The Actor, Episode VI


 Chapter 22Meanwhile, back at the ranch …“I’m really sorry about all this,” Jake said to Clint as they both rode on horseback. “I know I’m leaving you in a big lurch. I had no idea it would take this much time. Things have changed in Hollywood in the last twenty-five years.”“Ah … don’t flatter yourself. Nobody here really likes you much anyway,” Clint said with a wink and a smile. Jake rolled his eyes at his old friend. “Still, I feel kinda bad about it.”“We’ll hold down the fort and you always have a home here with us … you can come back when you’re done. Meanwhile, Jimmy can plunge a toilet just as good as you. And we’ll get another Jimmy, or Johnny, or Joey, and train him up. Circle of life thing, ya know? Besides, you brought us the movie people. They’ll be staying way past our usual season, so that’s a shitload of extra money. I just gotta figure who-all is gonna run this place over the winter. Marcie and I are snowbirds now and usually go down to Phoenix to stay warm, ya know?”“Yeah, you’ll figure somethin’ out. How’s Jamie doin’?”“Jesus Christ,” Clint cried out, sitting up straighter in his saddle. “Why didn’t you bring her up here sooner? She’s implemented some kind of engine … optimizer … thing that–”“Search engine optimization?” Jake ventured.“I guess, like I know anything about that internet shit. Anyway, the hits on our website have gone up over 100% in the two weeks she’s been here. Bookings are up, too. Hell, I reckon we will be fully booked soon for all of next year. We ain’t been fully booked since I don’t know when, way before Covid. She’s making us an Instagram account, too. I’m not sure what that is, but she said it’s important. Plus she’s setting up databases for all our animal records, customers, vendors, all kinds of shit.”“Told ya she was good,” Jake said, his chest puffing out a little. He’d never been so proud of Jamie and was just tickled pink that she was working out so well for the ranch. Clint stopped his horse about a mile away from the ranch. “I’ll never get over this view. Say, you guys still livin’ in that shitty shack? Come on, man. She needs a proper house.”“In due time, old man. The Warner Bro’s don’t pay me in a lump sum. We’ll get somethin’ nice by spring.”“You gonna marry her, Jake? I mean, I can’t for the life of me figure out why, but she really loves you.”“I love these talks of ours. I always feel so deeply appreciated afterwards. But yeah, I want to marry her soon, if she’ll have me.”“You better do it before she gets to know me better, or else it will be me she wants to marry. Race you to the barn!” Clint kicked his horse and took off, leaving Jake in the dust. I should probably let the old fuck win, just this once, Jake reasoned.- – – – -Jake pushed himself into Jamie one last time and exploded inside her. Her body violently convulsed as the last of her orgasm overwhelmed her. He felt her arms and legs wrapped tightly around him as they struggled to get their breathing under control. When he rolled off of her his cock was expelled from her body and their combined fluids gushed out of her, making a wet spot on the sheets between her legs. He pulled her tight into his arms and her large breasts crushed up against his hairy, muscled chest. “I’m never going to get tired of doing that with you,” he whispered.She giggled. “You’d better not.”He tenderly ran his hand through her fiery red locks. “Clint is so impressed with you. You’re making yourself invaluable to the ranch, love.”She gave him a beautiful smile. “I’m trying to drag their operation into the twenty-first century, but I’m so happy that they’re pleased with everything I’m doing.”“They are, baby, even his missus gushed about the great job you’re doing.”“She’s so sweet and they’re both so easy to work for. Honestly, this is the best job that I’ve ever had.” “Good, I want you to be happy here.” She snuggled closer into his body. “I’m with you, Daddy, of course I’m happy.” “I want us to live in this area … forever,” he said a little more seriously. “We just …” Jamie paused for a moment, trying to get her words right. “You know … we might need a little more room.”“What, you don’t like our little love shack?” he teased.“You know I love it, but … ummm … we’ll need more room when it’s not just you and me.”Jake smiled but took a few moments before he spoke. “Honey, do you really, truly think that’s a good idea? I’m… not a spring chicken. Is it fair to the kid to have a parent so old?”