The Bad Deal

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Marie’s dangly earrings jingled lightly as her head bobbed up and down. Her ex-husband Frank moaned with pleasure as she worked his dick expertly in her mouth. His large dick which had been such a source of pleasure during their marriage was a difficult tool to navigate when giving head, but Marie had always been able to get great results.

He was getting close, she could tell, as his moans became more pronounced. She began to suck him faster as her hand jerked at the base, but apparently not fast enough as he grabbed the sides of her head with both hands and began to pummel himself into her throat. Marie coughed and gargled around the cock that was now assaulting her and tried to pull away but Frank held her firmly in place. He face-fucked his pretty, mature ex-wife for a good thirty seconds, with a definite satisfaction at her ineffective struggles to resist him. He felt his orgasm coming and picked up the pace even more. He rode the way of his strong climax pushing himself all the way down her throat as she swallowed the end if his dick and all the cum that was shooting from it. Frank pulled himself out slightly to allow his head to rest on her tongue as he came more and filled her mouth so she could taste his cum properly.

Tears were running down her face as her pretty green eyes watered from the assault.

Marie coughed and gasped for air and some of the cum came running out her mouth. Frank wiped it off her chin with a finger and replaced his dick with it making sure she swallowed every last drop. She sucked the finger dutifully in between ragged breaths.

She turned to look at herself in the mirror. She was a mess now, her makeup was running, her hair was all over the place, her eyes were bloodshot. She looked up at her ex-husband’s smug face.

“Damnit Frank, do you have to be so rough?” she asked breathlessly.

Dan smiled. “You knew how I liked it when you came here.”

She glared at him, the salty taste of his cum still in her mouth. “Do we have a deal then?”

“A deal?” He almost laughed. “An Ivy League college tuition plus living expenses for a blowjob? Marie, come on.”

“But you said…”

“I said it couldn’t hurt,” he cut in over her.

“OK, I’ll come back and do it again, once a week until Tom finishes college. Four years of weekly blowjobs, surely that’s enough.” The offer was painful to make, but she was a mother, and mothers did what they had to do.

“Marie, I get all the head I need from Jessica,” he said, referencing the young pretty airhead he was seeing. “She sucks cock even better than you do and her pussy is like a vice.” He made a fist with his hand as he said it.

She could feel her anger rising, she wiped the tears and smeared cum from her face and tried to calm herself.

“Then what can I do?” She asked desperately, but fearing his answer.

“You know what I want,” he said simply.

Her relationship with Frank had broken down two years previously. She’d gotten drunk at a work party and had woken up naked beside her fat boss, feeling like she had been fucked for hours. She remembered nothing of it, but her boss hadn’t hesitated from filling her in as he leered at her while she tried to recover her scattered clothing and quickly dress.

She had been distraught, she couldn’t believe she had cheated on her husband. She couldn’t keep it a secret from him. Frank is a dominant man and lying to him was impossible. She had cried and cried when she told him, she remembered, and he had looked like he was about to hit her. He didn’t though, he just left. Walked out the door of their family home and didn’t come back for three days. She didn’t know where he went during that time, but her boss had come into work with a battered and bruised face and she had been fired.

When Frank came back late on third night, his anger didn’t look to have subsided much. But it seemed he had decided to get something out of this situation. Frank had a kink, you see, one he revealed to Marie for the first time that night. He said he would take her back of she did one thing for him. She had to seduce and fuck their son Tom, while she filmed the whole thing for him.

Marie was aghast. Sleep with her baby boy? Nevermind the fact that he was sixteen at the time, she couldn’t believe Frank could want such a thing. She raged at him, called him a sick pervert and told him to get out of the house right away. So he did, and he never came back. That was over two years ago now.

“You know what I want,” the words spun in her head.

“Frank, no, anything but that, anything.”

“That’s the only thing I want from you Marie.”

“God, why? What do you get out of it? It’s sick.”

He grinned, “I’m only liking it more the more you think that. It’s a taboo, Marie, it’s engrained into our culture so strongly the idea makes you physically sick. I like crossing boundaries, I like seeing the unseeable. Take care of our son sexually, and I will take care of him financially.”

