Sexual Tension

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I’ve never had a good relationship with my mom growing up. She wasn’t around much, due to her work, which is why I spent most of my time with my father. I suppose that’s why I have a much stronger bond with my dad than I have with my mother. It’s not that I mind, honestly I kind of love it. I’ve always looked up to my father and that’ll never change, especially since he practically raised me on his own. Thinking about it now, I realized that’s why we are so much closer than other sons and dads. Again, it’s not like I mind.

Something else that brought us even closer was the day that I came out to my parents. While my mother looked like she was ashamed of me, my dad was proud of me. He told me that he was happy for me and that being gay wouldn’t change anything between us. I believed him, because why would it change something?

On my 21st birthday I finally realized what could change between my father and I. It was the sexual tension that had been growing ever since I came out when I was 15 years old. From that moment on, we’d been even closer than before. We went camping, on roadtrips during my summer holidays and went to have a spa weekend a couple of times. We did everything together. Much to my mothers dislike. Since my coming out and me announcing that I like boys my mother had a look of disgust on her face whenever she saw me. My dad told me how many times he got angry with her for not accepting me. I always appreciated him standing up for me, but I never wanted to harm their marriage either, seeing as my dad would do anything for me.

I’d never realized that it was sexual tension that I felt between my father and me. Having said that, I was completely unaware of him and his looks up until now. I was pretty naïve I might say, whenever I thought he was just being sweet and looking out for me, every time he kept his eyes on me – whilst watching TV, when I left the room and situations like that.

On my birthday it finally clicked in my head. It made me think that I was attracted to my own father and that he was attracted to me. And it didn’t make me feel weird at all. Actually I felt good, thinking about it. And THAT was the strange part about it. But I couldn’t help myself. From that night on, my 21st birthday, I realized that I wasn’t just attracted to my father, but that I was incredibly horny.

So I celebrated my birthday again at night, after all the guests had left the house and I was alone in my bed. Mom was still not home yet, she texted me earlier to say she would not be able to make it, and that she would be back in two days. I couldn’t give a single fuck to be honest. I had a fantastic party, had gotten myself completely wasted and was now lying in bed, jacking off to gay porn. But it wasn’t the porn only that got me off pretty quickly. It was my thoughts. Me thinking about my dad being in his bed down the hall, maybe even jerking off too.

The thoughts got me crazy and I wished I could go over and tell him all about it, but I definitely wouldn’t do that. I was almost ready to shoot my load into my sheets when there was a knock on my bedroom door.

“Y-Yeah?” I breathed out and quickly got my hand out from underneath my sheets, wiping my hand off on my mattress.

“Oh good, you’re not asleep yet.” I heard dad say as he walked marks head bobbers porno into my room and over to where I was lying in bed. “I was wondering if you wanted to have another drink?” I didn’t see what he was holding until he was close enough, holding two glasses in both of his hands before he sat down on the edge of my bed. I tried not to let him notice that I was still so close to orgasm.

He handed me my drink and I took a sip, tasting the whiskey he’d given me. It was definitely good, but I was sure he’d see the bulge beneath the sheets if he turned around just a tad more. I wasn’t embarrassing, it was more like a torture for me to see him sitting on the edge of my bed with his drink in hand, the tank top he was wearing clinging tightly to his muscled chest just like the boxers he was wearing. Pure torture.

“Are you okay?” Dad looked down at me, my face probably all scrunched up as I almost gulped down the entire whisky in one go. “You look like you’re in pain or something. Are you getting sick?”

I quickly shook my head and tried to shift a little on the spot to get more comfortable, which is exactly when he noticed my “problem”.

“Oh… Shit, sorry, I didn’t—I wasn’t—” He gently patted my thigh through the sheets, so close to my throbbing cock before he stood up, still looking down at me.

“You don’t have to go.” I said, unsure if it was the alcohol talking or if it was actually me. Did I really just ask my dad to stay and watch me painfully hold back my orgasm? Or was I asking him to stay so he could watch or even help me out? Geez, I wasn’t sure. But I needed relief. And he was here. In my room. And he looked so good. Too good to just let him go. God, I was so horny.

“You want me to stay?” He asked, tilting his head to the side before he nipped on his whiskey again, licking his lips afterwards as if he was silently hoping he could stay too.

I nodded, putting my glass down onto my nightstand as I shifted to sit upright, the sheets sliding down on me a little, which only made me aware now that I was completely naked, barely covered anymore.

Dad sat down again, eyeing me closely before he put his glass down as well, which had him leaning forward close enough for me to smell his cologne. He stayed close for a moment and all I could see was his face in front of my own, even though it was already pretty dark in my room I could still make out the features of his face, his eyes and most definitely his beautiful mouth. I jerked when I felt his hand on my thigh again, squeezing ever so gently until he slid it upwards a little and then he stopped.

We didn’t talk after that. Not a single word. He pressed his lips to my own and I couldn’t help but scoot even closer to him, eagerly kissing him back. So it wasn’t just me. He’d felt it too the entire night, probably the entire past couple of years. The sexual tension had been building up for a while now and finally, just finally it was released and we were making out in my bed. God, we were actually kissing. And he tasted so good, too good to be true.

I was so lost in his kisses that I almost didn’t realize what he was doing. He was shifting closer, straddling me and pressing his body down onto my own. I was moaning against his massage porno lips as he started to grind down on me, his erection lining up so perfectly with my own. But he was still wearing underwear, which made it even tougher for me. I wanted to feel him, all of him and not just through the fabric.

