Goddess by Choice


The last few hours of her life had been transformational for Dr. Ami Shikami, in every way imaginable. She could never have known her newest client would be able to bend reality to his will or that he would be so willing to be controlled. She had never dared to face how much she enjoyed completely dominating a person before, but having someone so willing to sate her desires made it trivial. It also did not occur to her that, once she crossed that line, they would keep having sex for an entire day as their realities became ever more shaped by their rising lust. Each time she had tried reset their shared reality, to fix the errors in her suggestions that led to overwhelming climaxes, they ended up pushing the limits of their bodies in totally different ways.

This time, the fifth time, she found herself fulfilling what was likely one of Sven’s fantasies. No sooner had she said the command word Lovebirds, returning them to her suggestion crafted reality, that her clit had blossomed into a penis. In an instant, it was thicker than her wrist and to hung past her knee. Memories of always being this way unfolded in her mind, clashing against the true reality, but it was hard to deny how real her dick was at that moment.

The weight of it as it pulled against her hips while rising, the rush of blood beneath her skin at it got hard, and the scope of sensations as it pushed her dress up and then he worshiped her were all so very intoxicating. After so many other climaxes, maintaining her focus in the face of such power and sensation was growing exhausting. The effort to keep her base consciousness stable, ensuring a way to return to normal, was taxing in a way she had never anticipated.

Ami could feel herself sinking into the moment, her grasp on the real world slipping as she stripped down and let the transformation cascade over her body. With each expanding throb of her cock, her frame was lengthening and becoming more boyish. Her boobs shrank, her ass lifted, and her hair flickered into an undercut that hung over one eye. Even so, her hips flared wider and her pussy mound grew more pronounced, her mons swelling around the base of her cock and her labia inflating until they looked like fat lips. A life time collection of piercings emerged with hundreds of pinpricks along the edges of her ears as well as in her septum, tongue, lips, nipples, labia, and even her burgeoning fuck stick. Many of them seemed to contain tiny motors, the vibrations raising her lust with an intensity that was surprising. All the while, muscles from head to toe twitched and stretched and braided and bulged, sculpting her into an extreme example of athleticism.

Their new reality had been in effect for mere moments, but somehow the edge was already so close. They were on the floor. He was on his back, under her. His own transformation had pushed him to the limits of masculinity, making him a broad shouldered slab of swollen muscles on top of even more muscles. His penis had been transmuted into a horselike tower of vessels, flesh, and nerves. It was so vast, that he could barely get his thickly built arms around the shaft and the flared head twitched against his face.

As she knelt over him, her foot and a half cock was somehow drooling preparatory fluids. She did not question it. Instead, she eagerly rubbed her deep red head against his asshole, lubing up her pet so that he could satisfy her.

Before she knew it, she was holding his legs up and pounding his ass, sliding in and out like a well oiled piston. Her impossible dick continued to inflate with each thrust, spreading him further, sinking in deeper. All the while, her Jacob’s Ladder piercings adapted, the bars piercing her thick raphe growing both thicker and more numerous. He spasmed around her with increasing frequency as the metal orbs popped in and out of his body. Hinting that his anus was magically shifting and stretching to accept her fattening, augmented cock.

Moaning her name, he came all over himself after only a few minutes. Desperate for even more stimulation, sure that she too could find that release if she just fucked harder, she hitched his calves over her shoulders. To keep him hard and eager, she squeezed the base of his own equally over-sized dick with both hands. Using it as a handle, she pushed and pulled on him while he eagerly lapped at the cum still pouring over face.

After all the transformations, all the growth, the rush of plowing her pet without restraint was mind numbing. She was having trouble resisting the overwhelming lust for greater power that was seeping into her consciousness. The therapist turned towering intersexed demi-goddess could feel her body expanding, becoming more powerful, as if she somehow was siphoning off more of her pet’s reality bending powers.

Energy crackled over her skin as muscles pulsed larger. Balls formed at the base of her massive clit-cock, swelling against her thighs until they were as big as her fists. Twitches and tinges within hinted at internal changes, Bycasino changes necessary for her to fill him with hot, sticky seed. More bar piercings emerged down the front of her sac, the shuddering balls spaced far enough apart to caress her churning testes.

