My Journey Pt. 10 – The Betrayal


I woke up the next morning on the recliner. I felt awful. Not the typical hangover that I was used to. I had a bad headache and my stomach just wasn’t right. Really not right. Much worse than my usual hangover.

I sat there for a moment taking in the scene before me. Jack and Jim were on the couch, one at each end, and Alex was on the floor, face down with a spilled bowl of Doritos next to him.

There wasn’t a stich of clothing in sight. Not on any bodies, not on the furniture, not even on the floor.

There were beer bottles and liquor bottles everywhere, mostly on the kitchen table but some on the floor and end tables.

The place was a mess. And I was sticky. My neck, my chest, my upper thighs. Not ridiculously sticky, but enough that I noticed. I eventually figured out that this was most likely from the “sloppies”.

I closed my eyes and tried to piece the night together. The thinking made my head hurt more. And apparently my stomach didn’t like thinking about it either because I got super nauseous.

I headed into the master bath. I didn’t want to wake anyone up. And yes, I puked. I puked a lot.

Once my stomach had been purged and my forehead adequately cooled by resting on the bowl, I rinsed my mouth out in the sink and used a washcloth to clean my sticky spots. Then I crawled into the bed.

And I was out like a light.

When I woke up it was late morning. The guys were hollering at the TV. ESPN was blasting. I found my bag and dug out my boxers. I wasn’t feeling sexy at all.

I wandered out into the kitchen where Jack saw me.

“You look like shit!”

I felt like shit. It was bad. Jack mixed me up some concoction and handed it to me along with a couple slices of bread.

“Go back into the bedroom and eat the bread then drink this. Chug it once.”

I did as he said. I choked down the bread and swallowed the cocktail. It was a bit sweet but not awful. A few minutes later I felt unbearably tired and climbed back into bed.

I noticed it was dark outside as I rushed for the bathroom. I was pretty much cleaned out.

I went back out I to the living room. There was a baseball game on and the guys were drinking pretty hard again. I couldn’t understand how they did it.

Jack spotted me again. “You look better! Let’s get you one more round.”

I definitely felt better. I still had a little bit of a headache and my stomach was still queasy but I definitely felt better than earlier. He handed me more bread and mixed up another glass of his potion. I walked back to the bedroom and consumed my bread and cocktail. As before, I became sluggish and tired and quickly fell asleep.

I noticed it was still dark out as I raced for the bathroom. Anything I had left inside me evacuated my body. Once I stood up and flushed I realized that I felt amazing.

I don’t mean that the headache was gone and my stomach felt better, I mean I felt awesome!! I was full of energy, I was hungry, and my cock was rock hard! I dont know what Jack had given me but that hangover was history.

After showering and brushing my teeth, I felt even better. I put on my boxers and left the bedroom.

The place was still trashed. Not only had they not cleaned up anything from the night I was drinking, they had just added to it. There were empty bottles everywhere. Empty chip bags and pizza boxes were spread out on the floor. The bowl of Doritos that had been spilled was still there but looked like someone had been eating them.

The guys were all passed out on the chair and couch, fully dressed this time. The TV was blasting Sports Center.

I turned down the TV and went into the kitchen where I cooked myself some eggs and sausage, which I then quickly devoured. I made some coffee too.

I was no longer hungry but I was still horny and full of energy. I went back into the bedroom. I didn’t want to wake anyone up. But I couldn’t sit still.

I found myself drawn to the Anadolu Yakası Escort closet. I had left it a mess and thought I’d clean it up and maybe organize it some for Jack. I pulled out everything that was piled up on the floor and spread it out.

He had definitely just dumped her clothes out of the drawers and on top of her expansive collection of shoes. I’ve never understood the shoe thing. She had sneakers and jellies all the way up to 6 inch stilettos. There had to be 30 or 40 pairs of shoes.

I separated everything into piles. Bras, panties, stockings, pantyhose, shirts, shorts…. So many clothes.

I neatly stacked the shorts and shirts in the back corner behind the now straighted out shoes. I reached for the panties next but stopped. They were so silky and pretty. And those bras really didn’t have very big cups. The nylon stockings felt pretty nice too.

I picked up the undergarments and headed into the bathroom. The bras fit me surprisingly well. And I loved how the panties and stocking felt. I checked myself in the mirror. I was a little surprised at how feminine I looked in the purple bra and panties and my legs looked amazing in the stockings.

I pulled a couple of outfits out of the closet and went back into the bathroom. I tried on different skirts and blouses. I even found a little miniskirt that looked amazing on me.

