Getting Old Sucks


Getting old sucks. Getting old and sick sucks double. Getting old and sick alone really sucks. When I had my heart trouble, 4 years ago, sure, I was 70, but I had by wife Esther to see me through it. The worst part was losing my erection, because of the medication. Esther and I were proud sexy seniors until then. That sweet woman , who looked like the ex Sunday school teacher she was, loved sex of all sorts. We shared a common passion for blow jobs. Although intercourse was great, her enjoyment of the oral art of giving had always made waking up a pleasure. Before the heart attack, few mornings went by without Esther’s morning special. Although Esther always said ” Sweetie, your fingers and tongue are magic enough for me,” I always thought it was the loss of that part of our sex lives that caused Esther’s health to fail. She died quickly , two years ago.

Now, I lay here with a busted knee. I was the lucky one, though, cause she was dead. Esther would have told me to “Quit bitching . Beats being dead.” Then, in the old days, she would have unzipped me, bent down and given me something to smile about. She did the same thing on the rare days she felt blue. A full mouth always made her smile.

Ironically, the painkillers for the knee surgery not only gave me wild erotic dreams, they also somehow overrode the beta blockers. Frequently, especially on waking, I was erect, without Esther to share it with. Getting old sucked without Esther to make me feel young again.

One afternoon, I dreamed I was awaking from my nap after a special erotic dream of Esther having gone down on me in the organ loft at church. My meat was fully erect, and I imagined her waking me up with her full red lips engulfing my engorged organ. I dreamed of being 50 again, loving Esther’s morning special better even than Sunday breakfast of blueberry waffles. Many Sundays, we missed breakfast, and rushed to get to church. After church, Esther was usually , as she said ” Full of the spirit of love.” Sundays had became was our special fun days. In addition to the wake up oral treat, Esther would spice up my life with a surprise. Sometimes, she dressed special. Other times, I awoke to find myself tied to the bedposts. Other days, the ropes would be waiting for me to tie Esther after she swallowed my first load. Or we roleplayed fantasies. One of her favourite was what she called the ” Daddy” game-pretending that I was her father,especially excited Esther. I acted like a stern cold brute, and she worked to seduce me. We would always play until we both were so satisfied that we collapsed in a puddle of sweat and cum.

The absolute best time, though, was once when Esther was so horny , that before the service started, she sucked me off in the Church choir loft. As she deep throated me , she whispered, “Daddy, feel my tits, my nipples are hard as rocks.” I did. They were. I tweeked them with my thumbs. After 30 years together, I knew how Esther liked it. I proceeded to knead her big breasts in my palms, as the organist warmed up with a few psalms. I ran my hands around, outside her choir gown, and lifted up the hem. Esther stopped her sucking long enough to say, “Yes, Daddy, one thumb in each hole please. If we cum as the music climaxes no one will know.”

I was surprised to discover she wasn’t wearing panties to church that day. “You’ve been a bad girl, Esther,” I said, playing along, ” Daddy will have to punish you after church.”

” Oh, daddy, you promise?” Esther smiled , then resumed her attention to my hardness.

My fingers explored her , meeting with just a thin membrane separating them. She was so wet, fluid gushed down her bare legs, staining the oak floorboards of the choir loft. She captured my whole cock in her mouth, her lips tight around the base, her tongue bathing my shaft. She squeezed my scrotum, then released it, causing a load of sperm to flood up my rod. She expertly swallowed it all, despite her own orgasmic thrashing on my fingers. She paused afterwards, still on her knees, gown up around her waist, her juices dripping from her pussy. I tucked my cock in my pants, and looked up. The grinning Bycasino organist gave me a thumbs up .

After the service, the pastor complimented her on her especially fine voice that day. “I used a special throat cream this morning,” Esther had replied, grinning. This lead to another blowjob in the parking lot before we drove home.

When we got home, ‘Daddy’ delivered on the promised punishment. I tied her to a hard wooden chair in the kitchen. I stripped her dress by quickly ripping the buttons , a handful of fabric in each fist. Her ripe breasts, still firm at 50, stared up at me, encased in a pushup bra. ” Oh, daughter, what sort of slut wears a frontloader to church,” I roleplayed. I released the clasp. Her tits didn’t sag. If anything, they seemed to surge upwards. I reached behind me. In a drawer, I found tiny clothes pins Esther used to hang her dainties to dry. I captured each nipple in a pin. The pain made her gasp.

” Please, Daddy, if you take those off, I’ll suck you. Would that do , Daddy? I know I’ve been bad.”

“Suck me first, and if you do it well, I’ll forgive your slutty behaviour.”

I stepped closer, my crotch right in her face, the fly of my pants straining to contain my cock, brushing her cheek.

” Okay, Daddy, anything, oh, those hurt sooo nice. Will you take your beautiful cock out for me? My hands are all tied up.”

” Use your teeth, slut.”

