olives, and a cup of pickled onions on a silver tray. As she poured the drinks, she spoke to Dee.

“Gina was careful not to tell you why you’ve been brought here, wasn’t she, Dee?”

“Yes, she sure was.”

“Are you afraid?”

“Um…I’m anxious…a little worried, but intrigued.”

“Good honest answer, Dee. I see why she loves you so much. You trust her completely, don’t you?”

“Oh yes!”

“Good. I wouldn’t continue any further if I thought differently. Now, knowing how much she loves you, and how much she evidently trusts me by bringing you here, can you put yourself in my hands for a few hours?”

Dee looked to Gina. Her twinkling eyes told no tales. Dee still had no idea why she was here. She knew that Gina expected her to make another commitment of absolute trust to her, and so she nodded.

“Yes. I can do that, Connie…if Gina’s with me.”

“Excellent! Drink up, Dee. We’ll get started right away.”

Dee looked at Gina again, to see tears welling up in her eyes. Gina leaned over and kissed Dee deeply.

“I hope you like this as much as I think you will,” Gina whispered.

Dee gulped her martini, the warmth slowly spreading through her entire body. Connie stood, and took Dee’s hand. Gina followed them into another room.

This room was set up like a hospital operating room. There was a stainless steel table in the center, with leg stirrups attached. There were velcro straps attached to the table, presumably to hold the ‘patient’ immobile while ‘operations’ were performed.

Dee’s eyes took all this in, and she shuddered, goose bumps rising on her arms.

“Please take off your clothes, Dee. Gina will hang them up for you.”

Dee slowly disrobed, down to her thong and stockings.

“That’s far enough, dear. Now, climb up on the table, lease.”

Dee sat on the table, and together, Connie and Gina strapped down her arms, legs and torso. She shuddered in the chill of the room.

“She’s quite pretty, isn’t she?”

“I think she’s beautiful,” Gina answered proudly.

“Well, after this, I think she’ll be even more adorable,” Connie looked down at Dee and winked.

“Gina, if I may, I’d like to tell her why she’s here, in this most vulnerable of positions.”

“Of course,” Gina smiled.

“Dee, Gina tells me that you have had a recurring fantasy. Do you know what I’m talking about?”

“Um….no….not really.”

“She says you want to have real tits. Tits so big that they clap when you get fucked from behind. She said that you had double D breast forms when she found you out, and that you’ve really liked the even larger ones she recently bought for you. Is all that right?”

“Yes,” Dee nodded, nervously glancing over to Gina.

“Well, Gina and I have a real treat in mind for you today. I can give you the huge breasts that you’ve always wanted. Don’t worry, they won’t be permanent. What we’re going to do is inject a saline solution into your tits. This will make them bigger without giving them that fake look you get from silicone. This will take three or four sessions, and will last about three or four weeks. What do you think?”

Dee laid there on the table, her eyes went to Gina, who smiled at her lovingly, then they went to her chest, where her breast forms stood straight up, defying gravity. She wondered how they would look and feel, the weight of them on the inside, the way they would drape to the side as she lay like this on her back. How they would feel when they swung and clapped together. Her cock rose as she responded.

“Will it hurt?”

“Yes, the first day they will be very tender. You’ll need to wear a good bra to keep comfortable. After the first day or so, you can be a little more free with them, but remember, your skin will stretch to accomodate them, and it may take years for your skin to return to its present taught state.”

“You mean I’ll have empty flopping bags on my chest for years?”

“Well, you could. There are no absolutes when it comes to this. Some people spring right back, and some don’t. It also depends bursa escort bayan on how large you make them.”

“Um…how big will they be?”

“I can make them just about any size you’d like, Dee. Gina says you’ve been using those skin creams I recommended for months, so I’m fairly sure we could make them even bigger than your breast forms, if you’d like.”

“Wow.” Dee’s cock was tenting out the thong in a most obvious manner, and she blushed as her excitement was so exposed.

“Of course, the bigger we make them, the longer they’ll last. It takes some time for the body to strain out all of those fluids. The last week or so will be the most drastic change. In that time, you’ll probably lose up to three cup sizes.”

Dee looked to Gina.

“Would you like me to have big ones?”

