The Facility Ch. 01


Sheryl needed something different in her life. She felt like sex had become boring and routine over the past six months and needed to do something about it. She had always enjoyed the thrill of a new partner or a new technique, but it seemed like that had all disappeared of late.

Sheryl mentioned this to her close friend, Teddy, over coffee one afternoon. She and Teddy had fucked from time-to-time, but they had never been a couple. They knew each other from college and just enjoyed the mutual friendship.

“I was at a very interesting party a couple weeks ago,” Teddy told her. “I won’t bore you with all the details … maybe another time … but I met this woman who told me about a club in the city that might be just what you need.”

“A club? I don’t think I need to join a gym to shake this funk.”

Teddy smiled at the comment. “Not a gym, a sex club. It’s based in the warehouse district – quite a large facility from what she told me. The club caters to all types of people and interests.”

Sheryl didn’t know what to think of a sex club in a warehouse. “Do you think she was serious?”

“Yeah, I do. I know first-hand it got her very aroused just thinking about it.” Teddy didn’t mention that she was in the process of blowing him when she told him about it. “It was called ‘The Facility’. It sounded like it was by word-of-mouth as an introduction. Her name was Monica, if you check it out.”

When Sheryl got home, she searched for the place on the internet. It took some research on various porn links before she found a number for the place. Flipping open her cell, she dialed the number.

The voice on the other end was female and sounded very professional. Sheryl mentioned hearing of the place from a friend and mentioned Monica’s name. After answering a view innocuous questions, Sheryl found herself with an interview the following morning. She really wasn’t sure what the interview consisted of but found herself becoming excited just thinking about it. Teddy wouldn’t set her up for any kind of disappoint, this much she knew.


The GPS unit in her car brought her to a very nondescript building near the water’s edge in a part of town she’d never ventured. It was countless old warehouses from a time when the city was different so she’d had no reason to ever be in the area. She found a small parking lot near the sign for the office and parked her car. She checked her make-up in the rearview mirror before exiting her car. Not sure what to expect, she wore a casual blouse with no bra, a short but not inappropriate dark skirt and heels. She found the office to look something like a small doctor’s office waiting room. She announced herself to the woman sitting behind the glass and was told to take a seat.

A couple minutes after she arrived, a door opened and an attractive woman called out “Sheryl?” Sheryl stood up and walked to the doorway. Extending her hand, “Good morning, I’m Caroline. Please follow me to my office.” Sheryl looked around for any obvious signs but the walls were plain except for the light blue paint. She was shown to the second office on the left and Caroline closed the door behind them.

Caroline asked a few basic questions about how Sheryl learned of The Facility and what she knew. Sheryl relayed that she didn’t know much and retold how she had learned of it from a friend and again mentioned Monica’s name. Sheryl found herself telling this stranger about her recent dissatisfaction with sex. Caroline asked a few basic questions about Sheryl’s personal life but nothing of a distinct sexual nature.

Finally the interview turned to sex. “We are a private club that specializes in sex. If you decide to join us, I will ask you a variety of questions about your orientation, your interests, your taboos, your fears and area that you do not find to your liking. It’s really about building a personal sheet for Sheryl. Once we have that, we match our members with specific interests for meetings, as we like to call them. Questions so far?”

“No, I don’t think so. Please tell me more.”

“The annual cost for the membership is $1,000. We do not ask for that until after your first meeting – we want you to fully understand what you are buying and that it is truly for you. It’s NOT for everyone, I assure you. The annual fee entitles you to six meetings. We also like to tape our meetings and provide them to a larger membership base. If you allow us to tape you in this manner, then it not only does not count towards your six meetings but we will refund a portion of your fees based on sales.”

Sheryl sat in the chair opposite the attractive Caroline and took all this into her mind. She was interested and aroused but also quite nervous about becoming a porn star as she put it in her mind. She uncrossed and recrossed her legs. As she did, she could feel the dampness of her panties cling to her sex.

“is this more than you had expected? Or should I begin with my questions for your profile?”

“It probably is more than I had expected, but it sounds adana escort quite exciting and what I need right now!”

Caroline smiled. This was often the response but only about 20% of the women and 15% of the men she questioned ever returned for their first meeting. “Now i will ask you a series of questions of a very personal nature. I need complete honesty so we can match you appropriately for your greatest satisfaction. I ask them rather than giving you a questionnaire as we have found verbal responses are much more honest and it allows me to ask additional questions for clarification.”

