Dissoluteness Ch. 04


Chapter 4

Thursday finally came and she was again early to the store. She sat and waited until the sign turned to open. Walking firmly to the door, she opened it, flipped the sign to closed and locked the door. His voice came from the depths of the store causing her to smile before she turned.

“Good Girl.”

Once in the back room, she shut and locked the door. On the table sat the box, open and waiting. Without prompting she dropped her purse, keys and phone in the box. In short order, her clothing lay folded neatly inside as she closed and locked the box. She started to walk to the basement stairs when he brought her up short with a curt command.

“Stop. We will be here for a few moments.”

She looked at him, an unspoken question written on her face.

In answer, he handed her a package.

“Open it.”

Puzzled, she opened the box carefully. Inside she found a leather garter belt with six thick elastic garters and a pair of fine black seamed stockings. Not quite sure what to day or do, she raised her eyes to meet his and found his face touched with a bemused smile, as if contemplating some private joke.

“Put those on.”

Using one of the wooden straight back chairs at the table, she donned the garter belt adjusting the fit. The silk stockings were carefully rolled and then fitted up her legs. She took care to keep the seams straight and centered on the back of her leg. With the garters fastened and adjusted, the stockings were pulled taut with out wrinkles. She found him watching her closely. Without taking his eyes from her he handed her another box. Inside she found a pair of black stiletto open toed heels, at least six inches in height and with straps sporting small locks around the ankle and over the instep.

“Put them on.”

She sat on the couch and worked the shoes on her feet, adjusting the straps and buckling them. Without hesitation and without waiting for his prompt, she snapped the small locks shut. She stood and nearly fell. She grasped the back of the chair in front of her to keep her balance. It was evident she was not accustomed to wearing such extreme shoes.

He waited until she had steadied herself and seemed to be momentarily stable on the heels before he produced one more item. Her eyes went wide as he brought the black corset she had looked at previously in the store toward her. He held the open corset and moved behind her.

“Raise your arms.”

Raising her arms, she balanced precariously on the heels and looked down as he closed the corset in front of her and began to hook the many small fasteners that held it closed. He stood close to her, his arms around her as he worked down the corset. She could feel his warmth. His breath on her shoulder as he looked over her shoulder was like a caressing touch. She closed her eyes concentrating in order to keep from thrusting her ass back against him. When he was done, she felt him begin to lace the corset in the back. She was sure that the corset was much too small for her. The corset became snug around her waist, pushing her breasts up until they filled the cups and seemed to overflow. She found the tight fit almost comforting in its closeness.

“Walk over to that pipe and grab it firmly. Hold on tightly.”

She walked, unsteadily and carefully to the pipe fixed to the wall and grabbed it with both hands. She felt him behind her again and then suddenly she was jerked backwards hard as he began to tug and pull on the laces. As he worked the corset became impossibly tight around her torso. The tighter he pulled it the harder it became for her to breath and the straighter she had to stand. The stiff leather and the steel supports in the corset forces her into a stiff upright position. When he finished, she felt as if she were being suffocated. Her breath came in short sharp pants. She could not bend at the waist. A glimpse of herself in the mirror was shocking. Her breasts looked as if they would pop free of the cups on the corset at any minute. Her nipples were just barely covered. Her waist looked impossibly small. The heels caused her calves to bulge and forced her to push her ass backwards to maintain her balance. The sight of herself was captivating. Something went over her head and touched her lips. She recognized as a ball gag. The red rubber ball attached to the over the head harness looked impossibly large.

“Open your mouth.”

She opened.


She strained to open further and felt the rubber ball against her teeth. It was, she knew, to large to fit in her mouth but he began to press and work the ball back and forth until he forced it behind her teeth. The ball expanded to force her mouth open impossibly wide. Her jaws immediately began to protest. She felt as if they would dislocate at any second. He buckled the straps behind her head tightly. She felt the collar go about her neck. He appeared in front of her, holding a leather leash, which she assumed was connected to the collar, and looked her up and down with a dark and unreadable smile.

