First Time


he was in total Awe of Her. he was somewhat of a needy slave, but never the less, he tried to please Her as best as he could. She had done all he had asked of Her… She had proven that She was indeed trustworthy as it is important to him to know that She will honor his gift even at his most vulnerable time. She is an honorable Mistress… though new to it, he could never tell, but She did remind him every so often. This was a relationship made to be wild and wicked. She had shown him tenderness, friendship and care but had also shown him a deep evil streak within Her soul.

She knew that Her limits would soon become his limits and Her slave would finally be silent… never again to speak a safety word again as they would go punished severely. he knew this going into it and yet was completely drawn into Her web. he knew that once he had told Her of his single last desire – to be Hers – there would never be any turning back or release.. he would forever be Her slave. he knows that She can instill fear in him with a glance or a single word. This fear is what will keep him striving to be the best for Her. She has many times wanted to watch him in certain situations… he has been very hesitant until now… for he has given himself to Her and with that all control over all his inhibitions and hesitations… those are now Hers to look after. he no longer has a say in his own destiny, he has given his destiny to Her.

She places a ring gag in his mouth and tightens it up at the back of his head… She then places a hood over his head and a collar and leash. he knows that this is just the beginning of it all… being totally dominated and controlled. She places him on his knees with them apart. he feels his ankles being restrained. his arms are pulled behind his back… his cock begins to grow as he feels his arms being bound together. he feels a sharp pinch on his cock but the hood has kept everything from view… even still, the collar would prevent him from looking down. he hears a satisfied sigh from Her and hears Her footsteps leaving the room. he has no idea how much time has passed, but he knows it has not been that long when They return.

he hears Him comment on Her new strap on cock when the door to the room opens… He is shocked sex hikayeleri to see what is on the floor of Her room. he can hear Her smiling and hears clothes unzipping and coming off. he is helpless on his knees which are beginning to hurt now… unable to get up and unable to speak, but he knows that there is no point in resisting. he feels heat next to his face as the blinds covering his eyes is opened and he sees Her looking into Her slaves eyes as She whispers “open or closed?” His eyes dart around to try to see who else is in the room, but She is too close… he tries to speak but the ring gag prevents any intelligible sounds from coming out. he is scared to move. She then remembers placing the gag in his mouth… She lets out an evil laugh and says “of course you want it open… you want to see everything, don’t you my little fucktoy?'”

he nods as She stands up and slaps his face with Her new strap on cock. She runs it across his open eyes and then down one cheek across and under his nose to his forced open mouth and holds it there for a second. he stares intently on Her nicely trimmed mound. he feels something happening at the top of his head and hears Him laughing “holy shit… that thing has a handle? that will make for a real good face fuck won’t it Heather?”

“Yes, Tom… just watch this!!” as She laughs hysterically. he thinks that he must be a real site and for the first time realizes that he is going to be used as he has never been done before. Then suddenly, Her cock is thrust into his mouth with great force against the back of his throat as his head is violently pulled forward. he gags and coughs but tries his best to please Her. She starts to fuck his face with the dildo… he cannot wrap his lips around it and it is too big for him to use his tongue, he truly is a orifice for Her to fuck. She pulls out and moves away and for the first time, he sees the person referred to as “Tom” sitting in the chair naked and stroking the largest cock he has ever seen. his eyes widen and he starts to shake. She walks over to Him now and he quickly compares Her strap on to His and He is larger by far.. he is thankful that Mistress Heather was so kind to him when purchasing it. his eyes train on the cock and then he thinks but how could porno hikayeleri She be so cruel as to bring something that size to me, especially since She knows i have not done this before? They are talking for a while and laughing… She points to his cock and says something about the size… She takes out the dildo from the strap on and tosses it on the bed. She then goes to the night stand and pulls out a very large cock like dildo and places that into the harness. She walks around and looks very different with a hard on bouncing up and down with each step… She returns and shoves the large cock into his mouth, grabs the handle and starts to fuck her whore on the floor. he knows what is coming and wishes that the blind could be closed… just then, as if She read his mind, the blind on the hood is closed and he is returned to total darkness. She pulls out and he can hear Them talking again.. and very shortly a cock is thrust back into his mouth and is pumping in and out.

With each thrust, he is trying to figure out Who is in him and also to train his throat to take it all without gagging. She asks if he wants the blind opened again but the violent thrusts from Who ever is fucking his mouth and holding the handle on the top of his head prevents him from showing any sign to Her of his wishes… then he realizes that his wishes do not matter anyway, he remembers what he said when giving himself to Her… he trains on the voice to try to figure out Who is inside of him but he is disoriented now and it is useless. Suddenly the fucking stops and the cock is removed from his mouth.

She asks again “honestly my fucking slut, do you want it open?” he shakes his head.

“you don’t want to see which one of Us is fucking you?” he shakes his head again. “you look so good sucking cock… are you sure you have not done this before? His booming voice lets out with a laugh… once again, he shakes his head.

“he is good at it isnt he, Heather?”

“Yes, the little cunt actually has a purpose” as She belts out a laugh as the blind covering his eyes is quickly unzipped. he now sees both of them standing in front of him and both cocks are about the same size. They turn towards him as he shuts his eyes.

“Open those fucking seks hikayeleri eyes you worthless piece of shit!” She booms towards him. he quickly obeys and opens them to see Her kneeling in front of him about a foot away and off to the right side. A caring look comes across Her face and he feels re-assured “you trust me don’t you?”

he nods.

“you know that i would not hurt you right?”

he nods.

“you know that i respect you right?”

he nods again.

“you know that i would never hurt you, right?”

he nods as the look quickly disappears and one of pure evil comes across with a huge smile Her mouth opens as he hears the words “you are mine and you should have known better before you gave me ownership of your sorry little ass!! W/we discussed this before and you were fine with it… so what is the problem… you said you wanted to suck a cock and now you are going back on your word? your Mistress has brought you a cock to suck and now you refuse? How do you know He hasn’t already been in your mouth?”

With those words, he realizes two things, one that he has no idea who was fucking his mouth and two, She truly a great Mistress. She had learned well. As he gazes out from the hood hopelessly helpless… His cock starts to move towards his face… he can feel Him enter his mouth and gfab the handle and She is still kneeling and looking into his eyes.

“it was me before, this is His first time in you… you little cunt!… how do you like it?”

he faintly shrugs his shoulders. She looks into his eyes as he has his mouth fucked by Him. he feels Him trying to enter his throat… “it is okay, let it happen and relax your throat” She whispers to him.

he suddenly feels okay with everything or else realizes that there is no hope for him anymore and his throat relaxes and His cock slips down. Her eyes widen in total shock!

She gasps as Her jaw drops! “Your balls are touching his fucking chin!!!”

“I know, it feels fucking great Heather!! What a fucking blow job this is!!”

Then She smiles and asks Him “how long are You?”

He replies proudly “9 inches”

She looks back into his eyes and whispers “I can’t even take all that!” as the sounds from above him signal the warning of His orgasm as hot fluid fills his mouth. he keeps it there as more is coming in…. he is not sure what to do with it.

“Swallow it you worthless piece of shit!”

he starts to swallow all the gushing cum as He pushes harder into his mouth…