High Society in Newport

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It was a brisk Saturday afternoon in Newport, Rhode Island. The wind blew slightly as the strong sun beamed down on the many shoppers frequenting the stores in this quaint New England town. Being August, tourists were everywhere to be seen. While most were there just for the weekend, some had owned or rented summer homes.

In a slightly more secluded area, away from much of the hustle and bustle of the streets, two women sat at a patio table outside a small Italian café. Sipping away on their lattes, it appeared that they didn’t have a care in the world. These were summer renters. It was in this manner that they spent most of their Saturday’s, while their husbands were off yachting or another activity they found equally as boring.

“So where’s Harry today? Fumbling around with that stupid boat again?” exclaimed one of the women, Anne Segar. She was in her mid-40’s, and time was good to her. For having two children, she managed to keep her body finely toned. Her younger child, Diane, had just turned 15 while her older son, Michael, 18, was a senior in high school and would be leaving for college soon. She wore a floral print summer dress. A tiny amount of cleavage from her C-cup breasts peered through. The spaghetti straps resting on her nicely tanned skin met with her shoulder length brunette hair.

“You know, I didn’t even ask when I left the house.” Marissa Fleming responded with a slight chuckle in her voice. Marissa was around the same age as Anne, but had no children. She was also a brunette. A short beige skirt didn’t leave a lot to the imagination, as many men walking by would gauche at her toned legs. Covering her small but perky breasts she wore a black and green off the shoulder top.

“Oh, men… What do we need them for?”

“You know damn well what we need them for. My two times a week with Harry is all that keeps me going!”

“Marissa, please tell me you are joking. You guys still have sex twice a week?” Anne replied with a shocked look on her face.

“Sorry honey, but its true. You guys must at least be once a week.”

Anne’s face dropped towards the ground in disappointment. Her wavy brunette hair was covering most of her face.

“Once a month?”

Tears began to form in the corners of Anne’s hazel eyes.

“Anne, just tell me.”

Anne looked up at Marissa and opened her mouth. Her voice crackled when she spoke, “We haven’t had sex in months. I don’t think Peter loves me anymore.”

“Honey, don’t cry. It is not that he doesn’t love you. It is just that you aren’t making him work for it. Trust me.”

Marissa stood up to give Anne a hug. Together they left the café.


A couple hours later, Marissa pulled her silver Lexus into Anne’s summer rental. She adjusted her skirt, and walked up the cobblestone path towards the house. Once inside Marissa looked to the left and saw two boys sitting in the living room. They were sprawled out on the couch watching MTV.

One was Michael Segar, Anne’s son. The other was Michael’s friend Tommy. They were “summer friends” which basically meant that the only time they ever saw each other was when their families were in Newport.

“Hi boys. Is mom at home?”

Michael replied, “Yeah she’s in the kitchen.”

“Thanks Michael. Nice to see you again Josh.” Marissa shot a cheeky smile in his direction.

“Um, you too Mrs. Fleming.”

As she entered the kitchen, Michael looked over at Josh and quietly said, “What was that all about?”

“Um it’s probably nothing,” Josh was quick to reply.


Anne was busy cutting carrots on the granite kitchen countertop.

“Wow hun. The way you cut those carrots makes me glad I’m not a guy.” Anne looked up at her. “Only kidding. Don’t kill me.”

“Marissa, what are we ever going to do about me? I’m such a lost cause.”

Anne and Marissa walked over to the kitchen breakfast table and sat down. Anne was clearly upset and Marissa had a genuine look of concern on her face.

Marissa was hesitant to open her mouth to reveal what has was about to say. This was Marissa’s secret to happiness. It was the one thing that kept her going after all this years in a dead end marriage. What made it hard to say was that she never felt it necessary to tell anyone up to this point.

Finally, she leaned over to Anne and in a faint whisper she said, “I’m in a secret society.”

“What???” topkapı escort Anne exclaimed with a very confused look on her face.

“A secret society. Like an exclusive club for members.”

“Like our country club?”

“Um not exactly.”

“So then what is it?”

Marissa leaned even closer to Anne to make sure the boys in the other room couldn’t hear their conversation.

“Its more like a society for sexual gratification.”

“A sex club?” Anne said in a startled voice a little louder than she probably should have. “Does Harry know?”

“Ok calm down. First of all Harry does not know. That’s what’s so great about it. Second, it’s not a sex club. It’s a 200 year old society established for the betterment of its members.”

“But you cheat on your husband.”

“Well it’s a means to help our marriage.”

“So how exactly does that help your marriage?”

“Simple. I take advantage of the society about once a month, and get sexually satisfied which makes me happy. And as we all know men only want to see women happy if they are personally responsible. So I let him think his small penis in bed is what is satisfying me. That’s why we fuck twice a week. He believes I am happy cause we fuck, when in reality we fuck cause I’m happy. In the end everyone is a winner!!”

