Camilla Ch. 040


Camilla left Patterson’s home late Sunday morning and returned to her apartment around lunchtime; as soon as she walked in, she got naked. Candice wasn’t home: Camilla assumed her roommate was either with Francine, getting laid and getting dope, or with her boyfriend (Camilla didn’t yet know they’d broken up). Camilla took a shower.

She then went into her bedroom and looked over what clothes to wear to Bob’s apartment. Underwear would be her most important choice, as she perhaps would pose in it first before taking it off as Bob took photos of her. The naked girl looked through her dresser drawers, which were filled with lace panties of various colours: white, pink, light blue and green, red, and black. She chose bright pink see-through panties that had a flowery design on them. Then she found some tight-fitting beige dress pants, a dark-brown dress shirt with a flower pattern on it, and matching high heels. After lunch and a little TV, she put those clothes on, painted her face with make-up even brighter than the average prostitute would wear–in her usual way, with red lipstick, thick mascara, rosy blush and dark blue eyeshadow–and went to Bob’s home, arriving early, at about 2:45 PM.

Bob wasn’t home yet, but a man in his late 30s was waiting by his door for him to arrive. “Hi,” she said to the man. “Are you waiting for Bob, too?”

“Yes, I am,” he said. “I just called him. He said he’d be here in a few minutes. I’m his brother Leo, by the way.” He put out his hand for her to shake.

“I’m Camilla,” she said, grinning and shaking his hand. “Nice to meet you, Leo.” Sensing that he was sexually interested in her, and noting that he was as handsome as his older brother, Camilla was glad she’d left the top three buttons of her shirt undone, revealing her bra-less cleavage. Knowing Leo’s fantasy exactly, Camilla started doing her sexually uninhibited ‘Kitty’ persona, the one she’d done during her seduction of Candice and Akemi. Scratching herself between her breasts, she undid another button.

“Are you going to pose for Bob?” Leo asked, correctly assuming she was his newest nude model.

“Yes, I am,” she said with a naughty smirk and a suggestive twinkle in her eye, one that hinted that she’d be more than happy to let him watch. She undid another shirt button.

“Well, okay,” he said, trying to be a gentleman in spite of how much he’d have liked to watch. “I’ll get what I need from him and go quickly, so you don’t have to waste time waiting to start.”

“No hurry,” she said with an ear-to-ear grin. “Take your time.”

“So you have lots of time? You can wait?”

“Uh, no; I plan to start my photo shoot as soon as possible.”

“You’re posing, ahem…clothed?” He was sweating.

“No. Nude.” Her eyes widened and her lips were pursed.

“Well…uh…it’s just that…” He chuckled nervously.

“Your wife will get jealous?”

“No, I’m not married. It’s just that…if I see you…”

“What of it?”

“Well, I–I mean you may…”

“Would you like to see me naked?”

“Oh, uh…” He laughed nervously. “Well, yeah–I–I mean, if it’s OK.”

“Do I seem to think it’s not OK?” ‘Kitty’ giggled. “Why are you so shy?”


“Don’t be. I’d like to show you my body.”


“Sure, why not? You seem like a nice guy.” She put her fingers under his chin and lightly tickled him there. He blushed, and she giggled at his timidity. “You’re so sweet.”

Bob arrived, and they all went into his studio apartment, a spacious, elegantly designed place that Camilla was instantly impressed with. Bob gave Leo a book he’d wanted to borrow. Leo said, “Bob, sh-she says it’s okay if I s-stay and watch. D-do you mind?”

“If she doesn’t mind, I don’t,” Bob said as he got his camera equipment ready. “Just don’t talk to us as I’m taking pictures; it’ll break our concentration.”

“Okay,” Leo said as he sat down on a sofa near where the pictures would be taken. Camilla walked up to him and, standing before him, undid the last of her shirt buttons. His breathing was heavy, and his erection was visibly bulging in his pants.

She pulled off her shirt with a vigorous wiggle of her breasts and, her eyes and mouth wide open, yalova escort she affected a look of shock at the idea of him seeing her tits. She dropped the shirt on the floor and undid her pants’ button. Then she slowly unzipped them, looking intensely in his rapt eyes. She pulled down her pants to reveal her bright pink see-through panties; she turned around and bent over to lift her feet through the pant legs, pointing her ass at his face. She kept her high heels on as she took the pants off, so it was somewhat awkward and difficult for her; her shaking ass, in those dainty panties, remained but a few centimetres from his salivating mouth for some time.

She straightened up after removing the pants, turned around to face him again, and put her hand in the front of her panties. She breathed heavily and slightly squinted her eyes as she briefly masturbated before him. Then she pulled her panties off; he admired her pretty brown pubic hair. Holding the panties upside-down, she suddenly reached forward and put them on his head; she pulled the waistband down so they’d cover his whole face and head. She giggled as he feverishly sniffed and nibbled on them. He took them off and blushed. Then she turned around and bent over to undo and take off her high heels. She put them aside and, still bent over, spread her legs as wide apart as she could so he could see her liquorice vulva and caramel anus, both of which were only two or three inches from his face. She, smiling, looked back at him upside-down from between her legs. She stayed in this position for several seconds so he had time to take in every detail of those two lovely holes, lips that longed for kisses and licks from him.

