Bullets and Lace Ch. 01


Up until the last few hours I’d been waiting patiently at the Marriott Suites in Bethesda, Maryland for my contact from Washington to arrive with my money. It wasn’t like Gerald Barnes to be late. If anything, he was either early or right on time. My patience was slowly turning to worry as the hours ticked slowly by.

Gerald Barnes, a gentleman in his early fifties, had been my only contact with the Force Agency since I’d been recruited five years previous. Short and balding, he reminded me a lot of the cartoon character, Elmer Fudd but without the funny accent. He always looked tired, especially his pale blue eyes. Usually dressed in off-the-rack suits, his unkempt and frumpy appearance had become his trademark.

Hearing a few quick knocks at the door startled me out of my catnap. Grabbing my Smith and Wesson Forty-Five from underneath my pillow, I made my way cautiously towards the door. Resting my thumb on the safety, I peered through the security sightglass in the door. I was relieved to see Gerald Barnes standing on the other side, looking calm and collected as usual.

“Where the hell have you been?” I exclaimed, opening the door.

“Well, that’s a fine how do you do.” Gerald responded, entering my room. “I was hoping for a hug and a kiss.”

“How about a kick in the butt instead?” I jested. “I’ve been waiting on you all day!”

“You know how the traffic is around D.C.” Gerald responded, tossing his black briefcase onto the bed. “I no sooner got out of one traffic jam then I got into another.”

“Is it all here?” I asked, opening the latches on the briefcase.

“You ask me the same question every time and I always give you the same answer.” He replied. “Yes, it’s all there. Fifty-thousand dollars, same as always.”

“I oughta get a bonus.” I asserted. “I had to take out Mancuso’s chauffeur in order to get to him.”

“It was a lucky shot.” Gerald declared with a laugh. “The chauffeur must have stepped in front of Mancuso just as you squeezed off the shot. The bullet went through his neck, severing an artery, then hit Manny between the eyes.”

“How’d you know I didn’t plan it that way?” I jested, counting out the packets of one-hundred dollar bills.

“You! You never go for show!” Gerald replied. “With you it’s always a quick, clean shot.”

“What’s this?” I asked, taking a manila folder out of the briefcase.

“You’re next assignment.” He replied. “It’s a group thing. You and two other shooters.”

“A group thing?” I questioned. “I don’t think so! I work alone. You know that.”

“There’s too many guys for you to take out all by yourself.” Gerald affirmed. “You’ll need help.”

“Then get yourself another shooter.” I declared, transferring the money to my tan leather attaché. “I work alone or I don’t work at all.”

“Is that your final answer?” He asked, tossing the manila folder back into his briefcase.

“Yep. Call me if you get something else.” I answered, grabbing up my purse and attaché.”

Gerald escorted me out to my car, giving me a hug before I left. I had a six-hundred mile drive ahead of me but having fifty-thousand dollars for a traveling companion would make the trip enjoyable.

Working for the Force Agency, a top secret sector of the Federal Law Enforcement Authority, I traveled all over the country doing what I did best, snuffing the life out of people who evaded the legal system for one reason or another. More often than not it was some legal technicality that set the criminals free or a high-priced defense attorney duping the courts into setting their clients free. With the Force Agency getting involved, drug dealers, sexual predators and members of organized crime were gradually disappearing from the populace. It was vigilante justice but still justice all the same!

I wasn’t proud of what I did but I wasn’t ashamed either. Killing people, even though they were criminals, wasn’t something I could brag about. Knowing I was taking out people who indulged in illegal activities off the street was a reward in itself. The fifty grand a hit was just icing on the cake. And I had a sweet tooth…a virtual sugar craving!

It was early morning when I arrived at my home on Lakeview Drive. As its name implied, my residence afforded me a great view of Lake Cumberland. Located in south central Kentucky, the deep water lake encompasses over sixty-three thousand acres with twelve-hundred miles of shoreline.

After putting on a fresh pot of coffee, I ran through the shower to rejuvenate myself. Slipping into a terrycloth robe, I sat out on the rear deck to await the sunrise. Off in the distance, perhaps a mile or so down the lake, I could make out the mooring lights of a houseboat tied to the shore.

It was around 7:00am when I finally went to bed. My sleeping habits were much like my private life, strange to say the least. I rarely slept for more than five or six hours at a time, sometimes settling for short naps to get me through the day. Sleeping alone was something I’d gotten used to but not something istanbulescort.biz I wanted to continue living with. I didn’t want another husband. Divorced at twenty-four, I’d given up on ever getting married again. A lover was what I really wanted, someone who didn’t ask questions but was there for me when I needed a warm body to snuggle up to.

