Especially For Yule Ch. 2


Jan pulled off the interstate at the Factory Outlet Mall. She noticed a place in the parking lot at the back near the interstate but well visible from the entrance. “Perfect!” Jan said to herself as she crossed the lot in her motorhome. “I’ll face it so the “Itasca” is visible, and the noise from the highway will cover any noise that might come from us.” Jan grinned as she speculated that one. Would she and Susan really be able to let go with the other woman there? She’d sure try, she wanted this to be a really great video for Mike.

Susan took the exit to the Outlet Mall and as soon as she turned into the lot saw the motorhome. Without hesitation she drove to where it was parked and honked her horn. As she got out of her car she saw the door open and Jan stepping out. Jan looked even better than her description in Mike’s stories. Jan heard the horn, looked out to see the car parked beside the motorhome and the woman getting out, then quickly opened the door to go greet her friend. As Susan stood up Jan couldn’t help but give her a thorough once-over. Susan was really cute. She was about 5’3″ or so, slim, with small breasts that, with her sheer blouse and no bra, she was obviously not ashamed of. Her face was very delicate and pretty and her light red hair was really unique. Jan notice a gleam in Susan’s light blue eyes as the two approached each other. “It’s so nice to finally see you.” Jan spoke as she reached around the smaller Susan and hugged her warmly. “And you too Jan…, really so nice.”

“Shall we do a little shopping and get a bite to eat? I’ve got lot’s of time…, and to be honest, I’m a little nervous about our…, well, movies.” Jan blushed some as she finished. “Sure, can I put my stuff in the motorhome first? I brought a few toys.” Susan got a small bag out of her car, locked the car, then handed it to Jan who put it in the motorhome. Checking to make sure she had locked the door, Jan took her friend by the hand and they walked across the parking lot to the mall. The two talked a lot, bought a few items, then decided on a small restaurant to eat. After a very light meal, friendly conversation, and a couple of glasses of wine, they both agreed to go to the motorhome.

“This is really awkward.” Jan said as soon as they were inside and the door was locked. “What do we do first?” “I don’t know.” Susan grinned sheepishly at her friend. “I’ve never done this before either.” “Would you like something to drink?” Jan asked. “Yes, please, my mouth is a little dry.” Susan answered. “I’ve got soft drinks, or how about some wine?” “Oh just water Jan.” “Yea, for me too.” Jan added as she fixed the two glasses of ice water. Jan handed Susan her glass, then sat in the recliner across from Susan. “Well, here we are…, all dressed up and somewhere we need to go.” Jan raised her glass to Susan, who joined the toast by adding, “Yea, but I guess we won’t be all dressed up for long.” They both laughed as they clicked their glasses.

“So, who goes first?” Jan looked seriously at Susan. “I don’t care…, I will…, if you want.” Susan looked at Jan questioningly. “Ok, let me get the camera ready, while you get dressed…, undressed…, whatever.” They both chuckled a little nervously as Jan got her camera out and started preparing it. Susan removed her shoes and slacks revealing her red thong underwear. She then unbuttoned her silken blouse, leaving it open down the front but not removing it. “I think I’ll start just sitting right here on the couch.” Susan leaned back, adjusted her blouse so it showed her small cleavage and a hint of her nipples, then looked at Jan holding the camera. “Ready when you are.”

Jan, looking through the camera, noticed how really lovely Susan was. She zoomed in enough to get a close up of Susan’s pretty face, then scanned down to her cleavage and from one firm nipple to the other. “Oh, by the way, action…, rolling…, the camera’s on.” Susan now smiled seductively for the camera. “Hi Greg.” In her most sexual voice Susan continued. “Merry Christmas, sweetheart…, and enjoy.” With this said, Susan closed her eyes and began to massage her breasts with both hands. As she massaged she also took every opportunity to squeeze her nipples with her fingers. Jan scanned from Susan’s face to her tits. She couldn’t believe how long nipples could get. As Jan noticed one of Susan’s hands leave her breast, Jan let the camera follow the hand as it went down and inside the thong panties. “This is really hot!” Jan whispered more to herself than to Susan. “Keep going, I sure hope mine is this good.” With the encouragement from Jan, Susan began sliding the thong panties mardin escort down slowly, exposing her well trimmed pubic hair and the wet, pink, clitoris protruding out.