“Damnit Frank, no, he’s my son,” she said angrily, rising and güvenilir bahis turning to leave.

“Exactly, so do what you have to do for him,” he replied from behind her.

She stopped, he was manipulating her she knew, appealing to her motherly instincts, but it was true, she would do anything for her boy.

She stood her back to him for a long minute. “What if he refuses me?” she asked quietly.

“He won’t. You’re still a very sexy woman Marie, and he’s a young, horny guy. He’ll fuck you if you let him.”

Could that be true? Could all men be so lustful, underneath it all? She couldn’t believe she was having this conversation.

“You’re sick,” she said.

“I’m hard at all this talk is what I am, get over here and take off your skirt.”

She turned around and sure enough his dick was back at attention. She glared at him.

“Bend over the bed here, let’s see if your pussy still loves my cock as much as it used to.”

She couldn’t believe the audacity. “No Frank,” she said, but it didn’t sound as forceful as she wanted it to.

“Part of the deal Marie, once to me and once to our son and you’ve got all the money you need.”

She was about to say no again, but it stuck in her throat. She had to do this. Tom had been so happy when he got the letter accepting him to Yale, he had worked so hard for it. She couldn’t tell him she couldn’t afford it.

She pulled down her tight black skirt, and her blue lace panties underneath, exposing her bare pussy to him. She always kept herself completely shaved, Frank had insisted on it when they were married and the habit had stuck since. He smiled at the sight of his old friend. He patted the bed beside him and she did as she was bid, bedding over it and putting her face into the sheets.

Frank rose and positioned himself behind her. “Good girl, you always were such a good, obedient girl,” he said as he entered her and sighed contentedly at the feel.

“God so wet Marie?” He said as he slid in easily and began slowly moving his large cock in and out of her. “Is all this talk about fucking your son getting you excited?”

Marie shook her head and moaned “nooo” into the mattress. She had no idea how she had gotten so wet, her body had been reacting against her will.

Frank picked up his pace. “From behind, Marie, like this, that’s how I want him to fuck you, from behind.”

Marie couldn’t respond anymore, she was being stretched by his long thick cock.

“Say his name,” he said, “call out his name.”

She wanted to tell him he was sick again but the fucking was too thorough for her to get anything out.

His hand reached under her and found her clit. He began rubbing her there, knowing this would be sure to bring her to orgasm. Sure enough it wasn’t long before she could feel it building. She was pushing herself back against Frank now, submitting completely to the twin sensations pleasuring her.

“Say his name,” he said again in between breaths.

She shook her head, but thoughts and images were begin to swirl in her mind. The deal, what she was considering doing, the breaking of her principles, and then suddenly Tom’s face came into her head. As her orgasm began to swell up in her, his face stuck and wouldn’t go away and just as her climax hit it was as if her son was the one fucking her so completely.

“Tom! Tommy!” she cried out gutturally as she came.

She heard a victorious laugh from behind her as Frank plunged himself deeply and painfully into her, emptying his cum inside her.

As her orgasm subsided guilt began to swell up, she had called out her baby boy’s name as she came. What kind of a sick monster was she? She felt numb, not even able to muster up panic about Frank’s semen fertilising her womb.

He pulled out of her and rolled over beside her, a sheen of sweat on his chest. She looked at him, her eyes full of fear at what he was making her become.

He saw the look and grinned. “Don’t worry, I can tell you’re going to love it.” He laughed again breathlessly.

His cum was dripping down her thighs. He reached over and wiped his fingers up her thighs and across her pussy, then he stuck a finger inside her, scooping up their mixed liquids. He brought it to her mouth. He had always loved doing this after sex. She didn’t enjoy it, but she would accept it for him. Submissively she did it again, opening her mouth and letting him clean his messy fingers off on her tongue. She swallowed around them shamefully, letting him degrade her further. She hated him, but she also wanted him to fuck her again. Fuck her so hard she didn’t have to think, to consider what she had done and what she was going to do. She was a 46 year old woman, confident and strong, how could she be made to do this?

For Tom, her head said, for Tom.

* * *

Tom closed the front door to his house behind him as he returned home. His thoughts were on his girlfriend Sophie, who had begun talking about they would handle their long-distance relationship when they both went off türkçe bahis to college.