At thirty years of age, I still had a damn good figure. I could wear a skimpy bikini as well as any woman younger than me. Five-foot, eight, I considered myself average height. My short, blonde hair I kept cut in a short shag to make it easier to manage. My eyes are best described as cold steel blue, much like the handguns I often use. I never drank to excess but my smoking habit had grown a little out of control. Two packs a day were the norm but often I smoked more if I had to wait to make a hit on someone. I jogged and rode a bicycle once in awhile to keep myself in decent physical shape but I didn’t consider it sufficient exercise.

Waking around noon, I headed for the bank to deposit my latest earnings. Somerset Community Bank was a small, privately-owned financial institution that never questioned my monetary transactions. Amanda Summers, granddaughter of the founder, who served as the bank’s manager and I had grown to be good friends. We often went out to lunch or dinner since we enjoyed each other’s company.

Amanda was a very attractive woman in her mid-thirties. Twice married and twice divorced, she’d given up on hopes for a third husband. Like me, she wanted to enjoy life without having to answer to someone or return home every evening to a dull routine. Tall, slender and curvaceous with dark brown, shoulder-length hair, Amanda added blonde streak highlights, which really set her off in a crowd.

We rarely asked each other questions, preferring to let the other person divulge whatever they wanted to about themselves. I rarely said much, preferring to listen while Amanda talked. She was a great talker and I was a good listener. I rarely gave her any advice unless she asked for my opinion. Maybe that’s why the two of us got along so well.

It was late afternoon when I returned home. My cell phone rang just as I entered the house. Checking the caller I.D. before I answered, I realized it was Gerald Barnes phoning me from Washington.

“How about you and one other shooter?” Gerald inquired without so much as saying hello. “And I’ll double your money.”

“If I have to shoot more than one person, I’d get double anyway.” I responded. “You’ll have to sweeten the deal a helluva lot more than just a hundred grand.”

“Then you’ll do it!” Gerald exclaimed. “Great! I’ll get Cole on a plane right away. Can you pick him up in Lexington?”

“Whoa! Whoa! Wait a minute!” I shouted into the cell phone. “Let’s talk money first. And who’s this Cole guy anyway?”

“Let’s not haggle over money.” Gerald responded. “Name your price.”

“Half a mill.” I replied.

“I’ll go a quarter of a million and not a penny more.” He proclaimed. “Take it or leave it.”

“Who’s this Cole character?” I inquired. “Some sharpshooter you recruited?”

“Cole Thornton’s familiar with two of the men we’re after.” Gerald answered. “They’re former FBI agents. He can fill you in on the assignment once he gets there.”

“Is he gay?” I asked. “With a name like Cole he sounds like he might have a little sugar in his britches.”

“Gay! Hell, I don’t know!” Gerald exclaimed. “What’s that got to do with this gig?”

“Chill out!” I replied. “I was just wonderin’ is all.”

“I’ll have Cole on a plane to Lexington within the hour.” He affirmed. “You pick his ass up at the airport!”

An hour and a half later I arrived at the Bluegrass Airport, west of Lexington. Entering the small terminal building it wasn’t difficult to spot my contact. Dressed in a black suit with a narrow tie, he stood out from everyone else.

My first thought was that Cole Thornton was much too handsome to be an FBI agent.. He had the looks of a male model, ruggedly handsome with thick brown hair and bright green eyes. Every bit of six foot, Cole had a very muscular build, which complimented his fantastic looks. Still, he looked a little gay.

“Cole Thornton?” I questioned, approaching him.

“You must be Jennifer Powers.” He answered, extending his hand.

“Yeah, I must.” I smarted off in response, shaking his hand.

“I see we’re going to get along just great.” He stated, releasing my hand. “Barnes said you were a real pain in the ass.”

“Well, it’s my ass so I can have it anyway I want.” I countered. “So I suggest you get used to it.”

Cole gathered up his luggage while I carried his attaché for him. Walking out to my car, I noticed him checking out my figure, especially my butt and my legs.

“Just for the record…I’m not gay.” Cole stated, climbing into the passenger seat.

“Just for the record…I don’t give a damn!” I countered. “Let’s leave it at that, shall we?”