“It’s fair to the kid to have a good father, whatever his age, and you’re not that old.”“I’ll be … seventy-eight when he graduates high school, if I don’t die before then.”“Oh, so it’s a he now, is it? And what if I want a little girl? What do you think about that?” she said playfully. “Jaime, come on now. I’m being serious. I don’t want to short-change our kid just out of vanity or … selfishness.”“Daddy,” Jaime said seriously, “I want to have your baby more than anything in the world. You would be the best father I can possibly imagine. It’s worth the risk to me. That being said, you owe me a minimum … and I mean a minimum … of twenty years. You have to promise me that. Right now.”“Ummm,” he stammered.“I mean it! Promise me right now.”Jake put his hands up. “Okay, okay! I give up. I promise I won’t die for twenty years.”Jaime stared hard at him. “Remember the Cowboy Code, a good cowboy keeps his promises.”“I mean it! I won’t get killed or get sick for twenty years. But I can’t guarantee anything after that.”“Perfect.” Jaime smiled. “I know, deep down, you want a child, too.”He grinned. “I would love to hear the pitter-patter of little feet running around here.”“How about I stop taking the pill?”“Yeah, I’m good with that. Is there anything we should do? I mean like a waiting period or something?”“Hmmm, from what I’ve read, not really. But we should talk to an OB-GYN. Do they have those here in Montana?”“Naw, women just have babies out in the barn.” She gave him a sideways glance. “I’ll stop taking the pill as of now. You might just have to finish in my mouth for a couple of weeks.”“Or in your ass,” he said with a sly smile. “After that, I will get you pregnant. But I’m gonna want some of that milk when it comes in.”“What? Seriously? Our baby has to share with you?” she said playfully.They shared a hot romantic kiss. “Yeah, Jake Jr. will have to.”“Or maybe Jill? I kinda like that name too if it’s a girl.” “Jill … I love that name.” He thought for a moment. “Boy or girl, the baby is going to have to learn to share,” he said blithely. She Escort Fikirtepe laughed. “Yes, the baby will.” She snuggled up on him, her fingers twirling his chest hairs.They both basked in the afterglow for a few moments. “I … ummm … I don’t want to put any pressure on you, but when are you going to make an honest woman out of me?” “Oh yeah, that.”“Yeah, that.”“Should we do it right away? Or maybe wait for spring?”She gave him a radiant smile. “I think I can handle a spring wedding.”“Spring it is, then. This is going to be an exciting year! We could possibly have a baby by this time next year.”“I’m counting on it. Don’t go and get kicked by a horse, you gotta keep those family jewels safe for me.”“Gee, thanks!”There were a few moments of comfortable silence before Jake remembered something. “Oh, remember to keep Saturday morning open; we’ll go into Bozeman and do a little car shopping. Your old hooptie isn’t going to do very well once the snow starts falling.” “Hooptie? How the hell do you know what a hooptie is, cowboy?”“Hey, I’m hip to the lingo, I’m a down alley-cat.”   She laughed. “Please, don’t ever say ‘hip to the lingo’ again, okay?”“Don’t all you young people still say down alley-cat?” “I think they did back in the ‘20s, the 1920s! I need to drag you into the twenty-first century too,” she teased. He slid his thigh between her legs and she opened them for him. “You make this old man feel like he’s eighteen again.” They exchanged another hot little kiss. She pressed her breasts into his chest and took his hardening cock into her hand. “You’re not that old,” she whispered. He rolled onto his back and Jamie gracefully slid on top of him. He took his erection in his hand at its base and guided it inside her with one long push. She let out a deep moan and placed her hands on his chest. No matter how many times he made love to her, his hunger for her could never be sated. – – – – -“Can I have everyone’s attention?” Clint called out over the DJ’s public-address system. The small crowd of ranch employees stopped their murmuring and looked up from their dinners to focus on Clint.