Are You Ready to Play?


Lisa’s body tingled as she stepped from the taxi and paid the driver, she could feel the cool breeze caressing her legs through her stocking but that wasn’t what was making her wet, bald pussy tingle. It had been only 2 days since she got the cryptic phone message from her lover, ‘Meet me at the Grand Hotel Thursday night, 8PM, dress to impress and be ready to be fucked senseless. Room 101’.

Handsome, arrogant and rough was what she always thought of him as; when his clothes were on that is. Strip those clothes off and the naked beast was passionate and untamed. Her nipples tingled as she thought of how he took control every time, mauling her big soft breasts, biting her taut nipples, plunging his hard cock in all her orifices. As she climbed the stone staircase to the front door she kept imagining him walking behind her, staring up her short skirt; his eyes roaming over her shiny, silky legs coated with body butter, right up to her satin thongs. She knew her lover would have something special in mind and she was excited to find out what it was.

She had spent the last 2 days in a frenzy since she had gotten that message. Every part of her body had been coated with creams, her dildo and butt plug had been stuffed in all night long stretching her for the pounding she knew was coming. It wasn’t enough but it would have to do for now. As the sun rose on a bright Wednesday morning Lisa knew that whatever was planned was happening soon and the excitement started to build in her.

She lay there under the covers, legs spread in wanton lust as she felt the wetness between her legs starting to dampen her thin satin thongs. She reached down and gently ran a finger between her legs; up and down the moist slit that was throbbing almost painfully, slipping the wet finger inside at times making her back arch in ecstasy. She closed her eyes and began to rub harder, she could feel the juices soaking her panties and pooling under her tight, little asshole. Frustrated with the need to feel her fingers stuffed inside her smooth cunt, she pulled the panties aside with a grunt, thinking of her lover tearing it off her body. She licked her pussy juices off her fingers and coated it with spit to lube it up for her tight, little pussy and buried her finger into her slit in one smooth motion

Her overheated pussy rewarded her with a gush of pussy juices as her breath left her in sigh; the moment her finger penetrated her. She stuffed her finger deeper into her gushing pussy; feeling the hot wet juices coating her fingers as she started to breathe heavier and pulled out her finger to taste her pussy juices. The thought of meeting her lover had unleashed a sexual frenzy in her that she couldn’t quite control. Feeling like a slut in heat, she smeared her pussy juices and spit soaked finger all over her face leaving a trail of sticky, shiny layer all over while imagining her lover rubbing his hard cock covered with their juices all over her.

She stuffed her pussy again with 3 fingers this time and pumped it till she could feel a strong, deep orgasm starting to build. Her fingers probed deeper and deeper into her pussy till she could feel the wet juices starting to run down her slit and dribble over her soft pink asshole onto the soaked bedsheets. She thought of him stuffing his big, hard cock deep inside her pink asshole while she screamed her brains out looking into the mirror. Lisa’s body started to tremble as the orgasm that has been building hit her with full force and took over her body; she arched her back and bit her lip as waves of ecstasy crashed over her body.

‘Fuck Yes’ she moaned to herself as she felt her pussy muscles gripping her fingers, her body collapsed back in bed her fingers still stuffed inside her pussy and the other hand clutching at her soft, big tits.

‘If that’s what I feel like just thinking about Thursday, actual night is going to be a treat’ she thought to herself as she got up from the bed, her juices trickling down her naked thigh as she walked to the shower with that exaggerated swing of the ass one gets after a good orgasm.

‘It’s going be a long day’ she thought to herself as she dressed up for work after her long shower. Lisa tried to focus Fast link on work as the long Thursday morning dragged on and on but her thoughts of the night ahead and today morning didn’t help. She had looked good in the mirror naked and bathed with sweat. Her face shiny from her pussy juices she had rubbed on and her blonde hair matted against her face.

It didn’t help that she was turned on enough to wear her tight skirt to work with no panties on and her fuck me red and black heels. Her bra didn’t have any nipples shields and it drove her wild when it rubbed against her silk red shirt. Today she wanted to be desired and her head filled with thoughts of fucking her lover at work, her skirt balled up around her waist, his cock stuffed inside her pussy while she rode his cock and he sucked her stiff pink nipples with her bra still on.

She must have done some work but she couldn’t really tell you what, all she could think about was finishing the day and preparing for her night with Derek. Her wonderful beast of a man with his very vivid imagination and she was excited and nervous at the same time, she steeled herself to what new surprises he may have in store for her like the night he had fucked her with her mother on the phone, the memory of which made her pussy squelch with anticipation. She promised herself she would go along with whatever depraved, hot fantasies he may subject her to tonight with the enthusiasm of a professional whore and make this night wonderful for him and them.

