Connie and the Chalet: Day 01


Day One: Welcomes

The drive to the chalet, a Swiss-style vacation home in the Pacific Northwest, was wonderful. Connie lay back on the reclining front seat of their Escape, drowsing in the early afternoon sun. Her window was cracked slightly open, and the sweet scent of the recent showers wafted in, mingled with the aroma of fresh greenery and one of her favorites, the smell of the rain evaporating from the two-lane road they meandered along.

Her husband Sam navigated the unfamiliar road well. Sam was practically a fanatic for safety and smooth travels, and Connie could well imagine that he had rehearsed the road while gazing intently at the roadmap he’d purchased the day before their vacation. She turned in her seat, pretending to be asleep still, and looked at the westerly sunlight catching his profile and his chestnut hair. Not for the first time, she was grateful for him, and his offer for the vacation.

Connie was beautiful, sexy, and Sam often wondered what wonderful thing or things he had done to be rewarded with her presence in his life, and his ring on her finger. Married for only a couple of years, both had suffered through marriages that had at last become unbearable. Their meeting was, to his mind, a miracle comparable to the parting of the Red Sea. He would not have been very surprised to know that Connie thought much the same about their relationship.

By the time they reached the chalet, nestled in a private little court off the main road, the sun was dipping down towards the mountains. Night came early here, both because of the latitude and the time of year, and it would likely be dark by five-thirty.

Parking in the driveway, they heard the comforting crunch of gravel under the tires, as Sam turned in toward the carport. Snow lingered on the curbs from a flurry a few nights ago, and they hoped that the timing of the next snowfall would be more convenient.

Sam kissed his wife awake, running his fingertips and palm over the front of her blouse, a rose-colored affair with a scalloped collar and lace at the hems. Her nipples awoke quickly, stiffening under the blouse and her brassiere. He kissed her on the mouth, and she parted her lips, darting her tongue into his open mouth. A smile spread slowly across her lips, and she was careful not to let it tighten her mouth too much, because of all the things Sam and Connie did well together, kissing was one of her favorites.

“We need to go inside, Sam. Make sure he’s on his way.” Sam’s only answer was a series of kisses on her neck, running up to her earlobe, which he darted his tongue around.

“I know, babe. Hard to keep my hands off you, though, or my cock in my pants, when you’re next to me. I was tempted to pull over and ravish you on a side road, and wake you nicely.”

Her laugh was deep and genuine, another of his favorite things about her. “Babe, we have all week, even after the weekend. Besides, I’d like to not start too early.”

His face took on a slightly serious, but playful, look. “Thinking of backing out, sweetheart? If you want to, it’s okay. It’s always been okay, and up to you.”

Connie smiled and kissed Sam lingeringly on the lips. “I’m a little nervous. Yeah. But you’ll be there, and you offered to do this with me, for me. Wouldn’t be fair to back out now, would it?”

They got out of the car, and Sam popped the rear hatch open to fetch their luggage and the groceries they had picked up just out of Portland at a Fred Meyer. The wind, heavy and crisp with a hint of snow, whipped up, lifting Connie’s skirt past her thighs, as she darted up the steps to the deck, and the front door, laughing. She fished the keys out of her purse, and had her phone in her hand even before the door shut behind her.

Sam wrestled the suitcases into the front hall, and went back for the two boxes of food, carrying them into the kitchen. Setting the boxes down, he looked around the vacation home for the first time since seeing it online. It had two stories, a main one where the kitchen, living room, and a large oaken table perched, and three bedrooms and a shower upstairs. On the other side of the level, across an expanse unadorned by walls, was the huge four-poster bed, several quilts folded at the foot of it on top of a cedar chest, according to Sam’s instructions to the leasing office, secured with a “special rate” that he knew would be worth every penny. The bed was already made, and he knew without checking that the extra towels he’d ordered were in the bathroom. Sam had put special attention on the other preparations, and hoped Connie would be as delighted as he’d hoped when he’d paid extra for the…extras.

Connie’s voice rose happily. “Great! So we’ll see you in a few! ‘Bye, Will!” She swirled into the room, grinning ear to ear as she started to help Sam put away the food. It was more than they would need for a week alone, but there was always the weekend. She continued beaming, happy and very much anticipating the evening Sam mardin escort had offered her.