Esther leaned forward, staining her bonds. She whimpered slightly as the ropes bit into her arms. She caught the zipper pull in her teeth, and lowered it in one stroke. Luckily for her, the pressure of my erection forced my cock right out into her face. She attacked it fiercely, but I stepped back, teasing her.

” Tell Daddy what kind of slut you are.”

” I’m a cocksucking-in-church slut Daddy. I think I gave the nice pastor a hardon,” Esther giggled.she was having way to much fun. I tapped the clothes pins, causing them to pul her nipples downwards, stretching her heavy breasts. She groaned. Her head involuntarily pulled back. Her mouth opened. Without warning, I chose that moment to thrust my entire cock into her throat. Her gasp was muffled by her full mouth. I held her hair, roughly pumping her head forward and back, fucking her face.

” Daddy thinks a slut like you needs to swallow more cum. Maybe if you’re full, you’ll behave.”

I moved my hands, grasping her tits, squeezing them . Esther moaned with pain which intensified as she thrashed against the ropes . Her bottom bounced against the chair. She caught her breath. ” Daddy, I swallowed two loads already. Will you cum on my face?”

“No, since you want that, you can’t have it. I will fuck your tits though.”

I grabbed a handy knife and cut the knots. Esther sagged forward like a rag doll as the tension was released. I took her by under the arms and lifted her. Glancing around, i saw a rolling pin on the counter. I held that upright on the chair, then dropped Esther on it. She grunted in shock as the fat tool forced her open. While she adjusted to that sensation, I straddled her hips, thrusting my erection into the valley of her mounds. We quickly found a rhythm with her jumping up each time the rolling pin filled her bursting, then hitting my legs, which forced her down again. Each cycle caused her tits to massage my engorged cock further. Since my legs held her, my hands were free to squeeze her tits around my cock. My fingers pinched, poked and almost pierced her. Before long, she slumped in orgasm. I let the pin slide off the chair. “Daddy hasn’t cum yet. What shall I do?” I asked.

We both knew the answer. I flipped around and bent her over the chair. I flipped her soaked dress up. I entered her anus, still swollen from being thumbed at church. It only took a few grunting thrusts before I filled her bowels with cum. I stepped back, my cock still dripping. “Clean me, then the floor, then have a bath, slut”

“Yes, Daddy,” Esther roleplayed. She knew enough to use her tongue to clean me, savouring my cum and enduring her own taste. Her reward was a small fresh final load of cum, and another orgasm Bycasino giriş for her as my fingers pinched her clit.

Most men of 50 couldn’t cum so much inside two hours. Fortunately, Esther had kept me young. Now, she was gone, and that part of my life was over.

Images of those play days cascaded through my drugged brain as I started to wake up, realizing I had a real erection. Gradually, the complications that would create crept into my thoughts. I tried to think of virtuous thoughts, so my erection would subside before Delores heard me. But the more you try not to think about blowjobs, the more vivid the images become. The dream was so realistic, it felt like real lips were suctioning the head of my cock.

When the hospital folks said my health plan required at home convalescence, and wouldn’t pay for 24 hour care, I had worried. I was pleasantly surprised when my sweet daughter Delores offered to come stay as long as I needed. Dolly had moved west , where she had a successful career selling real estate. I had never cared for her husband, Donnie, with his perpetual sneer , constant guzzling of cheap rotgut bourbon and his greasy ‘Billy Ray Cyrus wannabe’ mullet. He always claimed it was his contracting business contacts that made Dolly a success. I was pleased that after she divorced him two years ago, he had quickly gone bankrupt, and Dolly had her best year ever. Now, she told me, the business was safe in her assistant’s hands, and she would stay as long as I needed her.

Delores at 50 looks just like Esther used to- short, full figured, pleasing plump, auburn hair cut in layers around a pretty freckled face, china blue eyes, a tiny button nose. If I squinted, I could imagine Esther was nursing me.

I knew if Delores heard me awaking, she would quickly come to check me. I would be embarrassed to have her see my erect state. I assumed like most daughters, she never thought of her parents as sexual beings. Like most fathers, I never wanted to think of my baby girl knowing about sex. The thought of Dirty Donnie with Delores had made me shiver from the day they met. I had always assumed she never enjoyed the sex part of their marriage. She was too nice a girl. I bet Donnie had found his pleasures elsewhere, or she had tired of his demands, and that lead to their split.

Slowly, I opened my eyes part way. Suddenly, I realized this was no dream. My darling daughter Delores was kneeling at the side of the bed. Her sun dress was unbuttoned, her hand was milking my scrotum. Her mouth was doing the deed from the dream. For a moment, I thought of pretending to sleep, since it was great for me, and she seemed happy with her task. Guilt and conventional morality overcame my hedonism. This was my grown daughter. I had never ever looked at her as a sexual object, and never could. But, she did look so like her dead mother, who was my primary sex obsession for 50 years. I expressed this inner torment with a sigh. It was loud enough that she heard.

