The Cobra Returns

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A few weeks ago, I was drugged and kidnapped by two women. I was tied down and sexually used by both of them, then released. One morning I picked up the newspaper and saw an article describing what happened to me. Another male had reported to the police that he had been sexually forced into intercourse by two provocative women, then drugged and dumped off.

I knew I had to learn more about what happened to this man. I had been angry and confused in the weeks since this encounter. I had to clear my head of this incident, once and for all.

I tracked down this man and found out where he lived. Without calling first, I went to the apartment complex where he lived. I knocked on his door, He asked without opening up, who I was.

I said, “another Cobra victim, please open the door.”

He opened up and ushered me into his place. His name was Robert, tall, with dark black hair that fell to his shoulders, quite handsome actually. I explained my circumstances were similar to his, and I needed to find some answers as to why this happened.

He asked me to show him first, before we went any further. I worked as a stripper at a dance bar, but I felt a bit embarrassed to drop my pants in front of him. I undid my belt and and pulled down my trousers and underwear.

My cock had been tattooed with a picture of a hooded cobra, a menacing viper. Robert then followed suit, pulling off his pants, exposing his cock to me. He also had a tattoo of a cobra, but with different colored ink. Robert was smaller than me but well hung nonetheless.

He lifted his cock and brought it close to my own, to compare. When he did so, our cocks brushed together. It was if sparks had flew, güvenilir bahis as they touched. I stiffened a bit. I wasn’t into men, so I thought, but there was a bit of sexually tension that had been released.

I didn’t know what to say at the moment, but Robert broke the tension further. He got on his knees and took my cock in his hands. I wanted to pull away, but I was glued to the spot. Robert then brought my cock to his mouth and began to lick my cockhead.

I don’t know what happened to me, but I let him taste me. I actually pushed my cock into his mouth deeper. No words were spoken just then. Robert had my balls in one hand and his other hand was drawing me into his mouth.

He was sucking furiously, he nearly had all of my nine inches inhaled down his throat. I was groaning and making noises, I told him to take all of it, suck my cock all the way to the root. Robert didn’t need much encouragement. He was biting my cock, flicking his tongue all over the crown, then he sucked as much as possible.

I eventually place my hand on the back of his head, urging him to take all of me. This went on for some minutes before Robert pulled off on me. He took off the rest of his clothes and laid back on the floor, legs spread, pulling his knees back to expose his ass to me.

Robert then told me, “those women said I would have an encounter with the Cobra, I didn’t know what they were talking about.”

I fell to the floor as well. My cock in hand, I placed the head of my cock at his opening. I had no idea what was coming over me. My head was in a haze. I just wanted to punish someone for everything that had happened to me.

I pushed past Robert’s rim and entered türkçe bahis him. Robert reached down and guided me in. Soon I was inching into his hole, feeding him my cobra shaft.

Robert then spoke. “Go easy, I have never taken a cock that size before.”

I kept pushing and before long, my balls were pressed tightly against his cheeks. I then fed him with long strokes. We were one, building a rhythm as I fucked his tight ass.

Robert was moaning and begging me now. He wanted to be fucked and taken, just like those women had taken and used him. His cries broke the ice, and I started to batter his hole with my fuck tool. We were grinding together. He was so tight at first, but my cock had loosened his muscles up.

I blurted out, “you bastard, take my cock!”

I had no idea what had come over me. I later reflected on it, I wanted to punish someone, and that Robert was there at this time, to take my frustrations out on.

I pumped into him and soon I felt my nuts tighten up. I blasted hot gobs of cum into his greedy hole. Robert used his ass muscles to milk me dry. When I finally pulled clear, there was just a dribble of cum on the tip of my cock.

I fell to the floor next to Robert and I began to cry. I was finally letting all the emotions out. All that stored up guilt and anger was flushed from my system.

As I was lying there, Robert moved over to me. He started to lick my cock once more. Christ, I was becoming aroused again!

Robert then moved over my cock, his ass was directly over my cockhead. I didn’t say a word as he sunk back down on me. I grabbed his asscheeks, spreading them apart. Robert then rode me like a pony. Up and down, he was well güvenilir bahis siteleri lubricated by now.

I reached up and was pinching his nipples. I could tell this was making Robert very horny. He lowered his chest to my mouth and I started sucking his erect nips, first one then the other.

I normally can only cum once before I need to rest. Today, I pounded into Robert’s hole until I squirted the remainder of my love cum into his bowels. Robert collapsed on my chest for a few minutes, then pulled himself off my spent cock.

He went to the bathroom and came back with a warm wetted cloth that he cleaned me up with. We both got dressed and Robert escorted me to the door.

Robert told me he was bisexual. He had been out drinking at a bar when two women approached him. Being horny that night, Robert followed them out to their vehicle and they offered him the same drink as I had been offered.

Robert, however, was not quite totally out when he overheard the women’s plans. They were going to use him to plant his seed in one of them. They want to become pregnant. Why they wanted this, he never found out. He suspected other men might be used in the same manner as he was, so he went to the police.

He wished me well in seeking the truth, but he was finished, as far as he was concerned. It was up to the police to pursue it further, in his mind. He told me to look him up again if I ever wanted a man again.

I said nothing going out the door. To be honest, I had always enjoyed making love to women. This was out of the blue, and I was sort of embarrassed it happened after I left him.

Those women had laid a trap for me and other men. I felt it was to return the favor. I had something in mind now, but it would take time to pull my plan together.

I will tell you all how it all came about when my plan was implemented. For now I need to clear my mind further of these happenings

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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