The Dungeon Ch. 01


It was a cool quiet night as Dan Sampson sped down the highway. As he drove, his mind wandered to the motives that drove him towards his destination. He thought about his crumbled marriage, his pending divorce, and even the numerous mistresses he had taken in the past few months to pass the time until his divorce. He now despised his soon-to be-ex wife and although his last mistress had been very generous, giving him great sex and a shoulder to cry on, he still wanted more. He knew he’d hurt her an led her on but he also knew that he was a selfish man at heart, and she should’ve known it too. He felt an emptiness within himself, a growing hunger that was yet to be satisfied and there was no time now to look back on the past with guilt or remorse. He had to live in the now; had to get what he needed.

As Dan drove now down the side streets he focused on the road knowing that if he continued in a daze he would miss the place and end up on the other side of town. Then, just as he made a left turn down a dimly lit street he saw it up ahead. The parking lot was full. “Must be a busy night” he thought. Dan considered this to be a promising sign. As he pulled into a parking space he read the blinking sign on the side of the building, “The Dungeon.” Dan locked his car and slowly made his way to the door, his heart pounding in his chest. He hoped he could find what he needed here.

As he pushed open the large wooden door he was greeted by a small attractive woman with black hair in a tight red dress which was loosely laced all the way up her side. The scent of her hair was intoxicating and he couldn’t help but let his eyes linger for a moment on her perky little breasts. Her hard nipples pressed firmly against the delicate fabric of her dress. Dan loved small breasts. He imagined for a split second what it would be like to suck on her little nipples but his musings were cut short when she leaned forward and said,

“Welcome to the Dungeon, how may we service you?”

Dan took a deep sigh and said, “Sweetheart, I’m at the end of my rope, I’ve been very stressed lately and nothing seems to satisfy me. I came here to try something new that might give me the feeling I’m looking for. I guess what I’m trying to say is, surprise me.”

At those words the woman’s face lit up as she replied,

“Well sir, you’re in luck. I’ve got just the thing for hungry gentlemen such as yourself and it just so happens that tonight we have a special deal on multiples.”

Dan had no idea what the woman was talking about and he didn’t care. For some strange reason mardin escort he felt he could trust her so he promptly slapped his card down on the counter and said “I’ll take it.” The woman placed the card into a compartment near the register then slipped a key ring labeled “23” around her finger and stepped out from behind the counter.

“Follow me please. This package is sure to loosen you up” she said with a chuckle.

Dan found himself being led down a small flight of stairs to a hallway where the woman stopped at the second door on the left “23.” She held the door open for Dan and instructed him to leave his clothes in the dresser by the door.

As she closed the door behind her she whispered, ” Your guests will be with you shortly.”

Once alone, Dan looked around the room and found it to be nothing like he’d expected. Instead of a bed here were only several stools which were nailed to the ground. There were several apparatus hanging from the ceiling and bars protruding from the mirrored walls as if this room were once a dance studio. There was a tall black dresser in the corner of the room and then the small dresser by the door where he was to place his clothes. Dan began to slowly undress, thinking to himself “What’s the worst that could happen?” After all he had asked for something “different”. As he unzipped his pants he began to hear footsteps coming down the hall. He hoped his entertainers for the evening would be as attractive as the woman at the counter. As the footsteps drew closer, Dan quickly stuffed his clothes into the dresser leaving his boxers on. He wanted to leave something to the imagination. His palms grew sweaty and his heart began to race with anticipation as the doorknob turned.

The door opened and Dan’s jaw dropped when in walked three men. The first man was a tall slender blonde wearing a wife beater and jeans. He was followed by a second slender blond who crawled in wearing only a leash which was attached to a gag held in his mouth. As this man entered the room he crawled in front of Dan and sat up obediently like a dog with his legs spread wide apart so that his penis could be seen as erect as his strong slender back while he awaited a command from his master who stood holding the other end of the leash. He was a pale man with a cherubic face and long brown hair reaching down his smooth sinewy back.

Dan was dumbfounded, he ran to the door to retrieve his clothes only to find they had been removed, and much to his dismay, the door was locked when he tried to van escort escape. Dan cursed and swore he would kill that little bitch at the counter when he got the fuck out of this room. Meanwhile his guests simply looked on in amusement while he struggled.

