Miss Perkins: Friday

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Wake up to the alarm today, Miss Perkins needs more sleep to get up first I guess. Then I am getting a kiss from Miss Perkins and quite happy. Course then Alexis is asking if I can get her off again so am getting pushed toward her. So do what any lesbian would with a woman she will lick, I kiss her and put a hand to her breasts.

Get pushed off but she is giggling then pushed toward her pussy. She does want me to get her off so I am going. Also a little torn on this, she isn’t my girlfriend and that isn’t sitting so well with me. Course my girlfriend is on the bed with us so I’m not cheating behind her back, but still feel like I am cheating.

Suppose puts me as wanting one person and only one person. Have to admit though that it is easier today, I am only thinking this is wrong. Yesterday it was closer to oh fuck I am losing Mistress by licking another woman. No idea why I felt that way but I did. Then I am faced with a tasty pussy so I am going in.

In this case the pussy is a little excited to feel my tongue again since I get the taste of her right away. Most likely she had a good dream, say thinking about getting that surfer on top of her. Don’t have the attraction but I have thought of getting Miss Perkins on top of me in dreams. Also being told to do it fast so get my fingers in to her.

Moan at the insertion then she is calling me a good pet and to get her off. Little surprising but then she knows I’m the pet. Not her pet but she is friends with Miss Perkins which means she is my friend. Also like licking her and sliding a second finger in two pumps after the first. She wants to get off fast after all.

Fingers moving in her I am finding her quite moist. Also tasting good so I am happy to serve, would really like someone licking me as well though. Being the pet has that downside, not supposed to pull off and ask for things. Still I am doing good and her hips are bouncing so curl my fingers and she is talking about putting my cock in her.

Giggle again though do slide a third finger in and rub on that special spot. Then there is a scream, more or less. I mean she moaned and clenched on my fingers. The moan though is quite loud so I am quite happy, I got her off big. Then Miss Perkins is sending me to the bathroom, which is good I do need to go.

Coming out of the bathroom I get a kiss from Alexis and into the bathroom she goes to take a shower. Mystified I go back in the bedroom to get pulled on the bed by Miss Perkins who is kissing me. Next thing I know I have her pussy above me and she is licking me. Well this is nice, getting to lick Miss Perkins and be licked by her after getting her friend off.

Run my tongue over her pussy and moan because she is doing the same. Get a finger in me so we are not going slow. Follow suit and slide a finger inside then moving. Second finger slides inside me then, which is alright but little fast on that. Maybe Mistress wants me opened up to have me serve her as the man.

Honestly I can’t decide if I want that or not, though at least she is stretching me first. Have to admit the butch girlfriend did buy a thinner dildo to use. Still no idea why she didn’t want out of the closet, I mean almost always the man in bed with me. Course Miss Perkins isn’t getting off if I don’t focus on the sex with her, not that I stopped licking or pumping.

After sliding a third finger in I curl my fingers. Find the spot and rub on there to get her off. Also whimper because she has a third finger inside of me now. Packed quite full though I have to admit it is uncomfortable and nothing else. Also pumping in and out of me so it is getting a little better. Not enough to say take a strap on to me.

Orgasm is coming for me however so on that side it is nice. I’m fairly sure the orgasm is mostly because I am into the sex. Then Miss Perkins is moaning above me because I got her off. Two pumps into me and a little extra hard sucking and I follow suit. Got Mistress off and she wanted me to get off so did what she wanted.

During my orgasm Miss Perkins rolls off me then snuggles up so I am held. I like this though honestly I think I would rather get her off again.

“Still having problems with doing Alexis?”

“I still feel like I cheated on you though it is easier to deal with today. I am sorry I am like this.”

“Don’t be, you only wanting me in your bed is nice. Slut is only a bad thing when there is no preference on who fucks you.”

“Speaking of that, are you stretching me out for a strap on or your boyfriend?”

“Strap on, I do like being in charge and on top pumping at a receptive pussy is pretty darn in control.” Snort and giggle.

“Honestly I felt like a good pet when I was on top pumping away.”

“I know, I like being under a man, also like being the man. Promise I will buy a thinner strap on. That one the whole thing is more or less one piece so we will have to get a different. There is a question, have you ever done anal?” Shake my head.

