Bound Desires: Sensory Deprivation


Author Note: I’ve included a bit of backstory to this one in case I want to expand it in the future. Hopefully it doesn’t take away too much from the story and you enjoy it. I welcome all positive and negative feedback.


Eyes struggling open to the sound of her alarm, she flailed around in a failed attempt to turn it off. Most mornings would be spent ignoring the alarm and procrastinating in bed, attempting to postpone the inevitability of leaving the warm, comforting bed and going to work. But today was not like the others. After weeks of anticipation and planning, today was the day. Rising eagerly from her bed, she enthusiastically greeted the morning.

She headed straight to the shower, the warm stream cascading across her small, yet perky breasts and down her firm, luscious legs. Taking her time, she applied shampoo and conditioner, enjoying the fruity flavour that hung in the air. Spending some time with a razor, she ensured she was smooth and hair free all over. Normally she wasn’t so picky about appearances, but today was special, and worthy of the attention.

Taking a moment to admire her flat stomach and slim, slightly narrowing waist in the mirror, she pulled her hair into a ponytail and started to get dressed. She picked out a cute geeky t-shirt, red booty shorts and a pair of converse shoes, knowing there would be time to get dressed in more sexy attire later on.

She collected her bag, filled with kinky gear she had prepared the night before and headed out the door. He had given specific instructions that she was to arrive on time, and she had no intention of disappointing.

The bus ride gave her a chance to reflect on her journey the last few months. Her youth had been spent living in a very conservative family, made to follow the bible and attended a strict Catholic school. Her upbringing taught of the sin of sex, that purity and faith were of the upmost importance. However, as she grew older and began to mature, she knew deep inside her that she craved something more. She struggled with these emotions at times, feeling intensely guilty about the thoughts that would roll through her head, and how it was so very ‘wrong’.

Over time though her curiosity got the better, and she hunted for the missing piece of her life. Hiding under her covers, she would peruse the internet, the pictures of tightly bound girls and the numerous online erotica helping to both satisfy and expand her curiosity as she slowly fingered herself to orgasm. Kink became her hidden secret, something she heavily desired but assumed would never get to try.

She spent her high school years like this, never daring to date and focusing on her studies. Upon graduating she had been lucky enough to receive a scholarship to a prestigious university in another state, and as such finally began to experience her first taste of freedom. Although her provided one-bedroom apartment was small by most standards, to her it was a castle. Determined to take the opportunity while she had it she focused on overcoming her shyness, learning to revel in her freedom and taking the opportunity to explore her sexuality further.

Her first event was a BDSM themed nightclub. She had worn a simple, tight fitting black dress with a collar she had purchased from a pet store. Although she was nervous about going alone, she was greeted enthusiastically by a number of friendly faces, and quickly felt comfortable. The impact play and rope scenes at play, as well as the numerous sexy costumes on display had left her very excited, and the end of her night had found her fingers deep into her pussy, pumping hard as she moaned into her pillow, imagining herself experiencing the same.

From there she had made it a mission to get more involved in the local kink scene, attending a number of workshops and actively getting involved in the local rope dojo. As she became well known, she was invited to more private parties, and it was at one of these she met had Ben.

She had first noticed him doing an impact play scene, his combination of hard hits and attention to providing affection peaking her interest. His muscly physique and chiselled features also certainly helped. Later, eyeing him relaxing in the rope area, she drew her courage and introduced herself. Although nervous at first, she quickly found that conversation flowed quite easily between them, an hour passing by in what seemed like a few minutes. Feeling a spark, she enquired if he would be interested in using her as a rope bunny at the rope dojo the following week, feeling elated when he accepted with a cute sexy smile.

Casual rope at the dojo had turned into text conversations, coffee meetups, and then casual play at his apartment. She loved his caring, supportive nature and his wicked sense of humour. He has been mindful of her conservative upbringing, always checking in on her during and after play and supporting her in the instances where her enjoyment conflicted against her upbringing.

