The Long Weekend Ch. 27


Early Sunday Evening

“Okay, let’s bowl. How shall we do this?” Jr. called out as he stood up to see Danny and Kathy had been quietly watching the mother son action.

“We usually throw one ball each and the high score partners with the low score.” Danny quickly offered.

“You’ve done this before!” Annie called out. “No fair.”

Annie and Jr. went to the ball rack and found balls that suited them. Annie was surprised at the weight of the ball while Jr. demonstrated a basic technique to her. Standing behind his mother, Jr. moved his body close to hers and with one his large hands around her waist and the other on her throwing arm, she learned to roll rather than drop the smooth heavy ball. He guided her legs with his hands as she took a couple of small steps then tried to slide. It only took a few stutter steps for her to grasp the fluid motion required.

Danny was doing the same to Kathy. Not to be out done, Kathy had shortened her skirt to match Annie’s and when she let go her ball, they could almost see her naked ass. Her aggressive run up caused her braless tits to flop around as they fought gravity to stay in the thin tight top she was wearing.

The boys and the alley operator were all thinking, this was one heck of a double date.

“Ready, one ball each.” Danny said “Ladies first.”

Ever the show off, Kathy says “Right then, I’ll go first.”

Selecting her ball from the rack, she holds it under her breasts and slowly rubs it smooth with her towel. Then turning to the lane, gets sets and makes her small run to the line before knocking down four pins.

“Yea!!!! I did it. Beat that if you can.” she yells out.

Annie, finds her ball and gets set and with a flowing motion rolls close to a gutter ball that hangs on until it knocks down three pins. “Dang, I can do better than that.”

“I know you can mom, try more like this.” Jr. says as he throws one down the adjacent lane to score seven. ‘Yea baby, that’s what I’m talking about.” he whoops giving his mother a squeeze.

Meanwhile Danny, takes a ball and in a quiet manner takes his stance, imagines the shot and looking very professional, throws a nine.

“No fair, no fair. You are a ringer.” Annie and Jr. call out with a laugh. “We need you to spot us some points.”

“Okay, teams are Mrs. Sullivan and me, my mom and Jr.” Danny declares. “Middle team goes first. I’ll score for both teams”

“Aye Aye captain, but what if I want to score?” Kathy says as she runs over to Jr. and throws her arms around his neck.

Annie can not help but notice all the body contact and how intimate it seems between her new friend and her son. Kathy is always touching, messing his hair, giving him a hug, stroking his arm or putting her hand on his leg. She is definitely putting the moves on him. A woman knows these things.

The bowling turns out to be a lot of fun, with many laughs, high fives, the odd strike, a few gutter balls, hugs and kisses all around except between the two boys. Their competitive testosterone came out and each wanted to do well in front of their dates and impress their mothers. Losing the first game, Kathy and Jr. call out, “Best two out of three.”

‘Okay but first the loser of the game buys drinks.” came Danny’s quick reply as he used both arms to point at the pair.

With that, Kathy and Jr. set off to the counter. Danny and Annie watched as Kathy’s ass cheeks wiggled in unison under the tight skirt as she continued to flirt with Jr. Arriving at the end of the counter, set up as a small bar and refreshment area, Kathy’s exposed chest had a light glistening sheen of perspiration which reflected highlights from the harsh pot lights over head. Their focused beams flowed over her protruding breasts and melted into the contours of her cleavage. As Kathy ordered two more wines from the proprietor, who had run down to serve them. He lewdly stared at the puffy areola and long shadows cast from her nipples trying to push through the light spandex. He placed two glasses of white wine in front of her while he filled two large cups with soda for Jr.

“I’m getting warm from all the physical exercise.” Kathy offers as she picks up the two glasses. “This will help.” she says as she presses the two glasses against her flushed chest. The chilled wine caused an outbreak of goose bumps and further wrinkled up her areola.

“Yes, that is nice.” Kathy purred with a shudder as she lowered the glasses to her nipples and felt the tingle of the cold wet condensation. “If we are going to beat them, we need to distract them, throw them off their game. I’ll distract Danny and you distract Annie. Okay?”

“Good idea.” agrees Jr. as he pays for the drinks.

As she turned to return to the lane, the owner of the business inhaled sharply as he sees the aqua fabric has turned transparent over her nipples and, he clearly sees the dark red teats that he been fantasizing about. Kathy noticed his reaction and looked down, remembering what happened malatya escort in the shower.