“First, I want to thank everyone for coming tonight. I know Saturday is usually your night off, but the next few weeks are gonna be pretty busy and … well … we’ve got to celebrate our big star, Jake McClintock! Come on up here, boy!”  A hearty round of applause accompanied by lots of shouting followed his opening remarks while Jake left Jamie’s side at the dinner table and made his way to the little stage where the DJ booth sat. “As you know, Jake is leaving us for a while to star in some movie or something, what’s it called again?”Jake shook his head and leaned into the microphone. “It’s a Netflix series called Montana Skies Again.”After some more shouts, Clint continued. “Yeah, that’s it. Was their marketing team asleep at the wheel or something? I mean that title ranks pretty low on the creative scale, you know what I’m saying?” The crowd chuckled at the lackluster title.“I didn’t write it,” Jake explained. “I’ll just show up and … you know … say my lines and do my work.”“Show up and do your work, just like you’ve been doing for us for over twenty years! You know, folks, olde Jake here, he saved this ranch single-handedly back in the ‘90s. After the fire, we were pretty much circling the drain. But my boy swept in with some of that Hollywood money and saved our ass, and he… he kept this ranch going.” Clint looked at his friend, his eyes turning glassy, and gave him a big old bear hug.Jamie looked on, touched by the depth of emotions shown by these two old friends, and Clint returned to the microphone. “Of course, he ended up sticking around here like a sick mule and we couldn’t ever get rid of him until now, right?” Jake threw his hands up in laughter along with everyone else. “Naw, we will miss you, buddy. Anytime you wanna come back, the barn door is always open. ’Course, if you do come back you’ll have to start back at the bottom and work for Jimmy!”“Yeah!” Jimmy shouted. “And you better make the coffee right!” After the laughter died down, Clint resumed. “So Jake, I hear you have an announcement of some import?”Jake leaned into the microphone again and took a deep breath to compose himself. “Ummm … Jamie and I will be gettin’ married in the spring.” After much hooting and hollering, Jake said, “And you’re all invited! We’re gettin’ hitched here at the ranch.”“Alright, folks! Open bar until 9 o’clock!” Clint’s last announcement signaled the DJ to start playing music and everyone tried to congratulate Jake and Jamie at once. Jake finally got to talk to Jamie after several minutes passed. “There you are!”“Daddy!” she cried and hugged him tightly. “Daddy?” interrupted Darryl. “You know I’m better lookin’ than him, right?” He gave Jamie a big hug and then slapped Jake on the back. “I don’t know about that!” Jamie laughed. “Well, congratulations anyway. You got a sister?” Darryl asked. “Or is your mom single?”“Sorry, my friend, it’s just me. But what about Nancy over there? She’s pretty cute.”“The little Asian masseuse? She looks like a little firecracker, but she’s … you know … a little young for me,” he responded. “You need to give it a shot with her, roll those bones and see what happens, pardner,” Jake said.  “Well … since Jamie seems to be kinda serious about this old cowboy standin’ in front of me, I guess I’ll see if that pretty little Asian girl likes to dance. See you two later.” Darryl gave Jake a slight wink that he hoped Jamie didn’t notice. Then, he walked over towards Nancy. Jake put his arms around her again. “That’s a beautiful dress, love.” “What? This old thing?” she teased. Jamie was wearing a short little black ruffled dress with the hem falling on her upper thighs. She’d paired the outfit with black cowboy boots, keeping with the western theme of the evening. “You look beautiful tonight.” He paused for a moment. “I think Darryl was onto somethin’. Dance with me, darlin’?”“Of course.” They swayed onto the dance floor to an old slow cowboy song, Tumblin’ Tumbleweeds. “I’m glad you told me about you and Nancy because she approached me a few days ago. She doesn’t like me much, it seems.”“Nothin’ to worry about. I can’t and I won’t ever hide anything from you, my little love. For instance, I can’t hide my lust for you right now. How long do we have to stay? I want to roll in the hay with you.” He slipped his hand lower and firmly grabbed her taut ass. “Well, I reckon Sancaktepe escort we oughta stay a little while, don’t cha think?” “Wait a minute,” Jake said, chuckling. “You ain’t been here long enough to start usin’ words like reckon!”