Sheryl shifted in her seat as she readied herself to open her sexual life to this attractive stranger. She could feel her nipples harden under her blouse. She is small-breasted but very large nippled. She hoped she wasn’t overtly obvious.

Caroline started with orientation and questions about past experiences. Somehow, Sheryl quickly became comfortable with her answers and detailed her explorations in the past. She really was open to many areas of kink and fetish – some explored and some only fantasized. In total, the verbal questionnaire took nearly an hour – or ninety minutes since she first sat down.

“I think that’s everything we need from you. You were very thorough and I truly appreciate your candidness. It will make your meetings much more enjoyable for you and your partner or partners.” Caroline smile reassuringly at Sheryl. She could feel her own arousal and listening to another’s personal recollections. She truly hoped she never lost this feeling herself. “We will be in touch soon. Any questions before we’re finished?”

Sheryl’s mind and body was on overload from the past hour discussing lovers and partners. She detailed experiences and bodies and fantasies. “No questions, but where’s the ladies room? Too much coffee this morning.” She blushed as she asked and Caroline easily showed her down the hall.

“Just stop back by my office before you leave. I’ll need that quick exam as we discussed.” Caroline knew all to well it wasn’t the bladder that needed relieving.

Sheryl quickly locked the door behind her. Fortunately it was a one-seat restroom. She quickly lowered her skirt and soaking panties to her knees. Sheryl promptly sat on the toilet and frigged her engorged clit to a quick and much-needed orgasm. Her body shook with relief as her juices flooded her hand. Sheryl bit at her lip to avoid crying out in the small room. Her breathing returned to normal, she tidied herself and walked back to Caroline’s office.

Sheryl closed the door behind her, “Thanks for the break. I feel much better.”

Caroline directed her to strip to her undies and move onto the scale. She took her height and weight (5’5″ 115 pounds). As she was only wearing her panties, her hard nipples were very obvious to Caroline’s inspection. “You weren’t exaggerating about the largeness of your nipples.” Caroline squeezed the left one and noted the firmness. Sheryl had no piercing’s or tatto’s on her body. Caroline measured Sheryl’s body (34b-24-34). “You have lovely measurements. We will not have any trouble finding partners for you.”

“Thank you. I try to keep myself in shape.”

“Just one last detail. Please lower your panties for me.”

Sheryl pulled the very damp panties down to her knees and stood straight in front of Caroline. She was sure there was still dampness in her pubes from cumming just a few minutes earlier.

Caroline slipped on a rubber glove and pressed two fingers between Sheryl’s pussy lips. “Very full.” Then she dipped the gloved index and middle fingers into a small tub of KY, “Please bend over for me. I’ll be gentle.” Sheryl bend at the waist as Caroline moved behind her. The gloved finger rubbed the KY around the rim of her smooth anus. After ensuring she had coated the skin, Caroline pressed her index finger into Sheryl’s hole. A quick gasp escaped her lips even though she knew it was going to happen. Caroline lingered a moment before pushing the middle finger into Sheryl’s hole as well. She moved the two fingers around inside Sheryl’s asshole to feel the rigidity and flexibility. Pulling them both out, “Very nice. It’s tight but flexible. You may get dressed.” Caroline pulled off the glove and tossed in a sterile can.

Sheryl stopped at the front desk to pick up instructions. She had to submit to some tests to ensure she was disease free before her first meeting. She was told this would be repeated one week prior to every meeting. After the inspection, she felt like cumming all over again but knew she couldn’t ask to use the ladies room – just too obvious!

That night she met Teddy for drinks and told him all about the experience. She couldn’t stop talking and found herself getting wet all over again just from telling him. The next day she went to the lab for her first test.


Ten days after her meeting with Caroline, she had a voice mail on her cell asking her to call Marc at The Facility to schedule eskişehir escort her first meeting. Sheryl’s fingers trembled as she dialed the number he left her. Marc explained that he was a meeting coordinator – one of three on staff – and that he had her first meeting arranged. He told her it would be with another woman – they have found that women do better the first time with other women, if they are predisposed to lesbian encounters and she was. He told her that she would be dominated by a young, attractive woman who had been with The Facility for more than two years. In essence, she was in capable and experienced hands. The meeting would be taped. She would be given a copy and would have the right to tell them to publish or destroy the original. He told her she didn’t need to bring anything to the meeting – everything needed would be supplied at the meeting. He offered her two scheduling times and she took the earliest available – 11 am the following morning.

