Finding Happiness Ch. 03


Chapter 3: A Parable.

The next morning after breakfast, Donna called Junie into the office. “That bastard finally wrote you an apology. Not much of one, if you ask me.”

Junie looked at the familiar capitals of her former Dom.






“He always used caps. One time I asked him why and he said he just liked it that way, and that it wasn’t my place to ask. I guess I should have gotten a clue at the very beginning. It’s not much of an apology is it, more of an excuse. At least he squeezed the word sorry in there a couple of times.” Junie pursed her lips. “Sorry bastard.”

Donna commented, her voice dry, “He will be sorrier once he gets to know Agent Durant. Hopefully he will have a better idea of how close he came to being an accomplice to rape and murder.”

The link showed a picture of a shiny black Mazda Miata. It had an animated clip that showed the automatic hardtop retracting feature. Junie crowed with delight. “Oh, look at it!” Donna looked over her shoulder. “It will be prettier in yellow.”

Junie giggled, “James will turn yellow when he talks to that Agent Durant.”

Bob’s voice called up from the basement. “Junie, come down and help me with this.” He was busy dismantling the St. Andrews cross and moving it and some of the other more obvious bondage equipment in preparation for the plumbing contractor to come in and work on the bathroom Bob was having built in the basement.

As Junie held the smooth heavy piece of timber steady as he removed the screws that held it place, Bob spoke, “I made this easy to dismantle so we could do this. Folks in town think I am crazy already. It would make the whole place buzz to learn I have a torture chamber in my basement.”

Junie giggled and nodded. It had been a busy few days since the FBI agents had left. Bob had framed in a wall between what would be her bedroom and a second room that Junie was beginning to think of as just ‘her’ room. He had made her help him every step of the way; measuring, holding the wood for him as he sawed, handing him tools like an ER nurse. Junie had been having little spasms of fear and then the subsequent bouts depression. She would find herself pausing, images of knives and death filling her mind, her mouth dry and her heart racing. Bob had been careful to keep her near and kept her moving forward, never letting her stop and get stuck in the feelings for long.

Many times a day Junie found herself jerked from her frightened introspection by a firm tug on a nipple pulling her off balance, and Bob’s sharp blue gaze boring into her eyes. “Stay here, Junie. Stay in the moment. Remember, ‘No Worrying’.” Junie found herself finding excuses to stay near him, needing his watchful eye to keep her from falling into panic.

Bob had kept his promise of keeping her nipples tender and sensitive to his slightest touch. Lately he had her wearing little rubber bands around them, keeping them swollen and erect. Junie had altered all the bras she had except one, carefully cutting holes so her constantly erect nipples could stick through and neatly binding the edges. She embroidered around each opening, adding decorative stars, flower petals, and even flames on her black bra. At first she did this because she wanted her nipples more accessible for Bob, but she found she liked the way they looked and the sensation of her clothing on her tender flesh was a constant erotic reminder.

Junie was looking at pictures of body modification on her computer, looking at the nipple piercings. “Those look so cool.”

Donna looked over her shoulder. “I guess. Never was much interested in body jewelry myself. Never much interested in jewelry at all. Do you think you would like something like that?”

Junie looked thoughtful. “Not ever before, but now, lately?” She giggled and looked down her loose top at her swollen exposed nipples. “I think it would look really sexy.”

Donna looked down Junie’s shirt. “They look pretty damn sexy as it is.” She reached her hand down Junie’s shirt and rolled a nipple between her fingers. Junie caught her breath and arched her back, stretching like a cat and purring. “You would have to get our Master’s permission to get any piercings.”

“I don’t know if I really want to. That feels so good, what you are doing. Would a piercing get in the way of that?”

Donna had both hands down the front of Junie’s loose tee and her lips pressed against Junie’s neck as Junie cruised the web, looking at various examples of nipple jewelry. “I don’t know. Some of those pictures are cute and sexy, but some just Betturkey look brutal and it looks like the nipples are scarred and damaged. Look at that site for non-piercing nipple jewelry.”

Junie was starting to quiver from the rush of sensations coming from Donna’s cool fingers rubbing and tugging at her. She found herself having increasing difficulty typing, soft giggles and squeals leaking from her lips as Donna would randomly pinch and tweak. “Maybe that would be a better idea, just as pretty but not so risky.”