After a late night out, she yalova escort had drunkenly told him about her love of stories that involved sensory deprivation. Although extremely embarrassed the next morning, he had welcomed her interest and encouraged her to discuss it further. She explained how her interest in encasement/enclosure had not been instant, but something that had slowly developed over time.

It had begun with her purchase of a latex catsuit, the tight rubbery feel of the latex and the way it accentuated her slim features making her instantly fall in love. Her collection had quickly grown swiftly from there to include a full set of leather restraints, tightly boned latex corset, ankle high PVC boots and a Millennium gas mask. The feeling of encasement excited her, making her fell less like a human and more like a plaything. She would often crave to put her latex back on, wearing it around her apartment, the thought of what her neighbours would think if they knew only turning her on further.

She had secretly craved a more intense form of encasement though, and with Ben she finally felt comfortable sharing one of her deepest fantasies. Sending him her favourite links, she demonstrated her desire to wear a leather sensory deprivation hood. The hood she fantasised about was custom built in Canada, leather covered with 1-inch thick foam padding over the eyes, ears and mouth and numerous straps ensuring once pulled tight it would offer a sensation of complete nothingness and total confinement. The only openings were a small hole in which she would be able to breathe through. However, the hood cost several hundreds of dollars and required a second person to place and restrain the hood on her correctly.

Ben had not let go of the idea. Beginning with gentle teasing about how he would fulfil her fantasy, they slowly found themselves negotiating exactly what such a scene would entail, covering her hard and soft limits and discussing her fantasy in depth. Eventually he had asked her directly whether she wanted to live out her fantasy and she had gleefully accepted. The two-week wait had been the longest in her life, but with the scene so close she now felt a mixture of excitement and nerves.

The jolt of the bus took her out of her reflections, as she realised she was only a few minutes away from the stop. Arriving at the stop, she began the 5-minute walk. She nervously ascended the stairs, and after a deep breath, hit the buzzer.

Ben quickly opened the door and welcomed her in, making her blush as he exclaimed how sexy her ass looked in those shorts. Taking a few minutes to make her feel comfortable, they discussed life and world events while he ensured she drank a glass of water – this scene would require her to be well hydrated.

Seeing she was much calmer, he asked if she was ready to begin, directing her up the stairs to his personal dungeon. Although only a single room, he had managed to source a number of fun things including a Saint Andrews cross, a large king bed with numerous restraint points, a leather covered bench, and numerous pieces of rope, whips and other toys. The lighting in the room was dimmed, and the walls covered in numerous pieces of fetish art that completed the dark undertone of the room.

Knowing she would need some time to prepare, he excuses himself from the room. She immediately began to strip, eager for transformation to begin. Digging into her bag, she carefully laid out her planned attire. First up was a tight latex dress, the central zipper making it easy for her to fit into. The dress was one of her favourites, coming up to her shoulders and featuring a very short skirt that left her private areas very exposed.

Next were her thigh high latex leggings, which she carefully stretching up her long luscious legs, enjoying the shine as they caught the light. To these she added her ankle high PVC boots, the high heels forcing her feet into a more severe position. Completing the ensemble was a tightly boned, bright red latex corset, forcing her waist even thinner and accentuating her already delicious figure.

Her hair remained bound behind her in a ponytail. With no mirror in the room, she was unable to admire her complete attire, but the tightly clinging latex definitely made her feel and sexy.

Calling out, she signals to Ben that she is ready to start the scene. He quickly appears, wearing leather trousers and no shirt, his hard abs and chest exposed to the cool air. Pulling a box out from behind him, he exclaims he has a gift. Eagerly opening the package, she finds two distinct boxes. Opening the first she finds the leather hood she had always fantasised about. Squealing and hugging Ben, she admires the hood in more detail.

The hood looked very intimidating, the numerous buckles and straps ensuring a true deprivation experience. She loves the way the leather feels tough and shines lightly. Taking a moment to smell the leather, the intoxicating smell sends edirne escort a shiver of excitement through her body as she realises that soon the hood and her will become one.