Anne leaned back in her seat in utter amazement. She began to ponder how she could have not known about this until now. Marissa always seemed so happy, but Anne always assumed she was just a happy person. Never in her wildest imaginations would she think that Marissa was in a 200 year old secret society. Those are the types of things you see in movies, not real life. Anne had to admit though, she was intrigued.

“I want you to join, Anne. You need this as much as I did when I joined.”

“I just don’t know. Secret societies? Having sex with other men? It all seems a little crazy.”

“You need this.” Marissa forcefully exclaimed. “Only members can recruit new members. And you only recruit a sure thing. Since I told you about the society it puts me in jeopardy with the council of elders. So if you don’t join I could get into a lot of trouble simply because you know about us. I need to know, are you in or are you out?”

“Well…I am really curious. But it all seems like so much.”

Anne looked up from the table and caught a glimpse of a photograph hanging on the wall. It was Peter and Anne sitting on a Jamaican beach during their honeymoon. Her eyes began to water when she thought about how carefree and content they were back then. And how now everything seems to have gone to shit.

Her attention was brought back to Marissa. Anne looked her dead in the eyes, “Where do I sign up?”


Three days later was the big day. Marissa had delivered specific instructions to Anne about how the proceedings would go. Anne was to enter a trial period to make sure she could adhere to the rules of the society. At the end of the trial period, she could potentially become a full member.

Around 3 pm, she heard a knock on the front door. A courier dressed in a blue uniform awaited on the other side with a rather large box. All that was written on top was “Anne” and some sort of symbol that looked like an oval shaped eye inside a square. Luckily, her husband Peter would be away most of the day and night on the yacht. The kids were all at friend’s houses, so she didn’t need to sneak the box upstairs.

As soon as the courier left, Anne ripped open the box. Her heart was beating a mile a minute with excitement. Inside was a brown hooded cloak that you would imagine a monk would wear, a red feathered mask and a note. She picked up the note which had the same symbol at the top as on the box. It read:

“Anne, today is the day of reckoning. Should you complete the night’s activities you will be one step closer to becoming a member of our society. Backing out now would cause irreversible damages, so we suggest you continue. At 9 pm tonight, a car will come by to pick you up. You shall be wearing the cloak at this time. Underneath you shall only wear a bra and underwear, and nothing else. Put the hood on the cloak over your head and put the mask on. Tell no one.”

That night, about an hour before Anne was supposed to leave she stepped into the shower. She closed her eyes and imagined what the night would bring. The shower water crept down her mature, fatih escort yet toned body. Anne rubbed a bar of soap over her c-cup tits and silver dollar sized pink nipples. She slowly worked her way down her body until she arrived at her fully shaved pussy. Grabbing the removable shower head, Anne let the water pressure massage her clit. A few deep moans were let out before she realized she needed to get going.

Sifting through her underwear drawer, Anne needed to decide what to wear. No one had seen her panties in years besides her husband. Eventually, Anne decided on a matching black and red striped thong and matching bra. She put on the brown cloak and mask as she waited eagerly by the front door for the car to arrive.


Almost exactly at 9 pm, a silver Lexus pulled into the driveway. A sigh of relief fell over Anne knowing that it was Marissa picking her up. In the car the conversation was entirely about the night’s activities.

“So there are two main rules to follow, Anne. You must follow these rules exactly or face serious consequences. First off, do not take off your mask until you are on your way home. The second rule is that you cannot try to engage anyone in conversation. In other words, don’t talk at all. It’s really important that everyone’s identity remains a mystery.”

After driving for about 20 minutes, the two women arrived at a home in one of Newport’s renowned wealthy neighborhoods. The car creped down the long driveway until a rather large Victorian style mansion appeared before them.

Marissa looked over at Anne, “Ok this is the place. You ready for this?”

After letting out a quick sigh, Anne replied, “Ready as I’ll ever be.”

“Well you’ll be great girl. Get out of the car and walk around the house until you get to a patio. Go through the white door and down the steps. And then just wait.”

“Wait for what?”

“You’ll know when you see it. Get going, and don’t forget about the rules!”

Around the house to the patio Anne went. Gusts of wind moved up the inside of her cloak touching her almost naked body, sending shivers down her spine. Reaching the white door, she turned the knob and walked inside. At the bottom of the steps she entered a dimly lit room. From what she could see, the room looked like any other one would see in a house. The floors were carpeted and there were two black leather couches in the middle of the room.

She stood in the middle of the room not knowing what to do. Behind her Anne heard a creek and could make out someone walking down a different set of stairs. From the figure’s size it appeared to be a man wearing a similar brown cloak to Anne’s. He moved just inches away from her. Unlike Anne’s mask, his was the color blue and looked way more elaborate.

Knowing they couldn’t speak, the two just gazed into each others eyes for several seconds. Then without warning, the man took hold of Anne’s cloak and pulls its back off her shoulders. It dropped to the ground leaving Anne standing there only wearing a mask, high heels, bra and panties. He slightly lowered his head and gave her a kiss on the lips, which she welcomed wholeheartedly.