Donna murmured a soft encouraging sound as she kissed Junie’s neck. Junie wasn’t sure if it was for her observation about the jewelry or for her rapidly soaring excitement. Junie pushed the lid of her laptop closed and pushed it away. “That feels so nice.”

Donna’s voice was husky. “The sun on the deck is just right. Let’s go sunbathe a little, my sweet Junie.”

There was a slow sensual intensity as they spread oil on each other’s bodies, hands moving slowly, pressing more insistently. Junie could not resist pressing her lips to Donna’s, her tongue curious, probing, and exploring. Their kisses were slow and soft, seeming to last forever, their hands roaming, sliding over their slippery skin. Junie whispered against her Mistress’s mouth. “Nice… so nice.”

Donna pushed Junie toward a recliner, “Lie down, Junie. Lie down on your side.”

As Junie lowered herself, Donna lay down beside her, but she had put her head facing Junie’s feet. Junie found her lips inches from Donna’s cleft, staring fascinated at her swollen folds, knowing that Donna had a similar view of her own, very wet cleft.

As Junie leaned in, her tongue stroking through the center, she felt Donna’s warm and wet tongue parting her, opening her. A shock shot through both their bodies, an electric circuit of pleasure that seemed to flow from one to the other and back again. There was a calm, almost leisurely rhythm to their lovemaking. Soft gentle licks and kisses, almost teasing touches, lifted and rocked them on a softly surging sea of pleasure.

Junie found herself murmuring a nonsense song of delight to the object of her fascination. Between each caress she pressed against the fragrant flesh, “So soft… so sweet… so nice… love you… yes… good.” Donna’s leg was lifted high and Junie burrowed her face deeper, her tongue probing, drinking in the sweet nectar that gathered there. No longer able to find words, she moaned and mumbled, her body surging and rocking as Donna’s mouth pulled at her very core. As each of them sensed that the other was approaching the limits of their ecstasy, their bodies tensing and trembling, they slowed their touches. Each knowing that the other was there with them, balancing, reveling in the ecstasy they shared. Just before they teetered and fell, Donna spoke, “Stay with me, Junie.”

As they spiraled down, clutching at each other, eagerly sucking on the throbbing flesh. Donna did not relent, her mouth on Junie was even more persistent, exacting, her licks changing to bites. For the first time her fingers thrusting deep and fast. Junie convulsed, struggling to meet and match her Mistress’s demands, her soaring climax shaking her mind and her body. Mindless, she pulled at Donna’s hips, her cries muffled as she held Donna’s clit between her teeth, her tongue lashing the sensitive nub.

It seemed like her whole body ignited as a crescendo of rapture took her and tossed her. Deeply aware of Donna’s cries of completion, she rode the waves of her orgasm, feeding off Donna’s rising passion, and sharing her own.

Junie was hardly aware of how it ended. She slowly drifted back to reality, her face still snuggly nested against Donna’s damp flesh. Donna’s soft kisses were soothing rather than stimulating. Junie laughed a happy soft giggle. “That was so nice. Thank you, Ma’am.”

“You are welcome, sweet Junie. I am very happy you are turning out to be such an enthusiastic little lesbian. Let’s roll over and get a little sun on the other side.”

Bob found them there still laying head to foot, their cheeks supported by the others’ thigh, talking softly to each other as they basked in the afternoon sun. “You two look very happy.”

Junie’s voice was soft and sleepy, “Very, very, very happy.”

At that moment Sunny jumped up from where he had been laying in the sun and barked loudly and raced off toward the driveway. The other three dogs followed close behind, adding their voices to the alarm. Junie could hear the rumbling of a truck engine and the crunch of gravel as the vehicle came closer to the house.

Bob turned to follow the dogs, calling back over his shoulder, “We seem to have company. I was not expecting any building supply deliveries until tomorrow. You girls might think about getting some clothes on.”

Junie left one parting kiss on Donna’s soft pink flesh, before she jumped up and hurried to her room. She quickly pulled on a soft pair of knit shorts and her one intact brassier Betturkey Giriş and a loose tank top. A little wave of anxiety shook her. Who was coming to visit? The last unexpected visitors had been the FBI. Their questions and information about the case had left her feeling terrified. Junie stayed in the house, occupying herself with cleaning, sweeping and dusting, her eyes straying nervously to the back door. When the door burst open Junie shrank back, a wave of nervous anxiety sweeping over her. Bob stuck his head in and called to her. “Junie, what the hell are you doing in there? Get your ass out here.”

