Squealing Pig


My trough was filled to the brim with sloppy food. My vagina grew slick from the thought of the sloppy mess it was going to cause, and excitement filled up within me.

“Come on, Adele,” my owner called, patting his thigh.

I squealed, and although hard, I got on my knees and hands and crawled over to the trough. The other pigs ate beside me.

I gave an angry growl when one of the other dirty pigs tried to shove me. I was extremely territorial of my sloppy food, and if any of the other fat pigs came over to me, I tended to cause quite a fight with them.

I was covered in mud, and I smelled terribly of sweat, but I loved it. The only time I was clean was when my owner decided when, which I came to a conclusion that was every fortnight.

The heat was sweltering, as it was spring, and most of the other female pigs were mating, except none of the male pigs wanted me. I didn’t know why; I was the sexiest fucking pig there.

I became full, but didn’t want to stop eating. I released sex hikayeleri some obnoxiously loud farts that were sloppy, wet and definitely dirty.

I knew I had to empty my belly to eat anymore, so I took a shit right there. The barn the pigs and I were in was rarely cleaned, so we often rolled around in the mud and our own shit.

Next to me, a female and male pig were fucking, and I couldn’t help but watch as the male pig humped her behind, and I wished it was me that was getting plowed in the pussy by a big pig cock.

I let out a little whimper, and the owner came to stand next to me. He crouched on his haunches and looked into my eyes.

“What’s wrong, girl?” He asked, patting me on the back.

I snorted and wiggled. I was incredibly horny, and really wanted to mate.

“Uh, you want someone to fuck you hard, don’t you, girl?” He smirked and rubbed my snout softly. “Well, Adele, it’s your lucky day. I’ve got someone special for you to mate with.”

Smiling, porno hikayeleri my owner called someone by the name of Tony.

I looked at the barn doors, and Tony walked in. He was obese and naked. His big dick between his legs pointed toward me as he came to me.

I let out an excited squeal and turned to stick my flabby, sagging ass out. My tits also sagged, but I didn’t care. I wanted him inside of me.

The male, Tony, got onto his knees and rubbed his thick, long cock against me. Before I could even think, he pushed his dick into me hard and grunted, like a pig.

I grunted, also. I was in ecstasy. I was finally getting mated on, and I was happy about it.

He plunged his big, piggy penis in and out of me. I was on a sex-high, and wasn’t coming down until I had this orgasm.

My pussy clenched around his shaft, and he gave me a grunt in return. I wiggled against him, looking for more pleasure to make me cum. I was close, but not close enough.

Tony seks hikayeleri snorted and fucked me harder and faster. He was losing control, but who wouldn’t? Anyone who fucked my piggy pussy was lucky and would lose control.

After all, I was the most obese pig on this farm.

I looked up and saw my owner watching us, his cock hard.

I squealed in excitement as I realised that not only had I gotten Tony hard, but I had also gotten my owner hard too. This made my cunt even more wetter than it was.

My eyes rolled back into my head as my owner got onto his hands and knees and began rubbing my very swollen clit.

I was a sweating, grunting, growling and squealing. I wanted to cum so very badly.

I again squeezed my right pussy around Tony’s shaft, and I heard him grown behind me. The other pigs around me were also mating, making this situation even more hotter.

My owner pinched my clit hard and I came long and hard. Pleasure and pain filled me as I squeezed Tony’s cock especially hard.

His dick swelled as he came inside of me. He then got up on his hind legs once he finished coming inside of me, and he walked away.

I didn’t care though, I was satisfied.

I couldn’t wait until next mating season.