Sleeping with My Pregnant Mother

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When I was about 18 years old, my mother got pregnant with my little sister and we moved to my grandmother’s place. We used to live in an apartment before, but with the addition of a new member to our family, my father decided to build ourselves a new house in the suburbs. So, my mother and I moved to my grandmother’s while my father was away, busy with the construction. Things had not been going very well between my mother and my father; they had been sleeping in separate rooms for quite a long time. The pregnancy was an accident, which they agreed might be their chance for a new beginning.

My grandmother was very old, she lived in a Victorian styled house in the city with my unmarried aunt, my mother’s sister. My mother still had her bedroom in the house, which my grandmother used as a guestroom when her children would visit. My mother would sleep on her bed, while I would place a mattress on the floor by the balcony door, so that I could enjoy the fresh breeze of the night while I sleep.

My mother maintained a nice figure throughout her pregnancy. Sharing the same room with her, I started becoming more and more aware of her body. At home, in our apartment, I never saw her naked before; she would always close the door when she undressed, and both my father and her were very prude about making love in the house.

I started looking at her, at her swollen breasts when she would change in the room, she tried her best to hide it, she would usually turn her back to me while she changed her top, and if she had to undress entirely, she would ask me to leave the room, turn around or close my eyes. I was still able to catch glimpses of her body. I liked her nipples, they were bigger than I expected them to be, and she had large, dark aureoles. I loved her ass, the cheeks pressed tightly against each other.

On weekends, when I did not have to go to school, I used to sleep till late, and I would lie there on the mattress and pretend to be asleep and I would wait for hours till she would come back in the bedroom after her shower, wearing only her bathrobe. Thinking I was sound asleep, she would untie her robe and glance at herself in the mirror, looking at her rounded belly. And I would be granted a full frontal view of her vagina, dark and hairy, beautifully contrasting with her fair skin.

She was surprisingly quite hirsute, with some black hairs on her armpits and all around her thighs and pubic area. After checking her growing belly – which was not so big, she was only a few months through her pregnancy, and it was just slightly rounded as opposed to her normal slim figure – she would apply some moisturising cream on her legs and arms. She would place one foot on a chair and rub down her thigh, knee and shin; and sometimes her robe would slide down to the side, revealing her teen porno entire leg, and from my position on the ground, I could get a clear view of her vagina, and protruding labial lips, which were dark and somewhat uglier than I thought they would be.

Hers was the first real-life vagina I had seen in my life. I was still a virgin, and I never had a girlfriend. At the time, internet was not so readily available, so I was not watching any porn, but I did have a few magazines I was jerking off to. The women in the magazines were nothing compared to my mother, they were mostly blonde, had big rounded breasts and small nipples, and bald pussies.

After applying her cream, she would put on her underwear. They were often not well matched, some of her panties were old and all bleached out. I loved to watch her slip her panty on, and strap her bra above her belly before turning it around to its right position. Most of her underwear were beige, white or pastel pink. Afterwards, she would remove her robe and put on her dress, I used to love the sight of her body in underwear. Watching her every weekend made me very aroused,

I would wait for her to exit the room and masturbate under the sheets. Sometimes, when she would linger around the room, I would make it to the bathroom instead, and I would look for her dirty panties in the hamper, bring them to my nose and masturbate to the scent of my mother’s vagina.

At night, whenever I was horny, I used to look at her bare thighs from my position on the floor, while she slept on the bed, and masturbate thinking of her hairy vagina. I often wondered how it would feel to drive my cock into those dark lips. Things went on like that, and a month passed. My father came to visit a few times, but I could tell that there was still some tension between them; they were quite distant to each other.

Then summer came, and the city was soon a blazing hell. My mother’s belly grew slightly bigger, and she started wearing light clothing, without bra. I could clearly see her perking nipples and the shape of her breasts through her clothes. A night, she started sleeping with me on the mattress, because it was too hot on the bed even with the fan on. On the mattress we could feel the cool night breeze, she found it refreshing, and decided to share the mattress with me on those hot summer nights.

It made me very happy to finally have her arousing body so close to mine. During the night, I would place my leg on her and she would not mind, she would sometimes take my hand and bring it to her belly and have me feel the life inside. When she was asleep, I would let my hand stray to her breast and gently graze her nipple. It would make me so hard, that my cock would protrude and rest there between my mother’s ass cheeks. I used to get so horny travesti pornp that I would turn away from her, and slowly masturbate furtively, so that she would not notice even if she happened to wake up.