The Ümraniye Olgun Escort last thing he did was take a pair of black steel handcuffs and secure her wrists behind her back.

“I think that will do. Come this way.”

He led her to the back door of the store. She could see that it opened onto an alleyway. It was just past noon so the sun was directly overhead and she could see clearly. He tugged on the leash.


He started walking through the door.

She realized that he meant to take her outdoors. Like this! She was nude from the waist down except for the stockings. She hesitated and he jerked on the leash nearly pulling her off balance.

“I said come.” His voice was a menacing growl.

She stepped off, trying to walk and maintain her balance in the impossibly high heels. He locked the door. Leading her down the alley, across a street and down another alley. She was mortified but fortunately they ran into no one on the way. Toward the end of the alley, he stopped and opened a door into another building. He led her through into a kitchen. She could hear music playing from ahead and voices. Her eyes were wide and she was trembling. He pulled on the leash and she followed looking from side to side as if for a way to escape. He pushed through a swinging door and held it for her. She emerged into the back of a shotgun bar. She was not familiar with bars by and large. This one had a long bar along one wall with stools in front. Along the opposite wall stood tables. At the far end, she could see a plate glass window and in neon tubes a sign. It took her a moment to decipher it in reverse. It read “Damion’s”.

She looked at him. He smiled and walked her by the pool table at the back of the bar. Two men, both holding cues, stopped and watched as she walked past. He led her near the front of the bar and each of the patrons turned to take a good long intense look at her as he paraded her by. He pulled a stool from the bar and sat.

“Stand there.”

She could do nothing else. She knew that the men in the bar were still ogling her openly. The bartender came down the bar.

“Hello Damion, wasn’t expecting you today.”

“It’s a special afternoon. I felt the need for a little outing.”

“The usual?”

“Yes please.”

The bartender left and soon returned with a tall glass of beer. Damion took a long slow drink from the tall glass before speaking to the bartender.

“Things going OK here?”

“It has been a little slow but its picking up. That new factory that opened a few blocks down will drive in some new customers. We should see a good increase in the lunch run in the next few weeks.”

“Good. Is there anything I need to do?”

“Nope. I think we have it under control.”

Another customer came into the bar and stopped short when he saw her standing behind Damion. He walked toward the back, coming much closer than was necessary and she could see the lust in his eyes. He took a stool just a few down from where Damion sat. Damion looked over at him and smiled.

“Hey Pete. It’s been a while.”

“Yeah Damion. We thought you had forgotten you own this place.”

“John takes good care of it.”

The man looked at her and then back at Damion

“Interesting company you have.”

Damion glanced back at her.

“You think so. Tell me what do you think? “

Her eyes cut nervously to the man and watched as his eyes moved up and down her body slowly.

“Not too bad. Nice ass. Great tits. That shaved cunt is sweet.”

She could feel the blush rise over her breasts and face. They were discussing her like she was something on display for sale. Then she felt the wetness between her legs. God! I am really turning into a slut!

Damion nodded.

“Anything else?”

“I’d fuck her given the chance.”

Damion chuckled.

“Well Pete, I’ll keep that in mind.”

She trembled, not in fright but from arousal. She fought to gather herself. Is he going to let this man have me? She moaned slightly at the thought, not from fear, but from the increase in arousal that the thought caused.

He sat at the bar for several hours. The heels were causing her legs to ache and much, to her dismay, she discovered that the huge ball gag effectively prevented her from swallowing. The constant irritation was overflowing her mouth with drool which cascaded around the gag flowing down her chin and onto her breasts. He talked to many of the patrons and always asked for their comments. They ranged from polite to crudely vulgar.

It was late in the afternoon when he stood from the barstool. She was relieved thinking they were heading back to his store. He spoke to the bartender.

“Pete. I think I will have an early dinner. Have the cook make me a hamburger with fries. Bring me another beer. I am moving to the far back table.”

Pete nodded and wrote the order on a slip of paper and hung it in the window of the kitchen. He led her to the back of the bar and took a seat at a table. Ümraniye Sarışın Escort He pulled a chair around facing the front of the bar and beside him.


