Bikini Christmas Carol


Disclaimer: The following story contains sex scenes and rude words. It’s fairly tame, and I’m pretty broad-minded, but the decency laws in most states would require it not be read by persons under 18. Also, if you’re offended by adult themes, you should probably leave now. More importantly, this tale features women presented as sexual objects. There is nothing wrong with this as they are only fictional characters. I urge readers, especially young males, to not regard real women in this way.

This work is © 2001 the author. Permission is granted to freely distribute, provided it is not altered in any way.

There is no Nicola. All characters are fictitious. The situations are made-up. This is only a fantasy, so any similarity to real persons and events is pure coincidence.


Mr. Carter, President of TNA Network, leaned back in his chair, listening thoughtfully as one of his VPs detailed programming projections for the coming year. As he sat in the boardroom of TNA on the top floor of the building that bore the network logo, the Burbank skyline visible behind him, Mr. Carter merely nodded as the man began to wind up his report. It was the last board meeting of the year, December 23rd. Everyone was anxious to finish up, and none more so than Mr. Carter, but he kept his restlessness considerably better concealed than the other nine boardmembers present. They were mostly young men, whiz kids and hotshots, who had gotten in on the new wave of adult programming that TNA had pioneered, and were now eagerly awaiting the fringe benefits working for this particular network entailed.

“‘Bikini Carwash Company’ is still the highest rater. The new sitcom, ‘More Dollars than Sense’ is doing better than we expected, but if it doesn’t notch up two more points, we can’t justify picking it up for a second season.”

Mr. Carter simply nodded. “More Dollars than Sense”, about a pair of bozos who win $50 million and proceed to surround themselves with a bevy of barely-dressed bimbos, was the first TNA show to actually star male actors. They’d known it would be a risk.

“And that concludes the report from programming.” The young VP finished up, giving Mr. Carter an expectant look. For a moment silence descended across the board room. Finally, the VP spoke again. “So, that’s it for another year, huh, JC? How about those ‘Christmas bonuses’ you promised?” He was not alone. Nine other eager faces peered across the table at him.

Mr. Carter smiled. He knew what they wanted, hell, he wanted it too. He glanced over to a pretty blonde who had been taking notes during the board meeting. “Is that everything on the agenda, Miss Groves?” As she checked through her pad, the luscious young woman crossed her legs, causing her short skirt to rise even higher. TNA had a reputation for attracting gorgeous girls to do more than just take their clothes off on camera. Miss Groves looked up and smiled, “Yes, Mr. Carter, that’s everything for the year.” He leaned forward and pressed a button on the intercomm. A perky, and distinctly Australian, female voice answered. “Yes, Mr.Carter?”

“We’re ready for you now,” he said.

“Alright, sir, we’ll be right in.”

A sigh of pleasure went up from the assembled male VPs, as the huge wooden double doors at the far end of the boardroom swung open. All eyes turned to greet the visions of loveliness that sashayed in. To the sound of heels clopping on marble floors, through those doors strode eleven perfect pairs of legs. The men’s eyes travelled hungrily up those legs, skimming across creamy thighs, flat, toned stomachs, perky breasts, and coming to rest on the beaming faces of eleven of the most delectable girls on the planet. Each beauty was dressed for the festive season in black leather ankle-boots, a bright red string bikini, and a matching red hat, trimmed with white fluff and topped off with a pom-pom. The gorgeous women fanned out, forming a semi-circle around the very happy board members, a veritable sea of female flesh. Each girl stood in a pose, hands on shapely hips, chins up, impressive chests thrust forward, grinning with delight at the whistles and catcalls that greeted their entrance.

One of the lovelies stepped forward. She was, in Mr. Carter’s opinion, by far the most beautiful woman in the group. She stood at the very head of the table, opposite from Mr. Carter, poised in her model’s pose to showcase her body. She was five feet nine inches tall, and her measurements were 38-25-35.She had the bluest eyes, the sweetest smile, and long, chestnut brown hair that fell upon her shoulders. Despite the small amount of cover her bikini afforded, it was obvious that her honey-golden tan covered every inch of her mouth-watering body. Her long, smooth arms and legs spoke of an elegance of a professional model, yet the glint in her eye could only be that of a starlet who couldn’t wait to get naked. As Mr. Carter ogled her, her flesh goosepimpled slightly, either from the air conditioning or the excitement. Her name ankara escort was Nicola, and she was the finest piece of ass you could ever lay eyes (or hands) on. As the whistles died down, Nicola began to speak, her exotic Australian voice ringing out to fill the room.