During the drive istanbul escort back to Somerset, Cole filled me in on our assignment. Two former FBI agents had gone over to the other side, throwing in with a drug cartel operating out of Tampico, Mexico, a coastal town approximately two-hundred and fifty miles south of Brownsville, Texas. Our assignment was to take out both men along with anyone else we found at their hacienda. Instead of a simple assassination shot, we’d have to shoot our way in and shoot our way out. Getting to and from Tampico was another problem we’d have to deal with.

“For a quarter of a million dollars, Gerald struck himself quite a deal.” I thought to myself. “I should have held out for the half million!”

“Got any ideas how we’re gonna pull this off?” Cole inquired, sounding a little apprehensive. “I’m thinking we charter a plane to fly us down there, shoot our way in and then make a run for it.”

“That’s your plan, Rambo!” I laughed. “We’ll be dead before we get a shot off!”

“Ok, Smart-Ass, let’s hear your ideas.” Cole countered. “Let’s see if you’re as smart as you are beautiful.”

“Oh. So you think I’m beautiful.” I responded.

“Don’t gloat over my remark.” Cole asserted. “It just slipped out.”

“How about we do some research on Tampico before we start putting a plan together?” I proposed. “I’d like to live through this assignment and collect my money.”

At my home, Cole seemed more interested in seeing my house than working on our plans. Standing out on the deck, he couldn’t get over the magnificent view of the lake.

While Cole looked around, I booted up my computer system to see what I could find out about Tampico, Mexico. It wasn’t exactly what I hoped for, being the town was actually three miles inland from the Gulf. That pretty much eliminated traveling by boat since we’d have to hike the distance on foot. Located a mile off Highway 80, driving the distance was another option but that meant we’d have a five hour drive over a two-lane highway each way. Getting pulled over by the Mexican Policia seemed too great a risk.

Ordering out for pizza I finally managed to get Cole involved in the planning of our assignment. With all things considered, we concluded it would be better to drive the distance and risk being stopped by the Policia. Making the journey by boat meant we’d spend a day or more on the water and possibly missing our landing site along the deserted beaches.

With that settled, Cole and I discussed the weaponry and ammunition we’d need. Cole was strictly a handgun-shotgun person, only having fired a rifle once or twice on a target range. As for being a long distance shooter he was totally inexperienced. I knew the two former FBI agents and their accomplices would be heavily armed with automatic weapons. Along with being outnumbered, a handgun or a shotgun wouldn’t be much of a match in terms of firepower.

It was almost midnight when I called it a day. I was tired but not all that sleepy. Cole had sacked out on the couch an hour earlier. Waking him gently, I showed him to the guest bedroom.

Grabbing a quick shower before going to bed, I slipped beneath the sheets, hoping for a good night’s sleep. I thought about Cole, sleeping in the next room, wondering what he was really like, wondering if he had a family and wondering what he thought about me. Having a man in my house, especially one I considered quite handsome, was making me restless, too restless to sleep.

I wasn’t the only one who was restless. An hour or so after getting into bed, Cole cautiously entered my bedroom. The moonlight barely illuminated the room but I could see he was wearing black briefs and nothing else.

“Having trouble sleeping?” I asked, propping myself up on my elbows.

“I’m not used to sleeping alone in a strange bed.” Cole replied.

“I take it you’re married?” I presumed, ciphering his response.

“Engaged.” He asserted, sitting down at the foot of the bed. “Angela and I share an apartment.”

“Share an apartment?” I remarked. “Sounds more like a business arrangement than an engagement.”

“Oh! We love each other.” Cole proclaimed. “There’s no question about that. We’re just waiting till the right time to get married. For financial reasons mostly.”

“Geez! It is a business arrangement!” I laughed. “Bet she even had you sign a pre-nuptial agreement!”

“Angela’s financially well off.” He affirmed. “Her family’s made their money in the real estate market. Of course she asked me to sign a pre-nup.”

“Bet Angela would crap her silk undies if she knew you were in my bedroom!” I laughed. “Especially if she found out all you had on were those black briefs!”

“I…I’d better be getting back to my room.” Cole stammered, not knowing what else to say.

“Well, that’s up to you.” I responded. “You could slip into bed with me. Just so you’d have someone to cuddle up with…not for anything else.”

My blatant remark even caught me off guard, not to mention Cole. It wasn’t like me to be so bold as to invite someone to sleep in my bed. I could see by the expression on the young man’s face he wasn’t sure which way to run. It was an awkward moment for the both of us.