She turned and struggled to sit. The tight corset and the heels made it difficult but she finally managed to perch herself stiffly upright on the hard-wooden chair. She closed her legs primly and he spoke to her quietly.

“Spread your legs wide. You will not close them.”

She whined but spread her legs obediently. Now, anyone walking toward them had a full view of her shaven pussy. He sat quietly, drinking his beer and waiting on his hamburger. As the evening trade arrived, the place got noisier and more crowded changing from the rather benign afternoon neighborhood crowd to the boisterous and rambunctious working crowd from the new factory just down the street. When the men discovered her sitting, legs spread tightly corseted and handcuffed, they were exuberant.

“Look at this boys!”

“What a nice piece of ass!”

“Jesus Christ! Look at those tits.”

One of the men bent a little and squinted, looking directly at her pussy.

“I’ll be damned. There is a puddle on that chair.”

“Hey Mister. Is she yours?”

Damion replied to them calmly.

“She is.”

“She looks like she is ready for a party.”

Damion met the man’s gaze steadily.


“How about we get a little party together. We could join you and give her a good ride!”

Damion sipped his beer and looked at them with a smile on his face.

“Not tonight boys. Perhaps another time.”

One of the men leaned over close to her and she felt his hand slide up her leg and rub across her pussy.

“Come on Mister. We been working hard all day. We need a little recreation.”

Damion turned slightly in the chair.

“Not tonight boys. I think it’s time you went back to the front of the bar.”

He called out to John.

“John. Get these boys a round of their choice on the house.”

“Mister. You might want to think about that. Everyone in here are friends of ours. You bring this whore in here you should expect us to take an interest. Hell we will pay you. We are fair.”

She trembled. She was suddenly certain that she was about to be gang raped. Eyes wide she heard Damion speak quietly.

“You boys go enjoy your drinks. I am Damion. I own this place. I think you know me.”

She watched as their eyes opened and without another word they turned and headed to the front of the bar. He pulled on the leash.

“Come on. Time for us to go.”

He led her through the back door again and down the now darkened alley. Her legs were screaming in agony from the walk in the shoes and her mouth felt as if it would never close again. Despite it all, she was desperately aroused. She could feel the wet trails running down the inside of her thighs from her oozing pussy. Not even the pain in her legs and jaw could overshadow the intense need for an orgasm. He opened the door to the store and led her in. He locked the door and turned to her.

“Turn around.”

She stumbled as she turned and she felt his hand grasp her arm and steady her. Then the straps around her head were loose and she felt his hands on either side of her head as he carefully worked the gag from her mouth. When it came free she could not close her mouth. He pushed it closed with a finger under her chin. He uncuffed her wrists and then unlaced the corset. When it came free he reached around her, undid the hooks on the busk. She took a deep welcome breath.

She watched as he laid the corset on the work bench then leaned against it and looked at her.

“Did you enjoy our little social evening?”

She dropped her eyes and didn’t answer.

“Come here.”

She walked toward him, still wearing the heels, stockings and garters.

He abruptly thrust his hand between her thighs and roughly pushed two fingers into her.

“As I expected. You are wet and your cunt lips are swollen. I am betting that your nipples ache and are hard as well.”

She nodded.

“You enjoyed being looked at and talked about.”

She nodded again.

He walked to the table and opened the box.

“Get dressed. Leave your regular panties and bra here. You will wear the garters, stockings and heels home. When you come back next week, you will wear them back. From now on, you will not wear panties at all. You will toss out all your pantyhose as well. From this day forward, you will wear stockings or nothing.”

Her eyes never left his.

“You may get dressed.”

She walked to the table and started to dress. She reached into the box, taking the panties that she had worn into the store, looked at them and then tossed them into the trash can near the desk. She finished dressing. She stood wearing the knee length skirt and dark blue blouse she had worn in. She carried the pumps she had been wearing. She stood silently looking at him.


“May I ask a question?”

