Cousins Ch. 02

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EDIT: Sorry guys, This is a terrible story I already know that. And it was a Halloween story but I lost track of time. Sorry everyone. But this is a old Halloween story.


After fucking Avery I grabbed my boxers and went back to my room. Avery was laying on her back, Nude. Then Haven woke up and saw Avery and said

“What are you doing? Why are you naked?”

Avery was in shock and said “I was.. Uh..”

Haven said “Did you masturbate rite next to me?”

Avery said nothing.

Haven then got up. And stared at Avery. Haven looked at her breasts and said

“You didn’t play with me, rite?”

Avery said “No, Why would I do that?”

Haven said “I don’t know. Just asking.”

Then Haven rolled on her back and went back to sleep. Soon Avery fell asleep. She was embarrassed that her sister just saw her naked. Then in the morning I was out cold. I was nude in bed. No covers over me. I was half awake now. Then Janelle opens my door saying

“Wake up sleepy… Oh my god! I’m sorry!”

I quickly threw covers over me and was embarrassed. She walked out like nothing happened. I then hear foot steps getting closer to my door. I thought it was Avery, But instead it was Haven. I had a little erection under the covers and didn’t want Haven to sit on it. She walked in and sat down on top of the bed. She asked

“Were you in my room last night?”

I said “No. Why?”

She said “I saw Avery naked on my bed, And cum on her chest and breasts.”

I said “Um, Uh. Maybe she spilled milk?”

I knew it was a terrible lie, But I was hoping it would work. She scooted closer at me and rubbed my leg making my erection start to nudge the blankets. So I leaned up.

She said “Why are you so nervous?”

I said “Um, I just woke up..”

She said “Oh, okay.”

So I watched her turn around and walk out. After that I got some clothes and went into the shower, I closed the door and put my clothes down. Then the door opens and closes. I turn around seeing Avery nude. I stared at her rack and knew she wanted me. She immediately went to her knees and starts rubbing my cock. I whispered in her ear

“Is this a good time?”

She didn’t even reply. She just started sucking my cock. It felt so good having her blow me. Having my little cousin do this was incredible. She then grabbed my hands and positioned my hands on the back of her head. So i just started pushing her head in my cock. Soon after sucking for about 10 minutes. She stops and walks to the sink and bends over and starts rubbing her pussy. I thought to my self

“Pussy for break-fest? Sounds tasty”

I then grab her and flip her on her ass. So i then eat away at her pussy. She held her mouth shut to make her moaning more quite. I ate away like i never did before. Soon i rubbed my cock against her pussy lips and she let go of her mouth moaning away. I then enter her once again and fuck her really fast. I put both hand on her hips and fucked her. Her tits were bouncing up and down, She had excitement on her face. My balls clapped against her ass. She moaned away. Then i heard her whisper I’m cumming! I felt my self preparing to cum as well so i let her cum on my hard cock and i then pull it out and cum on her tits.

After that she cleaned her self up. And walked out. No one even heard us. I just hopped in the shower and took my shower. After i got out i could never look at Avery the same again. Well i couldn’t after last night… I still remember it all.

Then i walk out all relaxed. I see Avery and she looked at me differently. I looked at Haven outside practicing her Cheer-Leading. Then her Parents said

“Wanna go fishing?”

I said “Depends on the weather.”

Avery said “Ill check the news”

Avery then said “Its going to be over 100 degrees.”

Then everyone said “Nah, Lets not go. It’ll be to hot.”

I said “We can go in the pool?”

Everyone agreed. So we went to our rooms and put our swim suits on. I undressed and put mine on, Until Janelle walks in and knew I was nude. She said


I grabbed a shirt and hid my cock.

I then replied “Ah! Wat!”

She said “Sorry for this morning.”

I reply “And your doing this now? I’m nude you know.”

She said “So what. You had a nice one for me this morning, I saw how hard it was.”

I said “Um. Uh. Sorry.”

She said “Don’t worry. I know I’m sexy.”

As she walked out of the room, I then started to see she really was. She stood in shape, She didn’t do much sports. And she looked like she was 30 instead of 40. But I didn’t really look at her that way. But then Haven walked in and said

“Ike and Mason went fishing, So its just the four of us.”

I said “Oh, Well they will fry.”

Haven said “Yep.”

But then I remembered I was naked behind a shirt, So I panicked and grabbed a blanket and covered my self even more apologizing. She said

“Its not your fault. Its mine for walking in without knocking.”