“To the boardmembers of the TNA Network: You see here before you the finest, most beautiful starlets and models TNA has hired in the past year.” She stretched out a slender arm to indicate the assembled girls, like a spokesmodel showing off the prizes on a gameshow. “You’ve given us the chance to be stars, and for that we would like to thank you all very much. So it is our pleasure to present to you, hard-working gentlemen of the board, your Christmas bonuses. Merry Christmas.” She turned to the assembled starlets, a naughty glint in her eye. “Ready, girls?”

“Ready!” they replied. The eleven gorgeous girls reached behind their necks and untied their bikini tops. Smiling, Nicola’s top popped off, revealing her beautiful tanned boobs. She shook her head to free the tangle of strings from her hair (causing her tits to wobble), and in a single, graceful moment, tossed her top to the audience. The others followed suit, and soon there was a bevy of bare-breasted beauties posing for the pleasure of the men, who cast their eyes across the varied collection of tits. Most were large. Many were tanned. Some had large, pink areolas, while others had small brown ones. More than one sported nipples erect with excitement. But they were all the tastiest tits the TNA network had to offer. The board members broke into a wild applause.

“Well, thank-you Nicola,” replied Mr. Carter. “Thanks to those fabulous tits of yours, the network has never been healthier.” Nicola grinned in return, a slight blush at the compliment blooming across her face and chest. “No, really Mr. Carter, it’s us who should thank you. And how many times have I told you to call me Knickers?” She shook her finger at him in mock anger. Mr. Carter laughed. Nicola turned to her fellow starlets. “OK, girls, let’s show them how grateful we really are.” This was greeted by whoops of delight from the girls, and, with bare breasts jiggling, they rushed to find a lap to sit on. All nine VPs soon had a gorgeous topless model perched on his knee, cooing excitedly. Even Miss Groves, blushing furiously, had a half-naked girl as lovely as herself cuddling up to her, running her fingers through those blonde locks. Nicola strode to the head of the table, threw one of her long legs over Mr.Carter’s lap, and made herself comfortable. Nicola sat facing him, her hands on his shoulders, his hands caressing her bare waist. Grinning, Nicola wriggled her nearly-naked pussy into his crotch, causing Mr. Carter to groan with pleasure.

“Care to make a hands-on assessment of the network’s assets?” Nicola asked with a naughty smirk. Scooting forward on his lap, her gorgeous tits were now mere inches from Mr. Carter’s watering mouth. He licked his lips, his shinning eyes staring at her boobs. “They’re perfect,” he murmured, “just perfect. I bet they taste as good as they look.”

“Go right ahead,” Nicola replied. Mr. Carter’s tongue flicked out, slithering across Nicola’s sensitive nipples. Now it was her turn to groan. Her nips responded by wrinkling with pleasure. Again, the wet tongue flicked out, this time coating the other nipple with saliva. Nicola sighed as electric sparks of delight tingled in the tips of her tits.

“What was that Australian phrase you used?” Mr. Carter asked. “Blouse puppies,” Nicola giggled. “Blouse puppies,” he murmured, leaning forward to take a swollen nipple between his lips. Nicola wriggled in rapture, rubbing her pussy against his hard body. He continued to suck on her tits, switching between nipples. Mr. Carter wasn’t the only one enjoying this Christmas bonus. The sucking at her breast was beginning to turn Nicola on. She could feel Mr. Carter’s growing erection strain at his trousers.

“Mmmm,” Nicola said, rubbing her hands across the bulge, “it looks like someone is enjoying his Christmas present.” Mr.Carter let go of the lucky nipple he was sucking on to grin up at her. “Things are getting a little tight down there. How’s about you lend a hand, Knickers?”

“I’d be glad to help out,” Nicola slowly pulled down Mr.Cater’s zip. His penis leap to attention, jumping clear of his fly and causing Nicola to squeak in surprise. Mr. Carter chuckled. The erect cock stood up straight between them, the throbbing causing the shaft to lean gently back and forth so that the tip quietly slapped against Nicola’s tanned stomach. Her surprise quickly turned to delight. Nicola seized Mr. Carter’s tool with both hands, and began to gently pump him with glee.

“You know, Knickers,” Mr. Carter said to Nicola, as she continued to slowly masturbate his penis, “you truly are a wonder.”

“Oh, Mr. Carter, stop. You’re making me blush.”