“No, lesbian remember we are not supposed to like being penetrated.” We izmir escort both giggle for a bit on that one.

“Do you think stop at a sex shop or order online?” I’m unsure on that.

“I don’t know, I never bought a vibrator or anything so not sure if there are thin ones to put on a strap on.” Alexis comes in and opens up her luggage to get at her clothes.

“Olivia do you remember my password?” Nod though there is a question on that.

“I do, why?”

“Well I was thinking you could check it for me while I get dressed and makeup.”

Sigh but do get up, Miss Perkins got off me so that is what I was supposed to do. Head into the living room and start up my laptop. Go to the personals and log in as Alexis to find she has two messages. Rather surprising, it’s a little early to have messages, end of the week and the messages went out a little late.

Not that I am complaining, her having a boyfriend means I won’t have to feel like I cheated on Miss Perkins again. Which is a fairly stupid feeling but what I have after licking Alexis to orgasm. Also not sure I should change, though fairly sure I better or I will feel that Miss Perkins cheated on me with her boyfriend, when we find one anyway.

Also getting called into the bathroom so go in there and show there are two messages. So find myself reading the messages aloud. The first one is from the surfer music producer who sounds rather happy with Alexis. Get to type a reply for her and I’m fairly sure she is happy with the surfer. Then on to the second message and this guy sounds rather good and Alexis is liking him.

“Don’t reply to that man.” We both look at Miss Perkins.

“Why not he sounds good?”

“Because he is trying to top from the bottom. Talking about how he wants to take you out for seafood then walk on the beach until out of sight for hot sex.” Think about that and groan.

“I see what Mistress means, also it is possible he is a serial killer or something. I mean getting you alone is for sex or killing you.” Alexis sighs, swats me on the head, then nods.

“You have a point, alright no reply to him. Olivia there isn’t a serial killer doing that here.” Miss Perkins shrugs.

“Not right now, no. It is possible he is just getting started at it. Usually better to not meet someone and jump in bed or go someplace tucked away for sex right off.” Put up my hand.

“I’ve done that, but we talked and danced first.” Alexis and Miss Perkins put up their hands.

“We’ve all done that once or twice I think.”

Get to put my laptop back on the coffee table. Miss Perkins follows me and pulls me with her on to the sofa. I even get to lean against her and be held so that is nice. Waiting on Alexis to finish so we can get in the bathroom.

“If you want I can make us all pancakes.” That gets me squeezed then Miss Perkins is turning to face the bathroom.

“Alexis do you want pancakes?” Alexis pops her head out of the bathroom to look at us.

“I’ve not had breakfast in a while so yes, definitely. Thank you.”

Get a nice little kiss from Miss Perkins then up to get in the kitchen. Glad I bought a box of mix I make up pancake batter and get the pan heating. Then think of what to make with and I’m a little stumped. Miss Perkins doesn’t own a toaster and just pancakes isn’t the best of breakfasts so set up a second pan and get out the eggs.

When I finish up I get the plates loaded and on the coffee table, about the same time Alexis finishes. Glad that I bought OJ I get three glasses filled and get that on the coffee table and sit next to Miss Perkins.

“God I feel like a kid again.”

“Honestly Alexis sometimes I’m not sure you grew up.” We all giggle and eat breakfast for a few bites.

“What are you making for dinner?”

“We will eat out I think, going to that club today.” Alexis groans.

“Shoot I forgot about that, what time are you going?” We both look at Miss Perkins.

“We are done at five so then on to a restaurant. Figure about seven or so we will head for the club.”

“Do you know which restaurant? I should be able to make it there at the same time.” Miss Perkins sighs.

“I haven’t thought about that yet, and you realize if you keep doing things with us I will make you my pet as well right?”

“No appeal for me, straight remember. Have to admit Olivia is really good at licking pussy.” Wave my hand.

“Lesbian remember.”

“She’s good as the guy to. Send a message in the afternoon, either with a restaurant you got a hunkering for or asking if I got one.” Alexis nods and smiles.

“Why not seafood then a walk on the beach until we are alone?” We are all giggling and I get swatted a few times.

“Shoot we are going to run late if we take a shower.”

“So no shower, we can skip now and then. Got cereal for Monday.”