The hiss of gravel announced their visitor’s sports car, a dark blue Japanese compact with just the right amount of flair on a budget. The man who exited and walked up their steps was lean and wiry, coarse black hair combed in an immaculate part, and wearing work clothes, a flannel shirt and blue jeans. Connie flung open the door before his second knock hit the wood, and threw herself into his arms. “Will! So good to see you again! We’re just about to start dinner.”

Will hugged back, just a little less eagerly, unspoken questions written on his face. When she introduced him to Sam, he seemed to warm slightly, but still seemed a little unsure of whether he should be here at the chalet.

Connie had never met Will face-to-face, though while they were both alone and hundreds of miles distant, they had become close friends over the internet. After some time as friends, trusting each other with their secret needs and desires, comparing notes on how awful the dating scene was, they admitted they both wanted each other badly.

Their first phone sex session had been fantastic, a bold release of the tensions they had held back with others, but no longer with each other. They had exchanged semi-nude, and then fully naked, pictures, and she had spent many evenings alone in the house listening to Will jacking off for her, and she had done the same for him. She cared for him, and she admitted as much to Sam, though never as much as she loved Sam. Her heart skipped a beat as she wondered how he would respond to what she and Sam would propose to him over dinner.

Dinner was a simple affair, salad and a salmon fillet grilled in butter and thyme. They chatted about nothing much, and Sam noticed that Will still seemed perturbed at his own presence there. As the last of the dishes were washed and laid in the rack, she sat down at the table, waiting for Sam to join them.

He spoke first. “Will, Connie’s told me a lot about you, and how the two of you were close a few years back.”

Will arched an eyebrow, but only inclined his head, waiting for the next words.

“Well, Will, she really likes you, even after we’ve gotten married. She’s always wondered what would have happened if the two of you had actually ever met. I wonder, too.”

Connie broke in now, excited. “So, Will, what Sam’s saying is he…offered to have you visit, and to…join us.”

Now Will looked very surprised, but, remarkably, less uncomfortable now. “Join you? In bed?”

Connie’s laugh was gentle and warm. “Of course, Will. You know how I’ve always wanted a threesome, but I never had people I wanted to be a threesome with. Do you remember that time we fantasized about it while you got yourself off?”

“Anyway, Connie and I discussed it, and I want her to have that threesome. I know how much she cares for you, and trusts you. Hell, I know she loves you. She’s said as much.”

Will looked oddly at Sam for a long moment. “Wait. You’re not…jealous?”

“Not at all! She married me, and we plan to spend our lives together. I trust Connie completely and that’s why.”

“Why what?”

Connie took Will’s hand across the table, entwining her fingers in his. “Will, would you like to fuck me? Not just jack off when you hear me come, but really put that cock in me?”

Stunned, Will had nothing to say, and Sam filled the silence. “Will, she wants that threesome, and I want her to have it,” he repeated. “She wants someone she has a connection with, not someone just wanting to get inside her, cum and leave. I want her to have this threesome with two men who love her, and want her to enjoy the experience.”

Connie swallowed, and leaned in towards their guest. Her voice was suddenly husky with need and the hope of something fantastic. “Will, what do you say? Do you want to make love to me, feel me up, stick your cock inside my pussy, fill my pussy with your cum? You don’t have to say yes, Will, but I hope you do.”

The three of them could barely believe it when he said yes.

“Okay, Will. Connie and I will get things started. Just watch for now. For now.” Connie slid the sandals off her feet, drained the last of her soda, and stood, bare-footed. Her husband stood, too, leaned in and kissed her cheek in a surprisingly chaste way. Connie giggled, and took his hand.

Sam stood and led Connie from the dining table to the bed a few paces away. Will sat and watched, his breath starting to come in soft pants. At the four-poster bed, Sam took Connie into his arms, kissing her long and deeply. She closed her eyes and embraced him, running her hands over his back and down to his ass. Bringing her right hand to his front, she cupped and gently stroked his thickening hard-on through his soft blue jeans.

He pulled back, and glanced over his shoulder at Will, who still watched quietly, still and silent, trying mardin escort bayan not to break the spell. Sam started kissing Connie’s tits through her blouse and bra, and she moaned as her nipples swelled and hardened. He kissed both, and then maneuvered behind her, still running his hands over her body, kissing the nape of her neck and nibbling at her earlobes.

