Billy’s Reward


My name is Ellie. I am a thirty-something high school teacher in the Midwest. My husband and I live in a nice neighborhood, not far from town. We have no children of our own, so I love my job and being able to spend time with my students. I have a medium build and am not fat, but I am not a stick either. I have natural curves and an hourglass figure. I never really thought about how other guys besides my husband looked at me, until my experience with a young man named Billy.

Billy was a student of mine when he was a sophomore. I know from having him as a student, and seeing the grades from other teachers, that he received straight A’s. Billy was an only child. His parents did not want him to go to a private school far away, so they kept him in the local school system. Billy is painfully shy and quiet, until you get to know him, which I did.

Billy and his parents are also my neighbors. Our backyards join, separated by a 10 foot privacy fence with a mutual gate. While we live very close, we kept mostly to ourselves. Billy’s parents, Robert and Joan, were more likely to call on the phone, than to actually come through the gate and knock on the back door. We both have a pool, so there was just never any need to interact much after Billy had moved up in school.

This all changed Billy’s senior year. He had teacher that was not well thought of by the faculty or the students. Mr. Bandy had heard of Billy and his high IQ. Bandy scoffed at the idea that anyone was smarter than he was, and he disliked Billy right away. Mr. Bandy seemed to take pride in making Billy look foolish and degrading him in class. Billy received his first low grade, and was devastated. Mr. Bandy expressed pride that only he was challenging enough to the students, that even a “genius” like Billy struggled in his class. Mr. Bandy was the teacher most students thought of when they heard “Another Brick in the Wall”.

One night Joan called me very upset. She offered to pay me to come over and tutor Billy. His confidence was so low, that his other grades had dropped as well. This was his last year before college, and he was now at risk of not graduating and having to go to summer school. I instantly agreed to help and refused to take any payment since I was aware of the circumstances, and no fan of Mr. Bandy.

From the Fall of that year, through the Spring of the next year, I tutored Billy two nights a week. I went to his house and sat mostly at the kitchen table, but sometimes his bedroom. Billy was every bit as bright a student as I remembered. His bedroom was upstairs, and the window faced my backyard. His room was full of science fiction memorabilia, and hundreds of model cars. There was a bikini calendar on the back of his bedroom door. He was the typical teenage boy with a high IQ, but low confidence. Within one month, his grades started to improve. I knew that Mr Bandy was shredding him on subjective papers, so we focused on backing up Billy’s assertions with indisputable facts with little personal opinion. I was amazed at the papers he produced. It was graduate school level, and it was hard for Mr. Bandy to dis-spell Billy’s work. Bandy was forced to acknowledge Billy’s intellect, and he likely had a hard time understanding the papers Billy submitted.

One night in Billy’s room, we were sitting at his desk going over some assignments. I noticed his eyes cut over to my blouse. I glanced down and could see there was an open gap between the buttons. Billy was looking at my bra. I realized that not only could he see the bra, but he could also see part of my right breast. It wasn’t anything that he could not see at a public beach, but I gently told him to pay attention. When his eyes went back to the computer screen, I adjusted my blouse.

Billy’s parents talked to the school administration about his work. After the principal saw the thesis papers Billy was turning in, Mr. Bandy was forced to allow Billy to make up the bad grades from earlier in the school year. I was told that urfa escort Mr. Bandy was severely reprimanded and the following summer he retired.

Billy graduated with honors, and planned to start college after summer. A few weeks after graduation, Billy turned 18.

One very hot day in July, I was laying by the pool in a modest one piece bathing suit. I had just finished putting oil on my legs, when I glanced up toward Billy’s window. I could see him watching me. I almost started to wave at him but I caught myself. I sat back in the lounge chair, and watched him through my dark sunglasses. He would duck back occasionally where I could not see him, and I realized he was spying on me. I pretended to not know he was there. I thought about the time he was looking inside my top. I was shocked to think he thought of me that way. Then I thought, “Why not?” I am in pretty good shape, I am not tall but I am well proportioned. My breasts are firm c cups, my stomach is flat, and my butt matches the firmness of my boobs. I had my brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. I might not look like his calendar models, but I looked better than most women my age.