“I’m settling in.” She pressed her breasts against Jake’s chest as they slow-danced. “I’ll be a hick like you in no time, so you’d better get used to it, cowboy.” His cock, already at about half-mast, began filling up completely. “Apparently, I will never get used to you doing that.” The evening’s frivolities continued with more toasts, laughter, and dancing. Once Jake saw Clint and Marcy leave, however, he grabbed Jamie’s hand. “We gotta go now.” Jamie protested mildly. “But I was supposed to dance with Darryl!”“Some other time, I’ve got something I need to show you.” He whisked her away after some quick goodbyes but he surprised her by heading towards the barn and not to his truck. “Something … here in the barn?”Jake just winked at her as he opened the man-door, not the big barn door. A couple of horses snorted at the noise in the dim light. Jake led her to another door that opened up into a large room filled with saddles, bridles, and all the necessary bits and pieces of leather and other gear required for a major horse-riding operation such as the Bar G. The strong scent of leather hit them both the moment he opened the door.He entered the dark room first and turned on a small goose-neck lamp at the desk, then pointed the lamp down and towards the wall. The effect gave the utilitarian room an almost romantic feel.“Okay, I have actually seen the tack room before, but usually with more light.” Jamie still didn’t know what she was supposed to see or what was going to happen. Jake shut the door behind Jamie and led her to the center of the room, next to a table and a saddle stand. All of the saddles rested on racks mounted on the walls, but this particular stand stood on the floor and was topped with ten horizontal slats arranged in a curve to match the underside of a saddle. It was used for repairing or cleaning the saddle; a person could easily reach all parts of it.Jamie’s fingers gently glided over the smooth wood and she began to get the idea. “Is this rack what you wanted to show me? What happened to rolling in the hay?”Jake just smiled and began stripping off his clothing. He began with his boots, of course. Then his shirt, and then the pants. Jamie hadn’t worn a bra or thong beneath her decidedly non-western little black dress, so she just hoisted the dress up to her midsection. As his cock made its dramatic appearance, large, erect, and somewhat intimidating, she lowered the straps on her dress to expose her chest. He looked at her in the pale light, the shadows simultaneously hiding and accentuating her shapely body. “Come here,” he spoke hoarsely, and she closed the gap quickly and fell into his arms, her breasts mashing into his chest. “You’ve been teasing me all night with your girls.”She wriggled her chest against him more. “I’ve been trying to get my nipples into your chest hair. You know that tickles them and drives me wild.”They kissed passionately, hungry for each other. The last four weeks together had only increased their ardor for each other’s bodies. With both hands, he reached down below her bottom and hoisted her up. Jamie wrapped her legs around him, crossing her heels behind his back.“Is this okay?” she asked, a trace of concern in her voice.“Baby, I lift hay bales each and every day. With you wrapped around me like you are? It feels like not even half a bale. Now, hold on good for a second, I’ve got to … there we go … yesss.” Jake held his cock as she slid down it, her pussy wet and wide open for him. She groaned and arched her back as he lowered her further down, engulfing his cock completely. There was one spot on the wall not covered by equipment or shelves or hooks, and it was right behind Jake. He turned and walked slowly towards the bare place. He pressed Jamie up against the wall, using it to take some of her weight off of him. He bent his knees slightly but Jamie stayed right where she was. Perfect, he mused. He thrust upward and was immediately rewarded with a satisfying grunt from Jamie. He slowly withdrew, and then fucked her hard again … and again … nearly slamming into her, keeping her pinned to the wall. As he picked up speed he noticed that while Jamie kept her legs locked around him, her arms had gone nearly limp. He had seen her go into this state before. She’s overwhelmed, he