Mia Mine Ch. 12


Note to the reader: As you can see by the numeric chapter, this is part of what has grown into quite a series. If you haven’t read rest of the story, I strongly suggest you start at the beginning and follow the story to this major point in Mia’s life. Just a suggestion, of course, but I think it would be well worth your efforts. I want to thank Josie and Dreamweaver for all their support, guidance, editorial mastery and pushing me on to finish this work of love.


Mia felt herself breathing, it was dark, she wondered if her eyes were closed. She was in a fog, “where am I?” she thought. Then she could see an outline in the fog. She realized the outline she saw was her! She was running in a meadow, but it was still too foggy to see completely. She started seeing sparkles of light and figured the sun must be working its way through the clouds. She could see herself a bit better and noticed she was naked. Running free and naked in a beautiful meadow, her head thrown back, her arms thrown back and running without a care in the world. Oh how wonderful the wind in her face, in her hair felt. She could see herself smiling, but for some reason she couldn’t feel the smile.

Suddenly, ahead she could see another outline. It was a man, with his arms held out to her. More sun broke through the fog, and she could see it was David! He too was naked in this wonderful meadow, running towards her with his arms out for her. Oh how the sun sparkled in his smiling eyes. His entire face was now lit up in the growing light. His smile melted her, and she felt her body, every inch of her, wanting this man, her man, and she continued her bouncing run to him.

She felt herself gasp, as the sun now had lifted all the fog and she could see herself clearly now and was so happily surprised with what she saw. Well, it was what she didn’t see that pleased her so much. She no longer had a penis, and she saw a freshly shaven, beautiful vagina. She chuckled as she could see the little drips of moisture as the sight of her naked man running to grab her had already made her wet. She looked up at David again, to see his penis proudly standing at full attention for her. It too seemed to glisten with some sort of lubricant, and she felt herself now running full speed towards her love. As she reached him, his arms held out for her, she jumped right at him, he wrapped his arms around her, she wrapped her legs around him. The kissed deeply, passionately letting all the love they had move freely through their lips and flickering tongues.

Mia tried to loosen her legs just a bit so she could slide down David to meet his now raging cock with her new and fully moistened pussy. She could feel David’s arms lower to hold her ass and guide her to her promised land. Suddenly she could feel the hardened tip at her pussy lips and she slid even further. A gasp escaped her as for the first time, she felt her lover’s manhood enter her now fully woman’s body. Oh, the joy, the completeness, the wondrous melding of two into one. She felt she wanted to stay just like this forever. As she started to become more accustomed to the feelings and felt herself open herself fully to him, he began to thrust. Oh, the power of the thrust was taken in by her and given back again as she raised and lowered herself on him. And then, she could feel the wonderful beginning of an orgasm. She thought she heard herself say “yes, yes, I am cumming”.

Then the world opened up in a crashing sense in her mind, yes the world opened up to the Universe and she felt she knew herself, why she was there, and what a beautiful thing it was to share lovemaking with the man she truly loved.

She started to laugh out loud, but OUCH! That hurt! Wait a minute, what the hell is going on here?

She finally realized she was not in a meadow, not running naked, not making love, but in the hospital bed. She could feel her arms and hands but that seemed to be about all. She could sense her body in pain, but really couldn’t feel it. She started to cry, but then felt the pressure on her hand. She slowly turned her head which was a chore with all the things attached to her face, mouth, and arms. She realized her eyes were still closed and with much effort she slowly lifted her eye lids. There before/beside her was her man! She knew it was him, she sensed him more than saw him, for her eyes were still not focusing very well.

Then she heard that beautiful, strong but sensitive voice, “Welcome back my love, my beautiful woman.” She felt his strong hand squeeze hers again, so softly, but it sent wondrous shivers up and down her body. His light kiss to her forehead was so tender, so loving, her eyes began to water.

“The doctor said everything went astoundingly well, he was quite pleased with his work and assured me that we would be as well. Once again he said you are by far his best patient. I do think I could hear quite a bit of pride in his description as to how well the entire process went.”