The first of the men took a step forward and cleared his throat before saying “Well boys, Scarlet said we had a hungry little piggy who wanted to be filled up tonight but she didn’t mention what a pretty little piggy he is.”

Dan backed up against the door and tried to explain to the men that there must be some misunderstanding.The man came closer to Dan and said,

“There’s no misunderstanding sir, you asked for the multiple special and you got it. You asked for a surprise and here it is. Now you’ve already paid for it so you might as well stick around for the fun. We guarantee you’ll leave here a changed man. Now I don’t mind you putting up a little struggle, it makes it more fun for us you see, but I’d hate to have to restrain you before we’ve introduced ourselves.”

Dan thought about it for a while. He had experimented with men before and though it wasn’t the best he did like the attention. He had left his card at the counter and was sure he would never be able to get a refund. And after all he had come here for something different. Dan, however, did decide that if he was going to be entertained by this type of crowd he would put up a fight and give them a run for their money.

He lunged at the man in front of him but was quickly subdued while the man holding the leash went to the large dresser and pulled out a black ball gag. The two men dragged Dan over to one of the apparatus hanging from the ceiling and used it to restrain his hands. Dan shouted for help whenever he could get a breath between the countless expletives that spilled from his lips. The blond man then came close to Dan and whispered in his ear,

“You’ll have to keep quiet or you’ll disturb the other guests.”

He gently placed the ball gag into Dan’s mouth and tightened it so that Dan’s cries turned to muffled noise. The man then called he others closer and said,

“Now that you’re settled in we can make the introductions. My name is Brandon, this here’s Ringo, and that one on the floor there is Phillip. He used to be a fighter like you, all tense and pent up but we helped calm him down just like we’ll help you.”

Brandon looked Dan up and down admiring his every feature. He ran his fingers through Dan’s thick black hair and across the smooth pale skin ankara escort of his cheek. He removed Dan’s classes to reveal his beautiful dark eyes accented by long luxurious lashes. He felt the breadth of Dan’s shoulders and down his well-muscled chest. The farther down Brandon’s hands went, the more Dan struggled. But Dan’s writhing didn’t stop Brandon’s curious hands from wrapping around his wide hips and lowering to each be filled with a palm full of Dan’s plump cheeks. Brandon felt his cock hardening as he squeezed bobs ass. He thought he may as well check the status of Dan’s penis while he was down there. Brandon wanted to see everything. he pulled down Dan’s boxers and left them draped around Dan’s ankles while he explored. Brandon stroked Dan’s cock which stiffened under Brandon’s touch despite Dan’s attempts to resist. Brandon continued town to caress Dan’s strong thighs and calves before returning to his ass. This time Brandon intended to explore Dan’s anus thoroughly. He signaled to Ringo who quickly returned from the large dresser with a shiny black phallic object and a long bar. Brandon gently massaged Dan’s anus before calling Phillip closer. Brandon strapped Dan’s ankles into two loops, one at each end of the long bar, which kept his legs spread wide. He leaned forward and held Dan still while he commanded Phillip to “lick”.

Phillip obediently marched forward on all fours with his back arched and his legs still wide apart to reveal his modest manhood and gaping anus. He sat up straight for Ringo who removed his gag and then began to lap at Dan’s anus, massaging it with his tongue and lubricating it with is saliva.

Dan couldn’t help but moan with pleasure as he felt Phillip’s tongue making small circles around his anus, even sliding inside him at times.

“That’s enough” said Brandon abruptly.

Phillip backed away and Brandon approached and spread Dan’s cheeks to push the phallus deep into him.

“This will help loosen you up before we get started.”

Ringo replaced the gag in Phillip’s mouth and commanded him to roll over. Phillip did so and lay on his back with his legs still spread while Ringo rewarded him with an affectionate tickle. As Ringo tickled his balls, Phillip rolled about with joy.

Meanwhile, Brandon turned his attention back to Dan and said,

“Now that we’ve gotten acquainted you should tell us your name.” He chuckled, “But I suppose you won’t be able to get a word out with that gag in your pretty little mouth. We’ll have to come up with a nice name for you then, won’t we?”

Brandon stared into Dan’s eyes as if in deep contemplation then said,

“I know! Since you have such a soft pretty little face, we’ll just call you Babyface. What do you think boys?”

Ringo nodded his approval and Phillip moaned his agreement as best he could.

“Then it’s settled. We’ll call you Babyface.”