So she walked away and I closed izmit rus escort the door. Then I put my swimming trunks on. I thought to my self

“Why do I always get caught nude?”

I guess I was unlucky. I guess it was luck as-well. Letting girls see me nude was for some what reason a little fun. I got set and walked down stairs hearing the girls having fun, Water splashing. So I hurried up down stairs. By the time I get outside I see the girls are getting out going for a tan, So i jump in and scream

“Cannon ball!”

A huge wave splashes to the edge of the pool, And as I swim around, Haven then jumps back in. And says


I said “Wait, Wat!?”

She then grabs hold of me like if she was hugging me, But she wasn’t. She was rubbing against my cock without her evening knowing, So i just grab her and go along with it while acting like I’m trying to get her off of me. My boner then moves up so its sticking threw my trunks, I try to get a hand down there to push it down. But rite then and there it pushes against Havens ass cheeks, She mustn’t of felt it while being aggressive so i quickly lift her up and throw her in the water. I didn’t want this to go on any further or She would no I have a boner going.

Haven get up and says “Wow your stronger than I thought!”

I just nod at her, She then says “I’m not done”

I think to my self “Yes, you are”

I then make a move and get her in the water and beat her. I then lift her up and out of it. Looking at her with a smile. She has the look on her face that’s like, Whoa. I look at Janelle and Avery seeing there laying down on seats, Getting a nice tan. I got a view in between there legs and got excited so my boner started raging. I had to stop all of this so no one other than Avery would know. Haven then got up and said

“I’m going to take a nap, See you later.”

No one replied. So we just continued in the pool. Soon after I was done I get out seeing Avery and Janelle moved inside already. So I walk around the house looking at the scenery. Enjoying the view. After a while looking around I was dry enough to walk in and take Another shower. So I take another shower to wash away the chlorine from the pool. While I was in the shower I started masturbating in there think of Haven. But I still was fighting my self not to think of her like that. But she was a teaser. No one could resist her. I finish masturbating and came on the floor and watch it wash away.

Then I get out of the shower and walk to the kitchen seeing Janelle cook up steak for dinner. I then hear a car pull in the drive way. I take a look and see Mason and Ike getting out of the car with major tans. I walk out saying

“Nice tan!”

Ike said “Oh ha ha! If you would of gone you would of been cooked!”

Mason kept his mouth shut, I could tell Mason had a way worse tan than Ike. Haven then woke up and prepared for dinner, Mason entered the house and then said “I’m taking a cold shower.”

Everyone giggled. Jannelle made dinner and we all ate. Then watched T.V. We watched Aliens vs Predator. After so it was around 10:00 P.M. so we all hit the hay. I was laying in my bed thinking of Haven. Such a beauty. So mature. So innocent. I thought of her hard nipples from the water balloon war. I got a boner hard as rock and thought to my self

“Who would I be, I fucked Avery, And now I want to fuck Haven?”

After waiting awhile my horny side took over, And I walked out my door, Took a look down the hall checking both sides. I walk to Havens door. Creep it open checking in there. There I see her, In a blue bra and blue panties. She looked all cute and sexy. So I slowly walk over to her. And whisper in her ear

“Haven, Haven are you awake?”

I get no reply. I do it again. Still no reply. Just like with Avery. So I rub her bra and watch her face. I see her smiling. She must be liking this. And I pick up her hand and see if its stiff, Or if its relaxed. It was relaxed. So she was sleeping. She must be dreaming of sex or something I don’t know. I rub her belly and move to her thighs rubbing up and down. I here a soft moan come from her. I then move up to her panties, But leave them in-tacked. My hand goes up her belly and up to her bra. I then squeezed her breasts and play with them.

Then I kiss her lips saying

“Your going to lose your virginity, Just like your sister.”

I then put my hands underneath her and undo her bra. I then take her bra and reveal her perfect tits, Nice nipples, Perfect for sucking. I was going to do allot more to Haven since shes in gymnastics. Ill show her who she really is. I then lick her nipples, Her pink nipples were hard as rock. I then start sucking on them, For some reason I was getting milk out. While sucking on her nipple I use my tongue to rub up and down on her nipple. *Her right nipple* I look at her face and see she blushing and frowning. She could wake up and minute. So I decided I will do what I did to Avery.

Maybe she was a lesbian? Maybe that’s izmit escort why guys haven’t fucked her? I wondered why while violating her. I didn’t care. So I then pinch her left nipple feeling wetness coming out. “Is she having a orgasm? Already?”