His eyes were popping out of his head, and his jaw dropped in amazement at the perfection of what he saw, to say nothing of the carefree attitude with which she was showing herself off to a total stranger. She giggled at his stunned facial expression and said, “I think we’ve lost you. You’re lost in space.”

“Sorry,” he said, blushing again.

“Don’t be; enjoy yourself. Do I look good naked?”

“You’re an absolute goddess.”

“Thank you,” she said, then turned around and sat on a coffee table, which was in front of the sofa, and spread her legs. She softly moaned as she fingered her clitoris before his eager eyes. Then she turned around and got on the coffee table on all fours: she spread her legs and pushed her behind out so he could see her pussy and asshole. She looked back at him with lewdness in her eyes. Then she got up and sat on his lap; rubbing against his cock, she knew he was easily seven inches long, and quite thick. I’m lucky again, she thought.

“OK, I’m ready,” Bob said after securing a camera on a tripod. “Let’s take some pictures.”

“I’ve gotta pee,” Camilla said. “Let’s get some photos of me on the toilet. Lots of guys like that.”

“Alright,” Bob said, and all three of them went to the bathroom. She sat on the toilet, and Bob–with another camera–stood by the door with Leo standing behind him. “For all the guys who are into urolagnia: go pee-pee, sweetheart.”

“OK, here it comes,” she said with a giggle, and her pee started to pour out. As he snapped his pictures of her, she looked up into the camera lens with a sexy insouciance.

“That’s it, sweetie,” Bob said. “You haven’t a care in the world: your pee is pretty, isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” she said with an ear-to-ear grin and a giggle that he captured on film.

Bob’s snapshots carefully included both her face and the urine pouring out from between her wide-open legs. Leo watched in awe: this goddess, a living fountain showering gold from her cunt, was turning a mundane, vulgar bodily function into performance art.

“OK, now,” Bob said. “Pretend someone barged into the bathroom, a stranger, and he sees you peeing.” Camilla feigned shock and embarrassment, her eyes and mouth agape as she tried to cover her body. “Oh, come now, you like to be watched. Let us see everything.” Camilla took her hands away and, with more grinning and giggling, showed her delight at being seen naked on the toilet. “That’s it, sweetie. Nice and sexy.”

“This is fun,” she said. She finished peeing, edirne escort but Bob kept taking pictures as she reached for the toilet paper. “I’m all stinky now.” She giggled.

“That’s okay, baby,” Bob said as he continued taking pictures. “Stinky is sexy when it’s you.” She giggled as she wiped herself. “That’s it: wipe all the pee-pee away.” She happily noted bulges in the pants of both men. She herself was wet not merely from her urine, and her clit was as hard as their cocks were. She stood up and started toward the shower stall. “What’cha doing, Camilla? Let’s do the rest of the shoot in the other room.”

“I wanna clean my pussy,” she said as she put one foot in the shower stall. “I hate it when my pussy smells of pee.”

“No,” Bob said. “A beautiful girl like you has perfume for pee: Chanel

, really!”

“Really?” she said with another giggle.

“Really,” Leo said. “We love the smell.”

“OK, if you say so,” she said with a grin. They left the bathroom and went to where the rest of the pictures would be taken. The place was all white: white walls, a white bed, and white sheets. Camilla got on the bed, and Bob got behind his tripod. Leo sat on a nearby chair, hoping neither of them would notice him touching himself between the legs.

Bob got pictures of the nude girl in various poses. In one, she lay on her side, spreading a buttock open so her vulva and anus were showing; she looked lewdly into the camera. “Yes, Camilla, beautiful,” Bob said as he took the picture. “You like showing off your yummy places, don’t you, you naughty girl?”

“Oh, if you only knew how much,” she said as she looked at him with a lascivious smirk. She continued admiring the bulge in her photographer’s pants, and was thrilled to be its inspiration.

Another picture was a close-up of her bent-over ass, with her buttocks spread wide open so her chocolaty asshole was the centre of attention; her asshole was also opened up, a miniature donut, and her cunt was dripping wet, like a strawberry cookie with icing on top. “Ah, Camilla’s anus,” Bob said with a sigh as he took the picture. “It’s not just for pooping anymore.” Camilla giggled salaciously.

There was also a picture of her by the bed, standing and bent over, with her legs spread out so her pussy and asshole were once again in plain view. Her head upside-down and between her legs, she looked at the camera with wide-open eyes and a grin. “That’s it, sweetie,” Bob said as he took pictures. “You have the right to be as immodest as you like, you sexy lady. Show us every beautiful part of your body with pride.” She was as turned on by his remarks as she was flattered. She knew he was being genuinely lecherous, but she knew he did it for professional reasons: he had to make sure she was confident about her body, in order to get the best results from her poses.

