High School Days Ch. 04


Sasha was the first one in the room. She stopped just inside Mom’s bedroom looked at all of us then while looking at Mom said to me, “Anderson, who’s that?”

I quickly replied as if I just remembered my manners with a little nervousness in my voice, “Oh, that’s my Mom.”

Sasha answered with a semi-fake surprised tone, “No freaking way. She’s too young to be anyone’s Mom.”

Mom laughed and said in a light easy voice to Sasha, “I like you. Come here and give me a hug.”

Sasha replied, “Like? Damn, I’m in love with you.”

Sasha walked slowly toward Mom eyeing her up in down taking in all of Mom’s beauty then she said, “What’s your name? I can’t possibly call you Mrs. Anything, gorgeous.”

Mom answered in a soft sexy way, “You can call me Kelly.”

We could all immediately felt the sexual heat between the two women. By the time Sasha reached Mom she had her arms out stretched to hug Sasha. But Sasha grabbed Mom by the wrists and gently push Mom’s arms above her head and back onto the bed. Mom slowly fell back on the bed. Sasha then climbed on the bed and sat on Mom. She had Mom pinned down and just stared at her. Mom offered no resistance to the younger, stronger woman.

Sasha is a little taller than Mom and about 20 pounds heavier. She works out with weights almost every day and really doesn’t have any fat on her. Even Mom’s nicely fit body wouldn’t have a chance against Sasha’s power.

Sasha was wearing a red stretchy tube top with no bra showing off her nice C-cup breasts. She also had on a short black skirt, similar to Karen’s, with a pair of red high top sneakers. Her black skirt was now hiked up and stretched around her muscular ass as her legs were spread over Mom’s hips. The whole scene was hot and we all took notice.

Sasha looked deeply at Mom and said, “Now I know what all the buzz is about you, Kelly.”

Mom replied with a sexy tone, “What buzz?”

Sasha continued, “You know half the football team wants to fuck you, don’t you?”

Mom just looked at her with a confused look.

Sasha continued, “Brad and I were at a party the other night. Brad was talking to his teammates and somehow the conversation got around to you.”

Mom had a surprised look on her face. I could tell she was wondering what the football team was doing talking about her.

Sasha picked up on Mom questioning expression and enthusiastically continued, “They mentioned how they were at a Saturday cross country meet to watch Anderson run but they were really there to watch you run.”

Mom was really surprised and listened intently.

Sasha continued, “They all mentioned how sexy you looked in your tight little running jacket and small running shorts. Even the coaches couldn’t take their eyes off you. One of the guys said how much he’d like to fuck you standing right there in front of everyone. He said he could picture those beautiful long legs of yours wrapped around him as he fuck you standing up. Another guy mentioned how he would like to step up behind you and fuck your firm ass while you rode his friend’s cock.”

Sasha stopped her story but continued her moving of her hips in a gentle fucking motion into Mom’s hips. Somehow in the middle of her story Sasha began to slowly dry hump Mom. We had barely noticed the action but now that she stopped telling her story it became obvious.

It was clear to all of us that Mom was starting to get excited. Sasha took advantage of the opportunity and leaned into Mom and softly kissed her on the lips. We heard a very soft moan from Mom. Sasha pulled back to just look at Mom and stepped up her fucking motion into Mom’s pubic area. She watched Mom intently. Sasha then leaned in again and kissed Mom again but this time with an open mouth. Mom responded to Sasha and opened her mouth in return.

The scene was fucking hot. The rest of us seemed to collectively hold our breath waiting for Sasha’s next move. We didn’t have to wait long.

Sasha gave a soft order saying, “Brad, come here and play with my tits.”

Brad was there in seconds. He immediately fondled Sasha tits over her thin red tube top. Sasha picked up her fucking motion on Mom in response then she leaned into Mom again and kissed her deeply.

Although, Brad was man-handling Sasha’s tits when Sasha leaned into Mom to kiss her his hands were squeezed between both women’s breasts. Mom was also getting some benefit.