Mia wanted to smile, but the oxygen tube was still taped to her nose Kartal Ukraynalı Escort and mouth, so she couldn’t say anything. She just squeezed his hand back and tried to give him her most loving smile with her eyes.

“Well, I see someone is awake. Welcome back Mia, let me get some of this stuff off you and get you into a more comfortable position. Now, here is your button for the pain med, just push it and it will travel into you from the intravenous tube in your arm.”

Mia waited while the recovery room nurse removed much of the apparatus from her, undid the oxygen tubes, and raised the top part of her bed a bit. She felt the pain starting to increase and pushed the button.

“Would you like to suck on some shaved ice?”

Mia nodded, as she wanted this busy bee to go away. After she left, she was able to look over at David, still standing at her side, still holding her hand. She tried to speak, but no sound came out so she mouthed a slow, long “I Love You.”

“Oh I love you so much too Mia, it was so hard waiting outside while the surgery was going on, and I had to really fight my way in to the recovery room, making all sorts of promises. I just had to be with you, and wanted you to know I was there for you while you awoke from the heavy anesthesia.”

Mia mouthed “Thank You” and saw that the nurse had brought a small cup with a little bit of shaved ice. She took a few of the shavings and let them melt on her tongue and run down her sore throat. After doing this a couple times she felt she could try to talk again. “How long have I been out?”

“All tolled, several hours honey.”

Mia looked down, and ran her hands over her pelvic region. There was a lot of bandaging and ice packs under the light blanket and her gown, and she really couldn’t feel her touch. She looked up again at David, who was still smiling that wonderful, caring, loving smile. “Now the real work begins, to get you going.”

It wasn’t long before she was signed out of the recovery room and rolled back into her room. She was amazed at all the flowers and balloons that decorated the room.

David saw her look, “Wait till you see who sent you best wishes, you will be both touched and surprised. But let’s get you settled and see if you want to take a little rest.” He could see her push on the pain button had started her to begin slipping away again.

Mia smiled, loving that her man was taking care of her so well in her hour of need. It was something they had both learned about each other (and themselves) that to make a great couple you have to let the other do things for you, and not feel self-conscious about it, knowing that the favor would be returned ten-fold.


Mindy knew she was screwing up. She thought of Jonathan often, and always with love. This frightened her to no end, as she was so scared that her love would push him away. She wasn’t used to having so many good, no, wonderful things happen to her. She could not get past her old reaction of waiting for the hammer to fall, ending all that she thought was good, and sending her back to that oblivion she had found herself living in for so long. She had all but forgotten all the threats from Pain, saying he was going to get her if she didn’t pay him his cut for her work before she left.

She had thrown herself into all the work that had to be done once she got into all the things the foundation could offer. She was amazed at how well organized Christine was, and how well they had put together a network of professionals to help at every step, and at every level. They had taken care of getting her name changed, which was really a lot easier than Mindy had thought, but they had people everywhere that knew what had to be done and how to do it. They got her birth certificate, and everything else needed, the lawyer did all the work pro bono, and she was now legally Mindy Burke.

With the help of the psychiatrist that helped the foundation, she had her driver’s license sex changed to female. That was such a huge step for Mindy and she could not believe how wonderful all these people she was meeting were. After she got the court order for her name change she was able to get a new Social Security card with her new name on it. She could now go into any job interview or college entrance program without having to suffer through all the hassle at best, and downright mean spirited hatred as the norm. She was beginning to feel like a ‘real person- dare she let herself- a real woman’.

She had enrolled and been accepted at the little four year school in town, and was waiting for spring quarter to start so she could begin school. She had gotten a part time job at the dress store she loved so much. They were happy to have her there and her energy and quick learning made the owners very happy to have her on board. They even had her model some of the new spring arrivals and her pictures were uploaded onto the store’s website.