The power coursing through her felt wonderful! It felt right to be the one in control. The one doing the fucking. After all the shit she had put up with, it was high time she happened to life instead of the other way around.

A particularly deep thrust caused the soft skin of her sack to brush her swollen, vibration tortured labia. Her knees went weak. Her impressive sack squeezed up, almost slipping into her spasming pussy. Her pelvis, vagina, and dick throbbed with need. The first burst, the feeling of her seed erupting into her super-powered fuck toy, was pure bliss.

As she continued to come inside him, the temptation to let this be their reality crashed against her mind like the tide. Instead of recoiling, she pushed herself to think of greater limits. The body wide throbbing intensified as everything about her pulsed larger. The words to make them actual gods hovered on her lips.

In a panic, she said the safe word instead. In doing so, the layers of the suggestions she had whispered into his mind began to peel back until they were once again in her plain, boring office and not an exquisite pleasure dungeon.

He was back to being just a hunk with an impressive endowment instead of overwhelming masculinity personified. She had shrunk from the seven foot tall futanari amazon back to being the curvy woman of moderate height she had fought so hard to remember. The memories of another two year relationship, and a life time much more exciting, lingered as a dream along side four others.

Once more, she tried to let Sven wake up. Tried to release him from her domination.

The moment he rose out of her trance, she could feel his mind grabbing at hers, trying to force her to dominate him into unconsciousness for a sixth time. “I don’t want to be free, Mistress. I’m a danger to you and everyone else.”

As before, she was worried what would happen if his panicked mind was unleashed. However, him being hypnotized for life was not the answer. Her office began to distort around him as she put up a surprising amount of resistance. Just how much had her base reality changed with that last iteration? Was that feeling of draining him of his powers real?

Glowing cracks began to etch themselves into the air between them and she relented. She felt herself hypnotizing him again, her voice killing his consciousness. The distortions to reality faded away. Unlike last time, she shook of his grip on her mind before he had a chance to have her make alterations to the Lovebirds suggestions.

“We can not keep doing this, Sven. My mind can’t take another round of lust fueled transformations.”

“I trust you’ll find a solution eventually, Mistress. I believe you’re strong enough to survive until then.”

“This is the sixth time we’ve reset. If I haven’t managed to stabilize you yet, a simple safe word program is not going to cut it.”

“So make changes, try again. You’re getting stronger, Mistress, I couldn’t pull us back into the fantasy this time.”

“That’s what worries me, though. How can I be gaining powers? How much of those changes in the last version of us weren’t you, but me?”

“I mean, what’s the worry? You’re strong, my lady, you can handle these abilities. Not like me who is pitiful.”

She decided to let it drop. If she was being drip fed his talents, so be it. Besides, if he wanted to, Sven could probably force her to take his all of power. Which was a thought both terrifying and arousing.

“You’re worried about being a danger when aware, right?”


With his ability to bend reality, she could dominate any one at any time.

“Even though the you from that reality has been using their power for two years?”

It would be so easy.

“Under your direct supervision. I am your tool as much as your partner. I cannot be trusted alone.”

Why not see what happens? Why not shoulder the burden of being able to reweave fate?

“Fair point. Well, lets try this. The following suggestions are tied to the words Goddess Rising. When I say them next, the suggestions will take effect and you will wake up. Do you understand?”

“I understand.”

“When our eyes meet, all of your power will transfer to me. It will be completely mine.”

“I understand.”

Ami swallowed. Who knew what would happen. “Goddess Rising.”

His eyes opened. His vision unclouded. When their gazes met, she was rocked by a feeling of pressure both from within and from outside her body. The fragments already within pulled at the rest, streaming an awareness far more vast than her own through her eyes into her head. She could feel herself drowning in the possibilities that spread out before her. No wonder Sven wanted to remain Bycasino giriş dominated.