Tom wasn’t so naive as to think either of them could be trusted not to cheat on each other when they were separated for so long. They were young, good looking people and they would be partying with a lot of other young, good looking people. Mistakes would be made. Better to ends things amicably and if they wanted to pick it up again after college they could.

Tom walked through the house absent-mindedly as he considered this. Without thinking to knock he opened the bathroom door in his house. He was instantly presented with his mother Marie, clearly just out of the shower, completely naked.

Tom didn’t know how to react as his mind was overloaded registering all the details of her body. Her dark, wet hair, her large breasts and pointed nipples, her nearly flat stomach, her long shapely legs and her pussy, which he couldn’t believe was completely hairless and open to view.

Marie found herself equally in shock when the door had opened. She’d been thinking of her deal with Frank, about whether she could go through with it, about screaming out her son’s name in the heat of her climax, and then he had walked in, and like a deer in headlights she had frozen. Why was he staring at her? Why wasn’t he leaving? Why hadn’t she covered herself with the towel in her hand?

Ten seconds went by but they felt like an eternity until finally Tom quickly closed the door saying, “shit, sorry mom!”. He hurried to his room, his heart racing from the unexpected reaction he had had. He’d been blindsided by seeing a sexy, naked lady, even if it was his own mother. He’d never once thought about her that way before. With sinking guilt he realised his erection was now straining against his jeans.

His mom’s pussy – even putting those words together felt terrible – had been, he had to admit, beautiful. Completely bare, and only showing the slightest hint of inner labia. He imagined what it would look like with her legs spread, what it would taste like…

Tom couldn’t take it anymore, he pulled his dick free and began pumping away at the thought of taking his mother in a way no son should ever think about. It didn’t take long to cum and then the horrible guilt returned. What a sick pervert he was.

Marie stood in the bathroom unable to think after what had just happened. The way her son had looked at her, at every part of her, he couldn’t take his eyes off her. Was it true what Frank had said, that if she let him, her son would eagerly fuck her. Why was this happening? She felt like things were spiralling out of control in her life. But if her son had enjoyed looking at her naked, maybe she wouldn’t be such a terrible person for sleeping with him, she rationalised. If he wanted to have his mother that way, and she could see him provided for financially so he could concentrate on his studies by doing so, maybe she was the only one who would suffer through the whole thing? She couldn’t selfishly let her instincts win in that case, even if they were screaming out for her to deny Dan.

She sighed and towelled herself off, she needed a drink. Wrapping the towel around herself with another for her hair she left the room praying she wouldn’t run into her son along the way. Luckily she made it safely back to her room without any awkward encounters.

When she was dressed in her bath gown and fully dried she went downstairs and made herself a strong gin and tonic. She chugged half the thing in one go, feeling the warm tendrils reach her chest and calm her nerves somewhat. It took another two cocktails before she felt herself returning to a level of normalcy.

Her son had seen her naked, so what? These things happened sometimes, no big deal. He was a young man, only just 18, so he had stared, nothing shocking there. She was a bit flattered now that she considered it. She a had a hot body that even someone that young would find desirable. She made herself another drink and laughed to herself about the whole crazy situation.

After a while she heard her son coming down the stairs. Her vision was starting to blur a little bit and she knew she had gotten a bit too drunk from four strong drinks. She felt it was now or never for her deal with Frank. She had the courage of alcohol to help her through this, she would make her son enjoy it, she had to, make it special for him. She quickly slid her panties off from beneath her gown and hid them before he came downstairs. She now was completely naked under her gown. When he shuffled in he looked extremely awkward and guilty.

Marie smiled at him tipsily. “Hi sweety,” she said when he came in, her hair still damp from the shower.

“Hi mom,” he replied quietly. “Listen I’m really sorry about earlier, I just wasn’t expecting…”

“Don’t be silly!” she cut in. “It’s not big deal at all!”

“Really?” he said visibly relieved.

“Yea of course, it’s just a body, no big deal, and of course you are a man after all.” She said, giving him a motherly, understanding face.

He güvenilir bahis siteleri nodded, not sure how to take that.

Marie was feeling bold. “Did you… like what you saw?” She asked, playing with the rope on her gown while she looked at the floor.

