Home for Seniors

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I’m a senior citizen, almost 70 years old. I’m also a widower, my wife of 45 years passed away little over a year ago. My kids are all grown and live in other areas of the country. The house was too big for me to take care of, so I decided to move into a senior’s only living arrangement. Nice place, combination of apartments and small cottages. Even provides meals, and has a pool and exercise room. My one bedroom apartment is on the first floor, and has a small patio area.

Was there a few days when one morning I hear a knock on my door, as I open it there are a couple of guys standing there that say “Welcome to the Home” and step right in! “We are the welcoming committee for the men’s group” and one of them gives me a hug. I’m standing there in my pajama bottoms, no shirt and getting a hug, but sort of pleased, being welcomed to the new place.

I have them sit at my small dinette table; we all introduce ourselves, as I put on a pot of coffee. Mike and Dave tell me about various activities that are available at the “home” some general information about the neighborhood. They also note that there are several different “groups”, such as the Men’s, Lady’s, golf, bridge, and things like that. Escort Bayan Antep They tell me that the men’s group is just a bunch of guys that like to get together, maybe go out to eat, attend sporting events, go out for day trips, and are also a support group, there to help with anything one might need.

As they are leaving, Mike, gives me a hug, and holds me very close and tells me he would like to get to know me better and gives me a wink. Dave does the same, and I agree to meet them a little later for lunch. At lunch, I’m invited to Mike’s apartment so they can give me more information, and to get to know each other better. We agree to meet up the very next day.

Get to his cottage, Mike invites me in, and Dave is also there, sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee. Small room, only place to sit is the couch, and there is small coffee table and a large screen TV on the wall. I take a seat, Mike brings me a cup of coffee and tells me to scoot over so he can sit; I’m now in the middle. They tell me that like me, they are widowers, and had moved into the “home” for the same reasons. They make note of how difficult it could be, being lonely, missing the wife and the memories we all have.

Mike puts his arm around my shoulder, gives me a little hug, and says that he and Dave are here for me, will help me get acquainted the home and anything else. Dave then puts his hand on my thigh, rubs a little, and says “and we mean anything, if you know what I mean” and gives me a wink. I’m getting the idea that this might be an exciting “men’s group” they have going here.

Mike then puts a DVD on, and I’m surprised, it is a “soft” porn type movie, T & A, but no real sex. Dave and Mike are telling me how they sometimes really miss the sex life they had with their wives, and I completely understand that. They both now have a hand on my thigh, moving slowly towards my groin, and I kind of like the feel. I place my hands on their thigh too. I’m starting to feel my cock rise, and I notice that they are also getting aroused. I can see that their cocks are swelling inside the shorts they are wearing.

Mike is now giving my hardening cock a squeeze, while Dave is rubbing the insides of my thigh. I’m actually giving their cocks a squeeze too. Dave says, “I think we need to get more comfortable”, and he slips off his shorts and underwear. His cock is standing tall, Mike says “why don’t we all get comfortable” and I’m agreeing, so off come the shorts and underwear. We are now all naked from the waist down, and I now have two very hard cocks in my hand! The two of them are also busy with my cock.

I’m giving them both a nice slow frigging, while Mike is doing an up and down on my cock, while Dave continues to rub the insides of my thighs, and also giving my balls a gentle squeeze. I say, “Now this is the way to get to know each other” and we all have a chuckle. Things are really getting hot now. Dave sits back and stretches out while I’m jerking him off and then he moans and cums! I keep pumping him, now using both hands.

Mike is nonstop on jerking my cock, and now I too stretch myself out, and suddenly I’m shooting a rope of cum. Dave comes over and takes Mike’s cock in his hand and really starts to beat him off. Mike groans, and he too is now cumming hard.

Wow, there we are, all three of us just sitting on the couch. We have all had a nice “cum” together. The three of us agree that we need to do this more often! I give a suggestion, that maybe we might consider something a little more than just giving each other a handjob. It is something to think about.

I get the feeling that I’m going to like living at this “home” for old folks.