Dolly pulled her mouth off my cock, but did not cover up, or let go of my balls. I noticed for the first time, that her other hand was stroking her wet hairy pussy. Those fingers drifted up her abdomen and she began massaging her own nipple as she spoke, “Daddy, please let me do this for you. I haven’t been with a man since Donnie. I dumped him was that he was such a limp dick from all the booze. I haven’t sucked a cock that got this hard in probably ten years.”

” But, Dolly, you’re a beautiful woman, you must meet lots of guys.”

“Donnie always blamed me for his nonperformance. He said if I wasn’t such a hag, he would get it up. After a while I believed him. I threw myself into business. The only guys I met were business contacts. I wanted to succeed for real, not just as a cocksucking real estate slut.”

I was startled at my baby girl’s explicit language. Dolly continued,”I heard a moan and came to see if you were okay. I was standing in the doorway. I saw your cock get hard as you slept. I froze. I just stood there watching. At first, I told myself that I was just waiting for you to wake up. Once I noticed Bycasino güncel giriş how wet my pussy was getting, I stopped pretending. I unbuttoned my dress, and started playing with my nipples, and diddling myself. I’ve gotten good at that. Donnie drank so much, if I wanted an orgasm, I had to finish myself even before we split up. As I watched you, I thought about going to my room to use my pocket rocket. Then I decided that your hard penis needed tending . I bet you haven’t been laid since Mom died.”

So that explained the buzzing sound at nights. “But, Dolly, this just isn’t right.” I insisted.

“Well, Daddy,” Dolly replied, ” I decided Mom would like the idea that I was filling her place by caring for ALL your needs.” She smiled wickedly. I guess she really took after Esther, proper in proper places, wicked when able. The way Dolly said ” Daddy” in a sultry tone of voice she had never used with me before was reminiscent of Esther roleplaying in our games .

“If you are not ok with this Dad, I’ll stop, hire a private nurse service, and catch the next plane home. Because I love you in my mouth so much, I can’t stay here and resist doing this. But, if you like this treat, just tell me if you want to come in my mouth, or if I can carefully climb up there on your meat and ride you like a stallion.”

Without waiting for an answer, Dolly dove tongue first back to my hard cock, licking all around it. “Mom taught me her technique, using a banana, so I could remain a virgin once I started dating. I stayed that way until my wedding night. By then, I was a true cocksucking slut. I love a nice sperm cocktail. I think I need this load in my mouth, if that’s okay.”

She paused, then added, “actually, Daddy , I can’t lie to you. Mom did show me on a banana, but…you remember you were out of town my 18th birthday, so I went to a house party with Ronnie Ralph?”

I nodded, still in shock. Delores massaged my balls as she continued, “when Ronnie picked me up, Mom met him at the door. I was still dressing. When I came down the stairs, Mom was sucking him off. She told me she was glad I entered when I did. She had me finish him off, coaching me. Later, at the party, I sucked half the football team. I was a total cum swallowing slut. I loved it. After that, whenever you weren’t home, Mom and I would take turns sucking off my boyfriends. Don’t be mad at Mom. She just wanted to make sure her daughter learned everything the right way. She kept instructing me in different techniques. She was so cool.”

I just nodded. First my dream, then waking up to Delores sucking me, now this revelation about Esther. It was all too much. I was speechless.

Delores took charge. She started bobbing up and down my shaft, pausing at the top of each stroke to toy with the tip of my cock with her teeth. Then, she began teasing the hole open with her tongue. In a few strokes, my slit was gaping open. One of her hands still pumped my shaft. The other caressed my scrotum. I felt tension building from the base of my cock. Her hand seemed tighter. Her lips locked around my huge purple cockhead. Four years worth of sperm suddenly gushed out the tip. Dolly caught it all in her mouth. She opened wide, displaying her cum coated tongue. Sperm spilled out of her mouth , smearing her lips, cheeks and chin, and dribbling onto her porcelain pillowy breasts.

She saw where I was looking. “Gee, Daddy, do you like my tits? I always thought Mom’s were nicer. Really firm for an older woman. I was so jealous. She loved to let me play with them. I bet you would like to titfuck me once your leg gets better. Mom told me how much she liked you doing that. Donnie was too vanilla to bother, and couldn’t get it up anyway.”

Delores languidly stroked my halfhard cock as we rested. “We have months more to enjoy this,”she said, “Imagine all the different ways we can play. I know you and Mom did a lot of things, but I’ll try to find a few tricks even she never thought of. If the doctor cuts off your painkillers, we’ll get you some viagra. If you like it, maybe I’ll sell my agency out west and move here permanently. Whatca think?”

Dolly didn’t wait for an answer. She just climbed carefully on top of me, impaled herself on my meat, and leaned her ample bosom onto my face.

I knew my Esther would never return to me, but Delores made me feel young again.