Then Susan’s left hand went back up to her long nipple and her right hand began fingering her clitoris. For several minutes Jan watched as Susan pleasured herself. “Aren’t you curious about who’s helping me?” Susan had only partly opened her eyes as she again spoke to the camera. “Hand me my vibrator, out of my bag, please?” Jan kept silent. This was Susan’s film. Keeping the camera as steady as possible, Jan looked to the bag, opened it, and took the vibrator out. “Would you please hold it to my wet pussy?” Susan was still looking directly at the camera as she spoke. Jan switched the vibrator on, then still looking through the camera which detached her from the action, watched as her hand appeared in the scene and the vibrator was directed to Susan’s clitoris.

Now Susan had both hands on her tits. Jan used the vibrator expertly on her friends clitoris, then started moving it into and around Susan’s wet slit. It amazed Jan at how it was as though she wasn’t really there, just her hand. It was really neat, and fun. As Jan scanned back up to Susan’s tits she heard Susan start to really moan loudly. Scanning on up to her face, Jan could tell that Susan was close. With this cue, Jan fully inserted the vibrating cock into her friend’s pussy . Susan, now in total abandonment, began moaning even more. “Yes, yes lover, fuck me!” Jan now scanned back down, slowing at the sight of Susan squeezing her own nipples, then back to her pussy being fucked by the dildo held by a feminine hand.

Her hand. The movie star. “Jan’s Hand” Jan thought out loud, “The new sensation in erotica, nominated for the Oscar.” Jan chuckled then remembering her task, got quiet again and began to film the finale. As she heard Susan’s obvious orgasm begin, Jan fucked her with the movement of the vibrating dildo the way she knew she would want. As Susan reached her peak, she leaned forward and tightly hugged Jan, causing the camera to wander off it’s target. Susan kissed Jan on the cheek as she hugged her. Jan, with the camera in her right hand to the side of their faces, and her left hand still moving the dildo, now slowly, in and out of Susan’s pussy, was at Susan’s disposal and Susan kissed Jan full on the lips. Jan, knowing Susan’s passionate condition, allowed the kiss to last a little longer than she might have liked, but it was certainly erotic.

“Oh, Jan, I’m sorry…, I just got carried away.” “Hey, no problem. That was really hot! Want to watch it back?” Susan leaning back away from Jan, reached down and took the dildo from Jan’s hand and removed it from her soaking vagina. “Sure, I’m dying to see it. Was it good?” “Unless I really screwed up the filming, Greg’s going to love it.” Jan rewound the camera as she spoke, turned the viewfinder around so both women could see, and played it back. When it got to the last part both women watched as the camera had actually been in the perfect position to get their kiss. “Well now!” Jan grinned big and continued “I don’t know about Greg, but that’s Mike’s biggest fantasy. “Oh, Greg will love it too.” Susan looked at Jan seriously. “I think it’d be ok if you want to include that scene, or any of this, in with your movie.” “Really? Thanks, and I guarantee that Mike will thank you.” Jan thought for a second then continued. “And…, if you want, you can show Greg mine…, actually we could just leave them together…, of course on mine we’ll want to have my part first and yours second.” The women smiled warmly at each other, then Susan leaned forward and again hugged Jan, who having her hands free this time, hugged Susan back. Jan, partly to make Susan realize that what had happened before was ok and partly because she just wanted to, kissed Susan on the lips softly and sensuously but not for a very long duration. “Thanks for everything Susan, this is really sweet, and fun.”

“Ok!” Susan broke the moment as she got up. “Now it’s my turn to film.” Susan, still in only her unbuttoned silken blouse, looked at the camera she’d picked up. “How’s this work?” Jan began undressing as she explained the camera to Susan. When Jan had her shirt and bra off, Susan was looking through the lens and asked. “How do you zoom?” Jan leaning into Susan’s back, reached over and placed Susan’s small finger on the correct button. “Right there, now here for zoom in.” Jan then moved Susan’s finger back a little, “and here, for out.” Susan, feeling Jan’s large tits pressing into van escort her back was momentarily speechless. “Do you have it?” Jan broke Susan’s trance. “Oh yea.., now I’ve got it.” Susan managed. “Ok, I’m ready when you are.” Jan climbed into the bed at the back of the motorhome as she spoke. “Let me know when to start.”