Sasha urfa escort broke the kiss to say, “Brad, pull my tits out and feed one to Kelly.”

My dick was now hard again and out of the corner of my eye I could see Karen playing with her pussy.

Brad reached into the red tube top and pulled out Sasha’s tits. He held one of them toward Mom and Sasha lowered herself until it was almost touching Mom’s lips.

Sasha looked into Mom pretty light green eyes and whispered, “Suck it.”

Mom just looked at Sasha for the longest moment then slowly picked up her head and slowly opened her mouth. She wrapped her lips around Sasha’s nipple while looking directly into the young girl’s eyes and started to slowly and seductively suck Sasha’s nipple.

Sasha let out a fairly loud moan. She closed her eyes and threw her head back. She just savored the moment for a little while then she opened her eyes looked at Mom and said, “Brad, pull your cock out.”

We were all shocked. Clearly Sasha was upping the game. What was next?

Brad unzipped his pants and pulled out his now hard dick. Sasha wasted no time and immediately began to suck it right over Mom’s face.

When she was sure Brad was good and hard Sasha popped off of Brad’s cock and said to Mom, “I’m going to let go of one of your hands. ”

Sasha still had Mom’s hands pinned down on the bed above Mom’s head.

Sasha continued, “With your free hand I want you to play with Brad’s balls while I suck his dick.”

Sasha didn’t wait for an answer. She release Mom’s hand closest to Brad and started sucking Brad’s dick again. Mom immediately started to play with Brad’s ball and upon doing that Brad let out an approving groan.

The whole scene was super hot. Mom pinned down by Sasha. Sasha dry fucking Mom. Mom seriously sucking Sasha’s tit. Sasha sucking Brad’s cock and Mom playing with Brad’s balls.

Sasha suddenly came off of Brad’s cock with a pop and quickly kissed Mom with a passionate open mouth kiss then she quickly pulled off and said to Mom, “Did you taste that?”

Mom moved her mouth around like she was tasting something then smiled and slyly said, “I think so. What is it?”

Sasha smiled and boldly said, “You’re tasting Brad’s pre-cum. How do you like it Kelly?”

Mom just laughed.

Sasha ordered Mom saying, “Stroke his dick Kelly.”

Mom hesitated. Sasha stopped dry fucking Mom and just waited expressionless for Mom to comply. Mom slowly moved her hand from Brad’s balls to Brad’s shaft while still looking at Sasha and started to slowly stroke his cock. Sasha smiled and started to slowly dry fuck Mom again.

With her free hand Sasha took her other tit and feed it to Mom. Mom seductively sucked this one like she had sucked the other one. Sasha looked at Brad’s cock.

Sasha said to Mom, “There it is Kelly. Another load of pre-cum on Brad’s cock.”

Sasha looked directly into Mom’s eyes and said, “This time you suck it off and feed it to me.”

Up to now Mom had her pussy rubbed by Sasha’s pussy over their clothes. She sucked Sasha’s tits, played with Brad’s balls and stroked his cock but this was a big step. Mom looked at me and I smiled back at her silently saying it was OK. Mom then looked at Brad and he just shrugged his shoulders. As if saying I can’t help you to decide. Mom then looked back at Sasha smiled and while still looking at Sasha pulled Brad’s cock to her mouth. Mom wrapped her lips around Brad’s cockhead and worked it with her expert mouth for a few seconds. She quickly pulled off grabbed Sasha behind her neck with her free hand, pulled Sasha into her and gave her a deep open mouth kiss.

The women broke their kiss and Mom said, “Did you taste that?”

Sasha quickly answered with a big smile, “Fuck yes.”

We all laughed. Mom pulled Brad’s cock back into her mouth but this time started to suck the whole thing. I guess Mom figured in-for-a-penny-in-for-a-pound.

We all watch as Mom went to town on Brad’s cock she was pretty good at this.

Sasha looked at Karen and said, “Slid up between Kelly’s legs and start playing with her pussy.”

