Important Business Comes Up Ch. 05


It has been a while since I last wrote and thanks for those who have sent comments. If you haven’t read chapters 1-4 yet – or it has been a while! – it might be worth it before proceeding. Now that Dana has left the company and Jason has found a soul mate for his fetish in Alison, his secretary, life seems to be going very nicely.


After the stunning events of Alison throwing coffee in Dana’s lap, and the secretaries getting rid of her, office life had gone from strength to strength. My private life became private again and was now shared regularly with the delightful Alison as our friendship developed. I had dinner with Alison about once a week and we discussed the stresses of the office, and found ways to alleviate them. She was a most interesting and understanding partner in my secret. She was also refreshingly honest, “I don’t want a deep and meaningful relationship Jason, but I am more than happy to help you out with your fetish for as long as you want. I actually find it quite a turn on,” she explained one evening over a drink at her apartment.

We were snuggled together on her couch and she was casually stroking my silk teddy covered chest. My nipples were a target for her attention and she was enjoying tweaking the firm titties that pushed against the fabric while we talked. Eventually she reached across and took my hand and placed it on her spread inner thigh so that it could wander to her aromatic pussy that sat above her stocking tops. I trailed my fingers along her thigh and felt the sensuous material of the lace tops and then the warm flesh of her thigh. Higher I went to the hot, moist flesh and slowly I dragged my fingers across her cunt lips. They were searing hot and slick and I easily slipped my middle two fingers into her open hole. We continued talking while Alison continued to pay attention to my chest and I lazily stroked two fingers deeply in and out of her.

Not long went by before she was panting in short gasps and her hand had wandered down my torso to the tent in my French knickers. She slipped her hand up the leg of my knickers and grasped my hard cock and began stroking him. We were enjoying a mutual masturbation session that didn’t take long for us both to explode in orgasm. My knickers were soaked with my cum and her pussy grabbed at the fingers that were now plunging into her pubic bone. Eventually we subsided and Alison, always the attentive friend hooked her fingers into the waist and slipped my knickers from my slightly raised hips, taking them off me. She took them into the laundry and returned with another pair of my panties that I had previously allowed her to wash after a similar evening. She soon had me dressed again and there we were, two girlfriends sitting and chatting on her lounge. I had spent quite some time with her by now and had given her pretty well all of the background story I had told Dana so she was aware and more than a little intrigued. I had already agreed that she should come with me next time I needed to visit Sue and Andrea at the store. I was certain that they would be happy to help Alison out too.

I had been in my VP job for about six months now and had been looking for a new place to live now that I could afford something more than my apartment. I had found the best little complex of units that catered to young professionals. They had a couple of bedrooms and very nice living quarters with your own laundry and a small private courtyard garden and parking. I was happily ensconced in my new place and finding life pretty comfortable. My neighbours were friendly; a married couple on one side and a couple of girls who shared the next-door unit on the other. We saw each other occasionally as the girls and I shared a carport. I was enjoying the relaxed freedom of my place during one beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon, just house cleaning and washing. Generally just bumming around the house in a pair of shorts, and my usual underwear. I had a small wash line on the patio so I was able to hang my freshly washed lingerie there where it wouldn’t be bleached in the sun, and perhaps be seen by nosey neighbours as had been the problem in the flats I had lived in when I first moved out of home. As I was hanging the undies a voice called out from a small gap in the hedge that peaked over the top of the fence to the girls’ place.

“Hi Jason, is your girlfriend home?” It was Lisa, the taller of the two girls. She was a 20 something brunette, slim and attractive with a dancer’s figure. Her friend, Penny, was a bit older and blonde, shorter and a bit fuller figured but also attractive.

As I was pleasantly contemplating what I was doing, I didn’t catch the intent of the question and so responded, “No, I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Oh I was just assuming, what with the wash you’re hanging … but no matter.”

“Oh, this!” I stammered, before covering, probably unsuccessfully, with, “No, I’m just doing a favour for a friend.”

“Well that’s perfect. I was going to ask you to do me a favour. I was going to sunbake urfa escort and need some sunscreen on my back and Penny has gone out. Would you mind, please?”