Setting down the hood, she curiously opens the second box, unsure of what to expect. Inside she finds a pair of leather bondage mitts. The mitts were covered in heavy leather and featured a palm guard that ensured the user would be unable to grab anything through them. At the end of the mitts a number of heavy buckles that would ensure the mitts could not come loose. Once on, the mitts would deprive her of all use of her hands and leave her at Ben’s mercy.

Ben assisted her as she put the mitts on, surprised at how the interior forced her hands into mini fists – ensuring circulation would continue. The straps were pulled hard, the buckles locking the mitts tightly. The feeling of vulnerability rushed through her as she brought her hands to her face, finding that indeed the mitts restricted her abilities to use her hands just as she had believed.

Ben directed her to the leather-bound Saint Andrew cross. The d-rings on the mitts were connected to the arms of the cross, for forcing her shoulders wide, as she placed at feet at shoulder length distance. She feels Ben’s breathe on her neck as he came up behind her, his warm chest contrasting the cool latex covering her back.

His fingers began teasing her sides, tiny electric shivers running through her body as he softly caresses her body. She moaned as he groped her breasts and teased her nipples, whispering into her ear how beautiful she was and how excited the plans for the rest of the scene made him feel.

Feeling him pull away, she resisted the urge to look behind her, knowing from previous experience that such an action would earn her a punishment. The sharp thud of a whip against her ass answered her question and signified the start of the scene. Starting off slow, Ben slowly amped up the pressure, the strikes coming harder and faster, her arse beginning to slowly warm in response. She loved the hard thud of the whip against her body and the helplessness she felt from been restrained to the cross. Although she could safe word if needed, she enjoyed the feeling of being at his mercy and his plaything.

The whipping continued for a number of minutes, soft blows mixed in with hard strikes, the whips themselves coming alive and playing against her like an instrument. Feeling she was in the zone, he disconnected her bondage mitts and directed her to sit on the leather covered bench. Giving her a moment to recover from the first scene, Ben reminds her that the mitts and hood would make her previous safe words unusable, and they will need to come up with new ones. She quickly gave it some thought and realised she would still be able to hum, suggesting 2 unique hums to signal her soft and hard limits.

Ben took a moment to run through her soft and hard limits, outlining the main themes of the scene would involve sensory deprivation and restraints. He took a moment to ensure her consent, a fact that only made her trust and respect him even more.

Still seated on the leather bench, she felt her pulse begin to race as he comes forward towards her, the leather hood loosened up and ready in his hands. Despite admiring it briefly earlier, seeing the hood up close again makes her admire the craftsmanship that went into it, the seamless leather and thick padding combined with the heavy strapping turning the hood into its own fortress of solitude.

Ben directs her to look straight as he opens the back of the hood and slowly places it around her head. The smell of leather filling your nose and her world is thrown into darkness as the deep padding blocks all sight and sound, deafening all her senses. She can feel Ben begin to tighten the hood, the back laces interlocking tightly as they welcome their latest victim.

With a final tight tug, the hood completely fastens, her ears, face and cheeks pushing heavily against the thick inside padding. She draws slow breaths, enjoying the knowledge that the breathing small hole is the only link between her and the outside world. Feeling slightly claustrophobic, she takes a moment to focus on the deep, alluring smell of the leather, letting it fuse into her being, relaxing her as she forms a strong physical and emotional connection with the hood, her and it becoming one. Faceless, nameless and unable to make a sound, she feels a moment of pure bliss as she revels in her submissive fantasy finally coming to life.

She is brought back as the light touch of Ben’s fingers sends an electric shock through her senses. The ultimate and inescapable vulnerability she finds herself in has her begin to feel very horny, and she wished she had a way in which she could beg for more, to be turned around and fucked deep and hard, simply an object for Ben’s pleasure. With the hood muffling all words however, she can only use a slight moan to communicate her desires.

She erzurum escort feels Ben’s hands supporting her back, encouraging her to slowly lie on her back. She feels her hands directed to her sides, the briefest of motions indicating the mitts have now been locked to the side of the bench. Lying here is not difficult, the hood helping to insulate her head and the feeling of being covered in latex and leather acting as a distraction.

