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Laura had just left the house after grabbing her bag of clothes on the way to Lisa’s house when she got the phone call. Once she pulled into the driveway, she slowly took a deep breath, then she screamed out in frustration. “Fuck, I can’t believe this. Fuck!” Laura grabbed her bag and stormed into the kitchen through the garage.“I’ll be down in a minute Laura,” Lisa shouted from upstairs.“Lisa, are you ready yet?” She asked as she saw Lisa walking towards her wearing her work uniform. Laura slumped into the chair and dropped her head dejectedly.“Laura, I’m really….,” Lisa started to say.“Really? You have got to be kidding me. This night really sucks, So much for Mike’s special birthday present.”“Wait. Why would you say that? You don’t really need me tonight. I was just coming with you to watch.”“You’re right. It is fun hanging out with you. But I could have used you tonight, the photographer canceled with me just a few minutes ago.”“Aww, sweetie. What are you going to do now?”“I have no idea. Mike is away this weekend, so the timing was perfect to get his gift finished. Now, I don’t what to do or what to get him.”Lisa pulled a bottle of wine from the fridge and poured Laura a small glass. Lisa then cracked the lid from her water bottle, and they sat at the kitchen table to figure out what they could do.“I have a crazy idea. Don’t say no until you hear me out.”Lisa told Laura about her idea. She didn’t shoot her down right away. But she was hesitant to fully embrace it. It was better than anything she could have thought of. She wondered why it never crossed her mind, to begin with.“Do you think he’d do it? It is short notice.” Ankara escort Laura asked.“There is only one way to find out,” Lisa said as she handed Laura her phone. “I’ll call you on my break.” She gave Laura a quick hug and left for work.Laura sat at the table and stared at her phone for about five minutes. She finally opened her contacts and made the call. She hoped that it wouldn’t go to voicemail. That was a message that she didn’t want to leave,“Hey stud,” she said as he answered the phone.“Hey, sexy. I’m glad you called.”“You are?” She asked confused.“Yes. I enjoy getting daily phone calls from hot women. Especially those that have a sultry sexy voice like yours.”“Oh really, big boy? Does my voice get you all hot and bothered? Make you want to do naughty things to yourself?”“You know it does.”“Well, how about you come to see me tonight? Maybe I can see just how hot and bothered you get by the sound of my voice. Can you be at my house by seven?” She asked.“Tonight. Sure, I can be there. I’ll grab a pizza for us. If that’s okay.”“Sure, that would be great. I’ll see you soon.” When she hung up, Laura grabbed her things, locked up Lisa’s house, and headed to her house. Her studio was in her basement. She made sure she had everything set up for Bret to take her boudoir photos for Mike’s birthday present. She already had several of his favorite outfits picked out to change into.I pulled up in the driveway and got out with our pizza and a bottle of wine. I didn’t even have to knock when Laura opened the door and let me in. I handed her the wine and was rewarded with a kiss on the cheek.“Thanks Ankara escort bayan for doing this for me, Bret. Sorry about the short notice. Are you sure you are okay doing this for me? I know that Mike will appreciate this as well.”“I’m glad I can help you out. Now, what do we have to do to get started?” I asked.Laura quickly grabbed me by the arm and pulled me down to her studio. She showed me how to use her cameras and how to adjust the lights. She also gave me a quick look at a few of the outfits she wanted to wear. She took her bag and outfits to the bathroom to get changed. She wanted to start with casual shots and then to sexier more revealing shots.The first outfit was a pair of tight jeans and a Penn State hoodie. She looked like a sexy co-ed. They never looked that hot when I was in college. Her ass looked really great in those jeans. I had to keep adjusting myself because my cock was straining against my jeans.As she went to change to her next outfit, I scrolled through Lush while I waited. I found a post for a contest looking for the best erotic picture. There were three categories: Male, Female, and Couples. I almost dropped my phone when Laura appeared in her next outfit.She had a low-cut blouse, a short mini skirt, thigh-high fishnet stockings, and four-inch “CFM” pumps. To top it off, she was wearing a pair of sexy glasses. She reminded me of my high school teacher that I wanted to fuck. I needed some relief soon. Laura gave me a wicked grin when she saw the bulge in my jeans. Somehow, I managed to get through a few more revealing outfit changes without blowing my load Escort Ankara in my jeans. When we finished, Laura loaded all the pics onto her computer. Her hand was rubbing my thigh while we were looking at them. I mentioned the contest from Lush to distract her and ease my raging hard-on.“Oh really? These pics are really good Bret. Can we take a few more and enter the contest?” She asked.“Sure, Laura. I’ll take a few more for you.”“What about you? You don’t want to enter as well?”“Sorry. I’m happy to take your pictures but having my picture taken isn’t my kind of thing.”“I know. But I want us to enter. I am not taking no for an answer. I have an idea. This will be good for both of us. Trust me.” Laura told me her idea and it was a little crazy, she did say we would both get some relief when we were done.Laura took my hand and walked me to the couch. Before we got there, she stopped by her desk and grabbed a second camera. Once we got to the couch, Laura spun me around and planted a heart-stopping kiss on me. I was caught off guard and in seconds Laura had my jeans down to my knees and I was sitting on the couch. Laura was beside me stroking my cock in one hand and taking pictures with the other.“Laura, if you don’t stop, I’m going to cum.” Once she heard that, she stopped stroking me, and then she gave me a sly grin.“I don’t want you to cum just yet,” she said. Laura pulled up her mini-skirt and sat on the soft plush carpet. She gave me a come-hither look and motioned me to come to her. “Bret, get your tongue on me so I can take some pictures.” I was on my knees with my head buried between her legs before she had a chance to change her mind. A few minutes later, her legs were on my shoulders, and she was pulling my head into her pussy when she started to cum.After her orgasm subsided, both of us took each camera and got a few close-ups of her swollen pussy. She started to rub her pussy, making her cum again.