At first, I thought she was not aware of what I was doing while she was sleeping, but by and by, I started noticing some subtle hints. She would sometimes smile naughtily and look at me with intent eyes before coming to rest by my side on the mattress. Her mild attitude also gave me a faint hint that she did not mind what I was doing.

One night when my hand left her belly to look for her nipple, she quivered slightly and her breathing rhythm altered. I removed my hand slowly from her breast and let it rest on her waist, pretending I grazed her nipple by accident, but I could tell that we were both fully awake and lying there awkwardly in bed. I faked sleep, but my cock kept swelling inside my boxers, and it was pressing hard against my mother’s ass.

I could tell that she could feel it too, for she started shifting slowly, pressing her ass harder on it, then she would remain still and wait for my next move. I gently turned the other way, giving her my back, and I removed my cock from my boxers and started to masturbate myself. No matter how much I tried to hide what I was doing, I knew she could tell since she was fully awake and conscious of each of my movements.

I was utterly exited, but also very scared that my mother might wake up anytime and confront me with what I was doing, but instead she did something very unexpected. I sensed her hand moving slightly and nestling between her legs, and she started pleasing herself. Her movements were very subtle, but I knew what she was doing. Within a minute, she stopped and tucked herself away under the sheets.

Did I just witness my mother having an orgasm? I soon followed her and cummed, and tucked myself away as well. The next day we both woke up and pretended nothing happened. My mother took the sheets away for cleaning, but did not speak a word about it.

The following night, we both went to bed early. As usual, I cuddled her and rested my hand on her belly. Her hair smelled particularly good, she must have washed it with a new shampoo. After about an hour, I felt her movements fade away and I placed my hand on her breast. That time I went further, and did not pretend to merely graze her by accident, but boldly held it properly in my hand, and gently pinched the nipple between my fingers.

My cock hardened instantly, and I removed it from my boxers, allowing it to rest naked against my mother’s nightie. I could feel the tip of my cock dripping with pre-cum and grazing the rim of her nightie, I slowly let it glide under the cloth and rest against my mother’s skin. I was amazed that she was not wearing tricky masseur any underwear. My cock was touching her naked ass cheeks, and I was as hard as I have ever been.

I froze for a moment there, waiting to see how my mother would respond to my move, who I knew was not by any means sleeping. She remained motionless, which I took as an encouragement. I moved myself closer to my mother, in the spooning position, my thigh over her ass and my leg resting on hers, and I pressed my cock harder down her ass cheeks, trying to locate her vagina. I could feel it glide across the velvety furry area, soaking it with pre-cum.

Then I suddenly felt the head of my cock graze against a fleshy area, and dipped into a warm liquid. I never would have imagined that my mother’s vagina would be so wet and warmly welcoming. I struggled for a moment, trying to locate the entrance to her vagina, I had to be careful not to make any sudden gestures, so as not to render my doings too obvious. We were after all both still pretending to be sleeping.

Unable to find my way inside her, due to my lack of experience, I decided to forcefully push my cock hard against her vagina. As I started pressing harder, I felt my mother’s waist move and her hand shifted its position on the pillow, grabbing the latter with a firmer hold. She then eased herself gently on my hard cock and I gradually felt my cock slide inside her soaking warm vagina. She then remained unmoved, and I hesitantly began penetrating her. I drove my cock all the way inside her, and let it rest there for a while, and very slowly retract it out, inch by inch, still faking accident, in the most absurd of ways.

I made sure not to remove it out completely, assuming I would not be able to find my way back in again if it slipped out, and another help from my mother would seem overly obvious that she was consciously doing it. Once the head of my cock reached the entrance of her vagina, I slid it back in again, as slowly as I could. I could not believe that I was inside my mother’s vagina, and that she was allowing me to penetrate her. When my cock was all the way inside her, I again let it rest for a while, and I could feel her vagina muscles contract inside and compressing my cock.

Was my mother teasing her son’s cock inside her? I also left my cock there, and tried to follow her lead and contract my pelvic muscles instead of making an obvious back and forth penetration movement. I felt my cock thicken inside her and jerked in an upward movement, grazing the upper wall of her vagina. She shuddered slightly.

We kept that little game of furtive contraction for about a minute, before I shot my load inside her, causing her to jolt again. After that I removed my cock from her vagina, dripping with cum and turned the other way. She masturbated for a few seconds and we both tucked ourselves away and slept.

The next day, we once again pretended it never happened. But that night she slept on her bed, and we would not do it again in a long time. But that is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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