I don’t think he knew I could see him watching me. I suddenly felt very excited by the possibilities of this. I sat up again, and reached for the oil. With my feet planted on each side of the chair, my legs were open. I began to apply more oil to my shoulders and arms. Slowly I worked my hands to my upper chest. I glanced up to see him still looking. I started putting the oil on my cleavage and the top curves of my breasts. Daringly, I reached inside my swimsuit and rubbed the oil over my boobs, one at a time. I never exposed them, but I was touching my very hard nipples while my former student watched me. When I finished with them, I laid back and put more, unneeded oil on the top of my thighs. I worked my hands toward the lower part of my suit, my legs spread, I eased my fingers inside. I could feel my pubic hair. One finger slipped down lower and felt wetness. Before I lost control, I stopped.

I laid there for probably another twenty minutes or so, before I collected my things and went inside. I peeked through the blinds, and could still see him watching, probably hoping I would return and continue the show.

“Not today Billy” I thought.

That night, I had amazing sex with my husband. I was still energized by being watched. He asked what got into me, and I just smiled and said, “You did.” My husband loved my flirty demeanor, and he soon fell asleep. I laid there thinking, planning, fantasizing about what all I might do next. I had another small self-induced orgasm, and went to sleep.

The next day, I left the house shortly after my husband went to work. I went and bought a two piece bikini. I had not worn anything like this since I had become a teacher. I wanted to present myself as a modest woman in the community, so I always wore a two piece swimsuit in public.

Only this was not for public use. This was for my own backyard. This was for the 18 year old former student next door. He had worked so hard, he was so sweet, nice, and shy…I wanted to reward him.

I got home and tried on the bikini and looked in the mirror. The top had no underwires, but my breasts had very little sag anyway. I pulled the string a little tighter behind my neck, and this made them seem stand out a little more. The material was thin enough, that my hard nipples could be made out easily, even from a house next door. The bottoms were cut high, with a string tie on each side. The back covered my butt cheeks, but you could see the side of both hips. The front part barely covered my pubes. I had trimmed up my bush, but there was a small part that barely peeked over the top edge. Probably not visible from an upstairs window across two yards.

It was a little after lunch now, and the sun was really hot. So was I.

I looked out my own upstairs bedroom window. There are escort urfa three houses that can see into my backyard; Billy’s house, an empty house for sale on the right, and a house with an old couple, on the left.

Robert and Joan’s vehicles were gone, only Billy’s small car was there. The house for sale was clear, and the old couple’s car was not there. I caught myself smiling.

I put on a t-shirt over my bikini, turned on our house stereo, grabbed my pool side bag, and opened the sliding back door. With the music as loud as it was, I felt like a siren in the old stories, that used to seduce sailors on the sea with their songs. I was definitely trying to let Billy know I was outside again today.

As I was putting my towel on the back of my chair, I saw movement in his room. I had on my sunglasses again, and unlike other things, had no plans to remove them.

Standing by the chair, I kicked off my sandals. Facing his window, I pulled the t-shirt over my head. I felt my boobs bounce as they freed the material on the t-shirt. I stood there for a second and realized, I was almost naked already. I had on less than anyone besides my husband had seen me in, in years. I felt sexy knowing that a young man was secretly watching me.

I sat down and began with the suntan oil. While I was rubbing it on my legs, I could see Billy had lowered his window blinds. He had them angled where he could see me and probably thought I could not see him too. I smiled slightly, thinking again about the sirens and the sailors. I oiled myself up all over, until my skin glistened in the sun. The smell of coconut surrounded me. I wondered if Billy could smell it rising off my body, to his window.

I laid there contemplating whether or not to go further. I rolled over onto my stomach letting him see my butt, barely covered by the flimsy bikini bottoms. I raised up, reaching around to oil the back of my legs. It was awkward to reach my backside. My breasts strained against the bikini top, as I twisted around to oil myself. I laid like this for what seemed like an eternity, but was probably closer to ten minutes.

After a while, I rolled onto my back again. Taking a drink from my water bottle, I peeked up at his window. I could not be sure, but it looked like Billy had undressed. I could see his silhouette standing there, and his hands looked like they were between his legs.

I sat the water bottle down, and picked up the oil again. I started rubbing the top of my chest. My hands worked to the middle of my breasts. I moved like I was in slow motion. Then to the sides of my boobs, my fingers slipped inside the triangles. When my fingers touched my nipples, my body felt like a jolt of electricity went through it. I continued squeezing them like this, playing with the tips inside the top, while Billy watched. His hand was moving faster now.

I slid my fingers into the center of the two triangles and thought, “Are you ready Billy? Would you like to see my breasts completely naked?”

