A Bulgarian Story Ch. 03


When Ben stepped out of the shower, he realised that in his rush, he had neglected to pick up a towel. He decided to make a bee-line for his bag, where he would be able to get one and then duck into the room on the other side of the house. The house was arranged thus: the porch led into the living room, which was flanked on either side with bedrooms. The bathroom had doors into both the living room, and the bedroom, where Irina lay, her cunt still aflame, her eyes damp with sadness.

As Ben opened the door, however, Will came into the living room from the porch with his 18-year old daughter, Sally-Anne. Both of them received the surprising view of Ben’s naked body. His penis was still detumescing from what had been a fierce erection, and so it looked a bit bigger than normal. Sally-Anne giggled, and inwardly gasped at Ben’s fit body and fine-looking manhood. Even more surprised was Ben, for though he had calculated that it was possible his friend Will would catch him scampering to get his towel, he hadn’t planned on the surprise guest of Will’s young daughter. Sally-Anne had become cuter, and more rounded and womanly bursa escort than last time he saw her.

“Same old Ben, always prancing around flashing his tiny willy about,” remarked Will, secretly jealous of Ben’s size, and totally oblivious, both to the fact that his girlfriend had taken that cock inside of her only minutes before, and to the fact that his daughter was at that moment imagining what it would feel like inside of her.

“Sorry dude,” said Ben, and without looking anyone in the face, grabbed his rucksack and leapt into the guest bedroom, shutting the door behind him. Once inside, he quickly dried his body and then pulled on a clean t-shirt and shorts. He listened to what was happening in the next room, hopeful that everyone would leave the building so he could quicky tug his way to a quick release, but he heard only one set of steps leave the living room. After a couple of minutes, he went back through the door into the living room where he found Sally-Anne sitting on the couch and smoking a tailor-made cigarette. Straight away she looked at him and held his gaze steadily, but without bursa üniversiteli escort giving away her thoughts.

“Sorry about that, how are you?” Ben said awkwardly, trying to combine an apology with a greeting.

“I’m good thanks,” replied Sally-Anne. “Dad called me yesterday to invite me out here for a few weeks. I had nothing better to do and I like the sunshine, so I’m here to tan myself and get away from my mum, without getting drafted as a slave to tend Dad’s plants.”

“Don’t worry about that, I’ll give him plenty of help so you can escape to the outskirts of the village and work on your tan,” offered Ben, flirtatiously.

“My hero,” said Sally-Anne, and stuck her tongue out at him. It was a childish move, and was not overtly sexual, but for some reason it excited Ben no end. As her gaze went to the window and she took a drag on her cigarette, he could no longer resist glimpsing at her body. She was built much like Irina, though her skin was a pale-Anglo-Saxon pink rather than olive brown. Her thighs were a little slimmer, but still karacabey escort meaty and beautifully curved. Getting in a second more perving before Sally-Anne turned back, Ben looked at her chest and saw that there was every possibility that Sally-Anne’s bosom was even more generous than Irina’s. His mouth almost watered at the prospect of spending the summer in this house.

“I better go find Will, then,” said Ben as he moved away from Sally-Anne, but he gave one little look back as he reached the porch, and found her looking straight into his eyes with a mysterious, contemplative look. Then he glanced through the crack in the door to the bedroom and saw Irina laying on the mattress, turned away from him, but with her back and the top of her buttock crevice on show. Ben gulped, looked back at Sally-Anne, felt sure she already knew his guilty secret, and then stepped through the porch, pulled himself together, and crossed the yard to the other building where the kitchen was, and where Will was waiting for him.

Sally-Anne’s poker-face fell as Ben left the room, and a flush came over her, similar to the one Irina had felt shortly before Ben had penetrated her. Both women spent the next few minutes imagining wild fuck sessions with Ben, while Ben tried to pull himself together mentally to face his friend, whose girlfriend Ben had been fucking only minutes before, and whose daughter he now wanted to fuck as well.