Miss Perkins gives me a kiss as Alexis leaves, she has to get on the way to work. I get the dirty in the sink then into the bathroom to do our hair, splash our faces with alsancak escort water, and do makeup. Today I am getting a red shirt that is low cut and riding high. Shows off cleavage and my middle which is great, though looking down I find myself thinking joining a gym would be good.

Don’t voice that, still getting dressed and we are getting toward late on leaving. Finally though we are out to the car and on the way after getting my robe in the trunk.

“Miss Perkins, do you think we can join a gym and go in the afternoon?” Just looks at me for a few seconds.

“Are you saying that I need to join a gym?” Shake my head fast.

“I think I do, I will serve you happily if you gain fifty.” Miss Perkins makes a face.

“I would join a gym if I gained fifty, also sign up for one of the weight loss programs. Still I see what you mean. Did look at Alexis and honestly it’s not as bad when you have no one else to compare her body with.” Snort and giggle.

“You are a goddess and Mistress. A gym would be so I am not afraid you are finding a better looking pet.”

“Like I’m going to let you go alone, you are a slut after all.” Sigh and turn red.

“I am your slut. Heck I was only a slut in I slept with women during the first date.”

“I did the same thing, besides you slept with them so they were sluts as well.” Well when you put it like that.

“So we will find a gym?”

“Well no, we will go sign up at a gym. Alexis works in a gym, personal trainer, so I know a good one already.”

“I think I’d rather have one for women so I don’t get men making bad passes at me.”

“You realize Alexis figured you gave bad passes because you are a lesbian right?” Groan and toss up my hands.

“I only share a sexual interest with men, all girl besides that.” We’re both giggling for a while.

“We will go tomorrow and sign up. After you serve for a while.”

“I’m looking forward to the serving. Is Alexis going to have me serve her more?”

“I don’t know, are you still weirded out about it?”

“Yeah a little. Suppose we should ask her to have me serve her too.”

“Depending on what the lawyer said you may help me try him out at the club.”

Sigh and whimper a little because I forgot about the club. Has me picturing a place with bondage stuff all over and submissives are strapped down to be used by all the people who go there. Which is mentioned in one of the romances I have read with BDSM stuff in it. Then I am getting poked so snap out of the terror of the vision.

“What brought the whimper on?”

“I forgot about the club. When you reminded me I pictured a place where submissives are strapped down to be used by the people there.”

“I read that romance too. I thought the club sounded good, but then I would have been doing the using.”

“I like to serve but only want to serve you so that is a little scary.”

“The club is not like that, there are rooms you can go in where sex can happen. If you don’t want someone taking part you simply say so.” Miss Perkins stops and just looks at me for a second. “Hang on, that romance was straight.”

“Doesn’t mean I don’t want to read it, also got it from Grace. Besides the part where Master has a cock and no tits it was good.”

“I thought it wasn’t bad on the sex. So you liked how she submitted to his every desire?”

“Yeah, I guess I always knew I want to do that just never thought about it.”

“I found out about dominant and submissive from a classmate in high school. She wanted to submit and talked me into being her mistress. Before you ask she decided she wanted a master and have his kids. I understood the desire so didn’t put up a fuss, also was going away to college.”

“Honestly I wish we had met in college.”

“Would have been nice.”

Don’t talk anymore because I have pulled off the highway and we are getting close to the office. I am thinking about if we had met in college, and I’m not sure that would have been good. So when we get out of my car to head for the office I may as well ask.

“Where did you go to college?”

“Berkeley. Where did you go?”

“UCLA, I had an offer from Berkeley but it was for a law degree and I didn’t want to do that. I’d end up being all stuffy and self centered.” Miss Perkins snorts and swats me on my butt as we go in to the building.

“I’m not that bad.”

“You are self centered a little.”

“Are you complaining?” Shake my head and put my arms around her.

“Definitely not, I love being your pet. Have to admit though I’m not sure we should have met in college. When I got my degree and went looking for work I ended up working for an architect firm.” Grace waves her arm as we are going by them.

“I always wondered, how did you get the job here?”

“Honestly I don’t know. I don’t have the degree you two have, and most of the applicants had the same degree. What set me apart was simply I had work experience, the architect folded so it wasn’t a matter of being buca escort bad at my job to need to look.”

“Why did the architect fold?”