Behind her now, they both faced Will. Sam gently traced her throat with his fingertips, and started to loosen the buttons there, moving down with unhurried, expert motion, freeing each button from its prison, and slowly pulling the blouse from under the belt at her waist. She let him undress her, and opened her eyes to look at Will. Connie smiled and held his gaze with her own, as Sam slid the open blouse off her shoulders, and laid it on the bed beside them.

He now undid her bra, releasing the catches one at a time, then slipping the ivory satin off her body entirely, revealing her breasts in their full glory. They were large and bold, with deep pink nipples, tight with desire and the cool air of the chalet, fading into pink aureoles that curdled with pleasure.

Connie let Sam undress her, glorying in letting another man see her stripped down gently, lustfully, as his first in-person introduction to her body. She felt Sam undo the braided leather belt at her waist, and unzip the olive corduroy skirt she had worn. It fell to the floor, and she stepped out of it, adorned with only a pair of rose-colored panties, by coincidence the same color as her nipples.

Sam started kissing down her bare back as she stood there, almost naked, in the presence of two men she now knew she wanted badly to fuck all night, and all the next day, and beyond. Her pussy, already moist from her being undressed and displayed, became truly wet, and she could feel the precious fluid working its way between her labia, starting to soak the silky fabric covering them.

Hooking his fingers underneath her waistband, Sam let them creep towards her front, and slid them down just below the tops of her hips, leaving her pussy covered for the moment, but exposing the skin below her waist to just above her slit. Now, his fingers worked their way underneath, between her legs. They brushed against the wetness, and lingered for a moment, stroking just inside her pussy, before scooping her juices up to moisten her clit, which now throbbed faintly. Connie moaned, and fought the urge to turn towards Sam; this was as much for Will as for either of them.

Stroking and cupping her buttocks underneath the sheer fabric, Sam started to work the panties down, at last revealing her pussy, shaved bare and smooth as the rest of her skin, then let the panties, too, fall to the ground. “Fuck,” Will whispered, shattering the silence with the loudest sound in the room for several minutes.

Sam ran his hands all over her nakedness from behind her, and she wanted to throw him on the bed, and make him put the cock now pressing against her ass inside her, fucking her until she came and came again. Instead, she turned around and pressed herself against him, kissing him long and hard and furiously for a long minute or more. “Stand right here,” she whispered, and stepped behind Sam, who now stood in front of an appreciative Will.

“Will.” Sam spoke for the first time since standing up, even as Connie started to strip his shirt off him. Will blinked, and focused on him for a moment, and grunted a low question. “Will, you’ve seen her naked in pictures before, right?” At Will’s nod, Sam went on. “How do you like seeing her gorgeous body in person?”

“She’s incredible.”

Sam smiled. “I know.” His belt opened under Connie’s eager touch, and she slid his pants, underwear and all, to the floor, revealing Sam’s rigid cock. “Couple of rules, Will.”

“Okay.” Will would have, at this point, agreed to almost anything. “Shoot.”

“Rule One is this is all for Connie. She’s in charge. She won’t be on all fours with one cock in her mouth and one in her pussy, pleasuring us. This is her weekend. If she wants one or both of us to do something for or to her, we do our best to do it.” Sam’s shirt came off his bare chest, and he stood naked, his cock gently pulsing in time to his heartbeat, but he spoke as matter-of-factly as if he’d been discussing the weather. “Okay?”

“Sure. For Connie.” Will’s breathing was now ragged, and he realized he was licking his lips, had been since Connie’s gorgeous breasts had come into view.

“Good! Rule Two is be respectful of both of us, and we’ll do the same for you. If you get shy or uncomfortable, it’s okay to step away for a moment. This is supposed to be…going to be…fun. We chose you for this because we wanted her to have her first threesome with two men who care for her, who love her.” Sam felt Connie’s hand stroke his cock from behind, and he gritted his teeth. He wanted her now, but had to finish what he was saying first.

“Rule escort mardin Three is no clothes all weekend. Catch up, Will! She wants you naked, and I’m pretty sure she’s going to want you inside her soon!” Connie now lay back on the edge of the bed, beautiful blonde hair in a halo around her head, legs spread, waiting for a cock to fill her. “But I’m the host, so I’m going in first…”

Will watched as Sam, still standing, moved a foot or so to the bed, turned, and slid his cock easily into Connie, both of them moaning with his entry. Will started to strip, but slowly so he didn’t miss anything.