He smiled and reached up to caress her beautiful ankara escort bayan boobs. Nicola moaned. If there was one thing she liked more than being groped, it was being groped by someone rich and powerful. Nicola slipped a finger under the string of her bikini bottom, pulling it away from her body. “Would you care to finish unwrapping your present?” Mr. Carter grinned. He seized the knot that hung temptingly off her hip, and tugged. The bikini bottom fell away, revealing Nicola’s neatly trimmed muff. Nicola was now completely naked, except for her red Christmas cap. Her pussy, anxious to be so close to such a slab of meat, was now beginning to drool. Nicola would need to be fucked, and soon, but Mr. Carter had other ideas. He raised her off his lap, and Nicola reluctantly let go of her new toy. Mr. Carter opened his legs, and guided Nicola between them so that her face was now at his crotch. Mr. Carter plucked the sprig of holly from her hat, and held it over his penis. Nicola quickly got the joke, and gasped in pretend shock.

“Why, Mr. Carter!” she squealed. She gave him a naughty look before opening wide and wrapping her lips around his shaft. Nicola’s reputation as an expert cocksucker was by now well established in Hollywood, and it normally only took the promise of fellatio for her to land a part. Now those skills were put to test, as Nicola went to work on Mr. Carter’s penis. She slurped greedily on the monster, looking up from time to time to throw him a doe-eyed look. The salty taste of pre-cum filled Nicola’s mouth, and she knew he couldn’t stand much more of her tongue swirling around his engorged helmet. Mr. Carter was clearly enjoying himself, leaning back in his chair grinning broadly, as the beautiful Aussie starlet on her knees between his legs did her very busy to make him cum.

Nicola withdrew her head again from Mr. Carter’s penis, waving away the strands of saliva that connected to mouth to the cock. Now it was her turn to have some fun. She undid his belt, slipping his trousers to his ankles. As she worked, his cock waved to and from inches from her face. Nicola stroked his thighs and whispered, “It’s time for you to fuck me, Mr. Carter.” He nodded eagerly.

Nicola stood with an elegant flick of her head. She turned away from Mr. Carter, resting her hands on the boardroom table, positioning her delicious rump in his direction. Before her, a full-scale orgy was in progress with the other VPs all happily fucking away at their starlets. Miss Groves, her earlier embarrassment forgotten, was now enthusiastically necking with her Christmas present, blouse open and nipples being tweaked by the girl on her lap. At and wasn’t just the executives enjoying the festive season, many of the girls were happily giving and receiving. Nicola noticed her friend Dizzy Clay on her knees, head bobbing; Russian supermodel Titania “Tits” Toplesky on her back with her legs wrapped around the VP in charge of foreign sales; and that cute little weather girl Candy Barr, her hand a blur as she demonstrated the professional way to jerk a guy off.

Nicola felt the pressure of Mr. Carter’s cock pushing against her pussy as he mounted her from behind. With a greedy slurp, her nether lips parted to accommodate the thick penis entering her willing body. Nicola groaned, as the inches of dick slid deeper into her. At last he bottomed out, and Nicola could feel the head buried deep inside her. She began to quiver at once, her well-toned stomach muscles spasming with the growing orgasm. Mr.Carter commenced to slowly ease the monster out again, Nicola’s cunt squeezing it tight. In again it came, and Nicola shivered with delight. He began to pick up speed, in and out at a growing pace, Nicola’s breathing coming in short, sharp gasps. The table began to rock violently. Nicola could hear a squelching sound coming from between her legs, as their sex was lubricated by Nicola’s flooding juices and the saliva she had already slathered on his cock. Despite being December, Nicola was dripping with sweat. Her pussy sustained the delicious onslaught for what seemed like an eternity of bliss, as Nicola became aware of nothing more than the meat fucking away at her cunt. Finally Mr. Carter came, squirting deep into Nicola’s body. She gasped.

“Merry Christmas, Knickers,” Mr. Carter whispered in her ear. “Merry Christmas to you,” she murmured in reply.


Nicola was pleased with herself. Not only had she got a nice fuck this afternoon, she had a neat little $1000 bonus for it too. A very merry Christmas indeed.

Nicola and Dizzy were in the executive washroom, getting dressed after their little performance. Nicola eased her jeans up over her exquisite backside. Dizzy was trying to pull a cropped t-shirt over her 44-inch tits, without much success.

“Dammit!” she swore. No matter how much she tugged down on the material, Dizzy’s nipples still peaked out from below the hem of the shirt. “I swore this fit before. escort ankara Maybe my tits have grown?”