Tossing the sheet back to reveal I was only wearing bikini-cut panties was all it took for Cole to make his decision. Climbing into bed beside me, I could see his tight briefs bulging.

“Well, he’s definitely not gay!” I thought. “But he is engaged!”

Turning onto my right side, Cole snuggled up next to me, slipping his arm around my waist. Feeling his heated body next to mine and his soft, warm breath on my neck wasn’t doing much to lull me into a sleep. Pulling me in closer, I could feel his hard cock pressing against my butt. Cole’s hand glided upwards, towards my firm breasts. I allowed him to gently cup one of my breasts before putting my hand over his.

“Don’t start something you’re not going to finish.” I murmured, grasping his hand.

Both of us lay motionless for several prolonged moments. I wasn’t sure what Cole was going to do next but if he fell asleep on me I wasn’t going to be very happy. His hand slipped from beneath mine, sliding down to my tummy. His hard cock was still pressing against my butt. I waited for him to make a move but it didn’t seem he was going to.

Placing my hand over his, I shoved it lower, slipping it inside my panties. His fingers brushed over my trimmed pubic hair, gliding down between my legs. My pussy was already wet, anticipating his next move. Cole kissed me tenderly on the back of my neck, sending warm sensations down my spine. I pushed back hard, grinding my butt against his hard cock, still constrained in his briefs. His fingers rubbed gently over my pussy, teasing me until I moved my legs apart.


Cole slipped his right hand beneath me, cupping and massaging my breasts. My breathing was growing labored, taking quick deep breaths as I felt my sleeping passions rising. I wanted Cole to fuck me right then but he had other ideas. Rolling me over onto my back, he kissed me hard and passionately, plunging his tongue into my mouth. I sucked on his tongue, wanting more of him.

Cole’s moist lips traveled down over my neck, kissing me lightly as his mouth made its way towards my breasts. My sensitive nipples were hard and erect, waiting for his lips to suckle on them. He tugged on them with his teeth, flicking his tongue over the responsive nubs until I screamed out his name.

My hips were bucking against his hand with two of his fingers stroking in and out of my pussy. Kissing down over my tummy, I wanted his mouth lapping at my pussy. He stopped kissing me when his lips reached the elastic waistband on my panties. Yanking my panties down, I pushed his face between my legs. When his tongue flicked over my clit, I had a surprisingly quick orgasm like a sharp, stabbing pain.


Cole lapped at my pussy harder and with more intensity until I had another strong orgasm. Prolonged and more powerful than the first, it had me writhing free of his grasp. Cole’s muscular physique recaptured my body, holding me tight until the extreme sexual gratification waned. My body lay lifeless, completely zapped of strength.

Cole slipped out of his briefs, then positioned himself between my legs. His hard cock was beautiful, long and thick with a bulbous head. Grasping my legs behind my knees, he spread me wide, lifting my pussy upwards. The broad head of his cock pushed against the folds of my pussy. Lubricated by my cum, Cole thrust his cock, slipping the head into my pussy.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!” I moaned, feeling the hard shaft working its way deeper and deeper with each thrust.

Impaled on Cole’s cock, I felt his warm balls pressed against my butt. At first, he fucked me slowly with long, powerful strokes that jolted my entire body. Gradually increasing the tempo, he fucked me like a jackhammer, plunging hard with each stroke of his magnificent cock. His resilient stamina was kicking into high gear as he fucked me harder and harder. Perspiration dripped off his face onto my breasts, then trickled onto the sheets. My orgasm timed perfectly with his intense climax. We came together, our bodies locked together as the wanton sexual gratification consumed us. Our guttural moans filled the room, resonating off the walls

Cole collapsed on top of me, pinning me to the bed. I held his sweat-soaked body tight, my legs wrapped around his. Our heated bodies gradually cooled and our labored breathing returned to normal. Cole pressed his soft lips to mine, kissing me tenderly and lovingly.

“That was absolutely the best sex I’ve ever had.” Cole declared, rolling onto his side.

Hearing his remark, I wondered what his sex life with his fiancé was like. It was none of my business but I figured it wasn’t nearly as good as what he’d just experienced. At least I hoped it wasn’t!

Snuggling up next to Cole, he pulled me into his muscular arms, embracing me warmly. We drifted off to sleep in minutes not waking until well after sunrise. It was the best sleep I’d had in a long time.