The lovely face above the fence that was framed by her beautiful long hair had my complete attention. So here she was, needing someone to put their hands on her lovely body. Gosh, how could I refuse!! “Sure, no problem, I’ll be right over.”

“Oh great, just come through the side gate to the back lawn.”

I finished the last couple of items of hanging up and then went into the carport through my side gate and straight in the gate to next door. I wandered down the short path and came to the corner and spotted the most delightful scene. A large beach blanket was spread on the small patch of lawn that was surrounded by a slightly higher than fence-high hedge and the wine bottle was in a cooler next to the half empty glass. A cordless phone and a book lay casually tossed to one side and in the middle of the blanket was the back view of Lisa. She was lying with her long shapely legs toward me, face down and absolutely naked.

I stopped in my tracks. She was gorgeous and immediately I felt a stirring in my shorts that I was sure was going to be a problem. She partially lifted her head and looked around at me, giving a vague glimpse at the side of her pert breast.

“Hi. Thanks heaps. I hope you don’t mind. I always tan this way because I hate the tan lines. They show when I dance.” So I was right on that assumption anyway.

“Sure, no problem,” I responded as I tried to casually walk over to her. I knelt down on the edge of the blanket beside her and she leaned over to get the lotion. Again the glimpse of small firm breast! I allowed my gaze to stroll over her perfect shape. Beautiful shoulders, long arms, a narrowing waist to a set of trim hips and a pert bottom perched on top of the beautifully long slender legs; gorgeous! As she handed me the sunscreen I asked, “Where should I start?”

“At the top and work down, I haven’t got any cream on my back.” I wondered about the possible double meaning but said nothing. I decided I might as well enjoy the exercise and see what was going to develop here. At worst I could end up with a slapped face … but I didn’t think so somehow. She had laid back down with her head on her hands, her gorgeous profile in view. I spread the sunscreen onto my hand and rubbed them together and started to massage the cool lotion into the warm flesh of Lisa’s neck and shoulders. At my first touch she ‘oohed’ a little and murmured, “That’s nice.”

I continued, adding more lotion as needed, and stroking my hands across the sinews of her delicately muscular body. I moved gradually down her spine and across her ribs and slowly down her sides under her arms to spread the lotion and give her the briefest of brushes on the side of her breasts. She giggled a little, saying, “That tickles, naughty.” But she did not shy away.

I reached her lower back and asked her, “Is that all?”

Without moving she quickly replied, “Uh Uh. No I said before I hadn’t put any on. You’d better just do it all.” That was a pretty open invitation and I wasn’t going to ignore it!

I continued to spread the lotion and went down the outside of her legs until I reached her ankles and then moved up the inside of her legs to the bubble of her butt. I then spread the cream across the top of her backside. I continued to massage the cream into the cheeks of her bum and she slowly moaned her enjoyment of the massage. Very slowly I progressed, and with equal speed she started to move her legs apart.

I had now reached the crack in her bum and her lower torso was moving rhythmically to my pressure. My thumbs moved evenly down into the crack and grazed the delightful brown dot that was now peeking at me from her spread thighs. The dark minimal fluff of her pussy was also barely visible below. Holding her butt cheeks in my hands, my thumbs stroked down her crack to her backdoor; she very deliberately lifted her hips from the blanket to increase the pressure on her hole and she openly stated, “That feels great! Ummm.”

Spreading her cheeks more, I pushed and circled more conscientiously and her moans became more audible. It would not be much of a surprise to say that the tent in my shorts was enormous and the leakage was going to take another load of washing to remove! Finally Lisa said what she had wanted all along; “I guess you have put the cream everywhere where the sun does shine, what about where it doesn’t?” She raised her hips even higher giving me a clear view of the extremely wet cunt lips and almost absent pussy hairs. As she lifted I increased the pressure of my right thumb and it popped into her anus with little resistance. “Oh Yes!” was all she gasped.

She started to push against the reaming digit and then she asked for more cream and more fingers; “Stick them in me, quickly!” I jammed my fingers into her butt and poured on more lubricant. I had two fingers balıkesir escort fully pushing and stroking into her but she still muttered, “No, it’s not deep enough. I need something longer! Fuck me!” I didn’t need telling twice.

