Julie and The Delivery Guy


It was a warm Saturday night and Julie was alone at home. Her parents were out for a short trip during the weekend. She didn’t want to cook, so she ordered pizza and was waiting for it to arrive.

Julie had an idea on how to spice up her tedious evening but she wasn’t too sure about trying it out.

“Well, maybe…” she thought as she got up from the couch.

She went to her bathroom, took all her clothes off and grabbed a towel.

“What could possibly go wrong?”

Julie was a skinny nineteen years old girl with a small build and a small ass. Her dark hair was long enough to cover her small boobs.

“I wonder if the delivery guy will like what he sees,” she wondered, caressing her newly shaved pussy.

Julie wrapped the yellow towel around her body, purposely leaving it loose in a way that any sudden movement would make it fall. She waited anxiously for a few minutes. She already became wet at the idea of showing off her body to a total stranger. Finally, the doorbell rang!

She slowly walked to the door, took a deep breath and opened it.

The delivery man was a tall, strong guy who seemed to be in his late thirties. He hesitated for a moment upon laying his eyes on the girl. “Uh. It’s…” his voice failed at the view of Julie wearing nothing but a towel around her slim body. He tried hard to concentrate on his job while a gorgeous girl was standing right in front of him.

“Please, come in and leave the pizza on the counter while I get the money for you, okay?” she invited him, smiling nicely.

Julie held her towel and went to her bedroom to pick up the money. She returned hurriedly and as she got right in front of him, her towel fell on the ground. The delivery guy initially looked away, but then slowly looked back at Julie. He stared at her young, beautiful body for a few moments. As she was standing, her hairless Bayan Escort Gaziantep pussy was showing just a slit on the front.

“Oh, my!” Julie got down to pick up the towel, but she let it fall from her hands again twice before actually getting a hold of it. Having her other hand busy with the money, she was incapable of wrapping the towel around her. She held the towel awkwardly near the side of her small boobs in a way that left her soft, puffy pussy on display.

“It’s okay,” the guy said, trying to make her comfortable.

He reached out for the towel to try helping her, but he was afraid to look like he was trying to touch her. In hesitation, he took the money from her hand and put it in his pocket without taking his eyes out of her body for a second.

“Thank you. I believe there’s change, right?” Julie asked, pretending awkwardness while trying to wrap the towel around her again.

“Of course!” he answered, “I almost forgot.”

As he counted the change, Julie wrapped the towel back around her body, faking a smile.

When Julie tried to receive the money from his hands, she lets the towel fall again.

“Oh, God. I’m so sorry!” she said as she put the change on the counter top behind him. “I’m so awkward.” After a short pause, she completed with a smile, “Well, I guess you’ve seen it all, right? No point hiding it anymore.”

Julie turned her back to him and bent down to pick up the towel from the floor. As she did that, she felt his hands touching her back and moving down to meet her ass. She slowly picked her towel and got back up. He didn’t stop though. He kept going down until his fingers touched her already wet pussy.

Julie threw her towel on the table, turned back to him and said with a smile, “I believe you’re done here, right?”

The mere thought of exposing herself to a stranger could make Julie extremely horny and now that she was acting on it, she could barely hold herself. But she still wasn’t sure about letting a total stranger touch her like that.

On the other hand, the delivery man had no intentions to leave Julie. He came close to her, put his arms around her waist as if he was going to hug her and started caressing her ass with both his hands. He was much taller than Julie and the she had to look up to face him.

“Sir, I believe you already got a lot more than you came here for, right?” Julie said as she tried to step back from him.

As he felt her trying to move, he grabbed her ass and pushed her closer to him. Julie felt his hard, twitching cock pressing against her belly from inside his pants. She just couldn’t hold it anymore. The man moved his right hand to her pussy and slowly used his fingers to open her labia, spreading her juices all over her pussy and using it to massage her clit.

“You’re a dirty little whore, aren’t you?” the guy whispered in Julie’s ears as he made her bend over the counter, enjoying a full view of Julie from behind.

She turned her face back to him, just in time to see him pulling his cock out. It was huge, and already dripping precum.

“Sir, what are you doing?” Julie asked, as if she didn’t know what was going to happen.

He slowly rubbed the head of his wet cock up and down on her pussy, answering her question. He kept doing this, going from her entrance to her clit, making Julie moan in pleasure. She moved her hips around, enjoying his cock.

He stopped and started pushing it inside her, stretching her pussy. Julie moaned as he entered her inch by inch, until she was completely filled. His dick was so huge that he hadn’t gone inside completely, but Julie was already feeling her cervix being pushed back.

The guy then spread her legs apart and held her hips from behind. He started pushing his cock deep inside her and then pulling it back all the way out. He repeated this movement many times, making sure Julie would feel how long and thick his cock was inside her. Julie was moaning louder with each stroke and her legs started shaking with lust.

He grabbed her hair, pushed her head down on the surface of the counter and finally started fucking her faster from behind, his cock growing even thicker. Julie felt she was getting stretched like she had never been before and started cumming. She moaned loudly for a long time while she had the most intense orgasm she had ever had.

Knowing she was done and still holding her hair, he pulled her head closer to his cock, forcing her to get on her knees. Julie knew what to do and started sucking him eagerly, feeling the mixed taste of the guy’s cum and her own cum on his cock. Allowing this stranger to put his thick cock inside her mouth was making Julie even hornier. She put her hands down on her pussy and started rubbing it intensely.

He fucked her mouth like she was a dirty whore, pushing his cock down her throat with each thrust. Julie’s moans were interrupted in quick intervals, each time his cock blocked her throat. He started moaning while holding Julie’s hair with his hands. She felt his cock pulsating on her tongue, and soon enough she felt his warm load of cum spreading inside her mouth. Julie was already masturbating intensely and now came as soon as she felt his cum filled her mouth. The man held her head in place as he shot his big load and Julie had no choice but to swallow it all.

When the man was sure that Julie had swallowed everything, he pushed his cock another few times in and out of her mouth and then he simply said, “I’m done here.”

He let go of her hair, put his cock back in his pants and left. Julie, still on the floor, enjoyed the left over cum in her mouth and continued to masturbate, fantasizing about the next time she would do that.