Karen was soak and wet from play with her own pussy and immediately jumped on the task. We quickly heard Mom approving moaned but she never stopped sucking Brad’s cock. Brad had to be loving this. I was too fucking balıkesir escort horny to object to any of this.

Sasha looked at me and said, “Anderson, pull out that big horse cock of yours and bring it over here so I can suck on it.”

I pulled my cock out slid over to her and Sasha immediately started sucking it. She was actually a better cocksucker then Karen. I had already cum three time tonight so I was able to really enjoy Sasha’s technique.

Sasha pulled off and said to me, “You have already been fucking tonight. I can taste your dry cum and someone’s ass.”

I looked at Sasha and just smiled. She looked at Karen then at me. I smiled again as if telling her yes to her silent question. But then Sasha surprised me and looked at Mom then back at me. I provided no expression then Sasha smiled silently letting me know that she got it. I guess when I didn’t shake my head “no” she just assumed a “yes”. Sasha’s smile gradually became a sinister one. I knew right then we were in trouble. Sasha cradled my balls and feed herself my cock.

After a while Sasha pulled off my cock turned to Karen and said, “Eat Kelly’s pussy.”

Karen just looked at Sasha for a moment as if thinking it over. Sasha put her hand on Karen’s head and steadily urged her to carry out her order. Karen complied. Mom let out another moan of approval. Sasha worked the head of my dick with her lips and teeth then sucked my cockhead really hard. She quickly pulled off with a pop then pulled Mom off of Brad’s cock and kissed her deeply swirling her tongue all over mom’s mouth.

Sasha broke the kiss and said, “Did you taste that?”

Before Mom could answer Sasha said, “That’s your son’s pre-cum, dried cum and someone’s ass.”

Mom said nothing she was trying to read Sasha to gage how much she knew especially the way she said, “And someone’s ass.”

Sasha knew another game was a foot and she pressed it.

Sasha looked intently into Mom’s eyes and said, “I’m going to let go of your other hand. When I do, I want you to reach over and start stroking your son’s cock.”

Nothing was said by anyone. We all stopped in our tracks and held our breath. Sasha slowly released Mom’s other hand and waited. The two women just stared at each other. Finally Mom’s hand started to slowly move towards me as if a snake slowly sneaking up on its prey. Her fingers lightly touched my balls then her palm gently massages my balls. Her fingers slowly snaked up to my swollen shaft and gripped it. And while still staring into Sasha’s eyes started to stroke it.

Sasha looked over at Mom’s hand on my dick then back at Mom and smiled. Sasha, while still looking at Mom moved her face to Brad’s cock and started to suck it never taking her eyes off Mom.

The two women continued like that for a few moments then Sasha popped off of Brad’s cock and announced, “Hum, looks like Anderson has some more pre-cum for us.”

Mom looked over to confirm the event.

Sasha looked at Mom and with that sinister smile simply said, “It your turn.”

Mom looked up at me as if to say she was sorry but we both knew it had to be done. Mom resigned herself to the inevitable she pulled my cock down to her and quickly took the head into her mouth she sucked my cockhead and I could almost feel the collective gasp from our audience. However, the sensation was awesome and the visual was never to be forgotten. My cock in Mom’s mouth in front of my closest friend, what a fucking sight.

Mom sucked out all the pre-cum she could then popped off my cockhead. She again grabbed Sasha behind her neck and pulled her down and gave her a deep open mouth kiss. When they broke the kiss both women looked kind of in love with each other.

Sasha spoke first saying, “Let’s suck him together.”

Sasha immediately wrapped her mouth around my cock and started to suck for a few stroke then she popped off of it and feed my cock to Mom. Then Mom sucked it for a few strokes and pulled off and feed it to Sasha. Sasha did it again popped off and feed it back to Mom but then Sasha started to suck Brad’s neglected dick while Mom continued to suck mine.

Brad suddenly said, “I have to fuck someone and I have to do it now.”

Sasha quickly said, “Fuck my ass. I want to keep my eyes on Kelly and her son.”

Sasha jumped off Mom, hiked her tight black skirt trabzon escort up over her hips and pulled off her panties. She then bent over and offered her muscular ass to Brad. Brad spit on Sasha’s asshole a few time and started rubbing his cock against it.