Of all the ways Tom had expected this to go, he hadn’t expected this. He struggled to make coherent words in response. “L-like it?” he stammered.

Marie laughed nervously. “Well yea, it’s always nice to get a compliment.”

“Mom, that’s too weird, I can’t talk about this stuff, I’m going to bed.”

Relief and disappointment mixed within Marie as her son turned to go. But something made her speak out, she wasn’t sure what was pushing her along anymore, if it was the deal, desire, or something else.

“Do you want to see it again?” she asked quietly.

That stopped him in his tracks. For about a minute he didn’t move. When he did turn around, there was fear in his eyes, but he just nodded ever so slightly.

Marie sighed internally. This was it, this was the moment she could never come back from. If she did this, her relationship with her son would never be the same again.

But he wants it, a voice cried out on her head, and he needs that money.

She looked at her son in his bright blue eyes. Those eyes that had looked up at her as she had nursed him as a baby, or had filled with tears when he had scraped a knee. His dark hair she had always ruffled when he was younger, his hands that she had held when they walked together. But the boy was now a man, and she was about to expose herself to him willingly, for the most part.

Slowly she undid the belt of her gown and shrugged out if it so it fell on to the chair behind her. For the second time in a day, Tom was staring at his own mother naked. She let him stare, take her in as much as he wanted to. His gaze settled where her legs met, so she spread them wide to give him a clear view of where he had come into this world from. She was his to do what he wanted with for tonight. She would worry about how to repair the relationship tomorrow.

Tom’s eyes roamed over her, enjoying every bit of her again. When she spread her legs to expose her pussy to him, a primal instinct made him want to jump on her and fuck her, but he fought it. This was his mother, looking at her was one thing, but having sex with her? That was a line he couldn’t cross. He wasn’t sure how long he was staring, but it felt like a long time, with his dick hardening and his heart beating a mile a minute.

Finally Marie noticed the straining of her son’s dick against his jeans. She had caused that, it was her womanly responsibility to see it taken care of. She approached him until they were face to face, eyes locked and full of fear and anticipation. She slowly sunk down to her knees. Looking up at her son, she judged his reaction.

Tom eyes went wide as his naked mother’s head was now inches from his hard dick. “You can’t mom,” he said.

But it lacked all conviction. She undid his belt and unzipped his jeans.

“No, you can’t,” he repeated in a whisper.

She pulled his boxers down and it sprang loose. He had taken after Frank, she could see, another very big cock was now facing her. She looked up once more at her son and he mouthed “no”.

She took him in her mouth, his warm thick dick filling her mouth.

“You can’t,” he moaned one last time as desire and need won out in his internal battle. “Oh God,” was all he could say next as suddenly he went to heaven. He’d had a few blowjobs before but nothing like this. His mom was sucking him so expertly he felt like he could cum already. He was sure this was a dream he would wake up from soon. Some sick twisted dream he would feel terrible for in the morning. But the dream carried on, his mother’s head continued to bob back and forth on his cock, her tongue massaging the underside of it. One hand steadied herself on his thigh while the other was wrapped around the base of his cock jerking him into her mouth.

She hadn’t planned to let him cum just yet, she still had to get him up to her room where Frank’s hidden cameras were set up, but it appeared the situation was too much for Tom. Thirty seconds in and without warming he exploded in his mom’s mouth, grabbing her hair and pulling her head fully onto him instinctually. He poured his cum onto her tongue.

“Mom!” he called out, “oh shit, mom!”.

Their eyes met again in that moment, as she decided whether to swallow or not. In the end, her submissive side won out. A man had his dick in her mouth, so she gulpedb down his cum. She was too far gone to stop this now, too drunk and horny to care the man was her own boy. Her thighs were now slick with wetness from her exposed pussy, which was craving attention.

As Tom’s orgasm subsided, reality set in once again as he looked down at his mother, the woman who had raised him, cared for him, loved him, was on her knees with his softening dick still in her mouth. With one last suck she pulled her mouth off him. He didn’t know what to say, she had initiated the whole terrible thing, but his protests had been weak. He couldn’t fight his male impulses, the ones that paid no heed to cultural taboos, that just wanted to fuck whatever was willing.

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