He Ümraniye Şişman Escort turned to her.


“Do you not find me attractive? Is that why you have not had sex with me?”

He looked at her intently.

“This is not about sex. This is about you learning how to find pleasure and how to give pleasure. If you want to get fucked, go back down the street to the bar. Those men will be happy to accommodate you I am sure.”

She listened, stunned. Almost in a daze she turned to go. As she left the store, she was again more confused than ever.

She was surprised to see her husband’s car in the driveway when she got home. She opened the front door and headed back to the bedroom when he stepped from the kitchen.

“Where have you been?”

“Out with friends.”

He saw the black patent leather heels and the seamed stockings that she wore.

“What the hell are you wearing?”

“I bought some new clothes.”

He walked toward her and looked down at them.

“You look like a street walker in those. I hope you haven’t been out in public in them.”

Without thinking shot back.

“I have. I went to a bar and had dinner. Everyone saw me wearing them. Some of the men found them quite interesting.”

She spun on the spike heel and left him mouth agape. She heard the front door slam shut soon after that.

The week passed quickly. Thursday morning found her showered, freshly shaved and her hair washed. She pulled back into a tight high ponytail. She had carefully washed the stockings and was wearing them as instructed. She had chosen a modest skirt, just below the knee and a sweater top. She buckled on the shoes and snapped the locks shut. Damion had given her the key, attached to a gold chair which she now wore every day around her neck.

She pulled into the accustomed parking space. She noticed that, unlike before, the open sign was turned and the lights were on in the store. She entered and found several men browsing through the merchandise. She walked to the counter and as she approached she heard Damion’s voice.

“Come back.”

She walked around the counter and into the backroom of the store. He was sitting at the desk working. The box was open on the table. She hesitated since there were people out front. He turned, his eyes dark and intense.

“Take off everything but the garter belt, stockings and heels. Put everything in the box as usual and lock it.”

She looked at the open door and she could see that one of the men was standing at the display rack with a clear view into the backroom. She hesitated and she heard him speak softly.


She began removing her clothing. Her purse, phone and keys went into the box as usual. She folded her clothing and dropped them in as well. She closed the box and locked it. She stole a look out the door and saw that the man in the store was watching her with keen interest.

“Go downstairs and wait.”

She turned and headed down the stairs to the basement. The light was on and the leather table was still in the middle of the room. She stopped next to the table and turned to face the door. She heard footsteps on the stairs but the man who entered was not Damion. Neither were the three others who entered. Damion came in last, closed the door and locked it.

“I want you to meet Jeff, Larry, Gary and Mike. They are associates of mine and have come here to help with your instruction. It is time you learn the lesson of service. The greatest pleasure you should be able to attain is to be of service to others. In this case your service will be to see that these four gentlemen achieve their own pleasure. Your service should be freely given and done gladly. When you have learned to be of such service and to find pleasure yourself, you will understand dissoluteness. In their pleasure, you should find your pleasure. Gentlemen. She is yours. Teach her well. I will be upstairs. You may take as long as you want.”

He turned and without another word, left and closed the door behind him. The four men stood silently looking at her. She stood trembling. She had a good idea what was about to happen. She had not been with another man since she was married and never with more than one man at a time. She waited.

The men moved to surround her and soon she felt hands begin to explore her body. There was not an inch, a fold or a crevice that they did not explore many times.

“The bitch is already wet.”

“Fuck. She was wet the first time I stuck my finger in her. She was ready when we got down here. Damion said she could take anything we could give her.”

She closed her eyes tightly realizing that what they said was true. She had been aroused before they came down the stairs. As Damion had talked to her, she had become increasingly aroused and by the time she was bent over the table, he pussy was throbbing.

She closed her eyes and resolved that she would endure this as she had the other tests. She felt herself turned and then bent over the leather table. Her legs were pushed apart and before she could prepare herself a cock slid into her pussy and began to saw in and out. Her back arched and she tried to push herself up with her arms and a strong hand hit the her in the shoulder blades and forced her face back down onto the table. A voice barked at her.