She loved the talks and lessons with Christine that covered the entire spectrum Kartal Üniversiteli Escort of life itself, but especially life as a transgendered person. She was beginning to realize she was learning how to feel comfortable in her ‘own skin’ and was gaining confidence every single day. This both overjoyed her and scared her a bit. She spent so much time now with people doing things with her and to her, that she just didn’t feel like she wanted to be with Jonathan right now. She felt safe, knowing he was still there, still calling, still texting, still sending her his amazing pictures. She felt bad about not returning his overtures with enough passion, but she just didn’t feel ready.

She remembered her conversation with the nurse on her first day. She had told her that her meds were now going to be the full dose possible, and they would be administered correctly and completely. She was told this could very well affect her emotional state, and she should be ready for this major change to start. She had a long talk with Christine about it, and was relieved to hear that this was actually quite common, and she would make her way through it. But Christine also told her she was going to have to be open and up front about this with Jonathan.


Jonathan was trying to hide his aching for Mindy with extra work. He had seen in his company’s listings that they were going to be starting a new web based information and search engine type program. He had noticed it because he had seen where they were going to be using a lot of photos. He jumped at the chance and put his resume in to be considered for this new direction for the company. He was excited when they called him in for an interview and got his portfolio together, putting some of his most prominent and favorite shots together in a large art carrying case he bought just for the occasion. The interview went more that well, for the leaders of the program could see his IT background with the main company, and his very talented work with his cameras and editing software actually made him not exactly what they were looking for, but to be one of the heads of the new venture. Not only was he going to be able to work at his true love, he was going to be getting a considerable pay increase as well!

He couldn’t wait to get home to call Mindy and tell her the good news so he called her from his car on the way home. As usual, she didn’t answer so he left her a voice mail and told her to please call as soon as she got this message because he had some really exciting news he wanted to share with her.

He hung up, feeling that horrible feeling that had been plaguing him lately with Mindy’s cold shoulder treatment. He wanted so badly for her to be happy for him, as he had been for her for each new step she had taken. He found himself daydreaming of their first night, and how he had seen her partially naked body. He could feel himself growing hard as his mind’s eye brought back the lovely picture of her with her top and bra off, standing there as he helped her off and then later, on, with her pants. He remembered her pert little breasts, and how hard her nipples were as they stood out for him. He knew it was probably the cold emergency room, but hoped they had hardened because she was showing them to him. He tried to get his thoughts elsewhere without success until the Bluetooth phone rang through his car’s radio. It was Mindy!

“Hi Jonathan, sorry I missed your call, and I sure do want to hear your news. I also want to see you and have a talk with you. Is there any way you could come over soon?”

“Sure! I am changing jobs so I am going to get a week off starting next Monday, so I could come over Friday after work, get a motel room and stay for the week if that would work.”

“Great hon, that sounds wonderful, I have missed you so much and I think I have as much wonderful news to tell you as you have to tell me. Let’s leave it until we are together to share it ok?”

“Ok Mindy, that will work, although I feel I am going to burst before that,” Jonathan chuckled, although there was some truth to his little joke as well.

“Text me what ferry you are going to be on Friday so we can start planning our “date”.

“Will do! Bye for now sweet one.” Jonathan loved the sound of hearing her say “date”.


David had swung it so he could stay the night, next to Mia. It was a little uncomfortable sleeping in the chair, but it wasn’t too bad, and it beat the alternative of being away from her. He loved that he could be there when she woke up, which was several times during that first night. It was difficult for her to get used to having a catheter and she always had to be reminded it was ok to use it, for she was still not to get up and disturb the stent and her stitches. He knew it was easier for her to hear that from him, and the look in her eyes when she could look over and see him there was simply priceless.

Mia felt the same way, for she would awaken with a start many times, and to be able to look Kartal Vip Escort over and see David’s peaceful face asleep, next to her, with his hand right there that she could hold was her greatest medicine.