thought. It was as if she surrendered herself to him and he could do whatever he pleased. He also knew that she was close to having a massive orgasm when she got this way. It might be a move, a touch, or a whispered word that would send her over the edge. He only had to think for a couple of seconds before genius struck him. “I’m gonna put a baby in you,” he grunted in her ear and pinned her even harder against the wall. “Yes! Daddy, fuck me! Ooooo, fuck me, fuck me!” She exploded on him, her pussy juices squirting out and soaking both of them before puddling on the floor. Her arms woke up and she clenched him hard, her nails digging into his back and shoulders. Jake grimaced and then cried out, but managed not to come; he had further plans for her. They rested for several moments, their sweating bodies heaving as they panted from exertion. Jake tapped Jamie’s leg, and she gradually let her legs down to the floor and they disengaged. He reached up and grabbed his horse Sailor’s saddle blanket and placed it over that curved saddle stand a few feet away. Then he stepped back to retrieve Jamie, whose legs were a bit unsteady after her strong orgasm. “What?” Her voice unsteady, she didn’t quite understand until she saw that Jake was still fully hard. “Oh … what’s this blanket made of?”“Don’t worry, it’s soft Merino wool, and it’s completely clean. Now just lean over, that’s my girl.”Jake admired her form as she draped herself over the saddle stand, her hands not quite reaching the floor. With her legs spread, her glistening pussy lips beckoned him with their promise of pleasure and relief. This young lady turns me on so much. She’s wiggling her ass for me, she just wants me to fuck her and fuck her again. Don’t worry, baby, I will. But first, I’m gonna test the waters a little. Jake stepped up to his woman and pawed her plump right cheek. “Yes, Daddy. I’ve missed you.”Jake chuckled because it had only been about ten üsküdar escort bayan seconds since he last touched her. “Who’s my naughty girl?”“Me!” she answered brightly.Spank!Jamie yelped in surprise. Jake rubbed her cheek that he’d just smacked, feeling her warm flesh radiate. “Who’s my wanton slut?”“I am, Daddy.” Her voice low and sultry; it was a noticeable change from her response a moment ago. Spank!“Nngahhhhh!” she moaned. She also spread her legs an inch wider as Jake cupped her slippery sex.Although Jamie had given herself to him long before, it was never as apparent as it was at this moment. She would do anything I wanted, and I could do anything to her in this state. His cock strained as he stroked it with his left hand; it felt impossibly hard and he needed to come very soon.“Who loves you more than anyone ever could?”“Daddy, it’s you,” she whispered hoarsely. “Only you.” She wiggled her ass again, inviting his hand.Spank!“Owwwwww, Daddy!” she whined.Jake immediately stepped up to her and placed his cock at her dripping entrance, gripped her thighs, and shoved it in hard. Her fully-lubricated pussy accepted him easily as his thighs slapped against hers. “Ohhhh, fuck, yes, Daddy, yes!”As open and wet as Jamie was, she still felt tight to him. His hard fast strokes kicked his impending orgasm into high gear; he knew it wouldn’t be long now. He hoped she was close too, and he figured he would do something more if she didn’t come with him, but he wanted to try something else first. He paused for a few moments so he could slide his hand under her and collect some juices on his fingers. After resuming his fucking, he wiped his wet fingers on her asshole and then circled his thumb around it. He pressed his thumb into her star, effectively double-penetrating her with his big digit. That earned some loud squeals from Jamie. But Jake turned those squeals into moans when he grunted, “Get ready, I’m gonna put a baby in you.”“Yes,” she grunt-moaned with each firm stroke of his cock. “Put a baby inside me, Daddy, give it to me,” she groaned in pleasure. “Here it comes!” Jake grunted as he unloaded his sperm deep inside her. “Auuuggghhhhhhhh! Yes! Get in there, boys, get her pregnant!”Jamie’s body shook continuously as her orgasm overtook her. She let out a few incoherent yells and then went limp. Jake slowly pulled out of her, leaving her pussy gaping but slowly closing up. He stumbled around and sat on the cold concrete floor in front of Jamie, still draped over the saddle stand.She lifted her head. “Aren’t you going to help me up?”