The Spirit of Lady Macbeth Pt. 02


With perfect penmanship her back to the students Professor Duncan wrote in script on the clean blackboard.

‘Balzac: Behind every great fortune lies a crime’.

Lisbeth vigorously underlined the word ‘crime’.

“In this case the crime is the terrible lie that women are and have been so often treated throughout the world as 2nd class citizens…Do I have to go into the numerous contributions over the centuries. Yet many a time a man has taken credit for what a woman has rightfully accomplished.”

On either side of him Wanda and Lori glared at Tracy as did most of the other women at the 5 remaining male students like they’d all been covertly part of an infamous conspiracy.

Feeling her anger rising she stared with purpose at her students.

“Power isn’t given it is taken…Yes Shakespeare has a reputation of being favorable to women at times but I submit the expression hidden behind the words of a woman… Queen Gertrude …that spoke ‘The Lady doth protest too much, me thinks’ conveys what most males have been trained to view women as. How often do we hear she is a nasty bitch when a woman speaks up. The moment we show assertiveness or worse to their view aggression…both common male traits we are looked on as being out of line.”

Lisbeth held up her course book.

“Literature throughout history celebrates male privilege while entitling men to keep women down. They sexualize us for our fertile bodies doing their best to keep us in a box as though all we’re good for is procreating if not providing pleasure treated like we are mere brainless toys and sex kittens…”All the world’s a stage…and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts.’…you can see the point I make in the fact that he doesn’t include women as playing many parts.”

Once more all the female students glared at the 6 male ones as they slinked lower in their chairs.

Collecting herself Professor Lisbeth drew a long breath prepared to leave out ‘the slings and arrows’ having absorbed her fair share.

“So as I finish… again power isn’t given …it is taken…then it is demonstrated so as to affirm it… I ask each of you…are you a woman ready to make her mark on the world and create the society she lives in?”

Lisbeth threw in a pregnant pause just for effect.

“To be or not to be…a woman…one whom is in charge of her life!”

But for the male students the class rose as one clapping their hands making their way down whooping and hollering to surround the woman that had just inspired them.

A look by Lori at Tracy as she left to join in informed her the first part of the Bards quote would soon likely apply as he stood at a life altering crossroad. Wanda raising her fist yelled out ‘Cry havoc…and let slip the dogs of war’.

He Betturkey stared at Lori without speaking feeling both fearful and excited. Lori’s penetrating look went right through him. Whatever powerful feminine energy Lisbeth had was building within Lori as well. He did what many a submissive sexually subservient person does. A shake of his growing hair unconsciously toying with his hoop earring Tracy smiled at her using it as a defense mechanism hoping Lori found him attractive enough it might be a distraction if not a ‘come on’.

Sitting in her backyard already having been published with her name on the spine of a book of her own Lisbeth thought it was a perfect afternoon to read. Entilted ‘A Breeze in the Willows’…the sleeve proclaimed a few promotional bits…’a compelling read from the Elizabethan age…the drama set against the backdrop of a world in conflict beyond the shores of the English Channel…at 800 pages it’s a real page-turner’.

One of the characters reminded Lisbeth Duncan of someone she knew from London during her time there before taking the lucrative contract to lecture at university abroad. 3 chapters in the woman set it done as her mind drifted.

The dominant woman had taken to calling her Justina from Barking like the many she’d done before Lisbeth took a naïve male and brought him into the light of the feminine.

A hankering for a true pale ale Lisbeth started that fall afternoon out at ‘The Barking Dog’ on Station Parade. Stunning in her black leather slacks with legs crossed the woman pivoted in her stool sitting at the small table for two.

Working her way through the two bangers and beans for her spot of lunch she took a sip of her Adnams ‘Ghost Ship’ liking the taste of the ‘Ghostly Pale Ale’.

Spotting his reflection in the mirror she knew she had one on the line. Perhaps it was her matching leather boots with their 3″ heels or maybe it was the way her chiffon blouse with its billowing sleeves clung to the contour highlighting her milky breasts. Either way Lisbeth’s beauty was pulling him into her energy-field.

The thoughts flowed through her mind …’Well he would make for a lovely t-girl…prim and proper maybe even a little prissy…yessss I won’t even ask his boy name…it will matter little once he is under my spell. I think I’ll call her Justina…Justina from Barkling…though he better slow down with the suds I don’t want him pissed’.

A trip to the loo had Lisbeth creating as much cleavage as she could muster before walking out to stop by his table. The same as her last name the two found themselves at Admiral Duncan.

Walking in they spotted the woman at the entrance who looked to be a spot-on image of Dame Judy Dench.

He glanced at Lisbeth unaware that she was a Cd of sorts keeping tabs on those allowed inside.

“Boy Betturkey Giriş she’s everywhere…that’s Dame Judy Dench…you know I heard tell she’ll be in the next James Bond movie again.”

Lisbeth grinned

“Really…I heard she ‘is’ going to be 007 in the next Bond movie.”