Ben’s hands disappear and without her senses she is left wondering where he has gone. Has he simply left her here tied to the bench? Is he arranging some diabolical plan? Numerous thoughts flow through her mind as the vulnerability of her situation becomes very clear and real to her.

Suddenly she feels a pressure around her waist as something is tied around her. A similar sensation runs through her hips, and a few seconds later her breasts. Thinking to the fantasies she discussed, she realises these must be belts, as one of her fantasies had involved been heavily restrained with them. Attempting to wriggle, her theory is confirmed as she finds herself unable to move.

Now placed in a position where her main senses and ability to move have been removed, her breathing begins to quicken as adrenalin begins to flow. What feels like rope is attached to each of her legs, pulling them out wide and leaving her crotch area very open and exposed. She prepares herself mentally, unsure of what is to come but welcoming any action that will give her some relief.

Her moist pussy is assaulted by vibrations, wracking her body with stimulation and sending electric charges throughout her body. Restrained so heavily, she is unable to escape its advances, her breathing quickly turning to light moans as the vibrator continues its assault on her most sensitive of areas.

The vibrations begin to change, acting as an ocean as they rise and bring her up close to cumming, and then subsidising, leaving her unsatisfied and begging for more. Bucking against the belts, she finds herself trying to push into the vibrator, her hips attempting to thrust in rhythm as the thought of cumming slowly begins to consume her thoughts.

A cold pressure against her ass surprises her. Realising what was about to happen, she forces herself to relax as a cool metal butt plug is forced into her most private hole, a loud gasp escaping her lips as her ass eagerly welcomes the new intruder.

The dual pressures of the vibrator on her pussy and plug deep in her ass forces a deep assault on her mind, turning what was a desire to cum into a sexual frenzy. Releasing all attempt at control her behaviour, she moans loudly into the deafening confines of the hood, pressing and bucking with all her might against her restraints, her final pleasure the only remaining desire for her. Numerous desires flowed through her head, she craves to be used, to be tied down and deepthroated, for numerous men to fill her ass and pussy, to consume numerous louds of delicious cum. Gangbangs, orgies, nothing was too depraved for her in this moment.

The constant stimulation causing her mind to go into a frenzy and she’s begins to cum hard, her entire body wracked with pressure as she finally feels relief, her mind transcending to the purest of pleasures. She pushes against the restraints, her encasement serving to only lengthen her enjoyment as she rides the blissful wave. After what seems an eternity, she feels herself return to the real world, finding the vibrator has been eased away. She can feel her legs shaking, her breathing elongated as it attempts to draw air through the hood, her heart beating rapidly. She had experienced orgasms before, but this had been another feeling entirely. Her body was both exhausted and satisfied, and despite her restraints she felt freer than she ever had before.

The belts begin to remove their unforgiving grip on her body, allowing her some room to move and stretch. Shortly after she feels the mitts being pulled from her hands, enjoying the opportunity to be able to stretch her fingers as blood rushes through them. She feels Ben’s arms around her, supporting her as she attempts to sit up. As she does she notices the butt plug still in her ass, and giggles into the hood, wriggling her butt against the leather coverings of the bench and enjoying the feeling the plug still provides.

The hood slowly began to loosen, pockets of lights beginning to form as her eyes adjusted from the darkness it had experience. The final strap was removed and the hood was removed completely, her transition back to the real-world beginning. Although dim, the light assaults her eyes as she squints at the room around her. A pile of belts is sitting in a pile on the floor, and Ben is standing there in front of her, an immense grin on his face. She notices her face is drenched with sweat, her hair having escaped its ponytail and messily arranged over her face. With a caring hand Ben pushes her hair back behind her ears, coming behind her and pulling her to his chest, his hands resting near her breasts.

The moment she had fantasised over for so long had been made true, and it had exceeded her wildest expectations. The feeling of encasement and vulnerability she had just experienced filled a hole in her life, and she knew at once she was addicted and would be back for more.