“Not yet. We gotta give my swimmers some time to do their work.”Jamie hmphed, smiled, and relaxed again as her breathing slowly returned to normal. “That was … pretty amazing. But I thought we were going to roll in the hay.”“Hay hurts. It’s not really soft and you get stuck with pokey parts. Plus, there’s always bugs and sometimes rats. I thought this would be better.”“It was great, honey. Honest. But I would like to get on my feet again. I’m starting to get a headache from this rack-thing.”Jake gave a chuckle, then got himself up and helped her up. “Think we might’ve got a baby going?”“Well, it’s a little early to tell,” she teased. But I don’t think I’ll be ovulating for another day or so. We’ll have to try again.”“Oh, darn,” Jake said sarcastically. “You mean we get to do this again?”She playfully punched his shoulder. “Yeah. And again … and again …”Chapter 23Jake’s alarm went off at 4:30 in the morning. “God, I’ll be glad when this is over,” moaned Jamie as she stretched. “Wait, we don’t have to be up this early, do we? It’s your first day on set!”“Yeah, sorry, hon. It’s that new smart-phone you got me, I forgot how to turn off the alarm. But I’ll go ahead and get up, you stay here.” Jake threw back his covers and started to rise out of bed but Jamie blocked his efforts with a bear-hug.“Can’t let you leave the house half-cocked on your first day at work.” Jamie moved down to take his cock into her mouth. She expertly took him down to the root, congratulating herself for not gagging even a little bit. She moved her jaw up and down a little; she found that it helped with the saliva production. Jake’s cock was about three-quarters hard when he woke up but Jamie’s warm mouth took him to full hardness in just a few seconds. “Jesus, babe,” he said with a groan. Involuntarily, his hips moved up off the mattress and her giving him head changed to him gently fucking her mouth. Jamie pulled off him for a moment. “Give it to me, Daddy, just like that,” she purred. “Use my mouth, be rough, I need it,” she said somewhat demandingly.  Her hot mouth engulfed him again just as his hands reached down to hold her head. He pushed into her until he was lodged deep in her throat with her lips touching his torso. She kept her head still as he roughly fucked her face until her eyes began watering. Jamie wasn’t exactly sure what these feelings were that came over her, but when Jake got a little rough, she felt very … submissive … and she found she really loved those feelings. She wondered if their extensive age difference was the genesis of those feelings, but only knew that she loved when he took a little control of her like this. No man had ever made her feel this way, and it only seemed to intensify everything she felt for him. Not having time to ponder these new thoughts as Jake continued to rut inside her mouth hard and fast, she placed her hands on his thighs in an attempt to steady herself. Her saliva was pouring out of her mouth, soaking his shaft and balls. He was slamming into her mouth at a furious pace and he quickly felt his orgasm start to build. He pushed into her throat, held himself there, and erupted. The head of his cock was in her so deep she didn’t even taste the first spurt, which went directly into her stomach. She eased back a couple of inches and her mouth started filling with his semen. She held it in her mouth for a few moments until he’d somewhat recovered and got control of his breathing. When their eyes met, she gave him a little smile and opened her mouth, showing him his load. Then she took a little breath and swallowed. “God, baby, you’re just so sexy.” She gave him a beautiful smile, then moved up his body, laying on him. He wrapped his strong arms around her and she rested her head on his muscled chest. “I could stay like this forever, in your arms, Jake,” she whispered. This was her safe place, her happy place. He made her feel so protected, so loved. Jamie revealed in her overpowering feelings for Jake; he was perfect to her and she knew he always would be.- – – – – Jake found it strange that his agent hadn’t contacted him for several days, especially here on Day One of the new show. He dialed Myron’s number for what felt like the millionth time but got no answer.