Caroline’s Mom Ch. 09


I awoke that morning lying between two beautiful women. Both Rachel and Caroline wanted to be the mothers of my children. I had spent the evening trying to father their offspring. Both had stopped the pill and wanted to be pregnant at the same time. Caroline and Rachel wanted to be present at the conception of both children. So they both slept in my bed. I wasn’t complaining either.

I got up from the bed quietly and headed for the bathroom. After urinating I looked up to find Rachel watching. She walked in and sat down to pee, pulling me close, she engulfed my cock in her warm wet mouth. Her lips reached my pubic hair as she began to pee. She began to suck me slowly but passionately. Rachel took me into the back of her throat then down as she massaged me with her gullet. My hands gripped her hair as I guided her up and down my cock. Thrusting harder and faster I could feel my pre-cum dripping as her cheeks hollowed with the suction.

“Oh that’s good. I forgot how good your mouth feels.”

She began to suck harder her tongue licking the underside of my cock Her head began bobbing harder and faster. Rachel’s nails gently scratched my balls.

“Oh shit your gonna make me cum suck me. Suck me hard.

Rachel pulled my cock out of her mouth and looked at me.

“I have missed your taste so much feed me your cum.”

Her Antep Escort Bayan head bobbed harder and faster her tongue vibrated on the underside of my cock. She moaned and hummed and the vibrations were felt all through my body. My cock began to throb. Then I began to spurt.

“Here it comes now baby. Drink it swallow my load. Now! OOooooooooooooooooh. Swallow it all.”

My knees were ready to fold under me. Rachel looked up at me.

“Delicious I forgot how good you taste”

Taking her hand, I took her into the shower with me. Slowly we bathed each other, and then I knelt at her beautiful pussy.

“I want to taste you Rachel. I’ve missed you so. I have to taste you now.”

I pulled her to me and parted her pussy lips with my tongue. I began to lick slowly tasting her juices, and enjoying her emissions. She began to moan and clutch at my hair before long my faced was covered in her orgasmic juices. Just then the shower door opened and Caroline was standing there grinning.

“Breakfast is almost ready hurry up.”

Caroline walked from the bathroom laughing. Rachel and I left the shower and began to get ready for breakfast. As we walked in Caroline served us French toast and coffee. She looked at me and grinned. Then looked at Rachel and said.

“Mom he owes me one from yesterday do you mind if he eats me while we have breakfast?”

“No not at all do you mind if I watch?” “No I don’t. Allan get down here and pay your debt.”

I knelt between her legs at the table and began to lick Caroline’s hot wet pussy. She immediately began to tremble as I ate her. Rachel began to rub her pussy under the table as she watched me orally service Caroline. The more I licked, the wetter Caroline became. Her mother groaned, as she rubbed her wet cunt. Before long both women screamed in orgasm.

For the rest of the day we all moved into the house. We each had separate bedrooms. Mine was the master bedroom, and that for now, was where we all slept. The women were happy to be living together once again. But from now on they would act not as mother and daughter but as equals. From now on they would both be roommates or sisters and would act as such. And since they shared the same man they would treat each other as equals.

Rachel told us that there was a hot tub on the back deck. It was hidden and we could use it without clothes since no one could see. And it would be a good place for the both of them to get their next insemination. I smiled and took both their hands. I started walking to the back of the house. I turned on the tub and it started warming and bubbling. All three of us started to undress.

I entered the tub as did both women each sat next to me. Caroline caresses my cock as I sucked Rachel’s nipples as she straddled me. As soon as I was hard Caroling kissed Rachel’s neck, and whispered to her. Then Rachel sank onto my cock. As my cock entered her, Rachel groaned and Caroline said.

“Fuck him mom, let him make me a brother.”

Then, she spoke to me.

“Fuck mommy, make her pregnant with my sister.”

Caroline caressed my balls, whispered lewd things into both our ears, and soon we exploded in orgasm. I spewed my sperm into Rachel’s hot, fertile womb. Rachel climbed out of the tub and elevated her legs to keep my sperm inside. Caroline began to grope my cock. As she rubbed it she spoke to me.

“Make me pregnant too. Make mommy a grandma. Make mommy’s baby a sister and a niece, or a brother and a nephew. Fuck me now.”

With that Caroline squatted on my cock hilting me quickly. Her hips moved up and down in terrific heat. She seemed intent on pulling my load from me. Rachel began to speak.

“Fuck her hard, make her a baby. Make her belly swell with my grandchild. I want us to both be walking next to you with our big bellies. Cum in her make her a baby.

I began to cum sending my load deep into her fertile depths. As I finished she kissed me and climbed out of the hot tub to lay on the deck with her legs elevated. I crawled out of the tub and lay between them soon we were all napping.