That evening, she masturbated twice – once with her hand and a second time with her favorite vibrator. She was so excited she could hardly sleep and found herself up and in the shower by 7a. She arrived shortly before 11 am. The entrance for meetings was on the opposite side of the building as her interview. The parking lot was gated with twelve foot solid fences for privacy. She gave her name at the booth and was let inside the lot. Just inside the door, she gave her name and was shown to a locker room where she was met by Marc.

He showed around the locker room and a break room next door. When they returned to the locker room, a woman slightly taller than Sheryl was standing by a locker. She had shoulder-length blonde hair and a very friendly smile. Marc introduced Sheryl to Lindsay, her partner for the meeting. Lindsay told Marc she would help Sheryl get ready for their meeting and he was excused. They had about 30 minutes before their start time.

“I know this is your first time – just try and relax and enjoy the experience.” Lindsay pulled off her t-shirt as she spoke. She had pert 36b tits that jiggled as she lowered her arms. “I read a sheet on your experiences and interests – that’s why I chose you for today. I know you don’t want severe pain so I’ll use a crop instead of a cain, ok?” Sheryl had never experienced either so she just nodded. “Why don’t you strip while I put this on and then I’ll help you with a couple things.” Sheryl slowly pulled off her sweatshirt and then wiggled out of her jeans. She paused before rolling her thong down her thighs and put them in the locker with the rest of her clothes. Lindsay had powdered her body and was stepping into a very tight-fitting latex one-piece dress. It stopped just below her ass cheeks and barely covered her closely cropped pubes.

“I see you have a small bush. Would you mind going into the next room and shaving smooth? I’d really like to have you smooth for today.” Sheryl had trimmed her pubes last night and wasn’t a huge fan of smooth pussies but did as Lindsay asked. “There are some razors and cream by the sink,” Lindsay called out to her.

When she returned, Lindsay casually rubbed her fingers over the freshly smooth skin around Sheryl’s pussy. “Shall we go and get started?” Sheryl just smiled as she could feel her nervousness rising quickly.

They walked down a hall and Sheryl could feel a chill to the air. “I know … they keep it cool in all the rooms. It helps with the affects,” Lindsay said as she pointed to Sheryl’s hard nipples. They closed the door to Room 3 behind them and Sheryl was surprised to see a fully dressed man standing there. “Hey Ronnie, great to see you this morning? You get everything I asked for in my note?”

“Great to see you too Lindsay. Yes I did. It’s all right here.” He shifted his look to Sheryl, “And you must be our virgin for today?”

“Ronnie … you know she’s already nervous! This is Sheryl.” He extended his hand to Sheryl.

“Just kidding. Nice to meet you. Lindsay is great to work with – just enjoy and pay attention to what we tell you.” Sheryl looked to Lindsay.

“Ronnie is our cameraman today and he will also help me with the various set-ups I have in mind for us. He’s an expert at restraints and such things. Shall we start?”

Sheryl took a deep breath, “I’m all yours!”

Scene 1: Lindsay looked devastating in her black latex dress and boots that laced to her knees. Her breasts pressed against the latex as her nipples were very evident. Sheryl had a thick leather collar fastened around her neck. Lindsay helped her to put on black fingerless, rubber gloves. She had to clinch her fist into a ball and would have no use of her hands while the gloves remained on her. Between her wrists was a hard plastic rod that kept her hands separated by about 12 inches. It attached to the gloves. Ronnie then securely fastened the ends of two ropes around her elbows then tied the ropes together behind her back. This pulled her shoulders back and pulled her gloved sakarya escort hands against her belly.

Ronnie got behind his camera and pointed at Lindsay. She walked Sheryl to a spot on the floor so the camera could see her clearly. Then she turned her around and told her to bend at the waist. Her ass pointed right at the camera. Lindsay ran her hands over the bare skin before lowering her lips just above Sheryl’s ass. She pursed her lips and drizzled spit down Sheryl’s crack. It ran towards her asshole before Lindsay’s fingers rubbed the spittle into Sheryl’s asshole. She paused for affect as the camera was zoomed in close before the camera pulled back to take both the women in the shot. All four fingers quickly slid inside Sheryl’s asshole and in the first five minutes she was getting finger-fucked by Lindsay’s fist! Sheryl grunted as the four fingers slid past her rim for the first time. Lindsay fucked her for the camera for the next sixty seconds before pulling them all the way out. “Get that Ronnie?”