Susan turned around, and looking through the lens, turned the camera on. “Action!” Hi sweetie.., I hope this is everything you want it to be…,” And with a sly grin Jan continued. “and, I think it will be.” Susan kept moving closer to the bed filming the naked Jan. Susan couldn’t help but think how great Jan looked naked. She had such wonderfull tits, and she just radiated sexuality. “Would you like to be sucking these?” Jan held her full tits and squeezed her large nipples as she addressed the camera.

“Your big cock would sure feel good between them right now.” At these words Susan zoomed in on the tits and thought of how Greg would love to suck those large tits…, and his fantasy of fucking tits. Her’s were a little to small to create a proper cradle for that. Susan also thought how she wouldn’t mind sucking them as well. “And,” Jan moved one of her hands down her stomach to her thick pubic hair and into her wet pussy. “would you like to have your tongue in here?” Jan was really doing a good job of narration. Susan was sure that Mike, and Greg would love the way Jan was speaking. She sure did! “Well, since you’re not here…,” Jan looked sadly at the camera and started to slowly finger fuck herself, “I guess I’ll just have to take matters in my own hands.” With this Jan closed her eyes and for several minutes she fingered her pussy while squeezing both nipples with her other hand.

“Ooh…, I just can’t get off this way…, I wish you were here…, but maybe a dildo…, yea, ooh, that’d help.” With this Jan turned slightly away from the camera being obvious to be speaking to another person. “Honey, would you hand me your wet dildo…, please?” Holding the camera on Jan the best she could, Susan backed up, found the dildo, then returned to the foot of the bed. “Oh, thanks…, now would you please rub my wet pussy with it?” Jan released her clitoris and moved her hand back to her tits where the other hand had remained. Susan watched, as Jan had done, as her hand and the dildo came into the frame. She slowly started rubbing Jan’s large clitoris with the dildo, then turning it on, began to run it around and through Jan’s slit.

“Oh that’s it baby…, oh yea,” Then Jan opened an eye, looked to the camera and continued. “Mike, she’s really doing that sooo good. Yea Mike, see her sexy little feminine hand near my pussy with the dildo. Doesn’t that get you hot?” Susan, realizing Jan’s intent and direction, took the innitiative and began to run the dildo into Jan’s pussy, making sure that her fingers made a lot of contact with Jan’s pussy and clitoris with each thrust. “Oh wow, and see how her hand’s touching my pussy.” Susan decided to go with what Jan wanted for her film, and what she wanted for her own pleasure. Sliding the dildo into Jan far enough that it would stay on it’s own, Susan could now rub Jan’s pussy and clitoris with her hand and fingers. Jan really felt wet, smooth, and wonderful to Susan’s touch. It was difficult, but Susan managed to keep the camera steady, and even to scan from Jan’s face, now obviously in ectasy, to her pussy being manipulated by Susan’s left hand.

Susan could tell that Jan was getting close, so close that Jan had actually taken Susan’s hand and guided it to the most sensitive areas of her pussy. Once Jan even guided Susan’s hand up to feel of her large breasts. Susan was now as hot, or hotter, as Jan. Holding the camera to the side as best she could, Susan leaned into Jan’s pussy and licked her delicious clitoris. “OOOH, and see Mike, she’s eating me. OOOh.” With this Jan looked down at her friend’s head at her groin, saw the camera to the side, reached over and took the camera from Susan and held it herself. “Look Mike, it’s our friend Susan, and she’s really eating my pussy, just for your Christmas present. It feels so good!” Susan was now on the bed, up on her knees beside Jan, and was really savoring Jan’s delicious pussy.

Jan was really into it now and as she filmed the action at her groin, she though how Mike would like a scan of Susan. Jan scanned the camera over and down from Susan’s head, stopping at her small breast. “And Mike, look at Susan’s cute tits.” Before Jan went on she reached over with her left hand and squeezed one of Susan’s nipples. “And aren’t these ankara escort long nipples neat? I’ll just bet you’d love to suck them.” Jan released the nipple, switched and squeezed the other, then began scanning on down Susan’t trim body to her ass.