Lisa pulled up outside her house and made her way inside, she had left herself plenty of time to get ready. She wanted to look her best for Derek, after all he did say ‘Dress to impress’ and her mama had taught her to treat her man right . Lisa got under the steamy shower and began to wash her body, her hands explored every inch of her body; fingers slipping inside her pussy and ass cleaning them on their way out. She would make sure she smelled right, tasted right for him today, any part of hers he wanted today would make him want to fill her up with his hot, sticky man spunk.

The water and the view of her wet, smooth, curvy body in the full length mirror never failed to arouse her and she would always end up touching herself to an orgasm during a shower. If the fingers didn’t work, her trusted hand shower never failed to bring her to a moaning orgasm but she wanted to save her orgasms for tonight. No matter how much they said about a guy or a girl bringing themselves off before a big date to kill the nerves, she wasn’t a believer in it. She liked to be primed and ready to explode in a gush of pussy juices.

She ran her fingers over her freshly shaved pussy to arouse herself and then stopped before it got out of hand. She looked at herself in the mirror and then with a touch of devil in her soul suddenly turned sideways and bent over still looking at herself in the mirror. She couldn’t believe herself as she slowly slipped her finger in her ass and slowly pumped her pink little asshole to turn herself on more. The feeling of water cascading over her body while her finger was buried in her ass aroused her as much as the thought of Derek burying his cock inside her ass looking at the mirror, again.

‘Tonight better be worth passing this up for ‘ she thought.

She walked naked into her bedroom, something that never failed to arouse her. She dried herself while deciding what to wear. Derek had very specific tastes and she was going to make sure his jaw hit the floor when he saw her today. She wanted to tease him and make him jealous by making people around lust after her. Her ass clenched reminiscing about her being laid over his lap being spanked when she had last been “punished”.

She looked through her closet and chose a simple black silk dress, thigh length with a small slit up the leg, long enough to keep the essentials covered but short enough to expose her goods to Derek when he sat across from her. She picked out a lace crotch less thong he had got her, it was sheer black and cut out at the pussy. She could see her wet pussy when she put it on and smiled thinking of him fucking her with the panties on .She decided to go with her red bra with nipples fast links exposed again , she had been aroused all day with her nipples rubbing against her silk shirt and she wasn’t about to let that stop now. She could just see the hunger in Derek’s eyes when he saw her big, hard nipples sticking out while they ate.

She knew that her lover loved stockings so chose a pair of thin, sheer, black hold ups with lace detailing near the top. She knew these had other uses, the memory of which made her pussy quiver a little as she pulled them onto her smooth shapely legs. A pair of 6 inches shiny, black high heels was all that was need to finish off Lisa’s outfit and as she stood looking at herself in the full length mirror she was extremely pleased with what she saw,

‘Well, I would fuck me’ she thought as she adjusted her dress and turned to admire her ass in the mirror. Just as she was considering dropping onto the bed and enjoying a little pre party fun a car horn went off outside, ‘Fuck’ she thought that must be the taxi. She hurriedly put on her long black coat and rushed out to the waiting taxi, ‘Grand Hotel please ‘she said as she settled back for the 10 minute ride.

She crossed the lobby of the hotel and headed straight for the lifts. She waited for the lift to arrive as her mind raced with anticipation; she had had quite a few adventures with Derek already and the memory and excitement they evoked caused her pussy to moisten and her nipples to tingle. Lisa pressed the button for the 10th floor, as the doors started to close a hand stopped them and a well-dressed man entered the lift. The man made his way to the back of the lift as the doors closed and, Lisa could sense she was being watched; the thought of his eyes roving over her firm ass and slender legs arousing her even further than she was right now.

The anticipation had been building up for the past 2 days and if she was honest to herself, she would of been aroused by the sounds of nails scraping across the wall right now. It was all she could do to control herself from bending over and asking the nearest guy to stuff his cock into her from behind like a bitch in heat. She discreetly looked in mirrored door of the lift to confirm her suspicions, she was right, the man behind her was definitely checking her out. She felt generous enough to give out free hard-ons and gushing pussies tonight so ‘accidently’ let the coat draped over arm drop to the floor.

She could feel the gust of fresh air on her barely covered ass as she bent over at her back instead of knees to pick up the coat. She made sure that he got a clear view of her ass as the short silk dress rode up her thighs, her crotch less panties exposing her glistening pussy lips. Lisa liked to show off her body and it excited her to know people were looking at her especially if they saw more than they bargained for. She would often go out without panties on just so she could flash her pussy or ass whenever the feeling took her, and that feeling took her quite a bit! The thought that all he had to do to take her was to shove his cock in without even moving her panties aside made her let out a little moan.