I look at her panties seeing them soaked. I guessed she did.”

She must of masturbated but couldn’t finish her self I guess. So I went back to fondling her tits watching her creepy smile. Soon after having fun with her lovely tits. I move down to her panties. I lick her wet panties and tasted her. She was ready. But I did not want to take her just yet. I slowly slid off her panties and exposed her perfect pussy, It was more beautiful than Avery’s. I licked it and her legs twitched at the touch of my tongue. Shes reacted in the way having sex with her will rule her life. So I ate away at her. She started to moan really fast, Her face got red, Her face was still smiling which made me feel really weird.

Then I got my finger and rub her clitoris as I use my other finger on my left hand to rub her vaginal walls. I stick one finger inside her, Breaching her defenses as I watched her body twitch, She was enjoying it. I whispered

“Are you awake?”

No reply. I was confused. But didn’t stop. I took my finer away from her, And walked to her head. Opened her mouth and stuck my cock on there. I went in and out for a-few minutes. My cock was so hard, Felt like it was harder than stone. I then leave her mouth. My cock covered in her saliva would make her pussy a real easy entrance. I could of probably entered her without her saliva. She was that wet. So I now rub my cock against her vaginal walls. I couldn’t take it. I pushed it straight in and prepared my hand as I saw her wake up. I took my cock rite out of her and jumped on top of her.

She quickly said “No! No please!’

I got on top of her and held her down as I stuck my cock directly in her mouth. She was defenseless as I stuck my cock all the way in her mouth, I heard her gagging. So I take it out and shove it back in. While doing so I let go of one of her hands and stick a finger in her pussy going in and out. Havens body was already reacting. Then I position my cock between her tits, I take my hands and push her tits against my cock and I start to fuck her tits. She said

“Please. Let me go Chase!’

I whispered in her ear “Then why are you enjoying it? Look at you. So wet. Hard nipples, You were even smiling in your sleep as I touched you. Your enjoying this.”

Haven then let go of her grip and let her wild side take over. I then started rubbing my cock against her pussy and pushed in and started fucking her. She moaned and moaned as I went deeper and deeper in her. She whispered

“I can’t believe I’m having sex for the first time.”

I grunted as I started fucked her. Hell. She was tighter than Avery for some reason. Haven had a better pussy, But Avery was good with her throat. Haven had a god pussy and tits. Milk was coming out of them, Haven was a horny girl. And now she will always want sex as I fucked her brains out. Soon she slowly slid back and hit the back of her bed. She came again, I kept myself from cumming. I slapped her tits and she moaned in pleasure. I started leaking cum. It was time. I took my cock out and I was about to cum on her belly and she grabbed my cock and stuck in her mouth as i came.

I just came in her mouth! She kept my cock in her mouth I was done cumming and until she was done slurping it down. I then slap her ass as she looks at my with a horny smile. She then gets up and hugs me as rubs her tits on me. I hug her back whispering

“Your a angel.”

She replies “I already know I am, A sexy little angel.”

I then kiss her on the cheek and walk out of her room. I peek in Avery’s room seeing her asleep. I didn’t bother her cause I thought of waking her up in the middle of the night again. She would not get good sleep. So I walked back to my room. Jumped in the bed. Put my underwear and shorts on. And went to bed. I wake up early in the morning, I look at my clock seeing its 6:00 A.M. in the morning. I think to lay back and think of Haven. I fucked her just a-few hours ago. Shes either under her blankets or just bare naked on her bed. I get up and put on some shorts. I quietly walk out cause everyone is asleep. I peek in Havens room seeing shes on her bed naked. I would go in there and cover her up. But what if someone walked in on me doing that. Id be doomed. So I closed her door quietly. I peek in Avery’s door and see shes sleeping. The day was October 27th. I and thought to my self.

“Maybe when everyone is up we should go look for costumes.”

But before I walk down to make coffee. I walk in Avery’s room. I walk up to her. Check her out. And I know shes asleep. Since iv touched her in her sleep. So I walk up to her drawers and look at a little piece of paper taped to it saying

“Avery’s private drawer. DO NOT OPEN”

So I wonder. I got a idea. I thought to myself that I can come in here when everyone is at the pool. kocaeli escort And then I can look in it. So I walk back to Avery and rub her panties. Then I just walk out. I just wanted her to wake up in a good mood. I walk downstairs and walk to the kitchen. I turn on the coffee machine and start making coffee.