Sasha, looked back over her should and said, “Fuck me baby. Fuck my ass hard, real hard.”

Sasha then leaned over while Brad lined up behind her. All of a sudden Sasha let out a loud cry say, “Yes, babe that’s it you are in, fuck it. Fuck it hard babe. I need to cum.”

Brad didn’t seem to wait until Sasha was ready like I had earlier tonight with Mom and Karen. He just started with a serious pace right from the get-go. Sasha seemed to be loving it. Urging him to drive it harder.

I could see that Sasha was barely able to think but she looked at me like she just remembered something and shouted, “Anderson, fuck your mother for us. Do it now.”

Mom had been sucking my dick and Karen had been eating Mom’s pussy we were both in a heightened sexual state. Sasha’s command was just the natural outcome of the evening. Brad and Sasha’s inspired fucking was the spark. I was somewhat relieved that I didn’t have to initiate the action.

I positioned myself between Mom’s legs as Karen, driven by her desire to see this incestual act, moved quickly out of the way. Mom was wide open for me. By this time the sexual heat of the evening simply caused her to be shameless.

I placed my cockhead at the entrance of my mother’s pussy. I was prepared to fulfill an age old primordial desire. I was about to carry out a taboo mentally entertained by almost every young man that has walk the earth, the fucking of his own mother. A taboo that is so deeply embedded in the human male psyche that it has attained mythological status.

My cock stood poised at the entrance. I looked at Mom. She looked so very sweet waiting and wanting this as bad as me. It seemed like the others in the room just disappeared. We were in silent union, both of one mind. I leaned into her and felt the sweet bliss of entering my mother’s pussy as my cock pushed through the pink folds of her pussy.

My first thought was its tight. It’s even tighter than Karen’s pussy. How can that be? I then remembered that I was Mom’s only child and I was actually a Caesarian birth.

My next thought, wasn’t so much a thought as a felling. I felt so in love with my mother. Yes, I loved her before but this was different. I really had never felt like this with anyone else. It’s really unexplainable.

However my instincts cause me to fuck her sweet pussy and even though I had cum three time that night. I was still hot for Mom. She gradually got more into it. Her moans becoming progressively louder. She wrapped her legs around me and began fucked me as much as I fucked her. I grabbed her ankles and pushed them up over my shouldered. I really started to bang that sweet tight mommy pussy hard.

We were both wet with sweat our bodies glistening in the soft dim light of the room. I suddenly felt Mom body start to quiver. I leaned in harder and harder. My hands were flat on the bed to either side of her. Her ankles were on my shoulders. I was on my toes driving that tight pussy for all I was worth.

Mom’s moans were now almost screams. I was breathing like a race horse, pounding that pussy again and again. Mom’s body was starting to shake I knew she was climbing the ladder. But somewhere deep inside of me I had crossed a line. I was at this time more animal then human. I brutally powered into my mother. I punished her pussy with violent thrust after violent thrust. I couldn’t stop. Then, I exploded like a volcano, shooting jet after powerful jet of hot cum deep into my mother’s belly. I roared like a lion. I was Fucking King Kong.

Moments later I came to but there were gaps in my memory. I came so hard that I blacked out. Mom was wearing her blue robe, kneeling over me, applying a wet face clothe to my forehead. Karen was kneeling on the other side holding my hand. Sasha and Brad were all dressed and standing at the end of the bed.

When I opened my eyes Mom softly said, “Baby, are you alright?”

I gave her a big smile and said, “I’m a lot better than already.”

We all laughed pretty hard.

There was some small talk that followed but within a few minutes everyone was gone. Mom thought I was just too exhausted to do anything else but go to bed. She helped me to my feet and walked with me to my bed room. I collapsed on my bed. Mom covered me and gave me a soft loving kiss on my lips and left. Before I fell asleep I thought how the five of us had just done an extraordinary thing and couldn’t wait for round 2. I smiled and was asleep in seconds.