I was digging my nails into his back, trying to let him know that I wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer. I’d been so close a good ten minutes ago already and it was hard, oh so hard to not give in to the temptation of just letting go.

“D-Dad”, I breathed against his lips, groaning softly as he started to kiss down my neck, sucking and biting down as he went. “God, please… I—I need more.”

Dad just looked up from where he was kissing me shoulder, sat up straight and pulled his tank top over his head, tossing it across the room before he went for his boxers. He pulled it off in one go, giving himself a couple of strokes and then got back on top of me.

“You need more? What do you want, hm?” He asked, his voice lower than usually as he started to stroke both of our cocks together. The friction was good and had me rolling my eyes into the back of my head.

“You. Just you.” I muttered, looking back up to face him. Was it just me or had his eyes grown even darker than before? God, he looked so fucking sexy, I couldn’t help it. I wanted all of him and I definitely wanted it now more than ever.

He smirked and shifted on top of me, still stroking my cock slowly as he teased my hole with the tip of his dick. I pushed down onto it, knowing that I wasn’t prepped enough yet, but I also didn’t really care about that. Knowing that I did enjoy it rougher than all the boys I’ve been with, I knew I would be able to take it, no matter if I was stretched enough or not. But dad didn’t know that, how would he? So instead of wasting my time explaining it to him, I reached into my nightstand and pulled a bottle of lube out of it, not even ashamed of the almost empty bottle I only bought about two weeks ago. I sat up a little, squeezing enough lube onto his cock, giving it a couple of strokes before I turned around.

I loved it doggy style. That was something I found out not too long ago. I turned my head a little so I could look over my shoulder, giving a small nod to let my dad know that I was ready for it, for him. It didn’t take him long to register what it was I needed and that’s when I felt him push at my hole, slowly and gently at first before ramming his cock up my ass. It made me scream and squeal at the same time and I couldn’t believe it. It hurt a lot but felt way too good to care about the pain.

“Fuck”, I heard my dad moan. “You’re fucking tight, son.” He groaned as he pulled out almost all the way before pushing back in. He tugged on my hair, pulling my head back as he picked up a slow rhythm at first before he started fucking into me like a rabbit. His cock was definitely thicker and longer than all the boys I’ve had before and it finally felt like I was full and nothing else could fit inside me better than my dad could.

“God, yes, daddy…” I cried out as he brought his hand down hard on my cheek, probably leaving a red mark. “Harder, p-please, hard-er”, I spat out, pushing back into his thrusts every time I could. meet-suck and fuck porno My heart was pounding so fast I could barely catch up with breathing at all.

“Mhmm, yes. Fuck yourself on my cock. You’ve been so horny for it, am I right?”

“Ugh, y-yeah, daddy. So, so horny…”

He sat back and pulled me off of his cock, spinning me around to face him. He leaned back on his hands and nodded for me to come sit on his cock. “It’s your turn, baby. C’mon, work it.” He smirked, his cock twitching as I looked down at it.

I licked my lips and grinned as I leaned down to engulf his cock in my mouth, sucking the strawberry lube off of him which tasted fucking amazing. I could hear him moan and felt his hand on my head a couple of minutes later, pushing me down further. Sucking cock was something I’d always loved about men. To have something in my mouth was my favorite and my dad enjoyed it too, I could hear that. He pushed me down on his cock until he hit the back of my throat which made me gag for a second, but I’d done that before so it wasn’t new to me.

“Even know how to suck cock, jesus christ. Better than any women could ever do it.” He said, and I pulled off for a second, rolling my eyes at him.

“Asshole. Of course I’m better than a woman. I know what I enjoy.” I winked, shifting closer to him until I was straddling him, pushing him down flat against my bed and taking a seat on his dick. “I’m gonna show you how good I am.” I added before I sunk down around his cock, moaning and licking my lips at the same time as he was back inside me.

I didn’t really need much time to adjust, so I started to move my ass up and down his cock pretty easily. He instantly put his hands on my cheeks, pushing me down with every move I did. He hit my prostate just right every time. His hands were squeezing my cheeks and I knew that I would have a hard time sitting down the next day, but that wasn’t the first thing on my mind at all.

“Fuck, yes. I’m gonna cum, baby.” Dad muttered a couple of minutes later, the sound of our skin slapping together getting louder. “Make me cum.”

I moaned loudly and nodded my head as I began moving faster up and down his cock, knowing that I was just as close as he was.

“Don’t cum until I tell you to”, he told me, which had me gasp and hold my breath for a moment. “I don’t want you to spill a drop, you hear me?”

I could only nod as he started bucking his hips up faster and came a second later, filling my ass up with his cum. It was deliciously hot and even harder for me not to come too. But I patiently waited until he moved us so he was back on top of me. He slid down my body and wrapped his lips around my throbbing dick, bobbing his head up and down so teasingly slow. I felt his tongue teasing my slit and it was definitely too much to handle for me right that moment.

“Dad, I need—please. God, I’m begging you.” I muttered, so close to my orgasm that I wanted to scream.

He pushed three fingers back into my hole which was still slippery with lube and his cum. “Come for me, baby.” He breathed against my cock before he sunk back down and started bobbing his head faster. And that was when I finally let go and came down his throat, bucking my hips up into the wonderful heat of his mouth.

It was definitely too much when he continued to push his fingers in and out of my hole, but I could barely speak. I was so exhausted, that I could only smile as he finally pulled away and plopped down next to me.

“How was that for a present?” He asked.

“Fucking amazing.” I whispered.

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