Fuck I felt sexy!!! I was even leaking precum into the pink panties I had put on!

I decided to put everything back. I was getting too worked up. But as I hung up the skirts I looked in the tight, hard to reach corner and spotted the lingerie. The purple teddy caught my eye. I also liked the sexy bra/g-string combos and garter belts. And of course, the costumes.

Naughty cop, French maid, sexy pirate, nurse, school girl, little red riding hood, Alice in Wonderland thing, little devil costume. And these weren’t cheap, one time use outfits. These were really nice quality.

I pulled out the school girl uniform. It seemed simple enough, a blue plaid skirt with lace edges and a little white top that tied in the middle.

I looked good in it too. Well, the top looked a bit awkward since I didn’t have tits but other than that it looked great. On the hanger was a pair of sexy blue, high cut panties and pair of white stockings that attached to elastic strips with clips on the skirt, kinda like a garter belt. I slid those on too.

I was taken back by how sexy I Iooked. My legs, my ass, even my chest looked good, even without tits. I mean, seriously, I looked like a girl.

I posed for myself in front of the mirror for a while, poking my ass out from under the skirt and let my cock lift the skirt material in front of me.

All these clothes were soft and silky and felt amazing. It makes you wonder why men’s clothing isn’t made like this.

Eventually I took everything off and hung it back up. I was looking at the hats and gloves and purses on the top shelf when I spotted the makeup kit. It wasn’t just a little bag. It was a plastic box with drawers that lifted out like a tackle box.

It was filled with brushes of different sizes and little pods of color blushes or whatever the stuff was. There were lipsticks, blushes, eyeliner pencils. You know, all the shit women paint on their faces. This was uncharted territory for me.

Well, except the eyeliner. I went through a goth phase in high school that I’d rather not talk about.

After running some of the brushes over my face….they felt so good… I put everything away. I put my boxers back on I headed back into the living room.

The guys were still out cold. I couldn’t get over the mess but I didn’t want to start cleaning and wake everyone up. I wandered into the backyard. It was just as bad.

The sun was up now, lighting up the disgrace that the patio had become. I grabbed the big recycling can and a garbage can and started filling them up.

I smiled when Avrupa Yakası Escort I found my acid washed cut offs under the table. I never did find my hot pink Adidas t shirt. I suspect one of the guys kept it for some reason.

It took a bit but I got it straightened out and the patio was respectable again. I went back inside and switched my boxers for the shorts then turned my attention to the kitchen.

As I packed garbage bags with pizza boxes, chip bags, paper plates, and whatever other trash was everywhere, I thought, “what am I, their fucking maid?”

I stood up and smiled. It was getting to be late morning and, based on the day before, they should start waking up soon. I set the two full bags of trash I had filled off to the side and went back into the bedroom.

The French maid outfit looked amazing on me. It had a frilly black skirt and a white apron, wrist cuffs and lacy collar. Even better was the black thigh high stockings and silky panties. I wish I had shoes that fit though.

I got the makeup kit out of the closet. I had intended to only use the eye liner but I was so taken back by how hot I looked that I tried a little eye shadow. Then some blush. And then some lipstick. I couldn’t get over how girly I looked.

FUCK I felt sexy!

I put the maid headgear piece on my head and headed out.

I felt sexy but I was nervous. How would the guys react and would Jack be ok with me wearing his exes lingerie? I wouldn’t have too long to wait.

As I was wiping down the counter in the kitchen I heard someone get up and head into the bathroom. The boys were stirring.

I heard a gasp behind me. I turned around to see Jack in the doorway. I tried to get a quick read. He was eyeing me up and down…how I wished I had heels on…a little grin came across his face. I took that as his approval.

“Did you sleep well, Sir?”

Did I just call him sir?

He was smiling now. “It wasn’t too bad. Rough night tho”.

He kept his eyes on me as he gathered some ingredients together. He looked worn, tired, but so handsome. I couldn’t help but smile back at him.

He was preparing three glasses of his hangover mix, I assumed, when I heard an “oh, damn!” from behind me.

Alex was grinning ear to ear as he looked me over in my sexy costume. He was a mess too.

“Fucking sexy!”

I heard the shower running. Jack and Alex tossed back their elixir and watched me finish wiping down the table.

I moved into the living room collecting bottles and trash. Someone had definitely been munching on those Doritos on the floor. I cleaned that up too.

Jack and Alex jumped in the shower as I worked. Not together, of course. Jim came out with just shorts on. He had come up behind me silently and ran his hand up the back of my thigh.

It startled me and I spun around. I could see he was surprised by the makeup on my face.