I quickly moved behind her, her thighs making a triangle to her raised bum, and dropped my shorts and panties on the blanket. She had risen to her knees as I knelt behind her and aimed my swollen cock at her anus. A quick rub of its length with my lotion soaked hands guaranteed an easy entry and I slipped the bulb of my head straight into her arse hole; it popped past any resistance easily. Slowly I eased my thickness into her depths, rocking in and out in a slow pushing pace finding it being easily accepted to the hilt – clearly she was not an anal virgin. Lisa cooed her pleasure and squeezed me tight with her inner muscles as she begged me to ram her hard and fast now that I was in her. “God you stretch me so beautifully! Fill me with your come fast!”

I was powering into her from behind as hard as I could, well aware that I was not going to last very long. She thrust back with every forward motion and my balls were slapping against her soaking cunt. I grasped her hips to help create a pumping leverage as I withdrew to the edge of my cockhead before invading her again quickly and soon we were both grunting as our orgasms overtook us. She really loved it up the butt.

Finally we fell forward onto the blanket with my quickly deflating cock still inside her where our fluids blended together. We lay motionless for what seemed a long time before either of us stirred. We cuddled in that spoon position for a while and then, with a wet plop, my wilted penis popped out of her butt and she giggled that irresistible giggle of hers again. “Oh I’m leaking! You know I set you up, don’t you,” she stated as we gathered the bits and pieces on the lawn and moved inside to have a shower.

“I sort of guessed when you were naked on the lawn that you wanted more than a bit of sunscreen.” She chuckled and took me into the bathroom where we got into the shower together. “You are a really good anal lover. You certainly didn’t mind taking your time over getting me warmed up.”

“All part of my good neighbour policy. Always do what you can to help a naked gorgeous brunette.”

“I thought gentlemen prefer blondes?” she quipped.

“Perhaps, but putting my cock in your butt after knowing you only a few weeks hardly qualifies me for being a gentleman.”

“So where does it need to go to qualify?” she asked with a naughty grin as she started stroking him back to life under the cascading warm water. This was the stuff dreams are made of – a gorgeous dancer enticing me to make love to her. Within the next few minutes my cock was hard and deeply seated inside her cunt as she straddled me standing in the shower, her long legs encircling me. The warm water flowed over our rhythmically moving bodies as Lisa lifted herself up and pumped herself back down onto my deeply embedded cock, her vaginal muscles playing the piccolo along my shaft. This position didn’t take long to become tiring and we were soon rutting on the bathmat on the floor of the bathroom.

That, of course, was where Penny, Lisa’s housemate, found us as she walked in. We didn’t hear her come in but she was standing, leaning against the doorway, when she said, “Having a nice time you two?”

The surprise was enough to make us both jump and for me to slip out of Lisa. “Well girl, you certainly seem to have found something to do while I was out,” Penny continued; she was smiling as she stared at my throbbing cock and suggested, “You’d better do something to finish him off before he explodes!” With that she turned and wandered back into the unit.

Lisa looked up at me from where she lay, giggled again and said, “Oops! I guess we’ve been caught.” I of course was rapidly wilting with the embarrassment of being found like that and I suggested that it would be best if I left. Lisa nodded and reached for the pile of clothes on the floor to pass me my shorts.

As she grasped them from the pile she stopped to notice the fine lace and silky material of my undies — I was caught. “Well,” she smiled, “so that is who your ‘friend’ is that you were just helping out with the washing. I think I’d like to meet her one evening for a drink. Perhaps Pen would like to join us.”

I wasn’t quite sure what to make of this last remark but the twinkle in Lisa’s eye and the deep sigh she let out certainly were encouraging signs for a future meeting with this gorgeous woman. I quickly got to my feet, slipped into my shorts and shoved the undies into my pocket and helped Lisa to her feet to leave. She made no attempt to cover up as we walked through the lounge and passed where Penny was relaxing on the couch.

“Hope you had a good time,” Penny called as I left through the kitchen door.