I walk out to the living room and take a look out the window. I just thought of what to get. Instead of going to a store ill order mine. I walk back to my room and open my lab-top holder. I open up my computer and turn it on. I walk back to the coffee machine and get some coffee. Then I walk all the way back to my room and go on the internet and type in costumes. After doing so I find a nice vampire costumes and laughed. I said to my self.

“I guess this will do. It will fit, Comes with realistic fangs. And fake blood.”

So I order it with my credit card. It said

“Your purchase will arrive in 2 days.”

I thought to my self.

“Maybe if everyone orders online we’ll get all ours in 2 days. Sounds good.”

I close my computer and walk down drinking coffee to wake up. I sit on the couch. I finish my coffee. I then shower. This time I lock the door. And take a nice shower. After so I guessed it was around 8:00 A.M. So I walked out seeing Haven sitting down. I walk to her and whisper.

“How was your sleep?”

She replied “Very good.” As she winked at me.”

As she smiled with a winking face at me. I winked back and rubbed her thighs. But then I stopped cause I didn’t want to start a sexual thing in the morning. Haven turns on the T.V. and we watch the news to 8:30 And then Mason awakes and walks out stiff. I remember that he was deep-fried at fishing. He had clothes in his hand and says

“I’m going to go take a ice shower.”

We giggle as he goes upstairs to the shower. Then Avery comes down stairs in her pajamas. Then Ike and Janelle. Ike said

“I’m going to take a shower in our room.”

He wasn’t sun burned as bad as Mason. Janelle joined him. So I mention to Haven and Avery about costumes for Halloween. I tell them to get them online. I said they can use my computer. And if they need to they can use my credit card. Haven said.

“I have my own credit card.”

Avery said “Ill have to use yours and pay you back.”

I reply to Avery saying “Nope. You can use it. No need to pay back, My treat.”

She nodded and Haven and Her went to my room and ordered their costumes. I didn’t know what they ordered and I thought they’ll keep it a secret till Halloween. I didn’t care. I then walk to my room and go to my suit case. Haven and Avery said

“We found a dirty website with Halloween costumes.”

I said “I don’t mind. I’m going for a jog.”

I grabbed socks and put them on and then put on my shoes, I went for a jog and after so it was around 9:30. I walk in and see waffles all set to eat. So I start eating with everyone. Haven was already done eating, I guess she was starving for breakfast. Everyone else waited. I finish my meal and thank them for the food. I walk outside and clean the pool.

After so I check to see if its all clean. Then I walk back inside and watch some more T.V. When it was around Noon I made me some lunch. And ate it. It was getting hot again and I checked the weather report and it was hot until November 6th. Oh well. I watched everyone eat and when they finished everyone said.

“Lets go in the pool.”

I say “Ill go check if its clean.”

I already knew it was clean. But I had a plan. Then I turn around and see everyone coming to the pool. I walk inside as they went in the pool. I go upstairs and close Avery’s door. I quickly open her private drawers and my jaw dropped. Dildos. Vibrators. Ones that wrap around your head and go in your mouth. Whips. Sexy naughty clothes. Everything dirty. I close them and wonder. Most girls have a diary under there pillow or bed. I check under her bed, Nothing. I check her pillow and find her diary. I open it and look threw pages till I see something dirty. After searching pages quickly before anyone notices I’m not there. I find a page and it says

“I bought a whole bunch of dirty toys and clothes. I will start using these after I loose my virginity. And when the guy leaves me I will use these. But so far I’m single. And still a virgin.”

I smile and say.

“Not anymore.”

I but her diary back and change. I go in the pool and have a good time with them. We swam and jumped in. Then Haven says

“I’m going to go in, Chase can I borrow your computer?”

I reply “Sure. Go ahead!”

And go back to swimming. After about 2 more hours after Haven left it was around 5:00 P.M. Everyone starts getting out. Haven comes down the stairs and says

“I’m done, I put your computer back.”

I say “Okay”

I walk back in my room and grab my computer and bring it to my bed. I plugin the cord so it charges while I’m on it. I wonder what Haven looked at while she was on my computer. So I check the search history. I see Angel girl. I click it and it brought me to a porn game called Angel Girl! I was like wow. I played it and your trying to get a sexy angel girl with huge tits out of hell. Monsters would rip her clothes off and fuck her. So I delete that from my history. And laughed

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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