Christine had worked out a way to come over to be with Mia after her surgery. She had swung a deal with Jonathan to pick her up at the ferry dock and drive her up to the hospital on “pill hill”. Jonathan arrived a little early and had to wait, all the while thinking of his upcoming “date” with Mindy. When Jonathan saw her walking to his car across the street from the ferry terminal, he was taken aback at her beauty.

He had never really looked at her, for every other time in her presence she was talking, and her intelligence, wonderful sense of humor, and beautiful dulcet toned voice had made her seem so beautiful to him. But as he saw her walking to him, he could just focus on how physically beautiful she was. Her long pure white hair, framed such a youthful, beautiful face. Her continuous smile was infectious and added to her beauty.

But just seeing her walking, her piercing blue eyes shining in the sunlight, he could tell where Mia had gotten her good looks. He had seen pictures of her on Christine’s desk and had actually followed her as much as he could on all the articles he could find about her on the internet. In some ways he felt he already knew Mia, and was certainly impressed and amazed at all her accomplishments.

He could only imagine the “wars” she had to get through to do almost anything, let alone start a multinational software company. He hoped that the foundation would put some of that type of confidence back into Mindy. He just knew there was a beautiful, intelligent, and vibrant woman waiting to flower from inside the frail little girl he had picked up out of the curb.

“Hi Jonathan!” Christine’s greeting with her infectious smile was simply wonderful.

“Hi Christine, so wonderful to see you again, and I must say, you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever had the honor and pleasure to meet.”

“Woah there Jonathan, don’t try your lines on this old lady, I have seen and heard them all.”

“I’m sorry, it wasn’t a line, just the truth, I had never seen you without being in a conversation with you, so as I watched you walking to the car I actually got a minute to see and appreciate how beautiful you are.”

“Thank you Jonathan that was very kind, I knew you weren’t feeding me a line, I was just pulling your leg, and actually trying to deflect your praise a bit, I’m not quite used to it these days.”

“That’s a shame, you should be getting praise on a regular basis, all the wonderful work you are doing, plus being such a beautiful woman, inside and out.”

“Ok, ok, Jonathan, that’s quite enough now, thank you very much but we need to change the subject here,” Christine’s smile looked like it had a hint of sadness to Jonathan, so he didn’t press on any further.

“So here we are, and it looks like there’s room here in the main parking garage.” Jonathan maneuvered the tight turns inside the multilevel parking garage until he found an open spot. The car parked on the right had really missed his spot a bit so Jonathan let Christine out before he pulled in.

They walked in silence for a bit, found the elevators and got up to the eleventh floor, as Christine had said Mia was in room eleven twenty six. They found the room, opened the door slowly and peeked inside. David turned around to see them and gave them the ‘hush’ sign, and quietly walked to the door to meet them.

“She’s asleep right now, so we should talk out here for a bit, and go back and check in a little while.”

“How’s my beautiful future mother-in-law doing?” David said as he picked Christine up giving her a big hug.

“David, put me down, good lord, right here in the hospital hallway!”

He did as he was told and they both had a laugh together. Jonathan could see and feel the love the two had for each other, and the ease and openness they displayed it. He was a bit jealous and hoped something like this would be in his future, for it looked and felt so wonderful.

“Everything went extremely well according to the doctor, I think he is very proud of his work, which Mia and I really appreciate. She is still having quite a bit of pain, and they still have her hooked up to the pain med drip so she can self-medicate. We should go back in a check in a little bit.”

“David, I want to introduce you to Jonathan. Jonathan is our first foundation guest Mindy’s friend. He basically saved her life, picked her up literally from the gutter after being beaten and thrown out of a moving car by the main pimp and his gang over here in Seattle.

“Jonathan, this is David, Mia’s fiance.”

The two men shook hands. David knew he liked the young man right away. There was a no nonsense directness in his demeanor. Not overly aggressive but obviously comfortable with who he was.


Jonathan knew he liked David right away as well. There was something about him that reminded Jonathan of a cross between his father and grandfather. There was a kindness and openness in this man that just by shaking his hand and looking into his eyes was made very evident to him. He could also feel the self-assured strength in the handshake.