“Dee, I love you no matter if you look like a man or a woman. I’m really getting into having a girlfriend with a nice sized cock. But in the end, this decision’s all yours to make. Do you want them?”

“Oh god yes!”

“Let’s begin, then,” Connie was all business now.

Gina used the adhesive remover, and took off Dee’s breast forms. Connie applied some sort of oil to Dee’s tit-flesh.

“This is a topical anesthetic, made from emu oil and lydocainne,” she said matter-of-factly. “It’s supposed to sink deep into your skin, numbing you as it goes in.”

Dee felt like a thousand bees were stinging her tits all at once, and she gasped in pain.

“Yes, it hurts a bit at first, but it will feel better in moments.”

As she spoke, the pain faded, disappeared, and a warm numbing sensation began to spread throughout Dee’s chest.

“See? All better?”

Dee nodded.

“Good. Now we’ll start the injections.”

The next two hours flew by as Connie shot syringe after syringe of saline into Dee’s tit-flesh. Dee watched, not moving, her cock continuing to strain at the thong, as her chest began to take a whole new shape under Connie’s ministrations.

“There,” Connie said finally. “That’s almost a D cup already. I’m impressed, Dee. Your skin takes to this very well. Notice, there’s none of that shine that some people get when the skin is stretched. Quite pretty, if I do say so myself! As the lydocainne wears off, you might notice some discomfort. Take these pills if it gets too much to bear, or if it keeps you up at night.”

Gina put the small pill bottle into her purse.

“May I?” Connie asked Gina.

“Of course! I can’t thank you enough! They’re beautiful!”

Unstrapping Dee’s legs from the table, Connie allowed Dee to rest them on the table. Connie dipped her head down and swiped her tongue over each of Dee’s nipples before taking the left in her mouth and suckling it. She moaned as she sucked, and her hand went to Dee’s thong, where she lifted Dee’s cock out gently. She kissed her way down, and took Dee’s entire seven inches into her mouth, as she tucked the thong under Dee’s balls.

Dee gasped, and immediately began to leak precum into Connie’s mouth. Connie quickly stripped, and climbed up onto Dee. Gina began to lick the nurse’s ass as she settled down onto Dee’s length. Connie grabbed Dee’s tits in her hands, and squeezed them as she rode up and down on that shaved cock.

Dee noticed Gina was stripping, and saw her strap on Dee’s favorite dildo before striding behind Connie. She felt Gina’s finger penetrate Connie’s ass along her length as she lubricated that tight entrance.

Connie gasped as Gina pushed the head against her sphincter, and Dee gasped as the head popped through.

Dee felt Connie’s pussy tighten as her ass was invaded by Gina. She also felt the pressure of the tool as it slid along the thin membrane between Connie’s ass and pussy.

Watching Connie grasp her very real-looking tits as she rode Dee’s own cock, Dee was excited beyond belief. She couldn’t pull her eyes away from them as they bulged between Connie’s fingers. And soon they would be even bigger!

Connie pressed the twin globes together, and flicked her fingers over the nipples. She leaned down and sucked on the hard little nubbins, allowing Gina to press into her ass even deeper.

Dee felt like a kidnapped diva being raped by the women, one of her favorite fantasies. Her sore ass was clenching on itself as she began to thrust as well as she could, being bound to the table. She thrust her chest up higher for Connie to enjoy, and soon felt the beginnings of a very deep orgasm rolling through her spine.

Connie’s fluids were spilling down over Dee’s balls. Gina was humping frantically, and switched the vibrating unit of her tool on, trying to keep up with Dee and Connie.

The room filled with sounds of pleasure as they all reached thier peak nearly simultaneously.

Finally, Connie fell down onto Dee, her face plastered onto the new breasts of the sexually exhausted Dee. She suckled a bit more, and Dee felt her as the numbing agent wore off. She didn’t feel at all uncomfortable, and escort bursa whispered to the nurse how good she felt.

Gina slowly eased her toy out of Connie’s puckered ass.

“Really? There’s no discomfort at all, Dee?” Gina was surprized to hear that. “Do you think we should maybe make them a little bigger, Connie?”

“We could, since she’s taken this much so well. I’m sure that the anaesthetic has worn off by now.” She grabbed Dee’s chest again, and squeezed her bosoms gently.

“Still feel okay, Dee?”

“Yeah. It feels really….different…but no pain. I want more!”