Her eyes aglow, the divergent possibilities collapsed into one weave. The tight dress began to feel tighter as the memories of her other bodies began to manifest. Almost at once she was growing taller and thicker, shredding her dress and undergarments. She grit her teeth and forced herself to focus on her new normal, the normal of Lovebirds, but her mental image kept flickering, changing to blend all the half remembered life times.

Her pale skin tanned, darkening to a shade similar to caramel. Her dark hair grew streaks of purple, pink, and blue. Her straight locks lengthened as she grew, the tips brushing her hips even as she grew past seven feet. A few of the piercings returned, studding her ears and tongue, framing her thickening nipples. Ornate tattoos traced down her arms, etching glowing runes into her skin.

Her clit twitched, then swelled to surpass the massive, fat cock from before. Balls once more dropped down, engorging with semen against her thighs to be even larger than their predecessors. Veins and squirmed over both, crawling under her skin as they pumped with blood and lust. Tits expanded past her ribs and her navel before swelling past hips that were already twice as wide as her shoulders. From her toes on up, muscle and fat fought for dominance until she was vibrating with power beneath impossible, hourglass curves.

She put out her hand over his body. Four feet of air separated them, but his cock instantly filled the distance. Thick, pulsing veins wrapped around every inch, the blood flow darkening his skin until the impossibly broad head was a deep purple and shined from how taut his skin was.

The still growing woman lifted a thick leg over his body, her back to him. In one motion she impaled herself on the fuck stick of her pet. His head punched through her cervix and stretched her womb until her entire body was tight around him. Tight enough that she could see his veins pulsing through her skin. She let out a satisfied sigh and began to aggressively grind against him while kneading the soft skin of her own penis between her pendulous breasts.

Vaginal orgasms one after another eroded her awareness of anything but the feeling of the pair being nearly one body. She could feel herself growing ever larger, her muscles expanding against each other and forcing her frame ever larger to accommodate them. Her shoulders pressed against the ceiling. The couch snapped and collapsed under their weight, but that only served to plunge him deeper.

Ami could not actually reach the drooling head of her cock anymore, it was so long hat even rock hard its weight kept it flat on the floor. Her shaft had to be as big around as she was—and it was still throbbing larger! Her feminine, clenching orgasms built towards a crescendo of masculine release. Any moment now she would cum and flood the office, soaking them in spunk engineered to force even greater transformations. They would be sexual gods, bursting out of her office like hatching from an egg. She would rule over the world with iron hard cock, everything would be hers to fuck and shape as she saw fit.

“G-g-goddess…” she gasped, trying desperately to fight her own desires and undo the changes to reality. “Goddess Rising!”

In a flash, they were back to normal once again. He was under hypnosis on the couch. She was sitting in her arm chair, gasping for breath after the sheer level of sensation. The acute awareness of her body did not dissipate however, she was still keenly aware of every inch. It was as if she was still holding on to considerably more of his power than a couple fragments.

“Okay, obviously me having all of your powers is not going to work either.”

“It was really good though, Mistress!”

“You say that because it was the largest your cock has been, my pet size queen.” Ami paused, considering options. “Well, we’ve tried restraining you as well as taking your powers away. What else is there?”

“I…I…I don’t know. Couldn’t you just make me forget that I have power when I’m aware?”

“I’m pretty sure that won’t work. It would be like kinking a fire hose. Eventually your powers would force themselves back into your awareness, likely to explosive effect.”

“If that’s the case, please, Mistress, just never wake me up. Let me stay your thrall forever.”

“That really isn’t an answer. As much as you don’t want to be aware of your powers, I don’t think I could keep myself sane with ready access to everything you can do. Even now I’m fighting the urge to say the words that will put us back to where we just were.”

“What if we weren’t the only ones, Mistress? What if, instead of just you trying to keep me reigned in, you had help?”

“Are you suggesting in enthrall more people to augment my awareness? I don’t know if I’m comfortable with that.”

“Well, what if I could read your mind? Suggest that we share thoughts, Bycasino güncel giriş Mistress, suggest I obey even when I’m aware. I would feel better if you were in my head with me, controlling me, using me.”