Lisa pushed her soft warm body into mine as she gave me a hug and a deep trabzon escort kiss. The push of her hips into my groin was enough to start something stirring again but then she pulled away and said, “Thanks for the massage and the company. I look forward to it again … soon!” Her tone told me that she meant it, and then she pecked me on the cheek and pushed me toward the door. I walked back through the garden gate and into my yard, all the while pondering exactly what the conversation was that would be happening next door — and how much Lisa would share about what she had just learned.

It wasn’t long before I found out the answer to my question. A couple of days later I met Penny in the carport as we both were leaving for work. “Hi Jason. How are you going?” I smiled but didn’t get a chance to respond as she continued, “Lisa tells me that she was going to invite a friend of yours to join us for a drink. I believe she said Friday night would be good, about 7:30?”

It seems that Lisa had wasted no time in talking about the afternoon delight and I was a little taken aback but managed to stammer a response along the lines of, “Yes, that sounds great.”

Penny was almost into her car when she paused and added, “Please tell her we like to dress up for the evening, something a bit formal. Dressing up is often so much fun when you just do it for the fun, don’t you think?” With that she was in the car and gone while I was still racing through my thoughts.

At work there were several messages about accounts that I had picked up. Work generally was fantastic since Dana had gone. Some of the new accounts had come my way via Andrea and Sue and the party at their place. I decided that, after the invitation for Friday, I should use my freebie at Jacqui’s. To be all spruced up and pampered seemed just the right thing to do. From the office I phoned the number on the business card that I had in my wallet. The call was quickly answered with, “Welcome to Jacqui’s; this is Laura speaking, how may I be of assistance?”

I asked to speak to Jacqui. She wasn’t available but the warm voice on the other end of the line asked could she be of assistance. “Well, as a matter of fact, you probably can help me,” I began. “Jacqui gave me her business card that offers a “Special”. I’d like to book in for it please.”

I guess I assumed that the term special was just another one of those business phrases in the advertising of their services but that impression changed immediately when Laura spoke. Her voice changed to a much more sultry tone and her comment, “It would be my pleasure,” certainly emphasized the ‘my’ in the sentence. “When would you like to come in?”

Again the tone and emphasis was on the last couple of words only. “Wednesday afternoon would be great. Is that possible?”

“Certainly sir, may I have your name for the booking?”

“It’s Jason, Jason …”

“Your first name will do fine thank you Jason. At what time will you be here?”

“When is free?” I queried figuring I had to find a spot on the time sheet.

“Oh no, on the contrary,” Laura explained. “You are on the Special, that means you get everything that suits you. What time would you like?”

“How about four?”

“Absolutely, not a problem. I look forward to seeing then. Bye.”

Again the tone told me I was in for an interesting afternoon. I cleared that afternoon with Alison and told her she could have the afternoon off too as I wouldn’t be back. I explained that I had decided to treat myself to the rejuvenation session. She smiled and whispered, “If half of what I have heard about Jacqui’s is true then you certainly are in for an experience. It is supposed to be the most exclusive and chic relaxation clinic that pampers to the rich and famous. You will have to tell me all about it afterward!” She was obviously a bit envious and yet she also knew I would tell her everything when we next spent the evening together. We were due to catch up on the following Monday — just us two girls getting together.

The next afternoon I left the office at about 3:30 and drove to Jacqui’s. It was a little bit secluded on the outskirts of town and the entrance was shrouded by an ivy-covered set of wrought iron gates. They led down a long driveway to what looked to be an old English mansion. There were no cars to be seen, only a driveway that looped past the front steps. As I stopped my car a lovely slim girl of about twenty walked down the steps. She wore a rather elegant maroon low-cut dress that was split at the thigh to reveal a pair of rather delightfully long legs in heels as she strode toward my car and opened my door for me. “Jason?” she asked and, in response to my nod, she continued, “I am your valet parking attendant. Please leave the keys and go in; you will be met by Laura in the foyer.”

I got out of the car and she took my place in the driver’s seat, again showing a great deal of long slim leg. She flashed me a smile and then started the car and drove it around the driveway to the rear of the building. I watched her go and then turned to the front doors and climbed the steps. Once at the open front door I stepped into a wide, open foyer with a gleaming parquetry floor and artwork around the walls. A wide sweeping staircase rose on my left to the upper storey and directly in front of me was a hotel style desk.