“Well this is kinda sad, when I got the job there were four architects and doing good, hired another one and got even better. Two years later one of the original four moved, his dad died and Mom needed help. At the time it was like that is so sweet and didn’t matter, but it did because he was the one that did most of the original meetings with new clients. The other guys were not as personable and didn’t listen to me when I suggested things. So clients dried up and had to fold.”

“That does suck, and you would think they understood needing to talk to people.” Sigh and shrug.

“I could say they were dumb but they weren’t. Honestly it was a little like they had a screw loose. I mean they cared about the design and anything else was so what. I’m fairly sure three of the guys left were virgins.”

We’re all giggling and I am ushered on the elevator. We go all the way up again so I am a little lost on this. Still it did make sense to stay in his office, he is a criminal attorney as well. According to Miss Perkins he is good on knowing past cases as well. Which honestly is a little odd, but then not as well since I do remember the password assigned to our computers to get on the network.

Going in his office we find his assistant and not him. She looks back at us and waves then goes back to her laptop. Has the headset on and I haven’t done mine yet. Course mine I left in my desk, at least right now it is my desk. Fairly sure in another couple days I will have a desk sitting in the outer office of Miss Perkins.

After getting my headset and put it on I notice we are short four partners. That is puzzling so return to the office I left Miss Perkins in and find her sitting on the desk talking to his assistant.

“Partners are running late today.”

“Francis has a court appearance in the afternoon.” Nod and sit, he always comes in a little late on court days.

“Has he told you what he does?” Miss Perkins snorts and nods.

“Practices in his boxers.”

“I wouldn’t mind seeing that.” Stare at her a second.

“Not something I understand. Still I’m fairly sure he will let you, but you have to give him sex.”

“Not ready for that, barely even know him.”

“Make sure he takes you to his lunch meetings.” We’re both staring at Miss Perkins. “He likes to drink at those and then getting back takes a while because he has to sober up.”

Not the best of news, I know he likes to drink some during the day but going to a lunch meeting and drinking is a bad idea. Though he does take a while to come back from lunch. Miss Perkins also opens up her briefcase and hands over my laptop, she is getting on hers. She takes his chair so I can’t, though the visitor chairs are more comfortable than his chair oddly enough.

Check email first, may as well take care of the job things. Still nothing about buying me clothes on the company card. I honestly don’t get this, Miss Perkins spent almost a thousand on outfits for me. Which accounting should complain about. I mean the lunch meetings are billed to clients, which I didn’t know about, but clothes are not billed to clients.

“Miss Perkins why has accounting not yelled about you buying me clothes?” That earns me two snorts.

“They haven’t complained because the extra funds from billing clients is put into the company card. It would be hard for them to get upset with our spending unless we spend millions for a house.” Just stare at Miss Perkins trying to think of how to get them to not yell about a house then it comes to me.

“So if we bought a house to put clients who are in danger?” That gets me stared at.

“You mean to avoid stalkers and such.”

“Not so much stalkers but yes.”

“Why not to avoid stalkers?” Look over at her and wink.

“Cops have you stay home and simply set up surveillance, so when the stalker goes to talk to the celeb they catch the stalker” Miss Perkins waggles her hand.

“Sometimes they get a stand in, depends on if the stalker looks to be a danger. Still that is an idea, would need a big house and close to a police precinct. There is one thing, they may demand there be a security guard staying at the house.”

“Would think more like two or three. Though don’t worry, I’m a lesbian.”

“Who seemed to enjoy giving a blowjob.” Groan and glow in space again.

“I didn’t enjoy the blowjob, in actual terms it wasn’t really anything but bobbing my head and having a cock in my mouth.” Both of them are giggling.

“You did moan.”

Toss up my hands and they leave me alone so finish up with email. Also don’t have anything else to do, so check the personal for us. Squeak and wave my arms because we have five messages for us in the personal. Miss Perkins comes over and pulls me up then into her lap so move around to give her a look at the screen.

“Open the one for the lawyer first, we did invite him to the club for a threesome.”

“I thought you were going to do him.” Get my nose swatted.

“We are both going to do him because you have the most wonderful view on sex with others. Do rather need to break you of it but don’t want to all in one.” Sigh and smile up at Mistress, then get poked so open up the message.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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