Claire O Ch. 03

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Big Tits

The story is set on a real life basis but all the characters names are made up.

It was now Monday; it was only three days ago when I had sex with Claire. I came in to the office and walked into the reception. I saw Claire, she looked different, and first of all she didn’t have her glasses on and she had a fringe and wore more makeup on her face. She looked like more of a slut now and she also looked more confident than she did before.

Hey Claire I said happily, she looked at me and smiled, her legs were crossed and I could see on one foot she didn’t have her shoe on and she was wearing small socks. I thought to my self what is she playing at and then it hit me, she knew I worshiped her feet and loved sucking them like I did before and she now probably would order me about and make me her slave.

So looking forward to work I said to her, she then replied not really, oh! And by the way I want to talk to you later she had a grin on her face. I stood there looked at her and said why don’t u tell me now, ataköy escort she just had a slight grin on her face and didn’t say anything, As I started to walk back towards my office I she said by the way I need you to help me move some stuff in my house, ok no problem I replied as I walked toward my office.

I was sitting down in my office and thinking how the hell did she get that sexy, she was a lot sexier than before. After a long day at work it was finally five o clock and time to go home, I waited for Claire and sat with her in her car, we didn’t say a word in the car on the way to her house. We finally reached her house. We both entered and went in to her living room. So what do you need help on, she replied my feet are swore, sweaty and they need a good sucking, I thought to my self “wait a minute, she tells me that she needs help on something and when I come to her house she tells me to suck her feet, ok maybe I do like sucking feet but I don’t do it all the time…fuck sake. She then took bakırköy escort her boots off and I just stared at her feet, I couldn’t help it, she was seducing me and it was actually working, I couldn’t say no to Claire’s feet, she then sat down and took off her socks and threw one to me and said ” Smell it” and then she pulled me closer, she put her feet on the table and said I want you to suck it nice and slow I then went to suck it, her feet smelt so fucking nice I was hypnotised by the smell.

I started giving little kisses on her right foot and then went on sucking the big toe and slowly she put her right foot all in my mouth, it was so tasty, she then put both her feet on my face and told me to smell it, I did as she said and started to smell her feet, I licked her left foot and she pulls me towards herself and said did I tell you to lick it I said no with a nervous look on my face, she then goes well why did you do it, I didn’t say anything, she then went open your mouth, I did as she said and opened my mouth she grabbed me and then spat in my mouth and then told me to swallow it, I swallowed it as she said and the thing is I enjoyed it, I was so turned on by Claire, now! Lick my left foot, I started to lick it slowly and she then stuck her right foot in my mouth. An hour had gone by and I was still working on her feet then five minutes later she said that she needed to go for a piss and straight away I lay on my back and opened my mouth, she started laughing and said well you knew what I was going say to you, she took of her trousers and then sat on my face, her pussy smelt so nice and then in an instant she started pissing in my mouth, I was so turned on by the smell of her pussy I just didn’t care, I just kept swallowing her nice and warm piss.

Half an hour later she said ok you are done for today and she said I’ll tell you next time when to come and I said yes Claire with a smile on my face, she looked at me and then smiled and gave me a hug with her lovely small breasts touching my chest, I felt her nipples pushing against my chest what really turned me on, she then dropped me off home and I kissed her on her lips and said good bye and then went.

To be continued…

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