Stepping back, the man pulled off his own cloak. Underneath, the only had on a pair of tight fitting blue boxer shorts. What got Anne’s attention though was his body. It was chiseled and more muscular than her husband’s body ever was. In fact, Peter had developed a nice sized beer gut in recent years. This man looked much more youthful, which really turned Anne on thinking he might be slightly younger than her.

He pulled her in close, pressing her tits into his chest. They kissed again, this time much more passionately. Anne’s hands roved around the man’s muscular physique. He gently kissed her on the neck and shoulder. Meanwhile, his hands moved towards her back and unfastened the clasp of her bra. Anne let it drop to the floor.

With each kiss, he slowly moved his way down her neck towards her chest. Grabbing her c-cup tits in his hands, he teased her by kissing around the outside of her nipples. With the very tip of his tongue, the man finally made contact. Anne jumped slightly in excitement. He took one of her nipples in his mouth and lightly sucked on it.

Anne impulsively got bold, and reached her right hand towards his boxers. It came to rest over the outline of his cock. Giving it a little squeeze, it appeared to eyüp escort already be getting hard. Not wanting to wait another second, she reached her hand down inside his boxers. With five fingers she grasped his now fully hardened meat. Giving it a couple jerks, the man gave off a soft groan.

Kneeling down onto the floor, she slowly pulled his underwear to the ground. In front of her was a rock hard cock, something she hasn’t seen in a long time. It was also about an inch longer than her husband’s and also slightly thicker too. The sight made her immediately wet.

Still nervous, Anne thought to herself, “Come on Anne. You can do this. You need this. Just suck his cock like you are still in college. Its like riding a bike, you never forget how.”

Her mouth crept towards him. After what seemed to be an eternity for both the man and Anne, she finally took his cock inside her mouth. The man’s eyes rolled toward the back of his head. She grabbed both of his thighs and pulled herself closer to him. Anne’s tongue caressed the length of his shaft, as she moved it in and out of her mouth. It pleased Anne that she could still manage to take most of it inside her mouth. It really was just like her old college days.

As she played with the tip of his penis, his body squirmed a little. He let out another sigh. Not wanting him to blow his load so soon, Anne pulled his cock out from her mouth. Still kneeling, she looked up into his eyes hoping that she might figure out who his man was. But nothing came to mind.

The man pulled Anne up off the ground. She put her hands on each of his well defined biceps and gave them a little squeeze. “Oh if only Peter had a body like this,” Anne thought to herself.

He bought her in closer toward him, and gently pulled down her black and red striped thong to her ankles. The two back up towards one of the black leather couches. As Anne sits down on the armrest, the man pulls her left leg up next to her on the couch to spread her pussy.

Without delay, he guided his hard cock into her. With the first couple thrusts, Anne let out a soft moan. Starting slow, he moved his shaft in and out of her wet pussy. Her entire body starts to quiver with excitement. The man starts to pound his cock into her faster and harder. Anne tried to muffle her moans with by biting her bottom lip, but she found it uncontrollable.

“Oh fuck me hard,” Anne screams out, forgetting the rule about not talking. She quickly covered her mouth with embarrassment knowing that she committed a sin. He looked into her eyes and smiles.

His hand rubbed up and down her tanned thigh. Pulling out for a second, the man lowered Anne backwards from the armrest to the couch. She marveled at his defined muscular physique as he stood over her. He laid down on top of her, so that his well carved chest pressed against her perky tits. Anne, wrapping her arms around his body, pulled him closer.

He inserted his cock back into her pussy, and let it slide in and out of her. Their bodies bounced up and down on the couch cushions with each thrust. After a couple minutes he leans towards her and whispers into her ear, “I need to cum.”

Assuming that they are now ignoring the no talking policy, Anne replied in a normal voice, “Well baby, stand up then.”

He immediately jumped to his feet. With his cock standing practically straight up, Anne grabbed it with her hand. She moved her head towards his shaft and put the tip in her mouth. After giving it several jerks with her hand, a river of hot gooey cum gushed into her mouth onto her tongue. Looking into his eyes she swallowed.

The man sat down next to her on the couch. He opened his mouth and says, “Fuck that was good.”

Anne jumped up with surprise off the couch and yelled out, “I know that voice!! No fucking way!! It couldn’t be.”

Without hesitation she reached for his mask and yanked it off his face.

“Tommy!! I knew it!! I can’t believe I just had sex with my son’s friend. Holy shit, I’m going to hell.”

“Mrs. Segar, don’t worry about it so much. This kind of thing happens all the time. Good looking mature women fuck younger guys everyday.”

“You mean in the secret society?”

“Actually…I have something to tell you Mrs. S. There really is no society. Mrs. Fleming just thought you could use a good fucking so she called me. I meet up with her about once a week for a quickie while her husband is away.” Anne looked towards the ground with a confused look on her face. “Don’t be upset, Mrs. S.”

“Don’t worry Tommy, I’m not upset. I’m just trying to figure out why I didn’t try to sleep with you sooner.”

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