“Do you know what the best part is?” Nicola asked. As Dizzy was still trying to cram her boobs into the shirt, she carried on without waiting for a reply. “That bitch Angela Monroe wasn’t here to spoil it. I bet that slut is out right now, buying Mr. Carter a pair of socks for Christmas. He’s going to remember my gift long after he’s forgotten whatever stupid little thing she’s planning. By the way, you’ve got that on backwards.”

Dizzy blushed. “Opps. Silly me.” Nicola had long ago realised that Dizzy was the stereotypical Hollywood bimbo that Nicola was only pretending to be. Dizzy tried to pull off the shirt, but only succeeded in wrapping it around her head. Nicola found herself talking to a pair of jiggling bare breasts accompanied by a muffled voice. “Angela told me she went to set up her present to Mr. Carter this morning. She said she had something special planned, something much better than your Christmas bonus.” She finally freed herself from the shirt, and eyed it up as if contemplating tossing the tricky garment and saving herself the trouble by just going topless.

Nicola frowned. What could Angela do to top her gift. And did Dizzy really know? Maybe, the bitch loved to brag. “She told you?”

“Yup,” Dizzy replied, slipping the shirt back on again. “She said, ‘Whatever you do, don’t tell that dumb Aussie bimbo’. I know she didn’t mean you, cos you’re smart, so if you see any dumb Aussie bimbos don’t tell them. There,” she added, triumphantly having mastered the t-shirt. Now around the correct way, the front barely covered her nipples and left the bottom swell of her tanned tits bare. If this is what she wore in winter, Nicola dreaded to think what she wore in summer.

“Anyway, Angela was planning to jump out of a cake she was going to have delivered to Mr. Carter on Christmas Eve. She went to some bakery to set the whole thing up.”

Nicola couldn’t bear the thought of Angela getting one up on her, and this cake thing sounded like it could be a problem. She would have to deal with it.

“Which bakery?”


Josh was sweeping up. It was almost closing time, and the bakery was empty. His mind elsewhere, Josh mechanically pushed the broom around the floor. All day he’d been listening to some bullshit story that Chip was spinning, about some really hot model who came in and asked for a special delivery on Christmas Eve. He swore that this real sexy chick with dark hair and small, pointy tits wanted a special cake sent to her boss so she could jump out of it. He’d even invited him in to help out tomorrow, to get it ready when she came in. Josh couldn’t believe Chip would think he’d swallow a story like that. And trying to sucker him into coming down to the bakery when it would be closed! Still, Chip always did get the girls while Josh, well he got to sweep up the bakery right before closing time.

The bell tinkled, indicating a customer had just come in. Without looking up Josh mumbled, “Sorry, we’re closing.”

“Oh please, this won’t take long,” the customer replied in a sexy, Australian accent. Josh looked up, and his jaw dropped. It was a girl, the most beautiful girl Josh had ever met. She was dressed simply in a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. He bra-less breasts straining against the tight fabric, and her dark areolas were visible. She had a gorgeous model’s face, framed by silky chestnut colored hair that fell about her shoulders.She smiled at Josh, a beautiful radiant smile that set his heart aflutter and his dick atwitch. Josh’s eyes flickered back and forth between her tits and her face. The girl- vaguely familiar- continued to smile at him.

“I was wondering if you could help me with something,” she said. She stepped toward Josh, standing so close that her breasts brushed against his chest. Josh nodded dumbly. It felt like a python was uncurling in his shorts. Right now, he’d do pretty much anything for this vision of gorgeousness. “This is going to sound alittle odd, but did someone come in here today to order a special delivery for Christmas Eve?” That Australian accent was making Josh’s head spin. Both of them.

He found his voice at last. “Special delivery? A really sexy chick with dark hair?” The girl rolled her eyes. “She’s not that sexy. But yeah, I guess that sounds like her.”

“Well I’ll be,” Josh murmured. “Chip was telling the truth.” The girl pressing against him continued to smile sweetly. Suddenly, Josh recognised her.

“Hey, you were in that movie I watched on cable last night. What was it called… there were these girls in bikinis running around the desert, and then they took their clothes off…”

“‘Bikini Bandits’,” she prompted.

“Yeah! You were that Australian girl in it. Nicola something.”

She took his hand and shook it. “My friends call me Knickers.” Josh swallowed, nervous and excited at the touch of her elegant hand on his skin. “My name’s Josh,” he stammered.

“The thing is, Josh,” Nicola continued. She still held his hand, still smiled sweetly at him, and still pressed her fabulous tits against his body. “I really need for you to do me a little favor. That order, for tomorrow. I need it to be sent to a different address than the one Angela supplied.”