Detention with Ms Marshall – Day 02


Day 2

I’d been checking my watch constantly all day. Desperate for the school day to end, but not for the same reasons as everyone else. I spent most of last night in a combination shock over what happened and excited fantasizing about what might happen next.

I masturbated three times thinking about what Ms Marshall was planning to do to me. She would probably be naked when I entered, oiled up and commanding me to fuck her as hard and quick as I could. Maybe she would get me to cum on her face at the end like in practically every porn video I watch.

3:30, finally it was time. Nerves were creeping up on me again, but I felt I was ready for this huge step into manhood.

I knocked on the door.

“Come in.” She was marking work at her desk in a blue business suit. No smile. Serious.

“Take a seat.” I sat down. She quietly put away the work and locked the door. She turned back to face me.

“You’re in trouble.” This seemed deadly serious. My excitement turned to panic. Was she going to tell everyone — my parents included — what I did on her table yesterday?

“You made a mess on my desk, now you’re going to have to be punished for it.” I still couldn’t tell if this was part of a game or I really was in serious trouble. She pulled out her chair to the centre of the floor and sat on it.

“You will be spanked for your misbehaviour.” Yes! Ümraniye Fetiş Escort I smiled, nodded and stood up.

“GET THAT SMILE OFF YOUR FACE. HERE, NOW.” A teacher shouting at you, under any circumstances, will strike fear into you and this was no different. With my heart in my mouth, I approached her.

“Drop your pants and boxers. Lay across my lap.” Her stern commands immediately went straight to my cock. I was suddenly too embarrassed to lower my boxers and display my semi-erection.

“Miss, I can’t right now.” She looked at me and could see the bulge.

“I’m not going to ask you again. Take down your boxers. Now.” I gingerly lowered them. She did not seem impressed by my now raging erection. I manoeuvred around into position and went to lower myself down. I had never been this physically close to a woman — her breasts were right there only an inch from me under the suit.

“Don’t you dare look at my tits. This is a punishment. Down, now”. I gulped with fear and nodded. I carefully started to lower myself down. I was worried as to where I was going to put my erection but then noticed it had disappeared again with nerves.

I lay on her lap and stared at her left shoe. I had never really had a foot fetish but at that exact moment her black heeled shoe was the most erotic object in the universe. My cock quickly grew again, flat Ümraniye Gecelik Escort against my stomach and her skirt.

“I can feel that. I did not give you permission for it. Place it between my thighs.” I reached down with my hand and wedged it downwards against her left leg, pointing at the floor. She squeezed her legs together and clamped my throbbing cock in place. I put my hand back on the floor.

“Now, I will spank you ten times. Say thank you after each one.”

CRACK! It was like an electric shock through my whole body. “Thank you, miss.” I wanted to grip my hand on her shoe but feared getting into more trouble.

CRACK! Again. The automatic thrust made me pump my cock between her thighs.

Oh no. CRACK! I inadvertently thrust down again. OH NO. I was going to cum over her legs.

“Miss, I might cum.” I grimaced, awaiting the next smack as I continued to stare at her shiny shoe.

SMACK! “Don’t you dare. This is a punishment.” CRACK, CRACK, CRACK. Three in a row, I started to feel the contractions, there was nothing I could do to stop it now. I considered standing up and running to the sink to finish out over there.

“Miss, I’m going to come.” She widened her legs again so that my cock was not touching them.

“BAD BOY!” CRACK, CRACK, CRACK. I was trying to hold back with everything I had but I was a second Ümraniye Genç Escort from squirting. There was nothing I could do to prevent it now.

“BAD BOY!” I reached back with my hand to cup the head of my cock but she grabbed my hand. I was helpless but to orgasm onto the floor there and then. I groaned and shuddered with the orgasm as she gripped my hand hard.

“Look at the mess you’re making.” I looked back as I saw my writhing cock squirting three more hands-free strings onto the floor. The last one dangled off the end and didn’t fall. She let go of my hand and I wiped it off.

“Get up and put your clothes back on.” She seemed furiously angry, I was shocked and embarrassed at what I had done. I carefully stood back up, terrified at getting an after squirt onto her skirt – thankfully I didn’t – and pulled my boxers and trousers back up. I looked at her, she broke into a smile.

“Good boy. I know now that you can follow my orders and also take a punishment. Come back tomorrow, we will do more.” Was that my cue to leave? What about the mess. I didn’t dare look down at it.

“Miss, what about…” She raised her hand up to indicate I stop talking.

“You do not ask me questions. You follow my orders. Take a good look at the mess you made, then clean it up.” I looked down at the milky puddle an inch from her shoe. Without question, I would be masturbating about that later. I lifted two tissues from the box on her desk and mopped it up.

“Put them in the bin, and go home.” I didn’t know why or how this was happening to me, but I didn’t want it to stop any time soon.

Tomorrow was going to be interesting.