“Such a greedy slut,” Gina laughed. “Let’s make ’em another cup or two bigger.”

“Well, maybe one cup. A full D is about all I’d do on the first session, unless you’re not worried at all about the discomfort.”

“I’m up for anything, Connie,” Dee said. “If it hurts for a day or two, I won’t care at all.”

“Okay, let me get the oil.”

Connie disengaged herself from Dee’s sticky groin, and applied the oil thickly to Dee’s breast-flesh. Dee gasped as the stinging sensation rose and disappeared in minutes.

An hour later, Dee rose from the table with full, DD sized breasts. The pull of the weights amazed her, and she stood in front of a full-length mirror in the corner for quite some time, standing, bending, watching them sway as she moved. As the lydocainne wore off, she felt the pain begin to set in, and her actions at the mirror became less drastic.

Connie measured her chest, after giving her one of the little blue pills, and opened a drawer full of several sizes of bras. she chose one, and Gina helped Dee into it.

Dee was disappointed in the style. It was strictly a foundation garment, not sexy or lacy at all. Still, she loved putting it on, feeling it lift and cradle the considerable heft of her tits.

Connie had her remove it again, and applied yet another thick coating of skin cream, again, emu-oil based. Then she helped Dee put the bra on again, telling her to keep it on, even while sleeping.

“For the next couple of days, only take this off to apply this oil every 4 hours, and to bathe. I’d suggest a nice bath. You’ll love the way they feel in the water.”

“All I can say is….WOW! Thank you so much,” Dee whimpered. She kissed Gina deeply, and carefully hugged Connie, wincing at the slightest pressure on her tits.

“Why don’t you two just stay here for the rest of your vacation?”

Dee looked at Gina, wondering what her answer would be.

“Hmmm…what do you think, Dee?”

“I think I’d like that….at least for a couple days. It’d be handy to be near the nice nurse lady…you know…in case I need her.”

“Uh huh.” Gina laughed at her answer. “Okay, Connie, at least for a couple of days. Thank you for your hospitality.”

Connie’s hands went to her ass cheeks as she answered,” And thank you…for….you know. That was fantastic! Can I try it on sometime?”

“Well, I’m sure that Dee will practically beg for it, soon. Hell, me, too, for that matter!”

They all laughed again. Dee was impressed at how easily they all fell into such an intimate scene, and yet to feel so relaxed afterward. She tugged her thong back over her wet package, and slipped off the table as Gina handed her her heels. She noticed a deep throbbing in her breasts, but the pill was kicking in, and she also noted that she didn’t really care about the pain. She was so happy to finally have breasts. She constantly glanced at the mirror, watching how they looked as she moved this way and that, as she gathered up her clothes.

“Please,” Connie whispered, “there’s no need to get dressed right away. How about a quick shower and a soak in the hot tub?”

“Sounds great,” Dee & Gina answered together.


Just one week later, Dee’s chest sported a massive pair of boobs. They were each bigger even than her head. She was continually bumping them into things, and into Connie and Gina as well. Gina made sure she used her nipple suckers every day, and now, after each use, her nipples looked huge. One day Connie took out a ruler and measured them. They were nearly 3/4 of an inch long, and 5/8 of an inch in diameter.

“If you want bigger aureole, Dee, you’ll either have to have surgery or take hormones.”

“I don’t know. I’m still trying to get used to the tits, right now,” Dee giggled.

“Do you really like them, love?” Gina asked.

“Yeah. I can hardly keep my hands off of them. They look so good, and feel so….sexy!”

“Well, now you really look like the slut you always wanted to be. God I love those tits! Have you been maybe thinking…”

“Of what? Getting permanent ones?”


“Of course I have. We’ll see. Let’s see how I feel in a couple weeks…unless you want me to get them right now, Gina.”

“No, let’s wait. You’re right to wait.”

“Besides,” Connie added, “you couldn’t get them while the saline solution’s in there, Dee.”

Dee’s hands ran over the shape of her bust yet again as she answered.

“Well, if they got any bigger I’d have to join a circus!” Dee looked at Gina and gave her a pouty look. “You know, it’s been a long time since we…”

“Connie, I think Dee wants to see how those beauties feel while she’s getting fucked. Should we tag-team the bitch?”