Lisa turned to look at the bulge in the stranger’s trousers and couldn’t help lick her lips in reaction but she had somewhere to be and that was her priority. As the doors opened, she took a quick step towards the stranger and grabbed his bulge in a hard grip and gave it a couple of tugs without a word being spoken. He moaned in delight and would probably have messed up his pants if she hadn’t dropped her hand suddenly and walked away. Her heart was pounding against her breast at the sheer brazen display of sexual arousal and she could feel her nipples painfully distended by her arousal rubbing against the silk of her dress. She stood at the door of room 101 and took one last stab at smoothing her dress down. Whatever was going to happen tonight she wanted to make sure that she impressed, which was kind of hard when she could feel small rivulets of sweat run between her breasts and down the crack of her delicious ass.

She saw him standing on the far side of the room, dressed in a silk robe, quiet and powerful as his muscles rippled under the robe. What would have looked girly on someone else, oozed sex on him. It felt like watching a tiger with a collar around its neck, you always know there is a wild beast underneath whose power cannot be masked. He directed her to the middle of the room with a wave of his hand, his eyes drinking her in as she walked there. Lisa shivered as she saw the four poster bed with dark purple silk sheets and thought of herself holding on to them while she was taken from behind.

She felt his fingers gently caressing her ass as he stood behind her, her body shuddering as he ran his fingers over her arm and across the thin silk covering her breasts, she felt her nipples hardening at his touch and longed to have his hands on her body. She could sense him close now, his breath on the nape of her neck, the tiger sizing up its prey before pouncing on it and tearing it to pieces. And snap! It happened, she felt him sink his teeth on her shoulder as his hands grabbed her big, soft tits in a merciless grab while pushing his engorged cock in the crack of her ass. It was so quick, all she could do was gasp in surprise then moan as the shock, pain and pleasure took over her, nipple to ass.

Lisa could feel the wetness gushing between her legs and she was desperate to touch herself but she knew Derek liked to be in control and to touch herself without his permission would have severe consequences. She shivered thinking of the time she was left spread-eagled naked in bed with her hands and legs spread open and tied to the bed posts with her stockings and scarves, a vibrating egg in her ass and huge black dildo stuffed in her. She had spent the whole night going through orgasm after orgasm with half of the huge dildo protruding from out of her spread pussy while the egg pleasured the insides of her firm ass.

She could feel Derek’s huge, hard cock digging into the soft, pliable skin of her ass as he ground into her from behind while squashing her breasts and pinching her nips with the other. He still hadn’t let go of her shoulder and she could feel his teeth break her soft skin that would definitely leave a mark. She was confused and horny now, she had known him to tear her clothes off and take her when he was horny and he was definitely horny now, was this part of his plan for tonight?

“Does he want me to beg him to take me? Or does he have other plans for me?” she thought as she ground back against his slab of cock meat.

He moved in front of her and removed his robe and exposed his rock hard cock to Lisa, the memories of that fine piece of blood filled muscle, flooding back to her. She remembered the scent of it filling her nostrils, the taste of it coating the back of her tonsils with hot sticky cum and buried inside her as it filled her wet pussy, She liked to be taken hard and Derek was always ready to oblige. She smiled to herself as she recalled the times she had spent on all fours with that horse cock buried deep inside her plunging into her tight pussy or tighter ass, then exploding its hot wet load into her leaving her pussy a soggy mess or her destroyed ass filled to the bowels.

Tonight was different, Derek definitely had a plan, Lisa could tell that he was planning something from the look on his face but wasn’t really sure yet what it was, whatever he had planned was definitely getting him very excited and she was determined to make sure that whatever it was, she was going to make sure she enjoyed it as well.

Derek leaned in, gently brushing the hair from her neck and kissed her softly where he had bitten her, ‘I have something special in mind for tonight’ he said as his tongue ran up and down the growing welt ,’tonight we are going to do something that we have talked about but never done.’

Lisa’s mind raced, they had discussed so many fantasies and adventures, what could he have in mind now?

‘If you relax, I’m sure that you will have some lovely memories to add to the list’ he said and moved around in front of her.

‘Are you ready to play?’ he asked as his hand slid between her legs and caressed her sopping bare gash through the slit in her panties. ‘I see you are!’ he said as he felt the moist material of the panties around her crotch less panties.

‘I’m ready’ Lisa said as a wave of excitement and fear started to overwhelm her, what the fuck had she just agreed to?

To be continued…