Junie found herself reluctantly walking through the garden. As she got closer to the garage, she was just in time to see a big UPS delivery van turn around and drive back down the driveway. A quick sigh of relief shook Junie; she just did not want to meet anyone new today.

A happy bounce replaced the reluctant trudge as she went into the garage. Donna was looking at a pile of packages in the middle of the floor. Bob had a proud if somewhat sheepish grin on his face. He was protesting, “I did not order all of this. Some of the packages are for Junie and I saw at least two things you ordered too.” He looked up. “Oh good, Junie, you made it finally.” Bob turned and waved at the pile of packages. “It’s Christmas in the spring time. Help us sort this stuff out.”

Donna laughed and said, “Christmas? Okay, Junie, you get to hand out the presents.” She held out a package. “This one has Bob’s name on it, and oh look, this one too.” Junie took the brown paper wrapped packages and held them wordlessly out to Bob. He took them and stood holding the boxes in his hands, looking at Donna, his expression suddenly serious, a warning glint showing in his blue eyes. Donna looked back at him, her eyes faltering and her smile fading.

His voice held his neutral conversational tone. “Let’s just sort out the stuff and worry about opening our presents later.”

Donna swallowed and nodded. “Good idea.”

Junie had three packages of fabric. Donna had two brown paper wrapped packages that she laid down beside her. All the rest were laid at Bob’s feet. At least a dozen packages were mounded up around his feet; some of them were surprisingly large. He was trying not to grin, but his eyes were sparkling.

Donna was eyeing the pile curiously. “That can’t all be panties.”

Bob laughed, “Wouldn’t you like to know.” He had a broad grin on his face, but his eyes still held their warning glint.

Donna could not resist. “I will open my packages if you open yours.”

Junie stood hugging her packages of fabric to her chest watching the two of them as they gently sparred with each other. Junie could tell that Donna was pushing her luck. She spoke up. “Um, Sir, would you like me to help you… um… put anything away?”

Bob looked at her, remembering she was there. His smile softened and he leaned over and picked up a couple of smaller packages. He tossed them to her. Junie dropped the packages she was holding and caught both as they hurtled toward her, shrieking and giggling. Bob laughed and said, “Good catch. Those are for you.” He sent a sharp look toward Donna, daring her to say something. “Panties.”

Donna looked at the pile of parcels. “Anything there for me?”

Bob’s voice still held that neutral conversational tone. “Lots.” He turned to Junie. “Help me put these up on a shelf here. I will open them later.”

“Yes, Sir.” Junie carefully piled her packages by the door and went to help move the boxes to a shelf. One of the larger packages was surprisingly heavy and she looked at Bob in surprise as he took it from her hands and put it up on a high shelf.

His grin broadened. “That, my girl, is going to be a very special surprise for both you and Donna. We will save that for when we get the dungeon set back up.”

Junie grinned back and giggled. “Oh my.”

Junie stood in the doorway of the garage looking at the SUV with her lips pressed together. She shifted from one foot to the other, looked over her shoulder and gazed back at the house longingly.

Bob stood by the SUV and looked back at her frowning, “Junie, did you forget something?”

“No, I just… um…” She took a deep breath and started again. “It just seems like lately I don’t want to go anywhere. I just want to stay here and never ever have to go anywhere again.” “You have to get this done. No one else can do this for you.”

“I know. It just seems so much more difficult than ever before.”

Bob’s voice hardened, “Junie, get in the car.”

Junie took a couple more steps toward the car and stopped again. A soft deep whine of terror shook her. She was not sure what she feared worse, her growing anxiety or Bob’s displeasure. To her absolute horror, she turned and began to walk back out of the garage. It was like her legs were not her own. She turned her head and looked back toward Bob with abject terror.

Junie Betturkey Güncel Giriş had only taken a few steps when Bob had his hand on her, stopping her and spinning her around. He looked closely at her face and said one word. “Talk.”