“Oh my, that gives me an idea.” she says to Jr. who has not missed the effect of the chilled water on the stretchy fabric and her heaving breasts.

Turning back to the counter she requested “A glass of tap water please.”

“Surely” was the response from the barkeep as he placed a freshly filled glass in front of her. He watched as she wetted her fingers into the glass before enlarging the transparent areas on her top. She rubbed the fingers slowly over the nipple area until large transparent circles permitted the freckles on the tanned skin to be seen as if she were naked as a jay bird. He was speechless as she completed the look and watched the long rubbery nipples ripple under the fabric as she strutted away.

Stopping halfway back beside an empty table raised Jr. concerns.

“Are you okay Mrs. Andrews. Do you need help?”

“I think its time you call me Kathy.” she suggests as she whispers into his ear while she adjusted her skirt by lowering the waist band to below her hips hiking up the hem more than a few inches. Picking up her wine glasses she pressed them against the material across her bust to keep it transparent.

Getting back to the lanes, Kathy handed a glass to Annie who, while standing next to Danny, is waiting for them. She notices Annie and Danny staring at her chest and looks down at the transparent fabric surrounding her nipples.

Pretending to just notice what had happened Kathy stutters an apology to them, then laughs “Well, you two have seen them before anyway. It should dry up with no stain, don’t you think Annie?”

“That sure is transparent when wet. You can see everything.” Annie said, as Jr. noticed that his mother is staring intently, if not longingly, at Kathy’s breasts being so prominently displayed. “How wet is it?” she replied to Kathy.

“See for yourself. I think it’s only water from the outside of the glasses. But if it doesn’t come out in the wash, I can get you a new one.” Kathy offered, as she stepped closer to Annie and pushed her chest out. “Feel the fabric.”

With that Annie reached out and gently touched the wet fabric on Kathy’s breast. The two sons watched as their mothers’ paused for a long second before Kathy slightly twisted her torso to position her nipple closer to Annie’s fingers. Annie slowly placed her fingers on the inside and outside of the fabric just inside her friend’s cleavage. She slid her hand and fingers along the top until she got to the sopping wet part over the alluring nipple area. Danny watched silently as his mother encouraged her friend to fondle her nipple, something he had seen before. Jr. watched silently as he saw for the first time, his mother’s fingers gauge the wetness while her thumb rested on the quivering nipple of her friend. He had never seen or imaged her do anything like this before.

Tracing small arcs on the underside of Kathy’s areola, Annie deliberated as an ache exploded through her loins. With a far away look in eye, she stared at Kathy.

“I think it will dry up fine.” Annie opined as she broke free of the sensation flooding her body and let the taut fabric snap back into place.

“Wow, that was hot! I don’t want to break up the party, but it’s your turn to bowl mom.” Danny says anxious to get the next game going so he can show off his prowess.

When Kathy went to pick up her ball, she bent over and it was clear that the skirt had been shortened to the point of exposing her naked ass. There was a lot tanned toned leg between her shoes and her aqua skirt. Making a seven, she turned around and threw her hands up in the air like a cheer leader. Her breasts bounced and settled while Danny, Annie and Jr. looked on.

“Great shot, finish it up.” Jr. her partner called out.

With her turn over, she ran up to Jr. and gave him a big kiss, “Okay partner, your turn.”

While Jr. is bowling, Kathy stood next to Danny who is keeping score. He unconsciously reached out to put his hand around his mother and finds that, because he is sitting in a low chair, instead of her waist he has grabbed the leg closest to him. Feeling the soft skin of her inner thigh instead of the skirt fabric, he realizes how really short the skirt is.

Bending over to whisper in her son’s ear, “Oh Danny, I never knew you were such a good bowler. I am so proud of you. This is a good idea but what you are doing now is an even better idea.”

“That’s another eight, Danny.” Jr. calls out after his second frame. Coming back to the scoring table he sees Kathy with her son’s hand mid way up between her legs.

“Game on.” he says quietly to himself.