“But I don’t want to use you! Sven, listen to me. Even if I’m calling the shots with my suggestions, I want you to be my partner. Being solely responsible for all your power is impossible, I can’t do this without you.”

Sven was silent for a moment. “Why not do both then?”


“Why not see what happens if my power is controlled by multiple people’s thoughts? I’m sure you can find willing participants who want to change themselves, Mistress.”

It was hard to argue with that point, but there would need to be some changes to her previous suggestions. She dictated a couple quick alterations to Lovebirds. Mostly to separate the changes to his body from the skeleton of a relationship between them she had sculpted.

The changes to her own body, alterations to both handle and crave over-sized stimulation, were inextricably linked to the life she had crafted for them and she did not feel like rebuilding all of that. It did not help that she was already craving the feelings of that altered body. If anything, after her brush with being a sex goddess, she wanted to push her body’s limits even further.

“I’ve always been a telepath,” she said, starting her adjustments. “It made growing up difficult and is likely why I have so many fetishes as being in sexual contact with a person lets me see into the deepest part of their mind. I became a therapist both to sort myself out and because being able to read minds means that I can always ask the questions people need to hear. Being a domme came naturally because I can push people’s buttons. Those two factors made me into one of the best sex therapists on the west coast.”

“I like where this is going.”

“My telepathy is what makes my hypnotism so potent. I can put suggestions directly into people’s minds just looking by at them. Since I started dating my sub, Sven, there have been times where my suggestions have caused physical changes to my patients. He tells me this is because he can warp reality and soon I will be able to as well.”

“Which is exactly what I want.”

Ami tried not to think about the implication that everything she was doing was part of some plan of his. Was even showing up at her office as Doug, claiming to be lost, all a ploy to get her to hypnotize him and give him an avenue to give up his powers. She wanted to be outraged and yet, that she was slowly being gifted near omnipotence was unconditionally thrilling.

Putting that aside for now, she linked Sven’s changes to a new word, Gobstopper.

“Because you’ll be everlasting,” she said with a laugh. “Most things from the other programming will remain the same as before, my pet. You’ll grow and swell whenever you would find release until all of your partners are satisfied.”

“That’s my favorite part.”

“Though, let’s lessen the sensitivity increasing effect of your pre-cum. That is, I think, the culprit to the snowballing changes, I can’t prevent my self from cumming, which allows you to cum, which changes me and so on.”

“That seems fair.”

“In exchange, your pre-cum will cause small alterations to your partner, usually pushing their body towards fulfilling their deepest held carnal desires. The longer you are hard, the more spunk your prostate will create, until it’s a steady stream of transformational lubricant.”

“Sounds heavenly.”

“Your actual release will still drive changes, but only slightly more than your initial fluids. It will still be an impossible volume, an amount even greater than the sum of missed orgasms, that magically doesn’t cause your partner to burst.”

“Which is an amazing feeling.”

“So, just how much do you want to be aware of, talent wise,” she asked “And how much do you want me and the others to be responsible for?”

“Only knowing that I grow and never orgasm until all of my partners are satisfied is exciting. That my, eventually, near-constant flow of pre-cum changes people is just a bonus to my growth.”

He paused. “See, I don’t think you understand. Giving myself over to you lets me be the biggest and I want to get so big, Mistress. That’s what keeps us looping back to absurdity. I would like nothing more than to be bigger than I was just now. In fact, while I’m sure it’s impossible, I want my cock to be bigger than me.”

“It probably is impossible, but I think having a goal is a good place to start.” She made suggestions that would allow for such a possibility, eventually.

“Are you ready?”


She uttered the pair of command words to return them to their fantasy lives. The world around them blurred.

They were at their apartment, in the loft where all their sexual toys were. He was naked and tied to a chair, each of his limbs bound to a leg. She stood over him in a crotchless black vinyl one piece with matching long boots and gloves. The bridge of her knee-high boot rested on his flaccid nine inch length as it twitched to life.

She released his hypnosis, letting him wake up in the newly revised Lovebirds reality as Gobstopper began to take effect.