Junie seemed to shrink up into herself. There were no words to attach to this feeling of panic that was welling up inside her. She looked deep into his blue eyes and knew she had to obey. She began to blurt out words and phrases, her voice strangled and quavering, “Feeling afraid, fat, ugly, stupid, people looking at me, strangers with knives, danger, useless, lonely, failing you, disappointing you, losing you…”

Bob put his hand over her mouth and stopped the torrent of terror. “Okay, Junie, I am going keep my arm around you. You are going to walk to the car with me. Donna is going to sit with you. You are going to face all this. We will be there with you. We will not let you fail.”

As he spoke he was gently and firmly moving her toward the SUV. Junie closed her eyes and let his words soothe her, forcing herself not to think about the day ahead. It was really supposed to be an easy day. First they were going to stop by her former workplace and get a few things and sign her exit papers. Then swing by her old apartment and sign the hold harmless on her breaking her lease. Bob had hired a cleaning service to clean up the mess in her apartment and they had boxed up the few items that were unbroken. They were just going to pick up those things and she could sort them out later at home. Next was signing the papers for the repair of her car and leaving it at a consignment sales lot.

Last was the real reason for coming to town. Her Miata was ready for pickup. She needed to go fill out all the papers and drive it home. It should have been something to look forward to, tying the last loose ends of her old life and then a fun drive home in her brand new convertible. Junie had thought she would have been looking forward to these things, but as the time to leave drew closer she had been becoming increasingly panic stricken. She had not gone anywhere since the trip to town where she had found her apartment torn to pieces by the man who had been carefully planning to kill her. Learning about him and his horrible series of crimes had made something snap inside her. All she wanted was to stay hiding in her new home with Bob and Donna and never go anywhere ever again.

There was no way that Bob was going to let her disobey him and a quiet, dry voice in her head was agreeing that she had to do this. It just seemed like her legs were not cooperating. Junie kept her eyes clenched shut as Bob lead her back to the car. She heard him speak to Donna, “Ride in back with her.” If he had not had his hand on her elbow, warm and very firm, Junie did not think she could have gotten into the car. She felt Donna’s hand settle on her leg and then move up to wrap around her shoulders, pulling her to lean against her. Donna’s voice murmured into her ears, “It will be okay, sweet. I will ride back here with you.” Junie was struggling to control her breathing, soft crazy giggles and sobs were making her lurch and hiccup under Donna’s soothing, stroking hands.

Donna spoke again, “Honey, close the child lock on Junie’s side for me and then get some toys for Junie and I to play with. I think she will need to have something to occupy her mind for the ride to town.”

Junie spoke up, a quiet, soft voice of reason coming from somewhere deep inside her, “I might need something to throw up into, a basin or a plastic bag, and a clean pair of underwear.”

As they waited for Bob to come back, Donna laughed and praised her. “Good girl, Junie. You want to get through this too. When we are all done, you will be so proud of yourself.”

“If I am still alive.”

Junie kept her eyes carefully closed, finding some comfort in the shelter of the darkness behind her eyelids. By the time Bob came back she had her breathing almost under control. She felt Donna slip the blindfold over her eyes and she sighed. “Oh yes, that will help. Thank you.” She felt the tension in her body ease a notch. Donna spoke softly, “Give me your hand, Junie,” and pulled her wrist up, pressing it against the metal grid that separated the back where the dogs rode from the passenger seat.

As Junie felt the handcuff close around her wrist she breathed a soft, “Thank you, Ma’am.” Soon both her hands were fastened up and behind her head. She was seated in the middle of the bench seat with her seatbelt securely fastened. She giggled and tried to joke, “I think you’ve got me.”

As Bob started the engine of the SUV and began to pull out of the garage, a whole new wave of panic shook Junie and she felt her arms jerking against her bindings and a tiny wail of terror shook her.

As they drove down the driveway, Junie felt Donna’s hands on her, unbuttoning her blouse. She froze and gasped, “What are you doing?”

“I am distracting you, Junie, helping you. Trust me, this will help immensely.”

“I can’t do this, oh god Ma’am, please don’t make me do this.”

“Shhh, Junie, I want you to listen to me. I am going to tell you a story. It will distract you from your fears.”

Junie took a deep breath and gulped. “Okay, but just be ready in case I puke.”