“I think I have it, I’ll score for your team.” Jr. calls out as he sat down to watch his mother bowl. Kathy watched Annie bowl as well but she also squeezed Danny’s hand between her thighs, capturing his fingers before opening her legs malatya escort bayan a little to relieve the pressure. Her son takes the opportunity to slide his hand further up over her swelling thighs, until he feels the furrow at her pelvis and his thumb touches the dangling lips of her hot bushy vulva. Kathy tilts her pelvis forward to encourages her son to keep his hand at the ready and to entice him to sweep it back and forth over the puffy wet entrance to her sex.

Annie threw a four and a six before coming back to the table. Rather than being greeted by her partner, she saw he had zoned out feeling up his mom. Jr. called out and beckons her to come on sit on his lap while Danny realized it was his turn to bowl.

“Good bowling mom.” Jr. compliments her as she settled on his left knee. Jr. reached out to hold her by the shoulder and again began to fiddle with her bra strap. “Why not take this off mom? You two have seen Mrs. Andrew’s tits and all three of us have seen yours. I’d love to see braless. What do you say?” Jr. cajoled as he pulled both straps down. By this time, Kathy had joined them and hearing the conversation, joined in.

“Here, let me help you.” she said as she reached behind Annie to undo the clasp of the red bra. “Just like at the beach, slide your elbows through the straps, while Jr. reaches under your top and pulls your bra out the bottom. There, that’s it, easy as pie.”

Annie was flabbergasted as her large breast sagged to their perfect resting shape. Jr. took the bra, and folded it up with the designer label/36d facing up. He laid it over Danny’s score sheet and turned on the overhead projector for all to see. Danny who had just bowled an eight, threw the next one in the gutter after he glanced up to on the big screen see how the scoring was going. What was that, a bra? Whose bra? How did it get there? One glance at the scoring table revealed what had happened as he saw Annie on Jr.’s lap with his mother standing behind her massaging out the marks left by the straining bra straps.

Thinking about tits rather than bowling, his next two balls combined for a five.

Jr. watched as Kathy rubbed his mother’s shoulders before placing her palms squarely on the nape of Annie’s neck and sliding her hands down her exposed chest to complete the sensual massage.

“My turn again.” Kathy piped up as she passed a lusty looking Danny taking his seat. A seven and a nine, put her team in the lead by the time Annie had returned to greet her partner. Her unsupported breasts bobbled and bounced as she walked and she felt quite wanton with the lewd display in a family establishment.

Standing next to her partner Danny, Annie placed a hand on his shoulder and asked, “How are we doing?” Indicating her bra on the scoring sheet, she said rather helplessly, “They took it off me.”

“I’m glad they did. You look marvelous. It’s almost like when I first saw them.” Danny said unintentionally loud enough that Jr. could hear.

Two can play at this game she thought so she faced Kathy and put her arm around Danny’s head and drew it to her bosom. He felt the large pliant globes nestle against his cheek and envelope his nose as he sought again to suckle him on her nipple. Thrusting her breast forward, she seduced Kathy’s son into mouthing her nipple.

Buoyed by the success of their plan, Jr. bowled a strike, then added a nine. Then, with two balls, he cleared all ten pins. Turning to face the group he saw Danny nuzzling his mother’s breasts just the way he liked to do it.

“Your turn mom.” he directed as he watched Kathy sidle in to sit on her son’s knee.

“This fabric will never dry stretched so tight. I need to loosen it bit. You won’t mind will you?” Kathy said to her son, as she pulled the front of the fabric away from her chest. “I think it will dry if I dry off my tits and reposition it. Can you hand me your towel?”

“Sure, here you go mom.” Danny said as she took his towel and plunged it down inside her top to dry her freckled breasts.

‘Hold on a minute will you?” she asked as she lowered the top to expose her full tanned breasts to Danny and Jr. who is standing beside them, shielding the obscene display from the rest of the hall. Using the towel she slowly dried her boobs and then lifted up the flimsy material to cover them

‘Perhaps if I were to reposition the wet part it would help.” she offered out loud. With that statement she adjusted the top so one wet area was over her deep cleavage, allowing air on both sides to speed the drying. She located the top just above her areola and stretched the fabric across both breasts at that level. She put her hands under both breasts and lifted them up to adjust the hem of the top so that the fabric followed the contours of her rounded yearning bosom.

“There that should help.” she said giving Danny back his towel and leaning in to rest her head on his.

Jr. took the seat as the scoring escort malatya table while Annie, still flustered from the public display of Danny’s lips on her nipple, managed only a four and a five.