“You did great Sheryl. Now I’m going to have you lap my pussy to get me warmed up, ok?” Sheryl always enjoyed going down on girls and Lindsay was certainly sexy, especially dressed as she was.

Lindsay sat back on a wooden bench against a thick pillar. She pulled up her skirt to her waist and spread her thighs. She told Sheryl to stand back about five feet and when Ronnie pointed to her, she was to move forward and drop to her knees. She could figure out the rest. “And I have this crop and I won’t be afraid to use it if I don’t feel you are giving enough effort!”

Ronnie moved into position and pointed to Sheryl. She stepped forward and fell to her knees. With her arms bound and hands secured, the drop banged her knees and caused her face to fall right into Lindsay’s pussy. She quickly caught her breath and her tongue plowed between Lindsay’s thick pussy lips. She lapped at her pussy as Lindsay pressed the back of her head to her body. After a short while, Lindsay smacked Sheryl’s ass with the crop just for the shot, not from a lack of effort. Sheryl tried to yip but it was muffled by Lindsay’s pussy. “Oh that’s good, very good.” She let her lap her pussy a bit longer before pushing her away. Ronnie stopped filming. “That was great Sheryl but I didn’t want you to make me cum … yet!”

Scene 2: “How are you doing Sheryl?”

“So far, so good. I know my body is tingling all over – and not just from the crop!”

“Good. Now we’ll get a bit rougher with you. This is a Female Dom story we’re creating here. Ronnie will get you set up on the bed.”

Ronnie helped Sheryl to sit down on the side of a double bed. “Just sit still in the middle of the bed, keep your pussy near the edge and I’ll do the rest.” Ronnie tied one rope around her ankle, pulled her leg to open up her pussy to the camera and tied the other end to the solid wooden leg of the bed. He repeated this with her other leg. “Sheryl, please try to stand up.”

Sheryl struggled to stand but was able to do so when Ronnie grabbed her arm to assist her. Having her legs spread and secured to the bed and her arms tight against her body just didn’t provide her enough leverage. “Are you ready, Lindsay?”

Lindsay walked back into the room and studied Sheryl. She held up a large, silver clamp with a two-foot long chain, “Any ideas where this is going?” As Ronnie cued her, Lindsay moved into the shot of Sheryl sitting on the bed. Her fingers raked over Sheryl’s nude breasts. Her nipples were rock hard from the cold of the room and the excitement of the moment. Lindsay unzipped the top of her dress to expose her sexy breasts. She reached forward and attached the clamp to Sheryl’s nipple. She tugged on the chain as Sheryl struggled to her feet only to fall back onto the bed. On the third try, her breast and nipple stretched, Sheryl was able to stand. Sheryl’s mouth closed around Lindsay’s right nipple and hungrily sucked on it. Her tongue traced circles around the firm pebble as Lindsay kept the chain taught. The pulling of her nipple only increased Sheryl’s hunger for her nipple. Lindsay grabbed Sheryl by the hair and pulled her mouth to her left nipple. Once satisfied, Lindsay pushed Sheryl back to the bed.

She quickly removed the clamp and replaced it with two similar clamps. A chain connected the two and a sixteen-ounce lead weight hung down her belly. Sheryl’s eyes teared at the weight pulling on her engorged nipples. Through the tears, her eyes widened when she saw the large vibrator that Lindsay pressed to Sheryl’s pussy. The rounded head pushed between her pussy lips as Lindsay ground it into her. The vibrator was pulsing on high and soon had her whole body rocking with sexual tension. Sheryl was helpless as her ankles were secured and her thighs spread open for the assault.

Lindsay pulls the clamps free from Sheryl’s nips and the sudden rush of blood to them causes her to cry out in agony. Lindsay gives her a slight push and Sheryl is now on her back, her hands secured to her sides and her legs spread wide. The vibrator never leaves her pussy and she is soon writhing in pain and pleasure. Sheryl tries to move her body to avoid the torment but she’s unable. Finally she cries out as she cums for the first time during the session. Her body shakes uncontrollably until Lindsay removes the vibrator and steps away from her quivering body.