On stage at the historic gay bar a lovely transwoman a hint of drag queen in her look was singing letting the glitter of her sequins show off her bosom.

The woman had been noticing tell-tale signs her candidate wasn’t who he was presenting as. She knew most any Cd or T-girl always had a thing for being dominated by genetic women especially an alpha. A challenge by Lisbeth had him slip into the loo and put on her knickers returning to the table.

“Since you are in my lace thong…I think I’ll call you Justina.”

Justina offered no resistance at being given the name change.

“With those sequins that evening gown looks like a Versace the way it hugs her body and highlights her bosom Ms. Lisbeth.”

It was another checkmark Lisbeth took note of. A regular bloke would have said ‘gee that’s a real shiny dress and she has nice tits.”

“She’s beautiful Ms. Lisbeth.”

Her hand ran across his cock to see it had gone hard as she spoke

“…dear Justina beauty can be brought out in many…even a male like you.”

A whimper escaped as ‘Justina’ felt himself being pulled into her under tow. Lisbeth ran her the back of her hand softly across his cheek.

“It’s time we headed back to my flat.”

Sitting on the loveseat Lady Lisbeth quickly asserted herself her hands undoing his belt she slid his pants off then swiftly removed his shirt. But for the lacy knickers he was naked to Lisbeth still being dressed in her clothing. He had always been turned on whenever he wanked to ‘cfnm-porn’. But for a puff of a feminine triangle prettiness on his mound not a hair on Justina’s body only confirmed what the woman had deduced.

“I must warn you…I am feeling quite dominant…”

Pressing against the luxurious fabric of the knickers Justina’s penis grew firm before their eyes.

“…I always get this way when I see someone who would make for a lovely t-girl.”

Would it happen? …was he really with an alpha female who knew his secret? The pretty design of her bra barely hidden he couldn’t take his eyes off the way her breasts swayed behind the semi-shear blouse.

Boldly lifting his chin with her finger moments later the ‘lippy’ was shimmering on both his upper and lower lip as Lisbeth finished applying it.

“You’ve dressed before…I can tell…come Justina dear it’s time you’re drained of your seed.”

How did she know? Justina thought of all the times he had purged. The mini and micro skirts, the office day-wear, the lovely aprons he wore when cleaning his flat Betturkey Güncel Giriş looking like any female homemaker, the silks and satins, the corsets and stockings and suspender-belts with their frilly tabs. His body as smooth as any woman’s he so enjoyed putting on his pretty face wearing a bra and knicker set while in high heels.

The two in Lisbeth’s bed played at the romantic tussle. In little time at all Lisbeth had him awash in makeup his face as pretty as the expensive wig she’d put him in. Clutching and grabbing squeezing and caressing at first it seemed he may end up on top like most any male.

Lisbeth would have none of that she swung her sculpted thighs and claimed her rightful place above him. At 5′ 7″ it only seemed natural for Justina to be under her.

The high count of Lisbeth’s Egyptian cotton sheets felt so silky on his skin. His masculinity having disappeared as though it had never really existed at all he obeyed her command.

“Spread for me you tart…good gurl…that’s a good gurl.”

Her hips between ‘Justina’s’ Lisbeth mounted the budding t-girl. It felt so nice being captured in the wetness of the woman’s vagina. Feeling something flow through ‘her’ body Justina lifted both legs to ride on the outside Lisbeth’s.

“I want to be inside you Justina…”

What kind of man was he if he can’t control when he comes? Justina couldn’t hold back the words exciting enough they made him spurt out.

“Come morning I use my strap-on to deflower you…I am a wiccan…you can feel it inside you …I’ve just cast a powerful spell on you to purge you of your male thoughts…have no fear…as it should be… from now on you’ll live your life every day as a trans-woman.”

It was as though Justina could see the future she pictured herself a full breasted t-girl posing in front of a mirror in a women’s clothing store. She even saw herself coming out of the beauty salon with her long talons covered in deep-red. Justina pictured herself being on a girly social media site posing and preening like an objectified feminine being.

Her next vision was being in a wedding dress…surely it was a lovely ‘Versace’ bridal-gown its train flowing in back as she was being led to accept a ring on her finger declaring her to be an honest woman.

Her makeup perfect what she saw next startled Justina. On her knees she was unzipping the pants of an alpha man his cock pulled put in all its stiff glory. Pouting her colorful lips staring with her sultry eyes she knew she was ready to pleasure him.

Lisbeth acted like she could read Justina’s thoughts.

“Yes like many a Brit t-girl on tvChix you’re beautiful…you’ll develop quite a desire for it…sucking a man’s cock that is…it will become second nature to a classy t-girl as pretty as you Justina dear.”

It had been near 7 years since that day fulfilling the prophecy engaged to him Justina worked as a secretary to the Barrister who let her shop to her hearts delight. A cock thick enough to fill her up if one thought about it what more could a stunning T-girl like Justina from Barkling want?

End of part 2 …