With Danny up at the return looking for his favorite ball, Annie joined Kathy and her son Jr. at the table. Her nipples were rampant from Danny’s mouthing and appeared to be reaching out for attention.

“Now, we did we leave off?” Kathy questioned as she directed Annie to sit on Jr.’s knee. ‘I remember.” she said sexily as she moved behind Annie to renew her massage. She slipped her hands fluidly from the nape of Annie’s neck, over her shoulders and down her arms. Bringing them back up, she swept them down the soft front of Annie’s chest. She stopped when her fingers reached the top of the green jersey band that clothed her breasts.

“This won’t do.” Kathy said as she rolled Annie’s top down until the areola were just visible. “That’s better.” she cooed as she continued to lightly sweep her fingers across the vast expanse of her exposed chest.

Annie leaned her head back in submission to the sensations and thoughts she was experiencing. The top was so low that Kathy was able to grasp the two mammary glands like you would a handrail. With a slight squeeze, the breasts firmed and rounded out encouraged Kathy to insert her two index fingers under the top edge and she swept her long fingers back and forth over the distended nipples like two inverted windshield wipers. Kathy’s manicured nails clipped the tender end causing a shiver to course through Annie’s body.

While Danny bowled, Jr. leaned to speak softly to his mother. “Let me take off your panties, mom.”

Kathy overheard the request, bent down closer and said, “Can’t we let Danny do that for her?”

Annie quivered at the touch of Kathy’s fingers and shuddered at the action that was being proposed. She wondered if Jr. would go for such an idea. The thought lasted only seconds because she heard Jr. say, “I would like that mom, would you? Ask him to take them off you.”

Danny kept looking back to see, the FMF threesome and the front of Annie’s top which barely covered her beautiful full tits and stayed up by barely catching on her nipples. He returned to record only a six and a five.

Kathy went up to bowl as Annie stayed on Jr.’s knee. Her son’s hand was now tracing long lines on her inner thigh in preparation for her move to join Danny. Kathy rolled an eight and then a nine. When she joined the table, Jr. stood up and Annie walked around the table to join her partner. All three watched her magnificent full breasts roll and sway as she walked. Each of the people watching expected the fabric to fall away but it did not. The elastic in the fabric seemed to defy all the rules of physics as it remained in place. It slipped imperceptivity and allowed the dark rim of her puffy areola to be visible. As she stood beside her partner, Kathy joined them and whispered in her ear. “Now would be a good time.” as she moved in close behind her and pressed her taut nipples and overflowing breasts into Annie’s naked back.

Jr. walked backwards slowly to the ball return as he watched Annie step closer to Danny and putting her hand on his shoulder, leaned over to say something.

“Take off my panties. They want you to take off my panties. I want you to take off my panties.”

Danny was stunned at the words. Looking up at Mrs. Sullivan, a woman he had come to adore, he saw a wonderful rounded tummy glistening with perspiration topped by two full breasts barely being contained by obscenely stretched green jersey. He paused for a minute to take in the scene before he raised his head to look past the expanse of the simmering heaving chest that was flushed with sexual arousal. He gazed at her delightful shoulder, the enticing nape of her neck before finally make eye contact. Her eyes were clouded with lust and the eyelids closing into enthralling oval forms.

“Your panties?”

“Yes, my panties. My thong. You have two pairs. Now let me give you a third.” Annie almost begged as she felt Kathy’s hands on her hips. The hands caressed her waist as they moved from the side to slide to the front and begin to slowly inch the loose fabric of the skirt front up. More and more of Annie’s legs became exposed and Danny’s eyes trailed down her body to accept the invitation.

As he reached under her skirt, he touched her warm trembling legs and walked his fingers higher until he felt the tight elastic of the panty’s waist. He grasped each side and began to slide them tight waist down as Annie opened her legs to allow the thing soaked material to slide past her slick thighs. Danny wiggled the soggy thong back and forth until it cleared her exposed thighs where it fell away more easily.

Having bowled a strike, a nine then an eight Jr. was alive with excitement. He turned and saw that there was more excitement at the scoring table than at the ball return. He watched as Annie appeared to be holding up his mother’s skirt as her son worked the red thong over her knees before guiding it down to her ankles. Bent over as he was, Danny could not miss the opportunity to smell of her sex now fully ripe with the sweat and the leakage from her vagina. He pressed his face into her crotch as he waited for her to step out of his prize.