“Look at you! You’re fucking cute!”

“Thank you, Sir.”

“Sir? Nice touch. I like it. Where did Jack leave that magic potion….I feel like shit.” Jim said as he wandered off into the kitchen.

I was wiping off the end tables and cleaning up some spilled pretzels out of the couch when Jack and Alex left to get more beer. Jim had plopped into the couch and was watching ESPN while I kept busy.

I had found the vacuum in the closet and ran it over the floor, teasing Jim by bending over and sticking my ass out in front of him.

When I put the vacuum away and turned around Jim was right behind me. Startled, I stepped back against the wall. He moved closer, inches from my face.

“I know what you were doing you little cock tease.” He reached under my skirt and grabbed my silk covered cock. It felt amazing. My hard on hadn’t gone down all morning. Every step made my cock rub against the smooth material. It make me so hard and my cock ached for attention.

And attention it was getting now as Jim roughly groped me. İstanbul Escort I didn’t protest at all and I think he saw the pleasure in my eyes.

I was almost longing for it when he pressed his lips to mine. I had my arms over this shoulders which made me feel totally engulfed and submissive to him. The sexy outfit and the fact that he had pulled my cock out of the side of my panties to stroke it intensified my feelings.

We made out like that for a while until I felt Jim’s hands on my shoulders. I pulled away and looked at him. His eyes were full of lust. He grabbed a fistful of hair from the back of my head and pulled me to my knees.

With his other hand he pushed his shorts down, his rigid cock springing into my face.

“Suck it you little fucking whore.” He pressed it against my lips. The back of my head was against the wall as his cock entered my mouth.

Jim proceeded to brutally fuck my mouth. Because of the angle I was at from my knees and the wall behind me and the fact that he still had a fistful of my hair, I wasn’t able to get him down my throat. His cock just hammered against the entrance to my throat, gagging me. But I was unable to really cough or pull away so I was basically coughing through my nose causing snot and phlegm and probably precum to shoot out my nostrils.

Now as unpleasant as this sounds, and it kind of was, I was actually loving it! It wasn’t like that night on the side of the road. I loved being on my knees, dressed in women’s lingerie, pinned against a wall and gasping for air while this good looking man choked me with his manhood, indifferent to my suffering.

Weird, right? Well, my hand under my skirt frantically jerking my cock was the proof. I loved the grunting sounds he was making, the taste of his dick, the occasional panic I felt from lack of oxygen. The overall helpless feeling of being pinned against a wall and roughly face fucked was indescribable.

As was the moment he made one last powerful thrust and start shooting off on my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could and got most of it down. He pulled his cock out out my mouth and slapped me in the face with it while looking down at me, grinning. He smeared his slimy rod around my face.

“You’re an amazing little cocksucking whore.”

I stood up and hadn’t wiped my chin yet when Jack and Alex strolled through the door. It was pretty obvious what had just happened. Jim was pulling up his shorts, my makeup smeared all over my face, cum trickling down my chin.

Jack didn’t look happy.

Looking back and forth at Jim and me, he said, “what the fuck is going on here?”

For the first time I was scared. I wasn’t sure what to do. I didn’t know what to say.

“Eh, I was just a little backed up. The little slut helped clear my pipes!”, Jim joked.

Jack looked at me. “Take that costume off and go clean yourself up. You’re a fucking mess.”

In the bedroom I took the maid outfit off and hung it back up again. Other than the precum that had oozed out of my cock into the panties there was no other damage to the outfit. I could wash the panties.

Looking at myself in the bathroom mirror I couldn’t believe how messed up the makeup gotten. I didn’t even think I had that much on. Eye liner had run from my tears, the lipstick was smeared around my mouth, and the blush was caked with a spit/cum slime from Jim wiping his dick off on my face.

But it was nothing a hot, wet washcloth couldn’t remove. I got it all off with a little scrubbing, gave my face a good rinse in the sink, and dried myself off.

I grabbed my boxers off the sink and started for the living room.

But I stopped at the bedroom door. There was an argument going on. They weren’t yelling at each other, more of a whispering yell. Like a hushed argument.

I put my ear to the door.

“Fuck you!”

“What the fuck is your problem?”

“I’ve had enough of this bullshit?”

“Fuck that bitch!”

“Get the fuck out!”

I stepped back from the door. What had I done?

Were they arguing about… Had I done something wrong? Maybe the costume was too much. Or was it sucking Jim’s cock? I felt awful.

“GET THE FUCK OUT!!!” It wasn’t whisper yelling anymore.

The door slammed.