I began to slowly pull the top to the sides. There was a very brief snag as my hard nipples caught the edge of each triangle. The oil they were lathered in corrected it, and both tits popped out. I looked down at my hard nipples. They were both pointy and puffy. They stood out from each breast an inch or more. They glistened with so much oil, it ran down the sides of my tits. I continued to slowly touch them. My fingers did circles around my areolas, then I rolled around the tip of each nipple. Pushing them down into my breasts, watching them pop up between each finger as I slid my hands over them. I kneaded them and pulled them out by the nipple.

I untied the top, and laid it to the side of my lounge chair. My stomach was pale from previously wearing a one piece. When I oiled my tummy, my arms squeezed my tits together. It was surreal to look down at my exposed nipples, and be able to see Billy watching at the same time. My hands ran urfa escort bayan back up my torso, lifting each tit, my palms ran over my incredibly hard nipples, then pushed them together for my secret audience of one. I arched my back, as i held my tits up for him to see.

Thinking to myself, “Do you like my tits Billy? I know you always wanted to see them, well here they are. Look how hard and pointy my nipples are! Is this better than your bikini calendar? Do you like watching me touch my boobs? Do you wish it was your hands feeling how firm they are, how hard my nipples are?”

I was so horny now. I had come this far and I needed to go on. I reached down again, and untied both sides of my bikini bottom. It still covered me as I spread my legs open and began to pull it up. The back side slid between my ass cheeks and across my slit. I raised up, pulled it free, and laid it on the ground too.

My legs were still open, exposing my landing strip of pubes, my slick shaved lips, and my inner wet lips. I was letting Billy see my spread pussy, and I loved it!!

I couldn’t tell what was the oil and what was my own juices. When my hand reached between my legs, it was soaking, slick, wet, and hot! I opened my pussy with the fingers of one hand, and pulled my nipples with the fingertips of the other. I wanted this to be better than any centerfold, better than any model he would ever see. I wanted to become a permanent memory of the hot slut teacher, that he watched get naked and get herself off. I wanted this to be so outrageous, that nobody would ever believe that it happened.

My legs were wide open, and my pussy facing his window as I plunged two fingers inside myself. I finger fucked myself, then brought them out and massaged my hard clit. I went back and forth, up and down my pussy. It was so wet, I could hear the squishy sounds of my horny little cunt. I wanted to be his fantasy come true. I brought my fingers from my pussy to my mouth, and sucked them like a cock. I licked them and tasted coconut oil, sweat, and my own pussy juice. I brought my hands back down my body, across my aching tits and nipples, my stomach, and back to my wet and horny cunt. This time, I would not stop until I came.

I began to furiously finger myself. My tits jiggled as i plunged my fingers into my wetness, and flicked my clit with the other hand. If Billy had his window open, he could have heard the squishing sound my soaked pussy was making. I could see him jacking off to the scene I was showing him.

There was some sort of wetness running down my ass crack, and that is what finally set me off and made me come.

I came hard and loud! I moaned like a whore, as wave after wave of euphoria took over my body. My nipples tingled, my clit was on fire, and my pussy spasmed so hard inside, I could feel it clenching and releasing.

I laid there satisfied in what I had done. I was a teacher and a cock teasing whore. I had just put on an X-rated sex show for a former student. Nothing was hidden from his spying eyes, my body, my desire, my pleasure, all exposed for him. Nobody would ever believe that it had happened. I would never tell him that I knew he was watching the whole time.

I looked toward his window, and he was gone. He probably came all over himself.

My rational senses slowly started to return. I was laying there naked. I felt a small amount of guilt creep over me. I gathered my things and went inside. I glanced back and there was a wet puddle under the chair. I hoped it would evaporate, as I felt the need to get rid of all evidence this ever happened.

I went upstairs, showered, and got dressed. I put the bikini and receipt in the bag from the store. Tomorrow was trash pick up day in our neighborhood. I took the bag with the bikini down to the curb, and put it in the trash can. Then I took the car out for a drive.

What possessed me to do this? Was this cheating? What if I had been caught? What was Billy thinking?

I had to admit, it was one of the best orgasms I had ever had. I did an online search and discovered “exhibitionism”. Was that what I was, an exhibitionist? I knew I had to straighten up. This was crazy and not worth the possible consequences.

I decided that nothing like this would ever happen again. I was wrong.