Sam gyrated his hips in a slow rhythm against Connie’s naked crotch, slowly thrusting inside her. “Oh, fuck, baby!” Connie arched her back when Sam put his thumb on the pink, swollen nub at the top of her slit, gently caressing it in a circular motion in time to his thrusts, then pinching it slightly a few times. With an ecstatic groan, Connie came hard, seconds after feeling Sam’s cock part her pussy lips.

Will marveled as he realized he was watching Connie squirt around her husband’s cock. Hot pussy juice bathed Sam’s dick, and spilled onto the floor, running down his balls and legs, while he kept thrusting.

Sam pulled out for a moment, and dropped to one knee on the floor, his face level with her pussy and clit. Gently spreading her labia with his thumbs, he lapped for a moment at her clit, and then slowly penetrated her with his tongue, licking the walls of her pussy. Connie moaned again, and Will gasped as her juices jetted forth into Sam’s face, dripping down his cheeks and chin as he licked her to another orgasm.

“Fuck, baby! I love it when you lick me!” She came a third time, and a fourth, and the waves of her juices never seemed to subside. “I want you inside me, baby! Put it in me and fuck me…” Her voice trailed off to a lusty whisper, and Sam complied, standing again, and inserting his hard-on into the naked pussy before him, and started thrusting, a little faster than before.

Sam picked up the tempo, and Will, now only wearing his shirt and socks, heard the gentle slapping of Sam’s crotch against hers. Connie gritted her teeth now, and groaned, “Ah, fuck, oh fuck keep fucking me with that cock fuck baby I’m coming again I’m…oooh!” Another spurt of her juices splashed onto Sam’s groin, bathing him in her love juices. Her cum kept dripping down his legs, pooling on the floor, clear, reflecting the early evening light.

Will wanted to join in, but sat transfixed, watching the woman he’d admired, loved, for years, having her pussy pounded by another man. He scarcely noticed he was naked, but he felt his own cock hardening, almost bobbing in time to the beat of the couple making love scant feet away.

Connie screamed with the sixth orgasm, spilling more juices onto her man and the floor. Sam was pumping faster now, the slap-slap as he plunged inside her more pronounced, almost staccato as he, too, approached his orgasm. Fascinated despite himself, Will brushed his fingertips against the underside of his now rigid shaft, and shivered with desire, nearly cumming where he sat.

“Oh, baby, cum inside me. I want to feel it inside me, sweetheart. Shoot that hot cum inside me!” Sam began to move even faster, and a strangled moan escaped his throat as he got nearer.

“Aah, fuck!,” he screamed, and screamed with each pulse of his cock driving hot semen into Connie’s sopping cunt. Connie came a seventh time as he did so, arching her back, and matching Sam in volume and intensity, and Will couldn’t tell who came harder, but saw flecks of white joining the clear stream of fluid in the puddle on the floor.

Connie and Sam panted and held each other for a couple of minutes, exchanging whispered words of love and lust Will could barely overhear. Ruefully, he commented, “That was exciting, but I feel like I kind of missed out on the first round.”

Sam disengaged himself from Connie, pulling his cock slowly out of her pussy, and turned to Will. “You haven’t missed a thing. Connie’s still ready for you. She was just warming up.”

Will rose up from his chair as if in a dream, and walked over to the bed. Connie turned on the bed, and put her feet flat on the quilt, legs spread in welcome. “My back can’t take the edge of the bed for long, Will, and I think you’d like some leverage,” she said happily.

About to get onto the bed, Will looked at Sam. “You sure about this, Sam? I mean, she’s your wife. You really okay with me doing her?”

“Will, if I had any doubts at all, we never would have invited you over. Besides, I need to clean up the floor some. It’s why I wanted extra towels, quilts and sheets.” He turned and headed off to the bathroom and the clean linens, leaving them alone for the first time.

Will kneeled on the bed, between her legs, his cock straining with the effort of holding back the cum threatening to shoot out if he so much as touched her. “So, Connie. You sure? I mean, I’m really grateful for the opportunity, but…”

“Will, stop. Yes, I want to feel that cock, not just look at a picture of it.” Will leaned forward, hands on the bed on either side of her. She gasped a little when the head of his hard-on brushed against the fold of skin surrounding her clit, which swelled even as he prepared to enter her.