“And I know you’ll like this little ass Mike.” With this Jan was rubbing her hand over Susan’s ass and down under Susan to feel of her wet pussy. “OOOh, and Mike, her pussy is really tight and wet…., yea, you’d love to eat this, and fuck it too.” Jan’s narrative, along with her hand, had Susan over the edge. As she felt her orgasm close she concentrated more on Jan’s pussy. Jan, feeling the moment near, began to finger fuck Susan’s pussy, still trying to get as much as possible on film. Susan came first.

Jan couldn’t believe how much fluid could come from a woman. “Could she have urinated? No, it definitely wasn’t urine. The smell…, the feel, it was just a flood of cum.” Susan, now satisfied for the moment, was determined to get her friend off. Jan, now with both hands free, could better hold the camera for her finale. Susan began to fuck Jan’s pussy with her tongue, while both of her soft delicate hands worked on Jan’s tits. It only took a few minutes for Jan to reach a wonderful orgasm.

“Well, Mike, if you don’t like this…, I give up.” Jan whispered to the camera with an obvious shortness of breath. “Merry Christmas sweetie.” At this Jan turned the camera off, lifted Susan’s face from her groin to her own face. “Thank you Susan.” Then Jan kissed Susan one more time sweetly on the lips. “No.., thank you,” Susan put her arms around Jan, held her close, and gave her friend one last semi-passionate kiss. “We both know who enjoyed this the most…, thanks.” Nothing more was, or needed to be, said. The two women held each other and relaxed for several minutes before getting up. As Susan dressed, Jan copied the tape for Susan to take.

“Well, I really need to get going…, gosh…, this has been great.” Susan, now dressed hugged the still nude Jan as she prepared to leave. “Absolutely great.” Jan hugged Susan back then handed her the copy of the film. “We’ll have to do another filming sometime.” Jan winked and laughed a little as she spoke. “Anytime Jan…, anytime at all.” Susan answered a little too quickly and little too seriously, then added with a little humor, “I think we could be movie stars.” Both ladies laughed as Susan went out the door. Jan, her lack of clothing preventing her from going out, waved from inside the motorhome as Susan pulled away from the parking lot.

“Wow! Damn! I can’t believe how great that was.” Susan was speaking loudly to herself as she headed north on the interstate. She knew Jan was just making conversation about doing this again. Susan also knew now that she had really missed the experience of being with another woman. Greg had tried many times to get her to act on her fantasies, but she had never had the nerve. “Boy, is Greg ever going to be happy.” Susan thought of her husband’s reaction when he saw the movie. “And he’ll love Jan…, and absolutely go nuts over Jan’s tits.” Susan continued to think about Jan, herself, the movie and Greg as she drove. “I wonder if I should contact Karen? She did give me her address and said to write her at the twenty-fifth reunion last summer. She sure looked good…, and her husband seemed fun. I don’t know why I was a little distant with her…, I’ll write her a note when I get home.” Susan continued to daydream the rest of the three hour trip home.

“Well now.” Jan sat, still naked, sipping a glass of wine. “I really can’t believe what just happened. Mike is going to love this. And I really can’t believe that I liked…, no…, I enjoyed the hell out of it.” Jan smiled and thought of what had just happened. “Yea, Mike’s going to love it.” Thinking more of Mike’s reaction to the video made Jan a little horny. “And I’m going to be made loved to by Mike…my man…. In fact I need to be loved by Mike now.” Jan looked at the clock and came back to reality. She quickly dressed and headed for home.

Mike knew Jan had something really neat planned for today. She had been even more childish than usual about Christmas this year. He loved that little girl in Jan that came out even more during the holidays. Mike turned the coffee pot on as he passed the kitchen on his way to the study. Going to their “story” screen-name, Mike answered the letters. Then he switched to his screen-name. He had mail from Jan. A Christmas card no doubt. “Love that gal,” Mike whispered to himself as he opened it. “Aw, that’s sweet…,” Mike said as he saw the card that Jan had sent and started reading her message. “Disc? Oh yea…, in the drive…, ok.” Mike followed the instructions Jan had written and started loading the disc into the computer. “Damn!… Wow!… Neat!…What?…Who’s, who?…Susan?…Yea, it’s Susan…Wow!…All right!…Damn!…And all I got her was jewelry.”