Another photo was a close-up of her lying on the bed on her back with her legs wide open, showing off her pink cunt and her asshole. “Oh, Camilla,” Bob said as he took the pictures. “Two of the loveliest holes in the universe.” She giggled and grinned at the camera.

“This is so much fun,” she said as she opened her labia wide.

“It sure is,” Bob said. “I love my job!” She giggled again. Her labia were getting swollen with excitement.

One other notable photo was of her standing in front of the bed and bent over, spreading her buttocks to show her coffee-coloured anus. Bob sang the refrain from Van Morrison’s ‘Brown-eyed Girl’ as he took the picture. She giggled. “Sha la la la la la la la la la-la la-la,” he sang.

Yet one more picture was of her on all fours on the bed, looking back at Bob with a lewd smile, showing her pussy and asshole. “Oh, Camilla, you’re so sexy,” he said as he took the picture. “You were made for double-penetration.”

“I love it when you talk dirty to me,” she said with another giggle.

“I do it to boost your confidence,” he said. “I sense you don’t mind. A lot of girls would hate it, though, if I talked that way to them.”

“I’m not like most girls.”

“That’s right,” he said. “You’re a sex-goddess.”

“Thanks,” she said. “How about doing some video now?” she asked erzurum escort as she got off the bed and lay down on the floor, on her back with her legs spread wide open. “I wanna masturbate till I come.” Leo leaned forward in his chair in lecherous expectation.

“You’re the boss,” Bob said as he got his camcorder ready. Like Leo, he was finding it difficult to refrain from showing how excited he was as Camilla was always smiling lewdly at him. It was hard for Bob to determine if her slutty facial expressions were just acting, or if she was genuinely turned on by both men. If only he’d known at that time that his best hopes were already realized! He started filming, and she started fingering herself.

She pulled her legs up high so both her anus and vagina were clearly visible. Her thumb tickled her hard clitoris, and her index and long fingers went up her cunt; her index finger massaged her G-spot while her long finger gently poked at her A-spot. She moaned and sighed in ascending pitches as she got more and more excited. The long finger and thumb of her other hand kept her asshole wide open while her index finger was rubbing against the orifice. She continued squealing and sighing as she looked lewdly into Bob’s camcorder lens. She saw a lustful smile on his face, and she mirrored his lechery back at him with a whorish grin of her own as she continued masturbating. Then she stuck her finger deep in her ass, massaging the anal wall that neighboured her vaginal wall. Bob brought the camera closer to get a clear shot of every delicious detail as she was nearing orgasm. He got close-up shots of her pussy and asshole as she penetrated them, and he backed up a bit to include her face, with its intensely horny expression. Her screams got higher and higher, approaching whistle register. She put all the fingers of her cunt-stimulating hand inside her pussy, wildly tickling herself everywhere in there. When her whole fist got inside, she finally came, screaming in whistle register. Having quickly pulled her hand out at the beginning of the orgasm, she shot her ejaculation in a high arc; six squirts of plentiful cooze splashed onto the wooden floor. When it was all over, Bob stopped filming, and he and Leo stared at her and the soaking-wet floor, in awe of her performance, for several seconds. Bob then went over to his computer to upload the photos and video.

She caught her breath, got up, and went over to Leo. “Did you enjoy that?” she asked.

“Incredible,” Leo said, always looking her in the eyes and never looking below, in an attempt to be a gentleman.

She put her hands on his cheeks and tilted his head down to look at her breasts and pubic hair. “Don’t be shy,” she said with a grin. “Enjoy yourself. I gotta pee again. Come talk to me while I pee.” He followed her into the bathroom.

“C-can I buy you dinner sometime?” he asked her as she sat down on the toilet.

“Sure,” she said. “How about tonight?” The pee started sprinkling out; she kept her legs open so he could see.

“OK,” he said with a trembling voice. “Where do you want to go? Money’s no object.”

“How about Lehar’s at 8?” she asked while moaning her relief as she emptied her bladder in a yellow deluge.

“OK. Where shall I pick you up?” He loved watching the gold pour from her cunt.

“How about I meet you there?” she asked in staccato squeals as she squirted her last few squirts of pee into the bowl.

“Alright, I’ll see you then,” Leo said with a nervous smile.

“It’s a date,” she said as she pulled toilet paper off the roll. She wiped her pussy dry, got up, and flushed the toilet. He watched the golden whirlpool pull the toilet paper down the hole. “Oh,” she said with a sheepish giggle. “I’m so stinky between the legs right now. I should clean up in the shower.”

“No, don’t,” he said. “I like the smell. You’re stinky is fragrant, my goddess.” He bent down, bringing his sniffing nose near her pubic hair.

“Thank you, sweetie,” she said. “You really do like my natural smells.” She grinned her flattery. He straightened up, and she hugged him tightly, rubbing her belly against his hard-on.

“As much as I hate to, I have to go now,” he said. “I have some work to do. See you tonight.” He walked toward the front door, looking back at the naked beauty from time to time until he left.

“See you at 8,” she said as he closed the door. She and Bob looked over the pictures and video they’d just shot, and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening working on the creation of her own personal porn website.